Adventures of the Naked Fisherman Ch. 02


Gus and Jake, both still naked, were about waste deep in the river, floating, and enjoying the afternoon sun. “Gus, please don’t say anything to Bill about us knowing each other before today, at least not yet, it would be too much for him to handle.”

“Don’t worry a bit about that, Jake. I’m just glad, after all these years, you reached out to me and we reconnected. I never knew it would end up being this much fun – and never knew you were still exploring your bi-side, guess it wasn’t just a phase, huh? Gus chuckled.

Jake and Gus had lost touch after college, and followed their own paths that were now crossing again. They had been friends on Facebook, and knew, from a distance what each other were up to. Jake had watched Gus, morph into a rugged outdoorsman, and had seen pictures of his fishing trips, and the serene landscapes he shared with the rest of the virtual world. He was curious if Gus was one of those guys that was just never going to marry – sure, he’d dated girls back in the day, but to most just seemed asexual. A couple drunken times back in college, the two of them had found themselves naked around each other – even then Gus wasn’t afraid to be naked. Once he’d convinced Jake to streak with him across campus on a sunny and frigid winter afternoon. After they made it safely back into Gus apartment, they ended up masturbating together, but neither of them really thought much of it. Another time, Gus got naked when they went fishing, and Jake gave him all about how he was going to hook himself in the dick. He never did, and Jake ended up jerking off with him again that day. When they graduated, that was it. Jake started climbing the banking ladder and found his way right to nameless suburbia, married with a couple kids, looking forward to once a month cul-du-sac parties.

Gus has seen some of the pictures from Jake’s suburban cul-du-sac parties, and always thought to himself, that guy Bill sure is a beefcake. Who would have thought that he would be buried in Bill’s amazing ass one day. Gus chuckled. He was happy with his life, and the adventures he uncovered as the naked fisherman. He was also happy to hear from Jake, when he reached out online about he and Bill’s annual fishing trip to ask him for advice. Gus had seen pictures from their previous fishing trips and was glad that Jake was still fishing. He remembered a few times in school when they had taken a Saturday to go fishing, they always had fun, and caught a lot of fish.

“You’ll have to say something to Bill at some point though, Jake, as he could probably figure it out quite easily via the vast stalking force of Facebook,” Gus said.

“You’re right, and I will, likely when we paddle out tomorrow we’ll cross that bridge. But in the mean time, let’s just go for it,” Jake smiled.

The two men embraced in the river and shared a long passionate kiss, their cocks poking each other in the stomach. Jake looked at Gus and said, “My turn.” He turned around grinding his ass on Gus’ hard cock and Gus, pulled his ass cheeks apart and made his way into him, slowly. Jake let out a moan just as a couple of kayakers turned the bend in the river. Gus had his arms around Jake’s chest and was firmly planted in his ass, both of them underwater from the mid sections of their bellies down. Gus used his right hand to point Jake’s face toward their approaching visitors, and then, still inserted, took a deep breath, Jake did the same, and Gus dunked them both fully underwater. They both held their breaths and Gus pumped into Jake. They knew that it was likely impossible to stay underwater until the kayakers passed, but they were going to give güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri it a go. Gus pulsed inside Jake and lifted his feet to let the current carry them. About 10 feet downriver there was a large rock and Gus maneuvered them behind it, and both came up gasping for air. Jake was still full of Gus’s meat and he gasped as the kayakers paddled by. They made their way past Jake and Bill’s camp site, and Gus laid Jake over the rock. He worked his ass passionately, and erupted inside of him. Jake moaned and shot his load across the rock and the two of them sank back into the water, smiling.

About half an hour passed and Bill was yet to make his return upriver with the steaks and beers. Gus and Jake had moved from the river once they were fully pruned and Gus had pulled his sleeping mat out of his tent and put it in the bed of his truck. He meant to keep his scheduled siesta. He crawled onto the mat, face down, and almost immediately began snoring. Jake decided he would head back to check on Bill.

Bill was sitting on a rock near the river bank, watching the water pass by. Jake startled him as he approached, saying “Hey, what happened, I thought you were just headed back to grab some beers and the steak?”

“It’s all packed there in the soft side, I was just enjoying some silence and the river before making my way back up to Gus’ campsite,” Bill said.

