A Wife’s Surprise


A Wife’s SurpriseIt all started on an uneventful weekend. I had been pestering my wife for months to really surprise me with something wild and out of character. So much so that I had resorted to looking at porn again, something I only do when she hasn’t been naughty with me.I was watching TV on the couch when I felt my wife’s hand cover my eyes, blocking my view of the Saturday night television shows. Her warm breath was sliding by my ear as she told me in a whisper it’s time for my surprise. I pulled away and turned to see her wearing a beige trench coat, knee-high off white socks and brown leather, high heeled, tall boots.She has a gorgeous curvy body, which was accentuated by the tight knot in the trench coat belt. It showed off her waist and full breasts and a perky butt. Her short curly dark hair framed her sexy face and her breasts were precariously close to falling out of her push up bra, which was also clearly visible despite the coat. In her mid forties now, she had a body that was both sexy and classical. A body that was curvy and petite at the same time. A body built for fucking.”Well this should be interesting!” I said as she took my hand and lead me to the car. I sat there nervously wondering what on earth she has prepared for me now. She strutted to the driver’s seat and then told me to put on a blind fold she took from a pocket in the trench coat. I placed the black thin material over my eyes and tied it behind my head. I felt the car engine start and the car lightly vibrate as she placed it into gear and started us moving to god knows where. I went through the list of fantasies I had been pestering her for. Mostly more home-made porn films for me to enjoy. Some were more risky than others.While sitting there in the passenger seat I felt her hand slide down my right knee and caress my thigh barely touching my hardening cock in my jeans. She shhh’d me after each attempt to talk. Occasionally biting my ear and teasing my cock thru my clothes. After a long drive , her hand pulled away and she announced we arrived at our destination.She whispered in my ear again, “Now you asked for a surprise, and you always whine when I don’t push your limits, so this ought to keep you happy for good long while.”I couldn’t help grinning as she lightly bit my right earlobe again. “But this might prove too much even for a filthy mind like yours.”She opened the car door and led me out. I was led down some stairs and then into a room before being taken to long hallway and finally another room. I was spun around a bit, but could tell through the cracks of the blindfold that the place was dark. As we walked I could hear someone moaning.I was pushed into a room that was possibly the source of the moaning. I could tell by the sound that a pornographic movie was being played across cheap speakers. My wife stripped me and I was pushed onto a soft leather seat. I felt my hands and legs being restrained to the chair behind me with a plastic zip tie.My wife took off the blindfold and my eyes took a moment to adjust to this new room. Despite the darkness of the hallway and the other rooms this one was very well lit. The harsh light of the movie on the screen was blinding. As I became accustomed to the brightness, I realized that the movie was a gang bang scene with a white woman being railed by BBC in every hole. The room was empty except for the two of us.”Where are we?” I asked.”Be quiet and listen!” my wife said. “I told them to wait but they won’t stay out long. There are rules for today, so first open your mouth.”I opened wide and she gagged me with the blindfold she took from my eyes. I looked at her as she knelt down in front of me almost eye level. I stared into her perfect green eyes as she spoke.”This is a test, honey; I know how much you like to watch, so I am recording this on a camera I set up behind you. You have been pestering me so long for another film, I figured this time I might make you watch while I made it. But you can’t interrupt, hence the gag. Now if you can watch me the whole time and not get hard, I’ll stop. But if you get hard, I will keep going until I’m full of cum. Do you understand?”I nodded my head in agreement, not totally sure what she had planned. She stood up and took off the coat revealing her stunning body. I watched her seductively remove her bra; letting it fall onto the floor and reveal her nipples. They were fully erect and at attention and I could tell how horny she was. My cock was already stirring slightly but I tried to focus on my restraints to distract myself. The last thing I wanted was for her to stop prematurely. She winked at me and smiled with a cheeky grin showing her perfect white teeth. Her hand wandered down a home made sign with a wire on it that would allow it to hang bursa