“Amy and Justin” by JB and a bit of m

“Amy and Justin” by JB and a bit of mAmy pulled the vibrant blue dress over her head wriggling her hips in front of the mirror after her bath. Her halter style straps always made her tits look bigger; she cupped her silky-firm breasts from underneath and planted them better in her bra and squeezed them up snuggly using her fingers to draw her nipples out tautly. She knew that Justin loved her in this dress. The top of the dress was low cut; it looked like if she took a big breath the dress would dip down and show the tips of her pink nipples. Amy smoothed the dress over her hips and smiled. Last time she wore this dress to a dinner party, Justin had a rock hard boner the entire night. When they were eating dinner, she had reached under the table, pulled the zipper down on his trousers and encased his cock in her hand; slowly moving her hand up and down his shaft grazing her thumb over the tip of his cock-remembering canlı bahis şirketleri that night made her pussy tingle and she could feel the beginnings of her lips beginning to swell and dewy moisture beginning to form.The doorbell rang. She puts on her high helled shoes, which caused her hips and chest to thrust foward, there was no hiding her hard nipples pushing against the fabric of the dress. Her skin ached to be touched.As Justine walked through the door his eyes were drawn to her breasts. Her nipples got harder-warmth growing between her legs. Amy slowly, seductively raked her eyes down Justin’s body, settling on the increasing bulge of his pants. Oh, yes he wanted her-she licked her lips, hungry wanting to taste his cock, feeling his fingers pushing into her pussy making her wetter….Justin moved towards her as he slammed the door shut, he grabbed her hips and pushed her canlı kaçak iddaa against the wall. He pinned her arms against the wall and thrust his hips between her legs. HIs mouth found hers, urging her to open her mouth with his tongue. His hands moved up her arms, tickled her throat before moving to her swelling breasts. His fingers sligthly pinched the erect nipples. He grabbed the fabric of the dress and pulled down exposing her breasts. Oh, she hoped he would suck on the them. As if reading her mind, he licked her nipples, blew on them to make them stand fully at attention then sucked greedily.Amy wanted to feel his naked skin so she pulled hard on his shirt-the buttons popped then she pulled his shirt off. Justine’s hips started to push against her. His erection was so hard-thick just the way she wanted it. Amy pulled the dress over her hips to give him access to her pussy. Justine groaned canlı kaçak bahis and inserted two fingers into her dripping wet throbbing pussy. She arched against his hand forcing her full tits into his waiting mouth-he sucked hard as his fingers moved faster and faster into her dripping cunt. She arched against his fingers.She was ready, but she wanted to feel his thick hard cock pounding into her so she released his cock and balls from his pants and enclosed her cock in her hand. Justin, I need to feel your big hard cock in my pussy; fuck me, fuck me now, I can’t wait. Justin moved over to a chair, sat down and lowered Amy down on his cock sucking on her nipples as she started to move up and down his cock. Her pussy felt like velvet, the juices dripping down his balls. He twtiched his hips ramming his cock all the way into her pussy. Amy’s pussy got warmer and started to pulsate her orgasm starting to rake her body. Justin kept thrusting, his cock getting harder as her orgasm started it pushed him over the edge and his shot his cum deep into her pussy.–written by JB 2014Her aside to me at the end: “Like the story-made me hot and wet wanting your hard thick cock…”

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