Ameena (arab-american wife)


Ameena (arab-american wife)Xavier watched Ameena flee when she saw him. Hecursed under his breath. He was never going to fuck her if shekept avoiding him. She’d been wearing a small bikini giving him aquick glance at an incredible body. When his prey was out ofsight, Xavier finally noticed her husband had been standingnearby. “Your wife have a problem with black men?”Norman Howard was leaning over an expensive looking digitalcamera on a tripod. He’d been trying to photograph his wife andlooked upset that he’d been interrupted. “No, my wife has nothingagainst blacks. She’s a minority too after all.””Oh yeah, what minority?””She’s Arabic. Her family were Lebanese Christians and fled theMiddle East to escape persecution. She’s an all-American girl,but she still has a hesitation when it comes to showing off herbody to anyone, but me. Not that I mind having that body all tomyself. You’re not exactly the standard black minority eitherwith that accent. What are you, Australian?”New Zealand. I’m half South African, half Maori.””Interesting background. Well, I’ll leave you alone to finish thelawn.” Norman lifted up the tripod and carried it inside.Xavier led the team of blacks taking over Stony Harbor, LongIsland. His employees consisted of Rashidi and Mustafa, amongothers. Xavier had spotted Ameena one day getting out of her carand decided he’d take this yard and thus her, but it was late inthe season. The summer was over, enhanced blacks now had plentyof places to live while the pharmaceutical plant outside town wasbeing converted over to an Xcite and Xserum production plant.Xavier didn’t have too many days of lawn work left and he wasguessing E&I would find another use for him.Xavier fondly recalled the other times he’d caught a husbandphotographing his wife. One husband had asked to take pictures ofXavier. Xavier had tricked the couple into letting the wife posewith the black man in swimsuits, then naked, then the husband hadtaken rolls of film of Xavier fucking his wife. She was now apopular E&I porn star and the husband was actually such a greatphotographer, he now shot interracial spreads for E&I magazines.Xavier retrieved his hedge clippers and had almost started on thebushes when he heard voices. The voices were coming from an openbasement window. Norman was pleading with Ameena to do somethingfor him. Xavier kneeled down in the grass and peered through thecrack in the window.Ameena was magnificent. Her ass was small and tight. Her waistand hips were very thin, but her breasts were huge. They were sobig, they’d probably sag a little if her skimpy bikini wasn’tkeeping them firm and she was only in her early twenties. Herbelly button was pierced by a diamond pin. Xavier loved piercedbelly buttons, but thought the practice was idiotic on otherparts of the body. She also had a small gem stone in her nose,which normally he would of hated, but on her it enhanced herbeauty. Her skin and features were Semitic, not too dark, not toolight. Long, kinky, dark hair fell down her back. She’d make agreat porn star for E&I Enterprises. Her ethnicity would beperfect for playing harem girls, belly dancers, or maybe a genieand she certainly had the body of a porn star. Or maybe, she’dbecome a stripper at the zebra club. Anyway, Xavier planned to bethe one to give her a new lifestyle.”I don’t think so,” said Ameena, posing as Norman took herpicture.”Honey, the tourists are gone. I want to take some shots of youin your bikini on the beach in a natural setting. Listen, we cango to the state park next Wednesday, it shouldn’t be crowded.””Ok, but if there’s anyone around, I’m not going to do it. Nowcome fuck me. I’m all hot and wet for you.””I don’t know what’s gotten into you this summer, but I love it.”Xavier watched Ameena remove her top while Norman stripped down.Soon the couple were fucking on a couch. Norman obviously wasn’tdrinking the Xcite laced water around town, but Ameena sure was.Xavier climbed to his feet and got back to work. He knew where hewas going next Wednesday.****************Norman bent down close to the LCD display on his camera. It was abright sunny day and the glare made it hard for him to see. Theimage of Ameena shown on the display was gorgeous. If his wifehad training with her facial expressions, she’d easily have beena professional swimsuit model. Ameena was leaning against apiling, her face turned up to the sun. He pressed down on theshudder to focus, then harder to take the picture.Norman lifted, then moved his tripod to capture his wife from adifferent angle. He’d just aimed the camera at his wife when hesaw the black man. The man was walking down the beach in shortsand a white tee-shirt. He was out of focus, but clearly in thepicture. Dammit! That man was going to ruin everything. It hadtaken Norman years to get Ameena to go this far. The man was verymuscular and reminded Norman of his gardener and some of theother black men he’d seen around Stony Harbor this year.”Excuse me, buddy,” called Norman, but you’re ruining my picture.”Oh shit!” exclaimed Ameena, noticing the black man. Her