A Woman Scorned


A Woman Scorned

My name is Daisy. I am a 29 year old Filipino woman living in a small town nearly 200km out from Sydney, Australia. I am on my own since I left my husband of 11 years when I caught him cheating on me with his boss’s daughter. It wasn’t the first time but I am inclined to believe it will be his last and I will get the reason why all in due time.

First a bit more about us both, I am 5’2 with long black hair, skin tone like a strong coffee and big dark brown eyes. I have a cute little button nose and full, plump juicy lips. My breasts are a perky C cup after having surgery to suit one of my ex husbands egotistic needs with large round areolas. My height is a little bit of a drawback and has always made me self conscious but it did not stop me from landing some modelling gigs that helped me to get through my Sport Science Degree at Uni. I now work as a personal trainer and love my work.

My ex is a used car salesman. He is very athletic and was captain of the football team in school. He had been spotted by recruiting staff from more than one of the professional league clubs and had started training with one of them before an unfortunate shoulder injury put an end to those plans. He was easily the best looking and fittest guy in school and despite the injury was still in fantastic shape. His major faults were the combination of his low self esteem and fiercely competitive nature.

These are the faults that led to him cheating the first and second time and also the last and final time. Despite the opportunities I had being in the field that I was in I had always been faithful to him but he had trouble believing it and felt he had to prove that he could still ‘pull the ladies’ to remind me of what a catch he was.

The story starts around a quarter to 11 on a Thursday when a client rang and cancelled an appointment. My next was not until 2pm so I decided to stop by the car yard and see if David and I could have lunch together. He was not out in the yard and his assistant was not at her desk so I just walked into his office after there was no response to my knock. I was a little surprised and disappointed to find he was not there. I walked down the hall to his boss’s office and knocked on the door and heard a deep, booming but friendly “Come in” so I entered.

“Hiya Doug, do you know where David is?” I asked him. “No sweetie sorry, did you ask Lisa?” “Well no, she doesn’t seem to be in either” I replied getting a little confused. “Sorry dear, maybe they are both on their lunch break” “Oh that’s ok, please tell him I stopped by” “Will do, bye now”

Doug was not only David’s boss but he had been David’s coach in school and kind of David’s hero. He was a huge man with hands the size of baseball mitts and legs the size of tree trunks. He had a gorgeous wide smile that contrasted greatly against his black as coal skin. He was always such a gentleman and had been a wonderful boss to David. He only stopped coaching after his wife died of leukaemia leaving him to raise his three daughters on his own.

After leaving the yard I drove home to have lunch by myself. When I arrived home I was surprised and a little excited to see David’s car in the driveway. I rushed up to the door and pushed but it was locked. I dropped my keys and bent to pick them up and was startled by what I thought was a scream coming from inside, I figured David was watching a movie but could not work out why, being the middle of a work day. After picking the keys up and entering the house I headed to the kitchen expecting to find David either making or eating lunch. When he was not there I went through the lounge and out into the back yard searching but he was nowhere to be seen.

Finally I headed toward the bathroom figuring he would be taking a shower. As I approached I heard voices and my stomach started doing flips. Oh dear god it is not happening again I said to myself but as I drew nearer still the squeals of delight confirmed that he had another woman, or maybe it was a girl by the sound of it, in our bed. I peered through the slightly ajar door and in the dresser mirror was able to see him kneeling on the bed behind a girl that must have been 16 or 17 fucking her doggy style. When she turned to face the mirror I gasped quietly and not loud enough for them to hear, it was Lisa his assistant and the boss’s youngest daughter.

I felt like a knife had just ripped through my heart as a million options all raced through my head. Should I run sobbing? No, I had nowhere to go. Should I race in there screaming? No I may actually be angry enough to kill him. What could I do? Then it came to me, revenge; revenge was what he had coming to him after do this to me again. I went into the linen closet and pulled out our video camera and as much as it pained me to watch it I recorded everything right up until they went into the shower and at that point left taking the footage, the evidence with me.

I moved the car down the street and watched for them to leave and cancelled the rest of my appointments for the day while I waited. When they left I returned home and cried until I was dry and then started writing down ideas until I came up with a plan I was satisfied would have a long lasting effect on him. I made a couple of calls, one to a friend to organise somewhere to go for the night where David would not suspect anything was wrong and another to Doug to fill him in on exactly how much David appreciated his job and friendship.

