A wild moment at a truck parking lot

A wild moment at a truck parking lotOur slutty Boss Barbara called Helena and me to her office.The bitch smiled widely while she informed us that we should make a quick trip to Jacksonville; but this time we would go driving a car.Helena smiled back at her, saying it was a pity that a third bitch could not be part of the expedition… Barbara then laughed louder and she gave us some final instructions for our task there…I was happy to leave home for a couple days and even better if I had Helena’s company. We could spend some relaxing time together, in a bed, a hot tub or whenever we wanted…and best of all, a little far from our beloved cuckold hubbies…My naughty girlfriend asked me to wear a tube top and a tight skirt, with some stilettos. When she picked me up with her car, I really looked a sexy street hooker.Of course Helena looked like me, wearing tight high boots and a very tiny mini skirt. We drove into the highway. Two hours later, Helena said we could stop any place and look for some “action” with wild horny truckers… I agreed with her. My loving hubby had not fucked me properly during the last weeks and I was feeling real horny… As Helena stopped at the parking lot, I went out of the car and walked towards the ladies’ room.Swaying my hips amongst some trucks in the darkness, I heard some voices calling me and whistling, as they whispered all kind of naughty things, describing what they would like to do with me…I was now looking forward at the door of the ladies’ room; when a huge shadow blocked my path. A very big muscled black man then reached uşak escort out and he grabbed my wrist. I did not say a single word; I just let him to take me anywhere he wanted…He made me climb up the rear cabin of a near truck. There inside I found it was all covered in black leather, with some dim red lights.A comfortable bed was lying there, with clean white satin sheets.The black man closed the door behind him.I looked through the windshield and saw my nasty girlfriend was also climbing up another truck’s cabin… The black guy stared at my whole body and he hissed he liked my huge firm boobs. He pulled down his trousers as I kept silence and he showed me a very huge black cock, already hard.He started jerking it and he told me to get naked. He whispered as he looked at my exposed body. I kept just my black stilettos on.He then ordered me to finger myself and pinch my hard nipples.The bastard kept jerking as his huge cock grew even bigger. He suddenly stepped forward and rubbed his cockhead on my red lips. He started to push it in my mouth and I accepted it gladly.The black guy smiled, ordering me to suck it hard.When he was satisfied with my oral skills, he just made me turn around on all fours and soon I felt him shoving his thick cockhead from behind in my cunt, with no mercy at all.The bastard was a rough guy. He started fucking me in a very brutal way; making me whimper and scream in pain…He grunted as he thrusted hard. He lifted my body so he could hold onto my firm boobs as he humped me so brutally from behind.I felt the bastard growing escort uşak inside me. He kept fucking like this for a long while; he then quickly pulled out and turned me around to sit.He then kept jerkin his hard huge cock in front of my face and pushing the cockhead in my mouth. This time I gagged on it, since the rude bastard pushed it all the way up my throat and he held my face in position with his both heavy hands…When he felt hard again, he pushed me down and climbed between my spread thighs, holding my legs up in the air. He then shoved his hard erection again in my cunt and he pounded me hard…The guy took a long while to cum. The man groaned loud as he came in my womb and he finally pulled out from my sore cunt…In the dim red lights, I could notice his huge black cock was still hard. I could not help but stare at it with fascination…The black man laughed when he noticed I was so interested in his huge hard cock; so he said that he wanted to taste my tight assholeI felt a bit scared about his thick girth and told him that his dick would not fit in my ass. But he laughed even louder, saying his white bitches never rejected his sweet nice monster black cock…He promised me that he would be gentle this time in my anus.I did not thrust him a single word; but I had no other option. I was trapped in that nice black leather covered walls with this huge dark gorilla and I had no any chance to escape from there by myself…So I went back onto all fours and braced myself to feel anal pain…The huge black guy really did his best to sodomize me with no pain. uşak escort bayan He was very gentle and I started to feel pleasure as he fucked my anus so deep but slowly.He made me came before he would fill my rectum with his seed.As I thought he would let me go now; the door opened and other two black guys entered the cabin. They stared at me and one of them immediately pulled his huge black out and made me suck it…His friend just stood there aside, watching the whole action.But he finally approached and he fingered me so good…I came on his expert fingers; but soon the other guy made me get on all fours and he shoved his black rod up my stretched cunt.He pumped me in a frantic way and very soon he filled my womb with his urgent burning semen.As he pulled out, I felt very tired and sore.I looked at the second guy, who had fingered me so good; but he smiled back at me. I then realized this handsome black man was gay and he just liked to watch his dominant boyfriend fucking some white bitches…They left and my first attacker finally announced he was done and I could leave. He said I had been a very naughty cooperative whore: so he gave me two hundred bucks by my sexual services…I wanted to tell him I was not a pro; but he would not believe for sure, as I was dressed like a perfect street hooker… I walked with some difficult to the truck where I had seen Helena climbing up. My cunt felt sore and I wanted to get Jacksonville and enjoy a relaxing hot bath tub.As I approached the truck, I recognized Helena’s pain screams and desperate cries. Somebody was sodomizing her in a very wild way.So I moved to our car and sat down inside relax there.I closed my eyes for a moment; but soon I heard some fingers knocking at the window glass. A very handsome trucker wanted to know the fare for a blow…

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