armsu*********sly covered her breasts.Xavier looked from Norman to Ameena. He’d spoken to Norman justlast week, but the dumbass didn’t seem to recognize him. Typicalof snobby white people not to recognize someone black that workedfor them. Xavier decided to give them what they expected. “Is datone of dem digital cameras?” he said in a fake American accentand mimicking Mustafa’s street lingo.”Sure is,” replied Norman always eager to show off one of hisfancy toys. “Come take a look at it.” The giant black man lookedvaguely familiar to Norman. He walked over to the camera and bentdown to look at it. “See, you can see the pictures I’ve taken inthis display. This button cycles through them.””Wow! What da fuck will they think of next,” said Xavier shakinghis head. Of course, he already owned a digital camera. Manyenhanced kept them handy for quick blackmail material or forposting on amateur interracial forums. “Yo wife sho is hot,Mister.””Thank you.””Norman?” said Ameena, pleading with her husband with her eyesand a fake grin. She continued to keep her arms folded over herheavy breasts.”Hey, Mister, you wants me to take some pics of you with yourwife?””Umm.” Norman looked at his wife. He envisioned himself standingbeside his hot wife with a “look what I got” expression and thepicture sitting on his desk for all his coworkers to see. Hemight even “accidentally” leave some laying around when hisbuddies dropped by the house. “Sure, a few pictures would benice. Just frame the image within the display there. Push thisbutton part way down to lock in the focus and then press it allthe way to take the picture.””I gots it.”Norman trotted through the sand over to his wife who looked quitepissed. “What are you doing? I don’t like him staring at me. Getrid of him.””Relax, honey. Just let him take some pictures of us.” Normanreached down and pulled his shirt up and over his head. The blackman must have been hot too, because he was also removing hisshirt. Norman wasn’t cut, but he was reasonably fit. The blackguy on the other hand, had the most perfect musculature Normanhad ever seen. Norman leaned into his wife and she finallylowered her arms as they hugged and looked at the camera.Xavier leaned down to observe the couple in the viewfinder, thentook some pictures. Norman posed his wife in some more frames andXavier noticed her smile was clearly forced. She wasn’t pleasedwith the situation. Norman finally got her to stand before him.He rested his head on her shoulder and put his hands on herwaist. This pose showed off her body to it’s fullest extent.”Take several in this pose,” he yelled.”Gots it,” said Xavier.”Thanks buddy,” said Norman, running up to the black man. “I sureappreciate it.””S’cool. I’m not the best photo guy in the world.” Xavier placedhis hands behind his head and flexed his muscles as he pretendedto stretch. “No, you look more like a bodybuilder.” Normanchecked the pictures and was quite pleased. Then Norman turned toregard the black man’s physique. “You know, buddy. You got anexcellent physique. Could I take some shots of you?””Me? Sure, I guess so””Cool. Go stand over there by that piling. Hey, pretend you’retrying to push it over. Flex all your muscles.””Norman, what are you doing?” Ameena had her arms crossed overher breasts and she was tapping her foot in the sand ratherpetulantly.”Just let me get some shots of this guy. I’ve never met a man aswell-developed. He’s the perfect subject.” Norman yelled forXavier to try some different poses and snapped a few morepictures.”I thought I was the perfect subject,” huffed Ameena. She likedbeing the center of attention.”Of course, you are honey. You’re the perfect female subject andI’ll never pick some black guy over you, but he’s here now andwe’ll never see him again.””I don’t know. He kind of looks familiar.””Just a couple more pictures.” Norman turned and looked at theLCD display. The black man had just removed his shorts. He waswearing white briefs that really stood out against his blackskin. Norman shielded the display from the sun with his palm.Something was wrong with the black man’s crotch. He zoomed in onit. “My God!””Norman, what’s wrong?” asked Ameena, watching her husband. Hehad just pulled back his head in apparent shock, before bendingback down to look into the display again.”Ah, nothing honey,” said Norman, staring at the zoomed in bulge.The black man’s penis was a monstrosity. It appeared to have justbeen shoved into the man’s briefs. The material of his underwearlooked overmatched for such a bundle and Norman feared the man’smassive penis might rip free at any moment. Norman suddenly foundhimself wishing the man would go away. “Alright, I got someshots,” yelled Norman. “Thanks.””Can I check them out?” The black man jogged towards them andAmeena saw his crotch. She gasped and stared right a it as heapproached them.”Sure,” said Norman, cycling through the pictures as Xavier bentdown to look at the display. “Ameena, honey, why don’t you headback over to piling and we’ll start up again just as soon as ourfriend leaves.”Ameena nodded, seeming eager to get away from the black