Doug was furious. I had to beg him not to kill David who had returned from lunch, or should I say from banging his daughter’s brains out. After I was satisfied he had calmed down enough and would not kill David I went to the local mall, to the sports store to be exact. There I talked with a man that David had gone to school with that now worked there. Every time we walked past David would cuss and go on about how he hated Marcus and how Marcus was full of himself and was cheat like school was just yesterday. The truth was Marcus was bigger and stronger and better looking than him. The one thing that David really despised about him is that he had become a legend for having a cock big enough to put a horse to shame and I was hoping would well and truly put David to shame. Unfortunately there was also rumour that Marcus was gay and I was worried this would interfere bahis firmaları with my plan but hoped I could talk him around. After talking with Marcus for a long time after he got of work we came up with an arrangement that suited us both.

The following day at lunch time Doug called David into his office. I was waiting in the office next to Doug’s for him to come and get me. Doug told David he had some surveillance footage for him to look at and to be quiet and not say a word until it was over. At this point David did not seem to suspect anything as he probably thought it was just security footage from the yard. From next door I heard the footage begin playing. I heard Lisa squealing and moaning and David calling her his little slut and slapping her ass. I heard David try and speak and then Doug scream “Just shut up and watch” so loud that I almost wet myself next door.

When the movie had stopped I heard Doug explain calmly that David had betrayed him in the worst possible way. That their friendship was over, that David was fired and that unless David would like to be put in prison for having sexual relations with a minor he would shut up and do exactly as he was told, WHATEVER he was told. Of course David agreed and what other choice did he have. Doug tied David’s hands roughly to the chair behind his back as David whined “Are you going to hurt me?” “Don’t give me ideas. Just shut up and do as you’re told” came the response as he tied David’s ankles to the chair legs. For a few moments I heard nothing and then a knock at the door.

When I entered the room David went a ghostly white and then asked “Daisy, what are you doing here?” “Why dear I have come to have lunch like I did yesterday only you were not here were you? Tell me, where were you David?” He started babbling about being able to explain and that the tape was not of him and that Doug had set him up. “Oh who do you think made the tape you stupid son of a bitch” Doug boomed. “Enough arguing, I came here for lunch and I am veeery hungry” I said as I cheekily rubbed my hand over Doug’s crotch.

I sank to my knees in front of Doug and put my face up against the tent forming in his pants, inhaled his aroma and then kissed the bump that had been poking into my face. “What are you doing Daisy, don’t you dare…” David screamed “I beg your pardon? Dare what?” I said more than asked. “Open your mouth again and I will nail it shut” Doug said. David’s face had begun to regain colour and was now reddening with rage as I released Doug’s cock and it hung before me. I nearly lost my cool and I felt my eyes bug out of my head at the big salami stick dangling in my face. I tried to hide my terror let only my excitement show at the prospect of having Doug’s beautiful big cock in my mouth and deep inside me tiny pussy. David was not small but merely average at 6 inches and by no means big enough to prepare me for the battering my petite body was about to get. Fortunately David was looking down and missed the horror on my face.

Doug on the other hand did not miss it and quickly and reassuringly said “My little Asian beauty I am going to look after you so well and at the same time we might teach that ignorant prick over there a lesson or two as well” “Oh Doug it’s so beautiful. It’s so thick and so black” I said for David’s benefit and then attempted to fit the bulbous head in my mouth. I had two hands around the shaft and my finger and thumbs did not even meet. I was licking and sucking and rolling my tongue all over his glorious cock and enjoying every minute of it. The fact that David was seething with anger helped. I unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down as he removed his tie and shirt, kicked his shoes off and stepped out of his pants. I grabbed his round firm ass and started slurping and sucking as Doug praised my efforts over and over. “Watch if you know what is good for you” Doug yelled at David.

