Alice Pantyhose in Wonderland Ch. 08


Alice had been watching Gwen sleep for some time. Just lying there idly on the bed, Alice had awakened not long after their sexual transference. The fire had scarcely burned down at all when she had stirred and got up to look around. For some reason she was energized and wide awake. Alice took loving care to pick up her tiny little Gwen after sapping all of her cosmic, blue jasmine scented power during the four surging orgasms, and had put her lovingly on the same miniature bed she’d awoken in just hours prior. Covering Gwen with the same snuggly little fleece blanket, Alice then meandered around the room taking in all the details.

Everything was amazingly crisp. She could smell every scent from the table, still laden with food, as well as the clean Wonderland air that was outside beyond the thick pane windows. She could also see in the dark and heard every sound in the room and beyond the walls. It was an odd sensation to have so much sensory input all at once, and she wasn’t even trying. When she really concentrated on listening she could swear she heard wolves crying from the forest where Samantha had saved her days ago.

After getting bored with listening to the world, Alice began playing with her new found powers a bit, letting her mind wander into fantasy, she often noticed she would turn invisible and would have to concentrate again on the present to make herself reappear. She could feel every molecule of heat in the fire and with a snap of the finger could extinguish it and light it again with deliberate thought. Putting herself to the test, she rushed her thoughts as quickly as possible in a wild rant of randomness to see what she was capable of.

First the food disappeared, followed by the table, then she made the table reappear but made out of diamonds. She made the roof vanish with a poof of smoke, a sudden chill rushing in from the night stars overhead that she stopped by putting the roof back in place, only 100 feet higher. The walls went from wood and plaster to alabaster marble that was a dull gray in the evening firelight, enormous pillars made the bedroom look like a cathedral now, and Alice added ten 50-candle chandeliers that burst into soft candle light making a warm glow.

For hours she played with her abilities realizing she could do just about anything she wanted with a thought. After that, she was content to float idly in mid air above the dresser that acted as Gwen’s tiny little room and watched her toss and turn, her chestnut hair splaying across the tiny pillow that was no bigger than a box of toothpicks. Alice let time pass and watched shadows grow on the wall with the rising of the sun that took her seconds to wait for.

Slowly but surely, she saw Gwen began to stir and time slowed to regular speed. Gwen, sat up slowly, a tiny naked morsel on the bed who was genuinely disoriented from having previously been omnipowerful and much, much larger.

Running her fingers through her shoulder length hair she looked around the giant room and smirked at the revisions that Alice had made while she slept. “Not bad, sweet little Alice,” Gwen said with a pipsqueaking voice.

“Thank you,” Alice replied, that nearly made Gwen jump out of her skin with an “EEK!”

“Alice? Is that you?” Gwen asked looking right through Alice’s entire body that was barely a foot away suspended in mid air.

Grinning from the irony, Alice replied, “I’m right her little Gwen,” as she focused her thoughts on reappearing ever so slowly. With a start, Gwen jumped back and then smiled up at Alice as she began to materialize.

First Alice thought about her eyes, gleaming like blinding blue sapphires, then she thought about just her face and her cascade of brilliant golden hair appearing, next she rolled over in mid air making her now visible head spin lazily through the morning air. Next she made blue smoke bubble and ripple in the air in curling wisps that covered her body and slowly began to billow away leaving her demure, lovely athletic naked form, a goddess afloat above the dresser and her little Gwen.

Putting her little hands on her little hips, Gwen gave a bit of a snide look saying, “well, it seems as though someone has been having fun all night.”

Grinning despite her best efforts to be cool and collected, Alice simply drifted down to the smooth stone floor idly bobbing about on her toes as she twirled around Gwen.

“OH GWEN, I’ve had the most amazing experiences understanding your powers… I had no idea you could do so many wondrous things! For instance, last night I made a pumpkin as big as an elephant! And then I turned it into an elephant and then turned it into an elephant pumpkin pie!” Alice said snorting as a fit of laughter caught her in her own amusement from her earlier escapades.

Seeing Gwen looking at her with a comical and somewhat grudging approval of how she was using her near limitless Jinn like powers, Alice composed herself and asked, “would you like some breakfast?!”

“As a matter of fact I would love canlı bahis şirketleri some!!” Gwen replied happily, with a shaking finger up at Alice, “but first I think I need to get some clothes on” she continued as she turned towards the miniature wardrobe.