kadıköy escort man.”Dem pictures of yours sho is good. How about taking a few of meand your wife? The contrast sho would look good.””Hmm, I could even take some black and white pics. That would beartsy. Hell, what am I thinking, she’ll never go for it?””Just take the fucking pictures,” growled Xavier. Norman suddenlyfelt sweat break out on his forehead and the color drained fromhis face. The giant black man turned and jogged towards Ameenastanding by the jetty pylons.Ameena stood up straight when she saw the black man approaching.Her arms came up to cover her chest again. “Honey?” she yelled,looking at her husband behind the black man.”Our friend wants me to get some shots of the two of youtogether.” Norman was still recovering from a wave of fear thatengulfed him when the black man growled at him. He’d never feltanything quite like it and his hands were shaking.”I don’t know about this,” called Ameena.”Just a few shots, then we’ll leave,” said Norman. “J-just standin front of…””Xavier,” yelled the black man before walking behind Ameena.Norman zoomed in on the couple. He noticed his wife seemed to bepleading with him. Xavier, on the other hand was staring downAmeena’s back. ogling her ass. Ameena had a very high, tight ass.Norman didn’t blame the black man for admiring it. “Run throughsome poses, flex your muscles, put your hands on your hips, thatkind of thing.” Xavier posed while Ameena faked a smile and juststood with her arms folded across her chest. “Honey, put yourarms down.” Reluctantly, she relaxed a little and dropped herarms.Norman snapped some pictures and was actually pretty pleased withthem. The contrasts between their skins worked well together andboth were near physical perfection. Then suddenly, with dread,Norman observed Xavier reach out to touch Ameena. The black man’shands thrust out to rest on the flare of her hips covering herwaist. Ameena jumped. Xavier squatted leaning in close andsmiling at the camera. Norman took a picture, then checked it.The pose was great, but Ameena’s eyes were wide open as if inshock. Even now her eyes were still wide with disbelief. Xavierwas pressed very close against her. Ameena’s expression quicklyturned worried as she was lifted into the air. Xavier gentlybrought her down on his shoulder and balanced her for the camera.Norman took the picture. It was a good pose. “Ameena, smile andlook like you’re laughing.” His wife listened to him and Normantook what looked like a magazine quality photograph. He waspleased till he noticed the lump in Xavier’s briefs. He zoomedthe camera in for a closer look. ‘My god, that things a monster,’he thought. The black man’s penis had to be bigger then a footlong. His underwear bulged out as far a Norman’s would have witha full erection and Xavier’s was still soft. Norman zoomed thecamera back out as Xavier lifted Ameena back up. This time, helaid Ameena perpendicular to his body over his head, like he waslifting weights. It was a great pose and Norman quickly took somepictures. Ameena looked flustered, but relaxed and actuallysmiled as Xavier lifted her up and down at one point forming across with her across his chest.Norman watched the image on his camera as Xavier lowered Ameenato the ground. Xavier removed his hands from her waist only toput them on her shoulders. He must have been applying pressurebecause Ameena slowly fell to her knees. She was now eye levelwith Xavier’s massive crotch and she was openly staring right atit. “Ameena,” yelled Norman. “Face me, arch your back and putyour hands in your hair.” Norman was relieved when she finallytook her eyes off Xavier’s bulge. However, the black man movedbehind Ameena and began posing again. His crotch was positionedso that it appeared beside Ameena’s head in every frame. Normanfinally had enough of staring at a penis much bigger then his ownand shouted, “That’s enough. I’m done here Xavier. Thanks for theshots, but I’d like to just take some of my wife now.””I gots a lot mo ideas,” yelled Xavier, still faking Americanghetto slang.”No thanks, I don’t have much memory left on my card,” liedNorman. He’d invested in the most powerful SD card and it wouldhold over 500 pictures. So far, he’d only shot 50. Norman liftedhis tripod and brought it in closer to his wife.Xavier stepped out of the frame, but stood nearby with his armscrossed before his massive muscular chest. “Would she everconsider posing topless?” he asked loud enough for both to hear.Ameena’s eyes went wide and she shook her head. Norman said, “No,she won’t do nudes, even in our own home.””How about suggestive nudes?” asked Xavier.”No way,” said Ameena.”What do you mean?” asked Norman, looking interested.”Like a wet tee shirt. That way you’re clothed, but the tee shirtwould cling to your figure.”Norman‘s brows furrowed. “I don’t think…””No,” interrupted Ameena. “I’d consider that, since I wouldn’tactually be naked.””Really?” asked Norman, a little too excited. “But we don’t havea tee shirt.””Use mine,” said Xavier walking over to where he had thrown hisshirt on the sand. Xavier waded out into the water and pushed hisshirt under until