“Now baby, when I cum do you want to taste it or would you like it all over your gorgeous body” Doug teased. I never use to swallow when I gave David head which I did rarely anyway but if it caused him more agony I was willing to try it. “I don’t want to spill a drop, I want you to shoot a load straight down my throat and then fill my ass and my tummy with your glorious seed” “Your wish is my command little lady. Let’s get you undressed so I do not ruin your clothes” I kicked off my sneakers, ripped off my tube top and disposed of my bike shorts within seconds leaving me in only a G-string. Doug put his hands under my armpits and picked me up like I was his 3 year old daughter and kissed me all over my face and neck as I gasped in pleasure and David’s great displeasure.

When he set me back down I guided him backwards so he was sitting on his desk and in full side on view of David and I resumed sucking his beautiful cock. I bathed his balls in saliva and then massaged them as I polished his knob with my tongue. “Oh yes sweetie, get ready now here it comes”. His already huge cockhead seemed to swell even more in my mouth and then his warm salty cum gushed down my throat. There was so much I didn’t have a hope of keeping my promise not to spill any so I cupped my hands and collected the rest. Doug read my mind and ordered David to open his mouth and swallow as I walked over to him. After his initial refusal Doug towering over him must have changed his mind so he opened up and let me pour it in. It took a while but eventually he swallowed the lot.

Doug cleared his desk with a very cliché swipe of his muscular arm and laid me across the surface and knelt on the floor with his face between my opened thighs and kissed me softly from side to side. David never ate me out so my anticipation of his lips on my mound and clit was driving me wild. My breathing hastened until finally I felt his warm soft lips press against my vaginal folds and I came. He lapped up my juices eagerly and then continued eating me out only now more vigorously. His tongue lashed in and out of my pussy occasionally flicking across my G-spot and eventually bringing about a second orgasm.

I looked over at David sitting helplessly watching his sweet wife getting pleasured masterfully by a huge black man with tears rolling down his cheeks. I had seen it all before and could not feel sorry for him now. I had cried a million more tears than him and it was him that had hardened my heart kaçak iddaa towards his excuses and lies. Doug was fingering me now with one huge digit and then he introduced a second as he began his oral gymnastics on my clit with his tongue. My head was now thrashing from side to side as I moaned and groaned with ecstasy. When I came my back arched and my legs opened further as my fluid gushed into Doug’s face and mouth before I collapsed exhausted on the table top.

I lay spent as Doug kissed my stomach and breasts and taunted David “Ever seen her cum like that before little white stud?” “Please stop” he begged “please don’t screw her. She will never want me after she’s had that fucking monster inside her” “That’s the idea” Doug grinned as he stepped in between my knees and aimed his enormous cock at my sopping wet hole. He nestled the tip of his cock up against my lips and then using his hand slipped his knob up and down against my lips and began inching in slowly. As gentle as he was being, he was still much more man than I had ever had inside me and I whimpered and whined and beat my fists against his chest the whole time he was entering me until I felt his cock came to rest against my cervix. He gave a little nudge to make sure he was as far as he could go in and then leant in and kissed me all over my face and mouth. “Are you ready Miss Daisy?” he asked. “Oh my god I am so full, filled with your beautiful big black cock. Make me cum please; fuck me harder than I have ever been fucked”

With that he began stroking in and out slowly, gradually picking up the pace until he was pounding into me. I held on to my breasts to stop them bouncing right off my chest and then began mashing them in my fists and whining like a wounded animal as he battered my insides with his relentless hammering. The pain caused by his sheer size soon became exquisite pleasure causing me to orgasm over and over again each wave a little stronger building up to the Tsunami as his load clashed with mine inside me and we both cried out in blissful relief and he rocked slowly to a halt inside me. We briefly forgot David was there until we heard him sobbing “Oh my god you came inside her. Why did you let him? What if…?” Doug cut of his whining with “So does she ever let you fuck her anally David?” “Oh god no, please don’t…” “Shut up”

Doug pulled out some jelly and lubed my ass and his cock up really well before bending me the table. “Are you sure you want this Honey?” He whispered in my ear. “Oh yes Doug, fill my ass, fuck m y brains out” I said wanting that big hard dick inside my body again. He handed me a pillow from the sofa and said “bite into this” and began sliding in slowly. Despite my best efforts not to I howled into the pillow as I bit down hard. Oh god it hurt so much that I nearly backed out. I nearly asked Doug to pull out but then the pain began to fade. A few moments later it felt nice. Suddenly Doug scooped me up and turned around with his cock still in my ass and stood only inches in front of David lifting me then impaling me over and over again. I began rubbing my clit furiously, I wanted to cum so badly and then I felt Doug’s cock pulse inside me and then I felt his warm thick cream fill my bowels. This triggered my orgasm immediately. Doug lifted me off his now deflating organ and turned me around so that David could watch his cum running down my legs as he kissed me deeply.