escort on a door nob. The sign read big black cocks only please. I started to panic a little, my heart beating in my throat. My stomach queasy as I realized what I looked at, my worried expression clearly visible on my face.”Don’t worry honey; all you have to do is not get turned on. If this isn’t something you like then I won’t get very far.” She held the sign in front of me and said “Oh, and I don’t think I have to worry about the black part, I have not seen a white guy in the last 10 miles of or trip here. I guess we will just hope that they honor the big part.”Just as she finished her statement I heard the door behind me open and a muscular black guy walked past my row of seats. I realized that this was a small theater with a few rows of leather couch like seats. The far wall was a big screen and there were a couple of armless leather recliners on each side in front. There was a suspicious padded dark hole on the left wall between the seating and screen. A black stranger said “Hey baby, what do we have going on in here.? Those shy niggers outside said I was supposed to wait, but I don’t wait for pussy baby.”My wife looked pleased. “Well hang this sign out on the door and tell them to come in when they like.”The large dark stranger took the sign. “I will tell them they can come in when I’m done. They come in before then and they will get hurt baby.” The man sneered at me, leaned down and said in my ear: “I am going to ruin that fine bitches married white pussy and leave my baby in her belly. Watch and learn!” He then brushed past and I heard the door open. I heard him say something in the hall then he returned.He stood in front of me and pulled his sleeveless t- shirt over his wide shoulders revealing his cut tattooed chest and washboard stomach. He pulled off his shoes and gym shorts setting them on the chair on the left. Totally nude I got a look at his flaccid long cock which I could already tell was much larger than my average six and a half inch cock. I heard my wife gasp which got his attention. As he walked up to the front of room I could see her eyes locked on his body and cock.”Get on your knees baby, and suck it.” he said in a gentle but demanding tone.My wife complied taking his cock in her hands and massaged the shaft. Her hands were gently rubbing the stranger’s balls and shaft in unison. The strangers cock immediately responded and started to grow in her hands. I couldn’t help feeling the stirrings in my balls as I watched my innocent wife stroking another man’s cock. It was both exhilarating and disturbing at the same time. I focused on the restraints again, twisting my wrists in the bindings to distract myself from what I was seeing. I thought to myself, ‘If I can keep myself distracted long enough, I may make it through.’My wife looked down at my slightly hardened penis and then turned her attention back to the strangers hardening cock. She started by lightly bringing her mouth to the cockhead and licking the underside of his growing mushroom head. The cock now sprang to life in her hands and I could see the veins pushing through the sides as it grew in length right before my eyes. It took shape in her hands and was now at least eight inches long and quite a bit thicker than my cock. I felt ashamed watching, but I also felt my own cock stirring with my arousal.My wife took the cock into her mouth and sucked the head before pulling it out and then running her cherry red lips down the sides of his shaft before sucking his balls in turn. She paused and looked over at my crotch, waiting for it to rise. She built a rhythm with the cock taking turns with her mouth and hands as she expertly gave the stranger a blowjob in front of me. I tried to distract myself and look away but could still hear the slurping and moaning sounds from my wife. I turned back and saw small strands of her saliva building at the base of the strangers cock. She tried to deep throat the cock but barely managed to get half of the large member down her gullet, choking.All of a sudden she stood up, still holding the cock with one hand, and then pulled her g-string down to her feet and stepped out of them. I felt sweat building up on my brow and a red hot flush took me as she turned around and pointed her perfectly trimmed pussy in my direction. She bent back over and continued to suck the strangers cock while her free hand roamed up her tight stomach and stopped between her legs to open her pussy lips. She parted them gently and then began to caress her engorged swollen clit with her fingers inches from my face. Her glistening wet labia are too amazing to look away, and I watched her slide her two middle fingers into her ruddy red pussy. My cock hardened bursa escort bayan slightly more and I tried to stop myself, thinking of anything, football, chores, dying