it was soaked. He then carried it up the beachto where Ameena was still kneeling in the sand. Ameena took theblack man’s shirt from him and pulled it over her head, shiveringa little as the wet material touched her skin. On Ameena, the teeshirt was the size of a dress, nearly reaching her knees. “Nowtake your top off,” ordered Xavier.Norman was quite surprised as he watched his wife remove her top.She didn’t even shyly turn her back to them, she looked right upat Xavier as she reached up under the shirt and untied her bikinitop. She pulled her top out and handed it to Xavier, continuingto stare up at the large black man. Not wanting to lose theopportunity, Norman shouted, “Honey, turn to face me. Xavier, getout of the frame.” The shirt was too bulky on Ameena, but stillthe material clung to certain parts of Ameena’s body that madeNorman’s penis hard as he took his wife’s picture.”Hold on Norman, the shirt needs adjusting,” said Xavier. Theblack man stepped back into the frame. He kneeled, grabbed thehem of the tee shirt and pulled it tightly down. Big black handsthen patted the shirt down all over Ameena’s body, even herbreasts.Norman was briefly distracted by the bulge in Xavier’s briefs. Itlooked like the black man’s dick was struggling to get into thesame excited state, his own was. The briefs looked as though theymight burst at any moment. Then Norman turned his attention onAmeena and started pressing the shutter button as quickly as hiscamera would take pictures. Ameena was looking down her body inshock and her arms were rising to cover her breasts. She wasobviously showing more skin then she had intended. The shirttightly hugged her entire body and was completely see-thru. Thedark outline of her bikini bottom was visible as well as her darknipples which Norman’s camera easily detected as being extremelyhard. “Come on honey you were doing great,” said Norman.”Yeah, dey was some of da sexiest pictures I ever seen,” saidXavier. “You shouldn’t cover a body like yours.”Norman was surprised, but delighted when Ameena seemed to listento the black man. She closed her eyes and forced her arms down toher sides showing off her breasts. When she reopened her eyes shesmiled at the camera and started posing. Norman had never seenhis wife look sexier. “Would you take off the bottoms?” he askedafter taking a few pictures.Ameena looked up at Xavier then back at her husband. “No, Icouldn’t do that,” she replied.”I’d like some of the shirt clinging to your ass cheeks.””I gots me an idea,” said Xavier. “Turn yo backside to the camerawoman,” he said, walking over to Ameena. The black man reacheddown and pulled up the tee shirt until Ameena’s ass was exposed.She had a tight, small ass, perfectly formed and it was one ofher best features. She squealed as Xavier grabbed the materialand yanked it up. Her bikini bottoms slid up between her asscheeks, nearly disappearing.Norman took a quick shot of Ameena’s bare ass with Xavier’s handgiving her a wedgie before Xavier pulled the tee shirt back down.His big black hands cupped both her ass cheeks until the shirtclung to them as much as it clung to the rest of her body. Normansnapped some more fantastic shots when Xavier stepped out of thepicture.”Good,” said Xavier, “now lets try some with the shirt off.””No way,” said Ameena. She looked around the empty beach as ifworried someone might see her. Norman noticed she didn’t seem tobe bothered by the black man’s presence anymore.”I gots me an idea.” Xavier walked behind Ameena and rapidlybegan tugging her shirt up. Ameena brought her arms across herbreasts to stop him from stripping her. “Relax babe, I’m justgonna tie your shirt up.” Ameena removed her arms and looked intoXavier’s eyes as he tied her shirt in a knot over her belly. Hishands briefly moved between her breasts as he grabbed the shirtend.Norman gulped with awe. His sexy, but publicly shy wife wasstanding on the beach with just a wisp of fabric covering herpubic region, her ass exposed, her curvy olive colored belly withit’s pierced navel on display, and the bottoms of her breastshanging out of a tight wet tee shirt that revealed her hardswollen nipples. Norman’s hands were shaking as he took picturesof his hot Arab-American wife. Standing on the sand, she lookedthe prize of some desert sheikh, a harem girl stripped down forher master. The only problem was the giant black man kept gettinginto the picture.”How about you take that top off now?” asked Xavier. “Let yourhusband get some nudes.”Ameena was kneeling, legs parted, arms behind her back, holdingher hair up. She turned to look up at Xavier. There was a longpause and Norman almost thought she might do it. “No, I’m notready yet.” Her eyes traveled down Xavier’s body and locked on tohis crotch. Norman didn’t blame her. He could easily imagine themonster those briefs contained ripping through the material atany moment. He zoomed in on the man’s crotch üsküdar escort and took a quickpicture. Kneeling, Ameena couldn’t see it, but Xavier’s briefswere so stretched, it was as if he’d gained six inches on hiswaist. The camera easily made out the