We cleaned up and got dressed. As I was finishing up Doug said “You keep in touch pretty lady” and then turning to David and untying him said “and you get the fuck out of here and never let me see you again” “And I want you packed and gone by the time I get home at 6:30” I added. “But…” David started “GET OUT” boomed Doug. David hurried out without even clearing his stuff from his office and I thanked Doug very much for his help with the situation. “Believe me the pleasure was all mine” he grinned “now I just have to deal with that daughter of mine”

I stopped by the bar I had agreed to meet Marcus at and he had 2 friends with him, Stephen and Jason, both white and reasonably good looking. We had a couple of shots of courage each and then headed to my place. When I got there I asked the boys to give me a couple of minutes and then come in.

I went in and found a suitcase sitting near the front door but it would not have been enough to have all of David’s things that he needed. A little angry that David had not done as asked I stormed down to the bedroom where he was waiting for me “please baby, can we talk about this” he begged in a pathetic voice “talk? Again you mean. You will just give me the same excuses followed by promises. No more talk, I need to be on my own and look after myself” I said confidently. “Or have Doug look after you, isn’t that what you mean, aren’t you his little whore now?”

“You fucking prick, how dare you” just then the boys came in. “What the fuck? What are these assholes doing in my house? Especially the black asshole” Doug said with surprise as they glared at him. “Well it’s a good thing I invited them because you certainly didn’t learn anything this afternoon. They are here to make sure you learn and to make sure you leave. Grab him boys” I barked.

As Stephen and Jason grabbed David and pinned him in a chair Jason held his face so that he was forced to watch as I started removing Marcus’s clothes starting with his pants. “Let’s see if this legendary cock is as amazing as it is supposed to be” I said as he stepped out of his pants and I hooked my fingernails into the waistband of his bulging underwear. “Oh sweet lord I’m gonna die” I said as his colossal and not yet erect cock rolled out a good 11 inches down his leg. “Look at that honey, Marcus brought a baseball bat with him. Let’s see if I can get you to first base Marcus” I said as I took the head into my mouth and started pumping his shaft.

I heard a crack and out of the corner of my eye saw David’s face go bright red from receiving a slap as punishment for trying to look away. I groaned loudly to add insult to injury and turned to the boys and said “what are you waiting for”. The boys stared stripping David’s clothes from his body as he kicked and screamed but he was no match for these two athletes. Once they had him naked they bent him over the back of a sofa still facing the bed that I was kneeling in front of now going to town on Marcus’s gigantic kaçak bahis prick. I sucked his balls one at a time into my mouth and kissed every inch off his equipment over and over then resumed pumping it with my hand so I could watch as Jason sat in the sofa and roughly grabbed the hair on the back of David’s head to hold it up and Stephen lined up behind him with his own pants now around his ankles.

David screeched like a 12 year old girl as Stephen plunged into his ass and started fucking him. Tears ran down his cheeks and he swore and cussed everyone in the room. “Jason shut him up please” Marcus said. Jason began explaining “Now listen little man, I am going to unzip my pants and you are going to swallow every inch of my cock…” “If you force that thing in my mouth I will bite it fucking off” David screamed interrupting Jason. “Oh if you do that you had better swallow it quick to make room for Stephen’s and then Marcus’s monster before he jams it up your skinny white ass” Jason taunted as his cock now bobbed around a couple of inches from David’s panic stricken face.

“OPEN” Jason yelled as he pulled David’s face toward his cock hitting him square in the eye with his knob. David reluctantly opened his mouth and Jason rammed his cock upwards sliding it deep inside David’s mouth and then pulling it out as David coughed and spluttered. He repeated this and then took a more gentle approach as David started to comply a bit more.

