always wanted to


always wanted toI had never done anything even remotely sexual with another man, but for years and years my jack off fantasies had all been about sucking a dick – all sorts of situations, but they all ended with me taking a load in my greedy sucking mouth. I always assumed that that was as far as it would go since I was too timid to try to act out my fantasies, but as luck would have it, one day everything changed.I was shooting baskets one day in the summer in the local gym, deserted I guess because it was so nice outside, but for one other guy shooting baskets named John; we started talking and took turns at the basket. Chuck, the guy that ran the gym and who was kind of a friend, came up to tell me he was cutting out early and locking up since the gym was so empty, but we could stay as long as we wanted as long as I locked back up when we left. I agreed and Chuck left. After a while, John called it quits and headed to the locker room. By the time I got there he had shucked his shorts and jock and was pulling his shirt over his head; uncontrolled by me, my eyes drifted down to his crotch while I got what I thought was a safe peek, but I kind of froze – perfect body and what looked like an ideal dick – I wasn’t drooling, but I was frozen long enough that he caught me peeking. He sort of smiled a half smile and went into the showers. Now normally I would shower at home, but I was intrigued in a nervous sort of way, so I stripped and walked into the shower.I took the shower next to his and started soaping up, trying to sneak another peek at his dick from close range. We both had our backs to the shower and I thought I was getting away with turning my head a little and looking out the corner of my eye at his crotch; evidently I wasn’t as sneaky as I thought as he turned to face me and started a slow and extended soaping of his dick and balls. Again like before, I kind of froze – my throat was tight, my stomach roiling, and my hands were actually shaking as I watched him soap his way to a half hard-on; I finally tore my eyes away and saw he was looking at my dick while he fondled himself. I glanced down to see bahis firmaları that I had as hard a boner as I’d ever had – straight out and obvious as hell. I don’t know what happened exactly, but my nerves got to me I guess and I fled back to the locker room. I sat down on the bench a mess – rock hard boner, nervous and embarrassed, but even so wondering if I had blown my big chance.Around the corner came John, stark naked with a towel around his neck, and a boner that wagged side to side with every step; every step brought that magnificent dick closer until he stopped right in front of me, about two feet away. I couldn’t tear my eyes away – face level and two feet away was seven inches of erect pulsing cock; perfect size, long but not too long, fat but not too fat, circumcised with a perfect broad head, dangling loose balls and a perfect trimmed blond thatch of pubes. I was in heaven but nervous as a cat. John reached down and started to slowly stroke his dick – my eyes darted from his balls to his veined shaft to that dark, dark head, back to his balls, the shaft, his stroking hand, the foreskin coming up onto the head, back down the head till his straining dick looked tight enough to explode – I was lost in admiration and lust, I couldn’t believe this was happening. Then with a slow forward stroke, a drop of precum leaked from his slit, hand back and then forward again with a couple of drops of precum, back and then forward again with a short stream of glistening precum this time; each time with more and more precum – I was amazed at the amount and growing increasingly horny with every stroke. I realized I was actually panting I was breathing so fast, and my lips had parted slightly with my tongue resting against my top lip. John, still slowly pumping out precum that was getting smeared all over his dick, moved closer and closer until the dripping tip of his dick was only inches away from my slightly parted mouth; he moved still closer and rubbed his precum all over my lips and the tip of my tongue. I felt like my heart was going to explode, it was beating so hard; I stretched out my tongue, licking kaçak iddaa his precum off my lips and back into my mouth to swallow, and I made a small moan at the delicious sweet taste. John, smiling, backed up a bit and said: “you like that don’t you”, and I could only nod my head yes, still licking my lips in a search for any preecum I might have missed and swallowing. He said “look at me”, and I managed to tear my eyes away from his crotch and look at his face – he asked me if wanted more, and I managed to croak out a yes, and he said “then you’re going to have to beg for it”. I looked back down at that gorgeous dripping dick, back up to his face, lost all control and said “oh please, let me suck your dick”. He moved back a little closer, saying “I’m not sure I’m convinced yet, tell me what you want to do with it”, still slowly stroking it and wasting little streams of precum. I immediately turned into a bitch, longing and almost whimpering, saying whatever came into my mind, “I want that cum, I want to wrap my hand around that dick, I want to play with those balls, I want your dick in my mouth, I want you to fuck my mouth, I want to eat your cum”; I was utterly shameless and desperately horny, I had to suck that dick now, I wanted it all in my mouth, I wanted him blasting cum down my throat. The floodgates had opened and I was a shameless dick sucking whore who would not be denied.John moved back close and put that dripping tip against my lips, pushing it very slowly into my mouth until half the head was between my lips, and as I feverishly tried to gobble more, he put his other hand against my forehead, restraining me from getting more – I whimpered, I moaned, I strained, and he slowly fed me half of his cock, stopping me there. Oh, it was enough for a while, my tongue against the bottom of his stiff cock, feeling the huge tube on the underside with my tongue, imagining cum pulsing down that tube like a flood, what seemed like a huge spongy head at my throat, still dripping precum making me swallow every few seconds. I was in heaven, I pulled back enough so that I could wrap my lips around his hot dick just kaçak bahis behind the head, and for a while was content to just keep sucking and draining the cream out of that head. I’d pull it out frequently so that I could watch the cream oozing out and lap it up, lapping at his dick like a dog, then back in my mouth to get as much as I could as deep as I could, pumping my mouth up and down. I played with his soft saggy balls, I pumped my hand on the base of his cock, away till my hand flattened his soft pubes, then forward, being rewarded with more of that sweet precum in my mouth to be swallowed, softly moaning and slurping.All too soon for me, I could tell he was about to come – this was it, a man’s dick would be shooting cum in my mouth, I will swallow it! He started to moan, thrust his hips foward and back at an increasing speed, and grabbed the back of my head – still swallowing all the time, I pulled back a little so I wouldn’t choke, pulled on his balls, and felt the first hot spurt of cum hit the back of my throat, his dick twitching and pulsing with repeated shots of cum, again and again and again, me swallowing with every shot, determined not to lose any – the shots became softer and softer until the thick cum was just oozing out, with me sucking and swallowing until I could get no more out of him. Still I kept sucking and moaning till finally, despite my efforts to keep him in my mouth, he pulled out. I could only stare at his dick and plead “more…”, savoring the taste of his sperm in my mouth. “Okay” said John, “you’re gonna jack off in your hand and eat it, and I’m gonna watch.” For some reason, I didn’t even hesitate; my dick had been ready since I walked out of the shower, so I grabbed my cock and started pounding it – with him watching and his softening dick still right in my face, it only took a minute – I shot a huge load into my cupped hand, looked him in the eye, and lapped up my hot salty cum out of my hand, licking sperm off my fingers, swallowing every drop. I had never done that before, and my sperm seemed a little saltier and a little more bleachy than his, but I remember thinking “better than nothing…”We got dressed and left, but before parting, John looked at me and said “we’ll do this again”, to which I replied “whatever you say.” More happened between us later, but that’s another story.

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