man’s pubic hair throughthe opening. Norman zoomed back out until Ameena’s face wasvisible again.Several things suddenly happened almost simultaneously. Xavier’sthumbs hooked into his briefs as he said, “Well I’ll pose nude,if you won’t.” The thumbs pulled downwards. In shock, Norman’shands pressed on the shutter locking the focus. Ameena’s mouthfell open as the massive black cock burst out from it’sconfinement. Norman took the picture just as the cock pressedagainst Ameena’s lips.”Jesus!” muttered Norman, more in awe of the sight of Xavier’scock then appalled by the fact Xavier was brushing the tip of hisdick across Ameena’s lips. The huge dark brown cock was more thentwice the size of Norman’s 6″ penis and more then twice as thick.Norman figured it must be around 14″ long. Norman’s whole bodyseemed frozen in shock except for his index finger which kepttapping the shutter button taking pictures.Norman finally realized that it was his wife’s mouth, Xavier waspoking his cock against. Norman could even see the black man’sprecum coating her lips. “Ameena!” he said, to get her attention.She jumped as if startled, like she’d forgotten he was eventhere. Ameena pulled back, but Xavier’s beefy hand wrapped aroundthe back of her head and pulled forwards. Ameena didn’t resist atfirst. Her lips parted and nearly the entire plum-sized head ofXavier’s cock pushed into her mouth. Ameena pulled back andXavier let her go. When his cock head reappeared it was shiny andglistening as if she had licked it.”I think we’ve had enough for the day,” said Norman. He wassweating though the day was chilly.”No, lets get some more pictures,” said Xavier. “We’ll staytasteful. Just some R rated contrasts. Ameena, put your hand onmy cock.””How is that tasteful?” asked Norman, watching his wife reach upto grab the black man’s cock.”Just some size comparisons. Now start taking some pictures.Ameena, you know what I mean by size comparisons, don’t you?”Xavier smirked as Ameena nodded and quickly glanced at Norman’scrotch.Norman snapped pictures and something strange began happening. Hegot an erection. It was impossible not to find the scene beforehim overly erotic. The black man’s cock was so perfectly superiorto any penis Norman had ever seen and it suited Ameena’s perfectbody well. Ameena appeared completely entranced by it. Her smallhand was gripping the base, the fingers not touching. Soon herhand moved up to squeeze the huge knobby head. Her hand slid backdown to the base, then back up. His wife was actually strokingthe black man’s cock!”Whoa there, I think that’s enough.” Norman didn’t like the waythe black man glared at him.”Get some shots of this,” said Xavier.Norman took more pictures as Xavier moved to superimpose his cockacross Ameena’s face. His f******n inch cock was longer then herface was wide and he held his cock right under her nose. Sheseemed to be smelling it.”Norm, gets your ass over here. I gots some more ideas. Standbehind me and take some looking down my chest.”Norman walked over towards Xavier as the black man positionedhimself in front of Ameena. Xavier’s giant black hand rested onher forehead, pushing her head back and up. His cock was nowsuperimposed over Ameena’s face, vertically, splitting her facein two. Conscious of his erection, Norman stood behind Xavier andreached around the giant man to take a picture of Ameena lookingup at Xavier’s face. She still seemed to be smelling it andliking what she smelled.Ameena was right. It did smell and standing so close to Xavier,Norman could smell it too. The odor was pure masculine sexuality.He liked it too, but his penis suddenly went from being as hardas it had ever been to completely limp. Worse, Norman’s penisstarted to shrink like he had just jumped in freezing water. Evenhis balls began to contract. Norman stepped away from the blackman and he felt like a complete wimp.”Lets step these pics up a notch,” said Xavier. “We’ll take somesuggestive shots. Why don’t you take your top off?”””I can’t.”Norman felt a surge of pride in his wife for resisting thepersuasive man. The look on her face suggested she was strugglingwith the idea, however.Norman had a folded up blanket near his tripod and Xavier walkedover to get it. The black man’s huge banana cock bobbed beforehim as he opened the blanket up and spread it on the sand. “Comeget down on all fours on the blanket,” said Xavier to Ameena. “Wecan still get some good pictures for your collection.” Hepositioned himself on his knees behind Ameena. “Norm, get someclose-ups of her face and back.”Norman moved in front of Ameena. Xavier rose up a little andrested his cock against her ass cheeks, the head rising well uppast the small of her back. “Zoom in on my cock to remind you ofwhat a real man’s prick looks like,” said Xavier. “Now I’m goingto push it down like we’re fucking. Ameena, look like I’ve justburied this big boy in your twat.””Ooh,” moaned Ameena softly as Xavier slid the long length of hiscock down her ass cheeks. “OH!” she moaned louder. “What are youdoing?”Norman jumped up and looked at Xavier. The black man had pushedhis cock head