“UH UH!! Sweetheart,” Alice said with authority as she reached down and grabbed Gwen off the dresser with a gentle hand. No way am I going to let you get off the hook of dressing me so many times in the past against my will when I get to repay the favor.”

“HA, in essence you dressed yourself, Silly Alice,” Gwen retorted with a ‘tu che’ attitude.

“That may be true, but I hardly knew it at the time,” Alice quipped back. “Besides I’m going to let you see what it’s like to be Alice in Wonderland,” she said with a wink.

Cupping her hands so Gwen had a large platform to rest on in Alice’s hands, Alice raised her palms up towards her chin where Gwen’s feet nearly touched her lips. “Now be a good little Gwen and spread your legs wide darling,” Alice said with a very sultry look on her face.

“Please! You expect me to just fillet myself to you?” Gwen resisted playfully, as she bent up her knees and crossed her arms, turning her face away from Alice.

With a quick puff of air, Alice conjured a huge blue plume that enveloped Gwen. The smoke quickly whisked away leaving Gwen in a giant pink fluffy bunny onsie complete with ears and bunny feet.

“Oh my God?! What is this ugly thing?” Gwen asked looking ridiculous in her bundled up pose, as Alice laughed in large guffaws.

“You should know… you’re part of me after all,” Alice replied blowing another sudden gust of blue smoke that left Gwen dressed as a circus clown complete with red nose, white makeup and rainbow afro wig.

“This is insulting, Alice… really!” Gwen said again looking even less happy.

Another puff of blue smoke and Gwen was dressed as a 1920’s prison inmate complete with striped coveralls, beanie hat, manacle and iron ball, and a mustache that left Alice laughing out loud.

“That’s it, give me back my powers!!!” Gwen shouted in a tantrum that was entirely too cute for Alice to do anything more but smile lovingly back at her.

“Spread your legs, sweetheart.. I won’t hurt you, I promise” Alice cooed with a gentle tone that was intoxicating for her to hear and apparently had a dizzying influence on Gwen whose eyes rolled back dreamily as she lay down compliantly in Alice’s hands and very willingly spread her petite lovely knees wide.

Blowing a slow, warm gentle breath over Gwen’s toes, Alice passed the tickling air over her legs letting the transparent and playful jasmine cloud drift up her body.

In slow motion, Alice made time creep nearly to a halt as she made the prison uniform disappear leaving Gwen clean, naked and immaculate from her pedicure toes to her shiny luxuriant hair. Leaving the plume wafting about Gwen’s lithe form, Alice resumed time, sticking out her tongue as she brought her hands to her mouth.

In one smooth supple motion, Alice licked Gwen’s dainty little quim with a slow methodical motion along the entire length of her hot slippery tongue, all the while pouring magical sensual electricity right to Gwen’s labia and clit.

In a jolt that took barely three seconds to evolve, Gwen’s hands gripped Alice’s large golden head as she came instantly from the sensation that slammed into her like a freight train. “Oh my Goo…” was as far as she got before Alice slowed time again. She reveled in seeing Gwen in the enraptured state of bliss, frozen in perpetual orgasm between the seconds of time as she pondered how to dress her little minion.

With a smile that was both respectful and appropriate Alice concentrated and kissed Gwen on her tiny puss allowing time to resume in sluggish seconds.

“ooooooooddddddddDD!!!” Gwen cried out, finishing her shaking climax as the blue plume finally lifted from her body. Looking down she was remarkably shocked. Having been on the giving end so many times to Alice, she hadn’t ever experienced the receiving end of her pleasurable powers before.

Putting her legs out straight, she smiled at what she was wearing and stood up in Alice’s palm looking with wonderment at her naked giant mistress.

“Alice, this is…” she started, tears coming to her eyes, “this is beautiful!”

Gwen was dressed all in white from head to toe. Her dress was an opulent satin white that was snug against her petite breasts and flat stomach wrapping its soft fingers around and zippered at the back. Ribbons of diamonds, woven into the top glimmered like the sun that ran in spaghetti straps over her soft shoulders. Her hair was pulled back smartly in a single pony tail, tied with a white ribbon that trailed in lace, with tiny white flowers dotting her head like baby’s breath. On her hands she had white satin gloves buttoned above the wrist with delicate flora embroidery dancing down the fingertips.

