A Usual Work Day

A Usual Work DayTomorrow when you come to work I will have a few surprises for you. I have a small bag that I hand to you. You look inside the bag and see two small, remote vibrators. I tell you to go into the restroom and put one of them in your pussy and one of them in your ass. I will have the remote for each and I will turn them on every now and then. I can turn only one on or both on. I can keep one on while switching the other on and off. I would love to watch you in at work in chair knowing that the two vibrators are humming away in your pussy and ass. I want to watch you cum in your chair and cream your panties. And just as your orgasm is done, I hand you another bag and tell you to put it in your ass and you can choose to take the vibrator out of your ass and put it in your pussy with the other or keep it in your ass. When you get to restroom and open the bag, you see a medium size butt plug. You place the plug in your ass and then go back to your desk. Then after about an hour or two, I send you a note to meet me in the restroom. I tell you that you need to ask to stay late tonight. You tell your boss that you need to stay late tonight to finish your work. After everyone has left work, you are thinking you are alone at your desk when you feel both vibrators turn on at the same time. They were put illegal bahis siteleri on the highest setting. I am just watching you at your desk as the vibrations flow through your body. I come up behind you and without saying a word I grab both of your breasts in my hands. I can feel how hard your nipples are even through your clothes. I can just imagine that your pussy is just dripping and your panties are soaked. I stand you up and lay you down on a clear spot on your desk. I push your shirt up and pull off your panties. I can the wet spot of your pussy juices made in your panties. I see that your still have both vibrators and the butt plug in. Did you keep the second vibrator in your ass or move it to your pussy? I lend down a gently lick your pussy. It tastes very sweet which makes me think that you have cum a few times during the day. I then move around the desk to where your head is lending off the desk. You can see the bulge of my cock in my pants. You cannot wait to get my cock in your mouth. I unbutton my pants and the head of my cock is right at your mouth. You take my cock into your mouth. What do you do with it? While my cock is in your mouth, I lean forward so I can lick your pussy at the same time. Your pussy is still just dripping and your ass is being stretched by the canlı bahis siteleri butt plug. I lick your hard clit with my tongue. I wonder if you will squirt when you cum from this? I tease you by pulling on the vibrator in your pussy moving it around inside your pussy. I keep licking your pussy and your clit while my cock is your mouth. I want you to cum really hard.I move around your desk and look down between your legs as they are spread wide. Your pussy juice is just dripping out, flowing down and around the plug in your ass. I pull your ass to edge of your desk and plunge my hard cock deep into your pussy. You moan loudly as my cock fills your pussy. My balls slap up against the plug in your ass which you feel in your ass. How does it feel to have a cock in your pussy and a plug in your ass, to have your pussy and ass filled at the same time? I ask you. “It feels incredible.” you reply back in between small moans. I grab your thighs and slam my cock into your pussy. Giving it to you deep and hard. I want you to cum on my cock. I would love it if you squirted when you cum. I pull my cock out and have you turn around. I bend you over your desk so your body lying on your desk with your legs standing. I spread your legs wide and push my cock back into your pussy. With each thrust of my bahis firmaları cock, I can see the pug in your ass move. I love your moaning and screaming as I fuck you hard. I start to pull the plug in your ass out slightly and push it back in. I tease your ass with the plug. “How does that feel? How bad do you want me to fuck your ass?” I ask you. I pull the butt plug from your ass. Your ass is so tight, it did not want to let go. Your asshole is gaped open, longing to be filled again. It will not have to wait long. I pull my cock from your pussy and without any hesitation I insert all 7 inches into your ass. How does that feel to suddenly have 7 inches of cock back in your tight ass? I grab your hips and start thrusting my cock in and out. Your ass is just accepting my cock each time it moves in. You love to have your ass fucked hard? I can hear you moaning with each thrust of my cock. Your pussy is so wet that the juice is starting to flow down one of your legs. You start to meet each thrust of mine with one of your own. I want you to fuck your ass on my cock. I stop moving and just allow you to moving yourself back and forth on my cock. I want you to cum so hard while I am ass fucking you. I want you to squirt when you cum. I want to hear you scream, “I’m going to cum!” And then soon after, “I’m cummming!” That is when you will feel hot streams of my cum filling your ass. You collapse on your desk with your cum dripping from your pussy and my cum dripping from your ass. I whisper in your ear, “See you tomorrow” and gently pat your ass as I walk by you and out the door.

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