All we are…

All we are…Neither of them had eaten real food in almost a full week. Their stomachs full of piss, shit, reeaten vomit, blood, and a large amount of hallucinogenic mushrooms. Their appetites were squealched by the cigarettes, pot, and constant endorphin streams.She had, with some hesitation, shaved all of her hair before entering the chamber almost a week ago. Her pierced and tattooed body was to be coated in filth, and hair was too hard to clean. The chamber’s interior was covered in deep purple satin. It was simple really, two foam matresses, laid side by side, and angled slightly so they could lie in an almost sleep like position while still easily looking at each other and the 3d monitor bolted to the top of the chamber.Extreme pornography streamed to the monitor 24/7. It could not be stopped from inside. Only paused and dimmed. The volume was controlled by a small dial on the chambers side. The time lock on the outside of the chamber would not release for another 3 days. 8 days from its most recent locking. Freshwater was all that was didim escort accessible from the outside, and it flowed with little more than a nibble from a camelback hose hanging from the rear of the ceiling. Just enough to keep them alive. A second tube emerged from a bladder that was filled with saved cum from years of masturbation. It thawed slowly, allowing them to suck it into their mouths sporadically. Alcohol, shot by shot with hourly maximums was allowed through another tube. And lubricant and massage oil through 2 others. Each tube was clearly marked with colored electrical tape. (The water tube was laced with acid, vallium, vicodin, black cohosh and other aphrodisiacs and the flavors masked with her favorite mango juice.)The chamber’s contents we’re as follows:(2) Independently controlled TENS units. The stimulation could not be turned off completely, and the electrodes had been sewn to their flesh. (2) Inflatable butt plugs, the air compressor that filled them from the outside controlled by a dial near the monitors volume knob. escort didim (2) Inflatable dildo’s, connected to the same compressor.(4) fucking machines, 2 on her side, 2 on his, all the toys inside could be connected, the machines could be moved around the chamber through moving tracks built into the outside. (2) Tit Pump Tubes, (4) Nipple Pumps, (1) Pussy and (1) Penis Pump, Controlled in reverse by a second air compressor with a knob.A collection of sounds and exacto knives.A collection of various size and color and material dildos. Wireless headphones that played selectable binaural beats at a controllable volume but never off. These were sewn to her ears, and only allowed them to sleep for a few minutes every few hours. They had relay microphones so he could still hear her scream. The entire chamber was waterproofed and every six hours the chamber filled with heavy epsom salt water to a level just above the cushions. The lights and pornography and binaurals switched off automatically, and they were allowed to float freely. A large didim escort bayan collection of flesh clamps and speculums. paddles, floggers, and crops. Her wrists and ankles were bound and secured to high tensile strength wire pulleys in the ceiling, these could be retracted or moved around the chamber to easily restrain her. Not that it was needed, she had been restrained and her teeth had long since been removed. Her dentures were left outside.The chamber had been fireproofed and filled with candles and an ashtray (which was seldom used, her mouth and ass worked quite well.The entire week was recording outside. The only thing she was permitted to speak was, “I beg you my God. Use me as you will. My Soul is yours to fuck.”He was permitted, of his own accord, to speak only demands, and the following line. “I love you my slave. I will use you completely and forever. My Soul is yours to fill the void.”They both truly hoped they came to death together inside. If only one died, the other was to eat as much of them as they could, while not leaving the chamber, and once digested, they were to push the button locked in the top of the chamber that would lock it permanently. But this was their seventh week inside, each separated by 3 weeks, and they hadn’t yet. Continued Later

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