A Very Hot Hotel Meet by Mariel.


A Very Hot Hotel Meet by Mariel.This is not a story where you just start at the beginning, because somehow it does not have a beginning, it just happened, and it just seemed to get heavier and more lurid as the week went on.My name is Mariel, I am married to a man, whom I found out last week is a ‘Swinger’, and as I speak, I am in an elevator in a down-town hotel, heading to the room of a man I have never met, supposedly for breakfast.’Am I going to have to fuck this guy’?I was a smidgen angry, and bit more excited, but dared not show emotion, but once my knickers were off, well all bets were off, as I was wetting feely, yes you guessed it, I was as horny as hell.’Just play along and see if your in the mood’, was his reply, the dirty bastard, and I reached down and grabbed his cock, ‘Your fucking rock hard’, I hissed under me breath, feeling my legs weaken as the elevator came to a sudden stop, one floor below where we were going.The aluminium doors opened and there stood a room cleaning girl, resplendent in French Black, like a girl fresh out of a Classical Hotel maid, right down to her black stockings.’Good Morning’, she said politely, as she manoeuvred her cleaning trolley into the elevator, pushing myself and my husband to the back. ‘I am going only to the next floor’, she apologised, her voice melodic and her face angelic.She was a girl, 16, maybe 17, no older, but there was something about her I found charming, even her fragrance was strangely exciting, and I cast a look at my husband, who stood close to her, his cock bulging, and I wished to see him fucking her, he caught me looking, and we both smiled, as if we knew each others thoughts.The elevator stopped and she pushed out, our eyes met, and I felt my own flash, she was alluring, ‘You work here long’, I asked her, I had a sudden urge to say something?’Two weeks maam’, she replied politely, and her dropped eyes made my cunt ache, ‘Fuck’, I thought, I am attracted to her.’Where are you from’, I asked as we all started moving down the same corridor, ‘Sweden maam’, she smiled kaynarca escort that fucking smile again, and I felt my knickers wet again.’Well I am Mariel, and this hunk is my husband’, and I stopped and held my hand out to her, which she took enthusiastically, and held my own firmly, even that excited me, as my own lingered, catching my husbands eye, his eyebrow raising.’We stay locally, you must come around one night for dinner and a chat’, I proffered, and she enthusiastically accepted, and I waisted no time in writing down my phone number, ‘Put it somewhere safe and call me soon’, I said, my heart racing and my ears pounding, I was un-shamefully propositioning a mere girl, my voice sounding lustful, but I cared not a jot.We stopped outside my husbands friend room, ‘Number 34’, she said, her face adopting a creeping reddish hue, which made her even more beautiful, ‘Mr Banks’, she remarked quietly.My husband knocked his door as she momentarily waited until she heard his door open, then started to moved away.A shortish fat man appeared, very portly and very nude under his open house coat dressing gown, displaying a fat cock under an overhanging hairy stomach.I stole a look at again, she had stopped pushing and was looking where I had been, at his fat cock, ‘God Moron Felicia’, he said in Swedish, I swear I saw his cock twitch at the mention of her name, she smiled an open smile, ‘God Moron Sir’, she replied in her native tongue, and looked at me, and then back to his cock, before pushing off down the corridor.’Don’t forget to call Felicia’, I called to her, she turned and smiled, then nodded. I turned as he raised his hand and touched my shoulder, as if to guide me into his room.His gown opened further and his erection had gained more volume, ‘You’re all opened up in the front’ I said quietly, as I walked past him going into the room, the back of my hand deliberately brushing against his thick cock, as our eyes met.As I went into the room my husband was standing by a table with glasses and champagne on it, ‘Pour the Champs’, orhanlı escort he said from behind me, and as I stopped going forward he came right against me and felt my bum, ‘You have a great ass Mariel’, and his hand had a good feel.My husband poured three glasses and handed one to each of us, ‘Get this down you girl’, he said to me, adding as he grabbed his cock, ‘and this up you’, I had to smile, after all, that was my reason for being there, to be fucked and take his morning load.I drank in silence as hubby took a couple of photos, ‘Where do you want to do it’, I asked him, downing my drink?’I’ll have you doggy on the bed’, he replied, matter of factly, as I put my glass down and started to take off my clothes.He likewise dropped his gown, to reveal his rotund naked body, with his eight inches sticking out in front, ‘You will enjoy this up you girl’, he remarked, grabbing his cock and shaking it, watching as my dress fell away to reveal I was only in knickers and stockings.’Jesus fuck’, he hissed as my nakedness excited him, ‘Get on the bed and kneel, ass up’, he ordered, and I did as he bade me, drawing my knees onto the mattress edge wide apart and lent forward so my ass was high, and the flesh on my exposed buttocks was tight, and both my fuck holes open and ready.I could feel the heat from his crotch on my sensitive labia as he pressed against me, then the pressure as he entered me, my cunt filling and yielding to his thrust until he hit what I thought was the top of my throat, and I gasped, as the camera my husband held flashed repeatedly, capturing his bosses complete domination of my shaking body.He humped like a man possessed, his fat cock ploughing my fertile canal to my eggs waiting inside my fallopian tubes, bruising my cervix, the pain and the pleasure sweeping over me in repeated throes as my thighs opened wider as my crotch parted, I had never known such v******e inside my cunt, ‘Stop’, a voice said, and I could feel his pubic hair press into my soft skin surrounding my anus.Someone had knocked the door, tepeören escort and I looked back over my shoulder to see my naked husband walking to it, his big cock, rigid and bouncing with each step.He peeped through the spy-hole, and looked back at us, still connected by cock and pressing hard against each other, ‘It’s Felicia the maid’, he whispered quietly.’Let her in, let her see us’, and he began fucking me again, I gasped as he thrust hard into my cervix, and when I recovered, she was alongside me, and rose up on my elbows, she reached in and gently cupped my swinging breast, all the time her eyes pleading, as her long fingers toyed with my hard nipples.My husband was behind her, lifting her dress, he was going to fuck her, and my lover had reached inside and was thrusting his fingers into her where his cock was inside mine.’Wait, Wait,’, I said finally, lets do this right, and both men stopped. I lay on the mattress and invited Felicia, who had taken advantage of the break to finish undressing, to straddle my face, and once the delicious curve of her sweet cunt lay atop my mouth, I invited both men to penetrate our holes.The smell of her and my husbands boss’s cock and balls, made my head giddy, like sweet and sour, I suckled on Felicia’s clitoris polishing her pearl with my tongue, which only minutes earlier, was sliding along his cock moving inside her vaginal canal, my spit lubricating his piston like action, my own hip rising with my husbands cock stretching me, and Felicia’s tongue and lips, lashing my own cunt with her loving lapping.When he came he sounded like a pig farm at feeding time, and I swear I could feel his semen course along his cock as he freely pumped his sperm into her young body.Her gasping as the heat of his cum triggered her own orgasm, and I watched closely as her vaginal muscles spasmed on his flesh shaft, he pulled partially out of her cunt, and as she gripped him, he was drawing her inner cunt out, wrapped around his shaft, and I licked her inner flesh to heighten her orgasm.Wow! I must stop here, as it might be getting on a bit. There is more, but alas, I have to confess, perhaps too much as response is dropping off, and I feel perhaps, my stories would be better placed elsewhere, so hopefully you will enjoy and I shall simply say thank you.

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