against Ameena’s slit. Just a thin strip of bikiniprotected her pussy from getting penetrated by that monster.Xavier pushed hard and nearly half an inch of his fat cock headpushed the material into Ameena’s pussy. Norman moved around toget a picture and noticed how wet the material of her bikini was.Worse, it’s color was darkening as more and more lubricationbegan soaking it. The black man’s precum was also leaving it’smark on this side of her bikini. The sticky stuff was pouring outof the black man’s pee-slit in copious amounts and Norman couldsee trails of it on Ameena’s thighs. “Let’s try a differentposition,” said Norman after Ameena let out a loud frustratedmoan of yearning.””Turn over.” Xavier leaned back so that Ameena could roll over onher back. The shirt had ridden up high and it still clung to herbare breasts. She looked incredibly sexy in that pose. Xaviermoved up between her legs and pushed his cock down against theentrance to her pussy again. Norman noticed the black man rub andpress his cock head along her slit. Ameena squirmed as he did it.Xavier then raised his cock up and inched his way forward,pressing his cock down on her crotch. The shaft covered her pubichair, the slight swell under her navel, and pushed just past herbelly button. “Big ain’t it?” Both Ameena and Norman nodded inagreement.Xavier backed up and Norman hoped the black man was done.Instead, Xavier rose up and straddled her crotch, sitting down onAmeena’s belly. He pressed his cock down between Ameena’s breastsand pounded her chin with the head of his cock. “Stick yourtongue out and pretend to lick it,” he ordered.Ameena arched her neck and did as she was told. There was littlepretending though, Xavier often directed his cock to slideagainst her tongue and it left more precum behind on her lips.Several times Norman noticed her tongue moved to follow his cock.Norman had seen enough when Xavier pushed his cock down betweenAmeena’s breasts. His big black hands grabbed the sides of herbreasts, pushing them up and together until they held his cockbetween them. The wet shirt still clung to her nipples and Normancould see how excited they were, until the black man’s thumbsreached up to touch them. The index fingers soon joined thethumbs, his digits twirling Ameena’s nipples between them. Ameenawas moaning and trying to thrust her hips up, but Xavier’s weightheld her down.Norman took a few steps closer to put an end to this, but as hegot within a foot of Xavier, his legs suddenly felt weak. Hecouldn’t move them. Even his hands were shaky and sweat waspouring down his forehead. Norman was ashamed by his behaviour.He opened his mouth to demand Xavier to stop, but the wordschoked in his throat. Xavier was slowly working his hands underAmeena’s shirt and soon became the second man to ever touchNorman’s wife’s bare breasts. Xavier then pulled back and pushedhis cock too under her shirt. The head thrust out through theblouse to poke Ameena in the chin which she was holding down onher chest still trying to lick his cock. As Norman fought to stopthis, Xavier raised his hands up by the wrists and Ameena’s shirtslipped up his hands until her breasts were freed.”Look mate, get some fucking pictures will ya?”Norman snapped out of it and took a step back not even noticingXavier had slipped into his accent. The black man glared at himuntil Norman brought the camera up and started snapping pictures.The black man pulled his cock back until it freed itself of herbunched up blouse. When he thrust it back, it reared up and foundAmeena’s mouth. The black man was now titty fucking Norman’s wifeand she was willingly catching the head of his cock in her mouth.Norman obediently continued taking pictures.The focus on Norman’s camera was having trouble locking. Helooked up from the display and saw that Xavier was now buckinghis hips so fast, his thrusting cock was a blur. Ameena’s breastswere smashed together around his cock and the black man’s fingerswere tugging and twirling her nipples. “Get ready for the moneyshot,” growled the black man.”Better close your mouth, honey,” said Norman. Ameena looked overat him, her expression confused. It was almost like she didn’trecognize her own husband. She was also looking at him like hewas crazy. “Ameena, he’s about to cum.” She always refused notonly to swallow, but to even let Norman cum in her mouth.”You don’t want to close your mouth, do you?” asked Xavier.Ameena’s eyes quickly returned to looking up Xavier’s muscularbody glistening with sweat. Her answer was to open her mouthwider and the black man’s cock head began disappearing inside hermouth with each thrust. “Get ready Norman. Now!”Norman pressed the shudder and held it so that the camera begantaking progressive shots. The first caught Xavier’s cock tuzla escort heademerging from Ameena’s mouth a fan of white semen sprayingbetween her lips. The still spraying head entered her mouthagain. When it emerged it leaped upwards out of control and shotan amazingly large wad of cum completely covering Ameena’s faceand hair. Norman caught a quick sight of Ameena’s open mouthcompletely filled