kittens, but none of it helped. I could feel my cock at half-mast already and the panic was so real I could almost taste it.My wife started to moan between her fingers deftly playing with her pussy and a large hard cock in her mouth. This only made it more difficult to separate myself from my conundrum. I was torn, as I realized part of me wanted to see her fuck that big black cock, but I didn’t know if I could stand watching it. My wife stopped sucking the cock and looked over her shoulder, lustful look on her face. I tried to mumble in protest but she saw my hard cock pointing up at her pussy.”Well, you must be enjoying this then, oh well, I may as well enjoy it too.”The stranger said. “He’s enjoying the show. You ready to get fucked for real, baby?”She looked back at him, locking eyes and nodding her head affirmatively. She turned around and placed her hands on the front row seat backs standing in the aisle where I could clearly see her. The stranger positioned himself behind her, lining up her pussy with his big rod. He then grabbed her hips and pulled her towards him. My wife was staring right at me with a sly naughty smirk on her face. Suddenly, the smirk disappeared as her eyebrows knitted together, her mouth came open slightly, and she looked past me as a faraway look crossed her face. He started into her with a steady rhythm then. Each time the strangers hips collided with her ass, which got higher as she lowered her head, it rocked her forward. Each time she then rushed back to meet his cock as he pulled on her waist. This fucking motion was causing her dangling tits to dance wildly in my view.”That’s some tight pussy white boy!” he said, smiling at me as he pounded her from behind.She was getting noisy now. I could hear her moans and whimpers getting louder. I could also heard her pussy making wet sucking noises. She was close to cumming when I noticed another black cock poke thru the hole to my wife’s left. The stranger followed my eyes seeing the cock protruding thru the glory hole and smiling.”You like that black cock baby?” he said.”Oh god yes!” my wife moaned”Well bitch, I guess you’ll love two black cocks then.”He slid his left forearm under her belly, picking her up, turning her and setting her down with her surprised face inches from the anonymous glory hole prick. She wasted no time grabbing the cock in front of her and sucking on it with a passion. Her hand was pumping it vigorously and her head was bobbing enthusiastically. The man fucking her looked back to me and intentionally raised her leg closest to me to open the view. so I could now see his hard thick cock plunge in and out of her pussy. I could see her cunt was gripping his jet black cock which was shiny from her wetness. It was so erotic to see the black cock of a stranger buried in my innocent wife’s cunt as she sucked wantonly on another black cock. I had never seen my wife act so slutty and it was the biggest turn on in my life. She was moaning hard on the cock in her mouth. Her pussy was contracting so hard that it looked like her pussy was being turned inside out each time the rod in her was pulled back.”Ohhhh I’m cumming!” she wailed, abandoning the cock in the glory hole. “Yes fuck it! Oh my god you’re swelling even bigger!” came out of her mouth between gasps.”Cum on that cock baby!” the stranger started to talk over her. He was slamming her harder and faster with his huge cock than I thought possible.”Yeah, fuck yeah… There it is, baby.” he said as he slowed his strokes a bit.”I’m still cumming!” she whined, then held her breath, her eyes rolling back into her head.He thrust deep in her and held her tight as I could see his balls twitch as they pumped a load of sperm deep in her pussy. My own balls ached, my cock was rock hard.After a moment the stranger pulled his cock out. He still had hold of her leg, lifting it up. I could hear an audible pop and a splat as his swollen head exited my wife’s pussy and a large glob of cum hit the wood floor. I could see cum running out of her messy cunt and down one leg. The stranger then turned my stunned, recovering wife around, lining her up to the still hard cock in the glory hole. My wife realized his intention and reached back, grabbing the cock and assisting it towards her wet sloppy hole. Inch by inch she backed herself onto the new cock. When she finally bottomed out I heard her moan again. My raging cock was now so hard it almost hurt and a large drop of pre-cum was balanced on the tip of my purple head. I now realized now that I didn’t want her to stop. I wanted her to fuck the new cock as hard escort bursa as she had been fucked by the stranger. I wanted to watch until its cum was pouring from her pussy as well. She started rocking back and forth, the build-up slow and methodical. She was