A Weekend with Daniel Ch. 01


**DISCLAIMER** This story contains scenes of sex between two men. If this offends you in any way or is illegal where you live, stop reading now and leave.

Daniel was perfect. He was Brazilian and had beautifully tanned skin, which was a perfect golden brown. His face was sculpted by the gods themselves with strong cheek bones and a straight jaw line. He had deep brown eyes that just made you feel safe. Best of all though, he had an amazing body. He had wrestled from a young age and was easily the most ripped kid in our Senior class. His pecs were strong and broad, matching his shoulders. His arms were well-defined and his biceps were huge. Veins ran from his hands, twisting around his arm, with one going up over the bicep itself. He had a washboard stomach with beautiful abs the just made you want to drop to your knees in worship. He had developed a bit faster than others as he had a full treasure trail and a beard if he chose not to shave, which is more than most 18-year-olds have. Most people in our grade shaved to keep the stringy fur from looking bad, but Daniel was one of the few who actually needed to. But the only thing better than Daniel’s body was that he was my friend, and we hung out all the time. There was one time when we were together alone that I will never forget…

I’ll give a quick description of myself to fill you in, but I’m nothing special. My name is Patrick. I’m a little taller than Daniel at 5′ 9″, and I am white. I weighed the same as Daniel, but I wasn’t as muscular. I had some hair on my chest and face, but nothing compared to Daniel’s beard. My eyes are a bright green and probably my best feature. My dick is about 6 ½ inches long. Anyway, on to the story…

It was about 5:30 on a Thursday during the hot, humid Virginia summer and I had just turned 18. I wasn’t doing much except playing Xbox and talking with friends on it when I got a call. I saw the caller’s name and got a little giddy. I’ve had a crush on Daniel since 6th grade and whenever we hung out, I always had good jack off material for the future. Once, when I went to his house, his dog was really scared of me and when he picked it up to comfort it, it peed all over his shirt. He had no hesitation to take off his shirt and slowly, slowly walk upstairs to change. I made furtive glances at his magnificent chest as we walked around. I even got a chance to touch his chest when I playfully pushed him. It was so warm and strong, I almost came in my pants. Anyway, back to the present.

I turned off my microphone to pick up the cell phone.

“Hello?” I said, holding back my excitement.

“Hey man,” he said with his smooth, calm voice. I loved his deep voice with only a hint of an accent on certain words. “Do you want to hang out?”

“Sure,” I replied. “What do you want to do?”

“I don’t know, just come over. My parents took my sisters to some gymnastics competition up in Pennsylvania and I’m alone and bored till Sunday night.”

I became extremely excited. This was my chance! I would finally get some alone time with him, maybe even see him naked!

“Definitely! Why don’t I just stay over till then? My parents don’t care as long as they know where I am, and we can just keep each other entertained. I’ll bring my Xbox and we can play.”

“Yeah, that sounds sweet. My parents said I shouldn’t have people over, but what do they know? They won’t find out. Come over as soon as you can. See ya soon!”

“Bye.” I tried to suppress the excitement in my voice as I replied. I was so happy and excited to being able to see Daniel for over 3 days straight! Not only will I see him, but if I am sneaky enough, bahis firmaları I could slip one of my small webcams into his bathroom and get a video of him naked. Without a doubt, this was going to be the highlight of my summer. I told my parents I was sleeping over at Daniel’s tonight, going to his house in the mountains for a couple days, and then coming back on Sunday. I told them I wouldn’t have reception at all to keep them from calling me. I packed a backpack and headed over through the pathway in the woods.

I got to his house and rang the door bell. He answered quickly wearing athletic shorts and a t-shirt, his most common summer attire. As always, the t-shirt was thin and showed his nipples well. He hadn’t shaved at all lately, and it showed. He had a lot of stubble, and it was HOT. I promptly gave him a titty twister and walked inside.

“Oww, fuck you, man!” He said through a laugh.

“When and where, big guy?” I replied. We continued to his room on the 2nd floor and plugged my Xbox into his TV. We played till about 10:00 and got bored, so we watched a couple movies. It was around 1:30am when things got interesting.

We started talking about life, like seriously talking. We talked of past girlfriends, family annoyances, and we made a “hit list” of people at school that we didn’t like. Suddenly, he changed the subject completely.