At the waist the dress flowed outwards canlı kaçak iddaa in every direction and the fabric seamlessly went from satin to a supple heavy mesh that felt like rolled and knitted silk with the finest weave to give a wavy appearance that had a glimmering sheen as she moved. The length of the dress touched Alice’s hands easily and fell back in a trail about two inches long. The front of the skirt had a slit running from floor to mid thigh directly in the front to show off both of her legs as she stepped around in Alice’s hands. On her legs she wore sheer white pantyhose with white lace topped, opaque stockings over the top of them that had a muted powdery look to them. On her feet were simple strappy back white crisscross open foot sandal/ heels that arched her foot magnificently showing off the curve of her lovely legs. She looked absolutely angelic.

“You have always been here for me Gwen,” Alice started a little choked up. “I may not have known that I needed you so much, but I did. Thank you for sticking with me while I learned to be who I truly am,” she ended with barely a tear fallen cry.

Stepping closer, to her downturned face, Gwen approached Alice, wiping away the tears. “Darling sweet little Alice, why are you crying hon?”

“I’m afraid Gwen.. If I can do this on my own now and I don’t need your powers any more, will I still need you? Are you going away?” Alice couldn’t compose herself.

Laying tiny hands to Alice’s cheek, Gwen replied, “Silly Alice, you will always need me, I’m that part of yourself that always knows who she is and admits to herself that she knows it. You may forget that you need me, but I’ll never truly be gone. Besides you’re hardly out of Wonderland, someone is going to have to dress you, you know.”

Finding strength in Gwen’s words that were no more audible than a whisper, Alice blinked the tears away, snuggling her nose and lips up against the tiny brunette in the palm of her hands with a thankful little kiss.

Walking over to the diamond table that was as clear as glass but shone like a chrome sword that glowed with the light of a star, Alice set down Gwen and replied, “I suppose I should get ready for my adventure too, huh?”

Relishing the feel and supple tingle of power that ran through every fiber of her being, Alice erred on the side of the dramatic as she stood back several feet from table, both hands at her sides in fists.

With a flick of her hands, she made blue lightning sizzle and crackle at her fingertips before pointing her hands, palms down towards her feet. With surging power, the lightning grew and spread striking hundreds of times at her feet bringing blinding sparks as the tendrils of electricity began to spread through the entire room, arcing and dancing off each piece of furniture and up into the stone rafters of the gothic bedroom/cathedral.

Concentrating hard on her ensemble, Alice brought the cacophony of deafening lightning sound to one blinding ball of energy between her palms that in a sudden moment of silence, exploded in a white sea of light that made Gwen avert her eyes as the explosion rippled through the room, shattering every window and mirror with a rupturing shockwave of sound.

As light shone in through the empty window frames, tinkling could be heard all throughout the room from the remnants of falling glass. Looking up with blinking green eyes, her hands covering her ears, Gwen looked in shock before her. Alice, her beautiful naked form at the center of the maelstrom, was a whirlwind of blue smoke that swept like a tornado in every direction at once. She was barely visible in the rushing fog, and with a cry that was part battle hardened maiden and the other half, that echoed with goddess like resonance, the smoke exploded outwards in a rush of wind, leaving Alice, clear as day standing powerfully in midair two feet off the ground in a heroic hover.

She was a sight to behold in her righteous fury, and clearly loving the powers at her whim to employ. From the top down, Alice looked ready indeed for an adventure. Her golden hair was pulled back tight against her scalp in a French braid that linked down her back and ended in a deep green ribbon. She wore an open billowy green silk blouse that hugged her breasts, but was borderline swashbuckling from the puffy sleeves that covered her arms and ended in golden cuffs. Over the top of which she wore a brown leather vest inscribed with stamped filigree patterns. At her waist was a very short tan skirt, cinched with a thin leather belt that swayed lightly in the breeze just barely below her crotch. Her lovely legs were covered with a forest green pair of sheer pantyhose, over the top of which she wore, just over the knee ribbed beige opaque stockings that ended in a pair of mid-calf leather boots that had golden buckles and two-inch heels. She truly looked like a sexy adventurer, and her cosmic use of powers to stay aloft only made her seem more majestic.

Settling down on the floor, her theatrics done, Alice canlı kaçak bahis looked up under her sculpted eyebrows and with a sly snap of her fingers the room went blue and impossibly hard to see accompanied by a heavy “WHOOF” sound. After a second of hacking and spitting out jasmine smoke, Gwen could see the room again though it had been restored to its original design and everything was in its place as if it had never been disturbed at all, nor had seen the evenings activities. The table that Gwen stood on was the same 8-foot long grand wooden table as before and it was littered with breakfast foods in mass quantities, an obvious repayment for the dinner Gwen had gifted Alice with.