“No rush on that, Gus wasn’t lying when he said we was going to have a siesta. He’s asleep, face down in the bed of his truck for his afternoon nap. Are you okay, Bill?”

“Haha, let me guess, still butt nekkid?”

Jake, with a sly smile, nodded in confirmation.

“And to answer your question, yes, I’m okay, my ass hurts a little – not quite sure what got into me, but it all felt so good, and I wanted every bit of that. It’s like my primal instincts just took over and I was a wild animal. Am I gay?” asked Bill.

“You don’t have to be gay to enjoy what you just experienced, bud, you should really try not to put a label on it,” Jake said, putting his hand on Bill’s shoulder. “Be free and explore your passions while we’re out here this weekend, and I promise, no one will be the wiser when we get home, and you’ll likely be the most relaxed you’ve been in years. Want to throw out a couple lines?”

“Why not,” said Bill, the look of concern starting to leave his face as he smiled at his best friend. Jake wasn’t at all worried, and his calmness made its way to Bill too. The two men grabbed their spin casts and threw lures right in front of their camp. On the first cast Bill hooked up on a nice size fish. It jumped out of the water, and Bill and Jake looked at each other, Bill’s rod bent at full tension. “That’s what we came for, nice small mouth, Bill,” Jake said as he watched his friend land his first fish and hold it up in front of him. All smiles, the boys continued to cast lines.

An afternoon breeze tickled Gus’ ass hair and woke him from his siesta, he stretched, rolled over, sat up, looked out over the river, and smiled. He must have been out for at least an hour. He stood up in the bed of his truck and took a piss over the side. He could see Bill and Jake fishing, and watched from a distance as Jake pulled in what looked like a nice carp. “What the hell is he fishing with to pull in a carp?,” Gus wondered. He jumped out of the truck, grabbed his rod and tackle box, put on his river shoes, and headed down the bank in his fishing uniform to see how his new friends were doing.

Bill and Jake saw Gus coming and reeled in their lines as they watched the naked fisherman cast his way down to their güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri campsite. About 50 yards out, he hooked up on a nice fish – it didn’t jump out of the water though. Gus’ rod bent and he loosened the drag with his left hand so whatever was on the other end didn’t snap his line. He was fishing pretty light tackle after all, only a 5lb test. Gus let the fish run and pull and finally he started to make some progress on brining it to shore. Jake and Bill looked on as Gus reached down and pulled what had to be a 20lb flathead catfish out of the river. He held it up by the mouth and the guys hollered. Fish in his left hand, pole and tackle box in his right, Gus made it to Jake and Bill.

“Damn, that’s a nice flathead Gus! What’d you catch him on?” ask Bill

“It’s a good one ain’t it?” said Gus, a huge smile from ear to ear. “Believe it or not I was just bouncing this little crappie grub across the bottom slowly, and bam, this big momma hit it. You boys like catfish?”

“Hell yeah,” Jake and Bill said in unison.

“Fish…and steak, for dinner then tonight” Gus said, flopping the fish on the bank. Gus borrowed Bill’s filet knife and made quick work of the catfish, throwing the remnants back to the river. He left the skin on the filets as he would be cooking it over fire, and it it would help keep the filets moist. “Got a cooler I can put these in for now?” asked Gus, and the boys pointed to their hard side. “And, Jake, was that a carp I saw you pull in a few minutes ago?” Gus asked.

“Yeah, I think thats what it was,” Jake said. “He foul hooked it,” Bill said with a laugh, “reeled it in by the gill.” All three men laughed.

Jake and Bill had both re-clothed since leaving Gus’ campsite earlier, and Gus could tell that both men were again a little aroused by the nice outlines of cocks he could see through the board shorts and jeans in front of him. His cock started to fill out a little as well. Bill put his rod down and grabbed all three men a beer. Bill and Jake sat in their bag chairs and Gus sat, legs spread, on the hard sided cooler. Gus was thinking back to a couple hours ago when he had his beard buried in Bill’s butt, and his cock went from weighty to full attention. Bill and Jake both smiled. Jake walked over to Gus, removing his board shorts on the way, and got on his knees between Gus’ legs. Bill undid his jeans and had started stroking himself slowly. Jake took Gus’ beautiful dick into his mouth and began moving his head back and forth as he cupped Gus’ furry balls with both hands and fondled them. Gus leaned back, his hands on the back corners of the cooler and spread his legs further, while thrusting into Jake’s mouth.