riding the cock deep and hard, taking her pussy back off the cock until it was almost completely out before impaling herself on it again. I watched as her stretched pussy lips coated his cock in her slimy film. I felt torn as she built her tempo. Before long, she was slamming her pussy and ass up against the wall, the sound of it reverberating through the room. Her moans and whimpers were getting louder and louder and I could tell that her body was close to another orgasm. She gently rubbed her clit with her hand while she took the strangers cock all the way into her pussy. I could tell the stranger was building up too. He was perfectly still before, a slave to my wife’s pleasures, but now he was fucking the wall, meeting her every stroke.My cock felt like it is going to burst, and I felt dizzy from the torment. My wife’s fucking was relentless. I could tell she had abandoned herself to the dirty act once again. Her eyes were half rolled back into her head and her moans had changed from soft whispers to loud groans of pleasure. She started to scream, “Oh, god, oh my GOD, yes yes yes YES. I’m cumming, I’m cumming, CUMMING!”My wife saw my raging hard cock and continued to push her body against the stranger’s onslaught. I heard the male’s voice for the first time, a deep heavy groan as I saw his balls convulse several times with his cock buried deep in my wife. I imagined the stream of cum filling her pussy. My own arousal was almost too much to bear but the sight of a second stranger’s sperm pushing deep into my wife’s cunt was the hottest thing I had ever seen.Her breathing slowed and she gently pulled her pussy off the cock. With a soft plop the second cock fell from her cunt, leaving more cum dripping from my wife’s engorged swollen lips onto the floor. I realized that the first stranger was gone and black men were pressing past me into the room now. I was a little panicked as my wife collapsed in one of the recliners. The sight of her was quickly obscured for most part by the crowd gathered around her. I could see her heels in the air shaking as guy after guy took the key position between them. I could see arms moving all around as they jerked their cocks behind the wall of bare back asses. I could see a guy near where her head was reclined pumping his ass and hips. He was replaced by another and another as thin black guys, fat black guys, old black guys and street thugs took turns in one of her holes. All the while I heard her lose control and wail in orgasm over and over again My own cock was still raging hard and belly hurt with desire. My wrists were raw from trying to get my hands on my cock. I could see that they had got her up and a guy with a big cock had sat on the chair under her. The crowd pushed up to her blocking my view just as a second guy crawled up onto her.I heard her yell “Fuck my ass and pussy at the same time!” as she came hard again with two cocks in her.After a long while most of the crowd left and she managed to shoo away the lingerers. She came over to me, cum on her face, in her hair, her ass and pussy both a red swollen mess, leaking cum.She looked me in the eyes, those perfect emerald iris staring at me.”Did you like that?”I nodded my head enthusiastically; unable to tell her how much I loved her.She saw my still raging cock beneath her. “Well, you have been such a good boy; it would be a shame to leave you like this.” She grabbed the camera from behind me and moved it in front of her.She then turned and straddled my cock, facing away from me, looking at the camera. I stared at her perfect round butt as it slowly descended and felt her wet used pussy sliding onto my cock. I heard it squelch, as I pushed the stranger’s cum out of her pussy and it coated my cock and balls. She rode me hard, bouncing on my cock, each stroke slamming her pussy onto me. After all this build up it only takes a few moments for me to cum. I felt it build deep in my balls and soon my legs shook. My wife continued to slam her pussy onto me and then just as I was about to erupt she pulled herself off my cock. She moved to the side to avoid blocking the camera and then pushed her mouth deeply over my cum covered hard on. I couldn’t hold back any longer, too shocked to stop, and filled her warm mouth with my hot cum. She swallowed every drop. My cock started to soften in her mouth, but she continued to clean all the built up cum off my cock and balls. Finally, when there was nothing left for her to consume, she looked up at me with her beautiful green eyes, cum glistening on her cherry red lips.”I found a stash of your recent porn, all interracial gang bangs. Be careful what you ask for baby, you might get it. You can put this with the other glory hole videos you have been watching.”

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