“Enjoy, sweetie,” Alice replied calmly as she pulled out her chair and sat down to eat.

It was a great breakfast, and they both ate somewhat quietly with little jokes here and there and supple loving looks that didn’t’ need words attached to them. After the eggs and ham, juices and fruit, puffs and pastries were consumed, Alice scooped Gwen up and walked out onto a balcony at the far end of the room.

Holding her up at shoulder level, Alice simply asked, “Okay, so how do I get to the beanstalk? I’m guessing, I’ve already made this in my mind so it must be here?” she asked trying to sound knowledgeable but still realizing she didn’t’ understand how her own mind patterned the steps and places she would follow.

“You are right and wrong, sweet Alice,” Gwen said in her pretty white dress. “You’ve made it in your mind, but your mind hasn’t made the beanstalk yet.”

Looking down at Gwen with one raised eyebrow, Alice simply stared as if Gwen were intentionally making shit up to confuse her now. “Okay… What???” Alice asked with a snarl of her lips.

Turning with a patient sigh, Gwen knelt down in Alice’s palm with her hands folded on her white silky knees as she explained what she meant. “Imagine a beanstalk, as big around as a building and so tall it touches the clouds disappearing to a world above Wonderland.”

Closing her eyes, Gwen giggled as she saw Alice’s nose twitch with her imaginings. “Okay, I’m imaging a HUGE beanstalk,” Alice said.

“Good! Now take that beanstalk in your mind and squeeze it down into a bean that would barely feed a rat!!” Gwen went on with a dramatic wave of her hands.

“Okay! Got it… I squeezed that sucker down,” Alice went on playfully opening one eye to look down at Gwen.

“Well…?” Gwen asked.

“Well what? Alice replied.

“Well go on.. spit it out?!” Gwen said with a chirping demand.

As if on que, Alice swished her mouth back and forth and spat out near Gwen a bean that was no larger than a dime to Alice.

Picking up the bean that was roughly the size of a hand bag to Gwen, she held it up to Alice and said, “See you made it in your mind, and now your mind has made the beanstalk!”

“Oh for God’s sake,” Alice said casually rolling her eyes back in her head. “All that for a stupid bean?”

“Yep,” Gwen said with a smug little smile, as she used all her tiny strength to throw the bean off the balcony.

“Um…Okay Gwen, thanks sooo much for the bean fun, but I think I’ll take you inside and poof away your riddling sense of humor because, honestly… that was…” Alice said until she was abruptly cut off in mid sentence. The ground and the entire balcony began to shake violently as if the Earth were shaking below them.

“You may want to get away from the windows sweetie,” Gwen said patiently.

Caught off guard at the sudden burst of green foliage sprouting in front of her into the sky, Alice retreated back ten feet in a blink of blue smoke as she watched the balcony window fill up and then become fully blotted out and engulfed by an enormous growing plant stalk that rumbled and churned with the sound or Earth rending and stone breaking.

The entire room shook for a good three minutes and Alice covered a calm Gwendolyn in her hands until the tremors subsided and the room had fallen dark with dust and smoke.

Walking back to the balcony that was half destroyed from the enormous growing mass, Alice stared up in open-mouthed wonder at what she beheld. A Bean stalk, as big around as the Washington monument in D.C. stood before her with coils of vine and twists of leaves that darted out in enormous branches up the entire length that disappeared overhead in a point. It looked like it stretched up for miles and Alice had to hold up her free hand to block the sun that broke through the clouds as she tried to gaze the top above the clouds.

“Wow… that’s about what I imagined alright,” Alice said with a nod matter-of-factly. “So I’m going to take a guess and assume that you aren’t coming with me at this point?” she asked Gwen.

“Correct!” Gwen said simply.

“I’m also guessing that the only way I can get past this point is to find the harp?” Alice asked again with certainty.

“Correct again!” Gwen said proudly.

“And… why is the harp important again?” Alice asked quizzically.

Shrugging in genuine ignorance, Gwen simply leaned in and rapped her knuckles against Alice’s forehead, “It’s all… up…. Here…. Sweet little Alice,” Gwen said, as she punctuated each word with a little swat to her head.

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