with sperm. Her mouth disappeared as his cockthrust over it and shot another strand of cum over her face. Whenher mouth reappeared, it was empty. Norman could have jacked offinto a glass every day for a year and the amount wouldn’t haveequaled one strand of Xavier’s multiple orgasms, but then theblack man’s balls were five times the size of Norman’s.Ameena was actually arching her neck to catch his cock head inher mouth again. She succeeded a couple times and Norman caughtsight of her gulping. Xavier was still cumming when he quicklyslid back and stood. He shot the last few strands of sperm onAmeena’s breasts, each wad skillfully striking her nipples.Norman turned away from the sight of the big black man standingover Norman’s sperm covered wife. He held the camera down withone hand and rubbed his temples with the next. He brought thecamera back up and checked the last few pictures. They wereperfect, but there was no real reason for him to keep a mementoof this horrible day. Norman’s finger was poised on the deletebutton as he turned around.”Get the camera ready,” ordered Xavier. Norman looked up with astart. Ameena was down on all fours facing the camera whileXavier was kneeling behind her in the doggy position. “Get somepictures for your collection that look like we’re fucking.”Norman did take some shots from in front of Ameena. Her largebreasts were swinging under her as Xavier moved her hips back andforth. Norman noticed her blouse was now completely off andlaying on the sand. Even Norman had to admit their perfect bodiesdid look good together.”Come get some close-ups of my cock.”Norman walked around and was startled yet again. Xavier’s cockwas completely hard again. It was so hard, it looked as if hehadn’t cum in months let alone minutes ago. The black man raisedhimself up enough to push his cock down so that the head waspointed at Ameena’s asshole. He had her ass cheeks spread and hercute little puckered hole was on display with Xavier’s f******ninch cock poised to penetrate it.”Now some of me getting ready to fuck her.”Norman watched the fat knobby cock head move down. “Hey!” saidNorman. “She’s not wearing her panties.” Indeed, her bikinibottoms were laying in the sand beside her blouse.”No shit, dumbass. Get some close-ups.”Norman zoomed in on the black man’s cock and subsequentlyAmeena’s pussy. Norman’s wife’s pussy was so aroused and engorgedit looked like it was throbbing. It was also soaked with herarousal and dripping lubrication. “Don’t put it in her,” saidNorman watching Xavier’s cock head rub along Ameena’s slit untilit too glistened with her juices. “Hey watch it!” Norman lookedup from the viewfinder as Ameena’s labia began spreading openaround Xavier’s cock head.”Oh god, yes,” moaned Ameena.Norman looked down at the viewfinder. Xavier’s cock head haddisappeared entirely. “Stop, pull it out. Pull it out.””You want me to pull it out?” Xavier asked Ameena.”Yes.” The look on Ameena’s face wasn’t convincing and whenXavier worked his cock around a bit, slowly starting to withdrawshe changed her mind. “No! No, it feels too good.” Ameena lookedconflicted, but also more aroused then she’d ever been. “Just lethim keep a little of it in me, Norman.””Damn it,” said Norman. He was too scared of the black man tomake him pull it out. “Don’t push any more in and don’t you darecum in her pussy. She’s not on birth control.” As soon as Normansaid it, Xaver’s cock thrust another inch deeper as if the blackman had momentarily lost control.”Ameena, I’ll just get some shots of it in you, then we’ll callit a day, ok?””Oh-kay.” Ameena drew out the word so that it was more of a moan.”Don’t let him push any more in.””Don’t worry Norm, I wouldn’t want to turn your wife into a blackcock loving slut. Would I?””Wait a minute, your accent, you’re our gardener.””Right mate. I heard you talking about coming here to takepictures. Your wife is such a sexy number, I just had to see herposing in her bikini. I had no idea you wanted to see her poselike this with another man.””I didn’t,” said Norman. “Whoa there, pull out a little, it lookslike another inch has slipped in.”Xavier moved his hands up to Ameena’s ribs and pushed. Norman waspleased to see the black man was obeying him and slowly removingthe three or four inches of cock he’d pushed inside Ameena’spussy. Unfortunately, he was pushing down too hard on Ameena’supper back. Disaster struck. Ameena’s arms collapsed. She fellforwards, her face hitting the sand, her ass still up thrust.Xavier also fell forward. The tip of his cock had been partiallyinside her pussy and it now shot forwards, pushing deeper thenNorman had ever been.”No, pull out, pull out,” screamed Norman.Xavier pushed up, but fell again, and his cock thrust even deeperthis time. “Sorry,” said the black man. Xavier sat back on hisknees, but stupidly held on to Ameena’s waist as he did so, ineffect pulling her into his cock. Norman was horrified to seethat Ameena had just taken nearly a foot of thick black cock.Xavier let her go so that she ended up on all fours again. Hetried to pull out, but for some reason pushed forwards