Bill stood up, removed his jeans and t-shirt and made his way toward the two men. He stood with his massive thick tool sticking straight out in front of him, and slowly started probing Gus’s beard with his head. Gus stretched his mouth open as wide as he could, but could still only get a couple inches of Bill’s thick member into his mouth. Instead of trying to force it, and potentially scraping his teeth on Bill’s dick, Gus began to lick the length of his shaft, under, down the side, on top, from head to the base, over and over again, covering it with drool, and Bill’s cock began offloading a steady stream of pre-cum, which Gus made sure to swallow with each trip to the head. Bill had his hands in Gus’ hair, Gus had his hands in Jake’s hair, and both Gus and Jake had their mouths on cocks. Deciding he wanted a cock in is mouth too, Bill stepped back and motioned for the two men to join him in his tent.

Jake had given güvenilir bahis şirketleri Bill a hard time when they were packing for the trip because Bill insisted on brining his family’s large, four-person tent and a full-size inflatable air mattress. A lot of weight and space for a canoe trip, but now Jake was happy that the three of them had a comfortable, bit more private place to explore one another.

The first softer glows of evening sun shone across the river as the three men made their way into the tent. Bill laid on his side at the head of the air mattress, looked at Gus, and pointed to his raging meat stick, Gus got the invitation, placed his head between Bill’s thick thighs and resumed his licking regimen. Jake assumed the same position on Gus and put his legs back up toward Bill. The three men connected the three sides of a cock sucking triangle as all three of them moaned on each other’s dicks as they thrusted theirs. After about five minutes, they landed on a perfect rhythm where each man was moving his hips and mouth at the same pace. Gus came up for air and lifted Bill’s left leg, he then slid his tongue down Bill’s taint and reacquainted his beard with Bill’s sweet asshole. Bill moaned, lifted Jake’s left leg, and went for his ass, Jake groaned, and stuck his tongue in Gus’ ass. All three now mouths full of juicy ass, probed each other with their tongues and the rimming triangle reached full equilateral. “This is heavenly,” Gus thought to himself, and just then the men heard a loud splash in the river outside the tent.

They all sat up and wiped their faces, and then they heard it again, another splash, followed by voices, lots of them, coming from the river, now laughter, and more splashing. Bill and Jake both turned a bright shade of red, realizing the position they were in with people right outside. Bill started to worry that he had been caught, that everyone would now know. Gus, calmly arose and made his way to the door and stepped outside the tent. The laughter and splashing continued. It was nearing dusk and a flotilla of twenty-somethings, obviously inebriated, made their way downriver. Canoes tied to inner tubes tied to kayaks, and, to Gus’ frustration, a cloud of floating beer cans and empty bottles surrounded them.

A drunk young women noticed Gus nearing the bank and yelled, “Fuck yeah naked man, Partyyy.” The entire group looked toward the bank and saw the naked fisherman, and cheers and hollering erupted. “Party naked – fuck yeah!” The young men and women began to strip off their clothes, too, as the flotilla made its way out of Gus’ sight. He nodded, smirked, shook his head, smiled, and turned back toward Jake and Bill’s campsite.

Jake poked his head out the tent, still bright red, and saw Gus on his way back, Gus smiled, “beer?” Jake and Bill made their way outside and Gus tossed them both a cold one. “Just a bunch of drunk kids,” Gus said, “Looked like they were having fun, though, probably not as much fun as we were just having.” The guys both smiled, and they started to relax again.

Gus wanted to get a fire going before last light, so told the guys he was heading back to his camp, and asked if they minded heading up there for dinner. The guys agreed and said they’d add his catfish filets to the soft side before they joined him and would see him in a few minutes. Gus put his river shoes back on, drank down the last swig of his beer, picked up his rod and tackle box and headed up river. About 20 yards out he stopped and turned back toward Jake and Bill and yelled, “Boy, you gotta pretty mouth!” and then began humming the tune to dueling banjos as he hoped from foot to foot, his now soft cock bouncing up and down along with his balls. The guys, erupted in laughter, Gus smiled. Gus breathed in the sweaty scent of the work he’d been doing on Bill’s ass from his beard and carried on to his camp. He was excited about the adventures the night might bring.

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