“Hey man, I know it’s a little weird, but can I ask you something?”

“Sure, whatever.”

“I know it’s a little gay, but I have some porno saved on my computer, and I haven’t jacked off in forever. I REALLY need to. Could you wait here while I go jack it in the computer room?”

I laughed. “Haha, sure, no problem. Just don’t rush yourself.” I said with a smile.

“Thanks, man. You’re the best.”

He walked into the next room and for a little while it was totally silent. I listened closely against the wall and heard him clicking the mouse. I knew I shouldn’t have, but I slowly walked out of the room and crept to the computer room door. He had left it cracked open, and I peered inside. I couldn’t resist, he was just so beautiful. The room was pitch black so I had to give my eyes time to adjust. I saw his outline in the chair from the light on the computer screen. Then I actually looked at what was on the computer screen; my jaw dropped. He was looking at two guys having sex in a garage. Two hairy, muscular men were having sex. One was on his knees, licking the long dick of the other as they both moaned in pleasure. I couldn’t help but gasp at what I saw, this was the greatest mistake I could ever make.

He turned quickly in the chair and my eyes immediately traveled downward. My jaw dropped once again. His dick was gigantic. The biggest I had ever seen, including porn. It was easily ten inches long and almost as thick as a beer can. He tried to cover his dick, but there aren’t hands big enough to cover that monster. He looked surprised, but not displeased. I think he wanted this to happen.

“What the fuck, man!?” He feigned anger and surprise.

“Daniel! I’m so sorry, man!” I said as I pretended to cover my eyes.

I started to walk out backwards, making sure to get a good mental picture of what I saw, but Daniel stopped me.

“Wait! Patrick, you and I both know that was no accident…You wanted to see me naked.”

“No, I promise, man! I thought this was your bathroom.”

“Don’t be ashamed. You saw what I was watching, the cat’s out of the bag. I’m gay.”

I slowly walked in and sat down on the second chair as he was pulling his pants up. We sat in silence for a moment, processing what had just happened. kaçak iddaa Daniel was the first to speak.

“So Patrick, I assume that you are gay too?”

“Uhh, yeah. I guess I am. I mean, I love girls and all, but I have this weird attraction to guys that I find a little hard to explain.” I muttered slowly, stumbling over my words.

“Patrick, I totally understand. I’ve known I was gay for a while. When I was a little kid, I waited in my Dad’s room to see him naked as he came out of the shower, I lingered on the channel whenever a Bowflex commercial came on, and I think you can guess why I decided to start wrestling.” I laughed a little, feeling more relaxed now that he was beginning to act as the kid I knew before tonight. Daniel continued. “So Patrick, I’m not sure if you’ve realized, but…I’ve been crushing kind of hard on you for a while now. I was wondering if you felt the same way.” This night was just full of surprises and jaw drops.

“Daniel,” I stuttered. “I’ve worshipped you since 6th grade. Do you maybe want to try something with me?”

He practically jumped up with excitement, but I had a question to ask first.

“Daniel, your dick is huge. You’re aware of this, right?”

He chuckled. “Yes, Patrick. As a matter of fact, my cock sort of runs in the family. My Dad’s is even bigger than mine, much bigger in fact.”

Needless to say, I was intrigued. I got past my curiosity, and slowly dropped to my knees. He stood slowly, and his beautiful chest shined in the light. I changed my mind and stood up again. He looked puzzled, but I wiped that look off of his face with my mouth. I took off my shirt and brought him close in a passionate kiss. Our chests embraced and I rubbed myself on his strong, muscular pecs. My cock started to harden, but he seemed to have more control. I pulled myself out of the kiss and slowly moved down to his chest. I moved my hands across his chest, feeling his warmth and strength. He flexed his pecs and abs for me, making me cringe with excitement. I was surprised by how strong he was, even after knowing him for years. He’d been working out extra hard lately. I licked his nipples and kept my tongue on him all the way down to his treasure trail. I licked the space between his wash board abs. I slowly pulled his pants down and out flopped a 7 inch cock, completely soft.

