Aired Out Pt. 01


The red “On-Air” sign burned hot, signaling no one could enter the studio until the next commercial break.

“All I’m saying is, it’s not a sport. Hockey, yes. Basketball, yes. Boxing and MMA are as good as it gets. I’ll even give the nod to Softball. Boring as hell, but a sport nonetheless. But if you’re going to sit there and tell me soccer is a sport, you’ve got another thing coming. A bunch of gals, prancing around on the grass, using their little footsies to kick a ball around. And anyone caught using their hands is immediately penalized! Give me a break. Mine as well bring your lunch in a basket and have a picnic. Sorry my friends, it simply does not interest me. Never has. Never will. And that will do it for tonight’s edition of Talking Real with Jessica Ray. This is Jessica Ray saying goodnight until tomorrow.”

As soon as the bright “On-Air” light dimmed, a thin, nerdy producer entered the booth.

“That was great, Jess,” he praised.

“Thanks, doll. Much appreciated. Alright, I’m headed home. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Sure thing, boss. You need an escort to your car? We got some threatening calls again during your final rant.”

“For the fiftieth time, thanks, but no thanks.”

“You sure?”

“You want to know why people call in?” Jessica asked.

“No boss, why?”

“Because güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri they like to talk. That’s all they are. Nothing but talkers. If somebody actually wanted to do something, they’d do it. And you know what I’d say to them?”

“No, boss. What?”

“I’d tell them to bring it on. You don’t become a Golden Gloves boxing champion without knowing how to handle yourself. I suggest you hit the gym yourself. Looks like a faint breeze could knock you over.”


Jessica headed to her car. It was 1:00 AM, and the parking lot was empty except for three vehicles. One was Jessica’s and the other was her producer’s, but Jessica didn’t recognize the third. It was a large, white van with sliding panel doors that parked five spaces away from her reserved spot.

“Maybe a late night delivery,” she thought to herself.

Jessica continued walking to her car when she heard a voice from behind her.

“Excuse me?” asked a petite female wearing a janitor’s jumpsuit.

Jessica turned around. “Can I help you?”

“Yes, I was just wondering if you knew the location of Loading Dock C?”

“Loading Dock C?” she replied.

“Yes, ma’am. I need to deliver a package. Do you know where it is?” she asked again.

Jessica knew the property front and güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri back. There were only two Loading Docks, A and B. She slowly rolled up her sleeves while studying the stranger’s uniform.

“No name tag, huh?”

“Excuse me?” asked the stranger.

Jessica got a weird feeling and slowly started walking backward.

“Okay, kid. What game are you playing?” she questioned, still moving backward.

Jessica unwittingly inched closer and closer toward the mysterious van.

“Now!” she yelled.

The van’s panel doors whooshed open as three females wearing identical jumpsuits rushed out. Jessica turned to defend herself.


Jessica put her fists in front of her face and cautiously walked away from the vehicle. All three females continued inching toward her.

“Ladies, the last thing I want to do is to hurt any of you,” she warned, backing away from the van.

The excitement caused Jessica to forget about the female who initially approached her. She continued moving backward, trying to assess which of the three females in front of her would strike first. All of the sudden, she felt a wet cloth wrap around her mouth and nose.

“Hnnnnnnn?” she reflexively moaned.

The original stranger held the cloth in place.

“Come on, güvenilir bahis şirketleri grab her!”

Jessica tried breaking the stranger’s grip, but the other attackers grabbed her hands and knees, preventing her from moving away. The intense exertions caused Jessica to start breathing heavily, and with each successive breath, her head began to spin. She didn’t understand what was happening, but tried her best to think. “It has to be the cloth. Need to get it off my face…”

Jessica used her muscular frame to thrash in every direction, but the attackers were young, athletic, and far stronger than he could have imaged.

“HNNNNNNN!!” she yelled into the rag, inadvertently forcing herself to take another deep, heavy breath.

“Come on guys, hold her!”

“HHHHNNNNNNNNNN!!” Jessica growled, unable to think clearly.

“That’s it. Take it in…”


“That’s it. She’s going out.”

“Hnnnn…hnnnnnhh…” Jessica’s eyes fluttered.

“Just a few more seconds…”

Jessica slowly lost the ability to resist. The weight of her muscular body slowly sunk against her captor’s sturdy frame.

Jessica slowly lost the ability to resist. The weight of her muscular body slowly sunk against her captor’s sturdy frame.

“Shhhhhhhhhhh…that’s it,” coaxed the stranger.

Jessica could no longer keep her eyes open. The world spun around her as her vision turned into dark, dizzying swirls.


“Shhhhhhhhh…” the stranger whispered, gently caressing Jessica’s long, luscious hair. “Shhhh…”

To be continued…

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