Adult Fun at the Theater

Adult Fun at the TheaterI went to an Adult theater for the first time when I reached 18. It was dark and a little unsettling. The floors where sticky and my sneakers made sounds like suction cups when I walked.When my eyes adjusted to the lack of light I could see a couple of people occupied the room. The sound was loud and I made my way to an area where I could watch in private. A brunette was being taken from behind and her moans were so loud I couldn’t imagine the people in the adjacent building not hearing her. It wasn’t long before I was hard and my jeans were becoming uncomfortable. The more I watched the harder I got and as soon as the actor finished coming all over the brunettes shapely ass I decided I would go to the men’s room to relieve myself. As I turned to get up I noticed a man had settled in in the isle across from me-about fifteen feet away. He had his cock out and was busy stroking it while watching the movie. I was stunned kayseri escort and looked away before he noticed I was watching. I turned my attention back to the screen and saw a couple of lesbians kissing. My jeans were unbearable and I quickly glanced over at my neighbor whose hand was a blur. To hell with it I thought as I whipped out my cock and began to stroke it. Fluid was already leaking out and my 7 inch dick was in heaven. I tilted y head back and shot a rope of cum over the seat in front. I heard a moan as my second rope splattered into the seat and turned to face my masturbating neighbor who was staring at my cock and spraying cum straight into the air.I was shocked. I had never seen another man’s cock before. My cock twitched and cum leaked out of it and down over my hand. The person across from me quickly rose and left the theater but I was so horny I stayed for 2 more orgasms.The second time I visited the escort kayseri theater it was busier and it took a couple of moments before I could find an area where I could have some privacy. This time I didn’t wait and removed my cock from my pants and began to stroke it while watching the film. I was enjoying the moaning as much as watching the actress getting fucked. I was hard as ice and my hand felt like heaven as I rubbed my leaking cum all over my shaft. A man about 35 sat down 3 seats away but I was too far gone to stop. I could hear his zipper but I ignored him and pumped my cock. I aimed it directly at the seat in front and it hit with such force it splashed back onto my pants. I heard a groan and turned my attention to the guy next to me as he lifted his hips and shot a wad into the darkness. Like the guy from the first time he rose and left while I went back to work on my cock.My next visit I lucked out for there kayseri escort bayan was a woman blowing someone in the back row. A couple of men stood around stroking their cocks while watching. I couldn’t concentrate on the movie so I walked closer to the action. No one said anything and I took out my cock and began to jerk. A man groaned and I assumed he came as he left. I took this opportunity to get closer. The guy next to me tried to move into my space and shoulders touched. I looked at him and he smiled and nodded, I noticed the girl was looking at me as she sucked on the cock in her mouth. She reached out and took my unoccupied hand and placed it on her breast. Even with her shirt on it was an awesome feeling. As I stared into her eyes I felt her hand stroke my cock. It wasn’t soft so I glanced down to find the guy next to me tugging on my cock. I looked at the girl and she smiled and to my surprise shot a load onto her shirt. She let go of the cock in her mouth and attempted to catch the next spurt. I thrust my cock out closer to her mouth and managed to shoot onto her upper lip and over her nose. The guy finally let go of my dick and as the girl cleaned herself up I made my escape.

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