I marveled at the sheer size of it, as it was the largest I had ever seen. I picked it up in my hands, it was so warm and gigantic. I slapped it on my face and felt the weight of it in my hands. I slowly put my lips to the head of his beautiful cock. I tried to move more of his golden brown shaft into my mouth, but choked slightly. He laughed and told me to slow down. His cock was hardening quickly and mine just throbbed at the sight of it. I concentrated and found a good rhythm. I went up and down his massive shaft, gagging a little bit and getting farther each time. After nearly 10 minutes of this I was able to get almost the entire shaft in my mouth. I stopped to lick the length of his shaft and Daniel moaned in pleasure. I went up and down vigorously sucking his enormous dick.

He stopped me and told me to pull down my pants, as I’m sure they were about to rip from my throbbing cock, I obeyed. He pulled out my dick and began to suck it. I’d never felt more pleasure in my life. He went up and down my shaft like a pro. (Had he done this before?) He didn’t go for very long as he knew I could blow at any minute. He stopped and stood up, suddenly and he bent down slightly and swept me up in his arms. His strength was daunting and magnificent all at once. I looked at him and smiled, kaçak bahis he smiled back. I felt the stubble across his face as he carried me to his bed. He laid me down on the bed got on top of me, staring into my eyes. His gigantic cock stood straight towards me and was intimidating to say the least.

“Daniel, I was wondering…exactly how long is your dick?”

“Well, I measured a few months ago at 9 ½ inches, but I’ve definitely grown since then.” He smirked “Care to give it a go?”

I smiled and grabbed the ruler from the drawer next to his bed. He stood up proudly with his gorgeous chest puffed out. He was so developed for being just 18. I brought the ruler down to his dick slowly, while feeling his abs. I pulled his cock down so it faced straight, instead of the upwards angle it naturally had. I placed the ruler on top and was astounded at the length. He was almost as long as the ruler. His dick measured exactly 11 inches. If he was a couple inches longer, which would surely happen once he entered full adulthood, he would be double my length.

I laughed at how astounding this was, he smirked as he looked down at me, no doubt feeling powerful. He picked me up once again and as he did I felt his bulging biceps. He was ripped and his figure was god-like. He placed me on the bed, on my back, and crept over top of me. He grabbed some lube from the drawer next to his bed (okay, he has definitely done this before, but with who?) and began to rub it all over his cock. I was a little frightened, but more than ready at this amazing opportunity.

Once he had finished lubing up his cock, he slowly moved it towards my ass. He tried to push the head in, but I was extremely tight. I moaned in pain and grimaced. It was so huge, I wasn’t sure if I could take it. He reassured me that it was normal and that he would make it work. He put some lube on his fingers and inserted them slowly into my ass. It wasn’t nearly as bad as his dick head, so this only opened me up for the length. I begged him to try again, and the smile on his face assured me that he intended to.

He once again inserted his enormous cock into my ass. This time I was a little more prepared, but I still screamed in pain. He quickly pulled his cock back and shoved it in my mouth.

“Patrick, I know it’s difficult, but try to stay quiet so you don’t wake the neighbors.”

I found this extremely hot and as he pulled his dick out I gave it a playful lick. He pressed his boner up to my ass again and I grimaced in pain. This time though, he was able to actually get it inside. Inch by inch, he pushed his thick, long cock up my ass. After nearly 15 minutes of slow movement, he had loosened me up. He slowly pulled in and out, each stroke resulting in a painful, but gloriously amazing, feeling. He moved back and forth going faster and faster, harder and harder, pounding my ass. His wet dick stretched my hole to the limit, making me moan with pleasure.

Daniel began moaning too as he pounded my ass like a drum, going hard as he could. For 20 minutes he shoved his thick dick in and out until his balls began to tighten. Quickly he pulled out and moved close to my face and chest. He stroked his cock vigorously as I did, and he let out a hard moan of pleasure and his creamy white cum flew out of his dick. Shot after shot, his thick cum flew onto my face and chest, leaving me soaked. After what must have been an entire minute, he finally stopped and I was covered in his jizz. During this, I came a respectable load onto his dick and relaxed onto the bed. He collapsed on my body and I could feel his heart beating against his powerful chest. His thick, long cock throbbed between us as the sticky sperm began to stick us together. We crawled under the covers and as we laid on our sides, I pulled myself close to his back and hugged him as I fell asleep.


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