Meanwhile I was now sitting on the end of the bed watching with Marcus kneeling between my open legs and his tongue probing my pussy. I knew he was bisexual now as all the boys were but he ate my pussy divinely. Alternating between slow purposeful click sucking with G-spot rubbing to frenzied attacks both with lips and fingering at the same time. I came several times and I have to admit that the thought of receiving Marcus’s cock in my pussy was helping.

Just then Marcus pulled me off the bed and lay me across the floor on my back looking up into David’s eyes. He stood above my waist and then scooped up my legs and put them over his shoulders and squatted a little until his cock head rested against the entrance to my quivering pussy. “Do it” I yelled. David stopped sucking and screamed “Noooooooooooo” as he saw his wife of 11years receive at least double and this time nearly triple the amount of meat than she ever had before. I felt my eyes bulge nearly out of my head and I opened my mouth to scream but no sound came out. Despite the priming I had received from Doug’s big cock earlier that day nothing could have prepared me for this.

I watched a bulge roll up my stomach toward my belly button as his cock slid in and then watched it roll back own my firm flat stomach. My insides burned with agony for a long time before the pain became soothing pleasure. When I begged Marcus to fuck me harder tears streamed down David’s face as I guess he realised I would never be turned on by his pathetic dick again, and he was right. Soon I felt an orgasm building and concentrated on performing for Marcus which worked a treat as he grunted and spurted blast after blast deep into my unprotected womb filling me completely.

He slowly withdrew and his sperm rolled down my belly letting my husband know that I could well fall pregnant to this man that he despised. I scooped some of the cum off my belly and stuck it in my mouth and groaned with pleasure before collecting a second helping knowing that I never swallowed David’s sperm and this would add to his punishment.

“My turn boys” Marcus boomed. They had both deposited a load into my cuckold’s mouth and ass and were waiting for the changeover anyway. To be honest I was lost in sheer pleasure and my desire for revenge had been satisfied. I lay on the bed on my back now with Stephen massaging my tits as I swallowed his cock and Jason eating my pussy. My concentration was broken by a blood curdling shriek and I propped myself up on an elbow and still pumped Stephen’s cock in my fist as I looked to make sure Marcus had not changed his mind and plunged a knife into David or something.

Marcus was still behind David and he had a slightly startled expression on his face as David was slumped over the chair unconscious having passed out at the invasion of his rectum that had just taken place. Marcus checked for a pulse and breathing and once satisfied he had not killed David continued to rape his ass.

David came around just in time to see the boys cover me inside and out in semen and feel his own bowels filled to overflowing with his arch enemy’s jizz. “Good morning sunshine” Marcus taunted as he noticed movement from his victim beneath him. “Seems you aint man enough to handle the Marcus meat white boy. Let’s see if your old lady is. You want a go sweet thing?” he directed the question at me although he kept looking at David as I responded. “Oh my god yes, please fuck my virgin ass (I had never let David fuck my ass) with that beautiful black monster” Stephen and Jason got dressed and helped to get David dressed and sat him down in between them in the sofa as Marcus lined up behind me on the bed facing David. He lubed me up very well and then entered very slowly. I couldn’t help but close my eyes as my tiny ass was breaking apart. I had to concentrate harder than I ever had before as I licked my lips with pleasure despite the excruciating ache in my ass. As before the agony turned to a dull throb as my ass became numb and then as feeling came back it was pleasant, enjoyable even.

As Marcus Grunted indicating he was about to blow I was surprised to feel an orgasm of my own approaching from this anal assault but sure enough I exploded at the same time as Marcus then collapsed in a satisfied yet exhausted mess on the bed. Marcus began get dressed and asked “what do you want us to do with this sorry piece of shit?”

“Drop him off somewhere a long way from hear if you don’t mind, oh and… alive please. I think he has learned his lesson” I said.

“Just the same, I think I should hang around here for a while just in case don’t you little lady? Besides I think I have a round 2 left in me, do you sweet thing?”

“Ooh yes on both counts” I replied

“Think you could handle the drop off on your own boys?”

“Hell yeah” They replied in unison both with a sly grin on their face.

“They are so gonna fuck him again on the way” Marcus said

“Well we wouldn’t want them being the only ones getting some more action now would we? You ready for round 2?” I grinned

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