again.Ameena’s head fell back to the blanket. Xavier apparently gave uptrying to pull it out. He held still with close to thirteeninches of cock buried in Ameena’s pussy.Ameena whimpered. Her knuckles were grabbing handfuls of sandthrough the blanket. “Yes,” she hissed. Norman could barely hearher. Her whole body jerked a little.Xavier remained still, apparently not moving, but in reality hewas making his cock jerk inside her pussy. “Come around and getsome close-ups, fool.”Ameena raised her head. Her brow was sweating and she was suckingher lower lip inside her mouth. She shook her head, not wantingNorman to go look. “Aah,” she cried, suddenly her lip coming outof her mouth to quiver a little.Norman moved around until he could see Xavier’s thick blacksausage crammed inside his wife’s pussy. Norman was no longer theonly man to put his dick inside Ameena. Her labia and thighs weresoaked. He held the camera up and zoomed in on their crotches.The viewfinder clearly caught fluid running out of Ameena’spussy, flowing down the visible part of the black man’s shaftuntil it dripped off his balls. Ameena had orgasmed! The cameraclose-up also showed the black man’s cock jerking. Norman tookthe picture.”Why didn’t you want your husband to look at your pussy?” askedXavier.”I didn’t want him to know that I came.””Show her what it looks like, Norman.”Norman switched to view mode and brought the picture up on thecamera. He held it up before Ameena’s eyes. Ameena stared at it.”Oh god! That’s what’s in me? Yes, so big, fuck yes. I’m cummingagain.””You like that big cock, dontcha?””Yes. I love it. I’ve never cum like that. Your big black cock isthe best ever. Fuck me. Please fuck me.”Norman felt heartbroken. He’d never been able to give Ameenaorgasms until this summer. Her unusual state of arousal had hercumming each time they fucked, but Norman had to put a lot moreeffort into it. Still, it had been the best sex of their marriageuntil now. Xavier had started slowly withdrawing it and pushingit in. He wasn’t waiting for Norman’s permission, but Norman gavein anyway. “Go ahead and fuck the slut.””Don’t mind if I do.” Xavier then proceeded to give Ameena thefucking of her life. His cock became a blur as the black manbegan slamming it in and out with enough force, Norman could hearhis balls slapping on her thighs.Norman waited for Xavier to pull out. No man can go that fast orlast that long, he thought. However, Xavier didn’t slow down andAmeena continued to have orgasms. In fact, she seemed to behaving one long continuous orgasm or series of orgasms. Her bodywas quivering and she was moaning loudly, also grunting each timehis balls slapped her thighs.Norman took pictures, lots of pictures. Ameena’s moans turned toa loud scream. Norman looked up to see that Xavier had pushed histhumb into her ass. Her scream wasn’t from pain. It was from herorgasms increasing in intensity.”Next time, I’m gonna fuck that ass, slut.””Anything you want,” cried Ameena between orgasms. Norman didn’tplan on there being a next time, but was smart enough to realize,he might not have a choice. Xavier suddenly stopped thrusting. Heheld his cock buried as deep as it would go. Ameena’s eyes rolledup in the back of her head. Her body went limp as the biggestorgasm yet took control of her body.Norman felt relieved as he watched Xavier pull his cock out justin time. Sperm was spraying out of the tip as his hard, rampantcock appeared over her ass. Norman couldn’t help being awed byit. His finger pressed the shudder capturing a long strand ofsemen shooting up, over Ameena’s back. Xavier continued to cum,sperm pooling in the small of Ameena’s back. It was an incredibleamount, but less then he had the first time.Xavier finally stood, his f******n inch cock slowly deflating.Norman went over to his wife as the black man retrieved hisclothes. “You alright, honey?” asked Norman shaking his wife. Shebarely stirred, but she did moan contentedly. Xavier was dressednow. He walked over and picked the camera off the blanket. Hestarted looking at the pictures. Norman had a sudden fear thatAmeena’s pussy would never return to normal after fuckingXavier’s monster cock. He bent around to look at it and gasped inhorror. Ameena’s pussy lips were spread open around a large holethe width of Xavier’s dick. Worse, sperm was pouring out of thehole, soaking the blanket. “Asshole, I told you not to cum in herpussy.””That’s no way to talk to your wife’s boss, wimp.” Xavier turnedaway and started jogging off.Norman had no idea what he was talking about and gave the blackman the finger, but only when he was sure Xavier wouldn’t catchhim. Ameena didn’t budge for close to half an hour until Normaninformed her there were people heading their way. She dressed inher bikini and Norman helped his weak wife get back to their car.At home, he helped put Ameena to bed. Provided she wasn’tpregnant, he hoped they could forget about this incident.Determined to erase the pictures, he retrieved his camera andturned it on.The words “No memory card“, flashed on the screen.

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