Amish Fun


I’m Michele, a 19 year old cross dresser. I enjoy going for long drives out in the country side. Sometimes I would pass farms where there were young Amish men would be working. On hot days the men would take off their shirts as the toiled in the fields. I almost wrecked on a number of occasions staring at them and wondering what it would be like to have one of them.

So feeling adventurous I decided to play out my fantasy. I bought one of those black bonnet hats that the female amish wear, black nylon knee high socks, and a pair of old fashioned black boots. The boots had stiletto spiked heels, I want to be a slutty little amish girl.

I packed it in a bag and headed out to the country. My cock grew hard from excitement as I drove up and saw the men in the field. There was a dirt road just past the field. I turned onto it and parked my car. In the car I applied my makeup and lipstick (I know amish don’t wear this, but I told you I’m a slut). Then I grabbed my bag and headed into the woods above the men.

I reached an area where I could spy on them, but they could not see me. I laid out a blanket that I brought then removed my clothes, except for the black nylons. I then put on my bonnet canlı bahis then sat down and put on my boots. I kept looking to make sure the men didn’t see me. Now in my outfit I spread my legs and began to play with my hard on as I fantasized about having one of those sweaty young men.

Suddenly I heard a twig snap behind me. I turned quickly towards the sound. There stood to amish boys, they looked to be about 18 or 19. I almost got up and ran, but they had their hands rubbing over the bulges between their legs. “Jacob he has the urge too”, the one said to the other. I smiled and said, “I won’t bite..unless you want me to”.

The boys stepped out of the brush and stripped. They were covered in sweat and dirt from working in the hot Summer day. Jacob, the larger one, in more than just height, of the two knelt beside my face put his one hand behind my head and eased my face to his cock that he was holding. “Take me bitch”, he ordered me. I opened my lips and put his thick rod into my mouth then closing my eyes I began to move my head back and forth. The smell and the salty taste of sweat on his dick excited me. The other one knelt between my legs wrapped his arms around my thighs and began to lick bahis siteleri up and down on the shaft of my cock.

“Aaahhh..Joshua, this bitch sucks better than thee”, Jacob groaned as I milked his pole. The he ordered Joshua, “Prepare this one for mating”. Joshua sucked on the middle finger of his right hand then slid it between my ass cheeks. I sighed slightly as I felt his finger enter my tight brown puckered hole. He then steadily finger fucked my ass as I continued to suck Jacob.

Jacob then growled, “Is it ready?”. Joshua eagerly responded, “Yes the bitch is prepared for mounting”. Jacob withdrew his spit covered cock from my mouth and commanded Joshua, “Turn the bitch over”. Joshua grabbed my legs and rolled me onto my stomach as Jacob stood then knelt behind me. “Get on your knees harlot”, he demanded. This was better than my original fantasy. I reviled in being abused by two strong amish studs.

Joshua sat in front of me and spread his legs and stroked his cock. Jacob put his one hand on the small of my back and with the other guided his cock into my ass. “Oooooooooo”, I moaned as his meat filled my butt. He then put his hands on my hips and began to fuck me. “Yes bitch..take bahis şirketleri it..take it all”, he hissed as I sang out in pleasure, “Oh..oh..oh..”.

“Suck me..suck me”, Joshua with a crazed look on his face ordered me to do. As I lowered my head he forced it down onto his cock. Hungrily I sucked his dick as Jacob fucked me.

The boys grunted loudly in unison, “ugh..ugh..ugh..” as they enjoyed this slut. Their bodies soaking in sweat as the used me for their play toy. Jacob then exclaimed, “Joshua..I feel my release about to come upon me..ugh..ugh..uuuuuugggggggghhhhhhhh”. As I felt his hot cum spurting deep inside me I let out a muffled cry of pleasure.

Then Joshua suddenly let out a groan as I felt his dick twitch and shot spurts of cum in my mouth. I swallowed as much as I could, but some dribbled out of my mouth and ran down my chin.

Jacob pulled his spent cock out of my ass and stood. “Joshua lets us get back before the elders miss us”, he said. Joshua stood and I was able to put one arm down and reach between my legs for my cock. The boys dressed as I laid there on my knees and jacked off. “That’s it bitch..let us see you pleasure yourself”, Jacob said. I rolled over onto my back and stroked myself till I cried out and white streams shoot up and splashed down onto my chest.

When I recovered from my orgasms I looked around and spotted the boys walking back to the other men in the field.

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