An After School Encounter…

An After School Encounter…It was a late fall day as I left school mixing in with the gaggle of students you would see at any inner city high school. Terrance, a student from my history class caught up with me ‘…Hey David wait up…’ I turned to see Terrance coming through the crowd and wondered what is it he wanted.Terrance caught up with me and explained ‘…Ms. Wilson, our history teacher, said I should try and get with you and ask you to help me with my history assignments…’ I looked at Terrance rather quizzically as he continued. ‘…Ms. Wilson says that you have an uncanny way to deal with your history assignments and that it would do me good if we could study together some times…’I thought about what he was saying and it had a sound of truth to it, before I could answer Terrance continued ‘…if you like I could walk home with you and ask your folks, Ms. Wilson says she will be at school till four…’ I looked at Terrance and said ‘…it’s alright I can go over to your place for about a hour and a half and still get home before it gets late…’Terrance seemed to breath a sigh of relief as he said ‘…great, we’ll have a good time, I’ll fix us some snacks and drinks as we study so we’ll have something to snack on…’ Off we went the two of us to his home, it wasn’t too far from my neighborhood and on a well lit and well traveled street.Once we were at Terrance home we went into the dinning room Terrance explained ‘…my folks want get home till about eight. It’ll be good to have some one to talk with while I’m here alone…’ We took our seats and begin to study. I tried to explain the Dark Ages to Terrance who seemed to be thinking about something else. After about thirty minutes Terrance said ‘…let’s take a break, I’ll fix us a snack and get some cool-aid…’I sat there at the table as Terrance busied his self in the kitchen. Once Terrance was finished he returned and placed some cookies and a picture of cool-aid on the table. After a brief snack Terrance cleared the table and begin to talk.’…So David, tell me, is it true that you’ve sucked the dicks of all the guys on the track team…’ Startled I looked at him as he stood by my side and stuttered ‘…who told you something like that…’ Terrance güvenilir bahis placed his hand on my shoulder and said ‘…I’m not accusing you or saying it’s a bad thing. I just wanted to know for sure…’I started to gather up my books as Terrance stopped me, Terrance stood behind me and sort of pressed me against the dinning room table saying ‘…come on David don’t get mad a leave. I think you’re a cool dude, and if that’s how you get off that’s your business…’I tried to push past Terrance saying ‘…it’s none of your business how I get off, now get out my way…’ Terrance stepped back and took hold of my elbow ‘…Look…’ Terrance said ‘…I don’t care if you did or not ain’t no one here but you and me and I like you a lot…a whole lot…’I looked at Terrance, tears building up in my eyes from anger. Terrance saw an opening and made a drastic move. With out saying another word, Terrance embraced me in his arms and held me close to him. Stroking my back and nestling his cheek into my neck saying ‘…David, babe, don’t think I’m upset with you. I just want us to be together, you know, I want us to be something special…’Now I could feel Terrance man hood as it harden and he grind against my hip. I tried to push him away but in doing so I turned to face him. Terrance quickly raised his hands to ,my face and pulled me to his face and begin to kiss me.I tried to pull back but was blocked by the table, I took hold of his hands and tried to pull them away. My emotions got the better of me, in my fragile moment I needed some one to hold me close and before I knew it, I was returning his kiss as I held on to his wrist.For what seemed like an eternity we kissed, Terrance lowered his hands and took hold of my waist, I slipped my arms around his shoulders and continued to our kiss. Once we broke free Terrance said ‘…see, that wasn’t all that bad. Come on lets go to my room…’Once inside his room Terrance closed the door and came over to me. He guided me to his bed and started to unbutton my shirt. I raised my hands to stop him. Terrance paused and said ‘…alright, I’ll let you do it…’ and with that Terrance stood and removed his shoes, dropped his pants and slipped out of his shirt then climbed türkçe bahis on the bed behind me.Dreading what I was doing I was slowly unbuttoning my shirt I kicked off my tennis and stood. Terrance reached around my waist and undid my belt and pushed my pants to my ankles, I turned to look at Terrance and he laid on his back and slipped his underwear of.Terrance was well hung, not as huge as Daniel but just as big as Charlie, Terrance was uncut yet his foreskin moved freely over his penile glans. Terrance said to me ‘…come on suck me with those sweet lips of yours…’ I crawled over his leg and knelt between his thighs, I took hold of his throbbing tool and slowly started to stroke him gently, up and down as he laid there and raised his hips in lustful joy.I lowered my head and begin to lick up and down his penile shaft till he begin to exude precum, I licked it off and engulfed his penile glans into my mouth and sucked softly. Terrance placed his hand on my head and hunched up timidly pushing more and more of his male member deeper into my mouth.I sucked his penis and kissed his testicles for close to thirty minutes before he pushed me away and said softly ‘…I really want us to be fuck buddies, I promise I want hurt you, I’ll do it slowly…’ I kissed his navel and slid my tongue up his stomach till he embraced me and turned me to my back.Terrance was now on top of me and he leaned down and kissed my lips sucking on them softly. Reaching over to the other side of the bed, Terrance retrieved a tube of lubricant. He squeezed some into my hand and said ‘…here do me…’ Then he did the same to his fingers and dropping the tube he lifted my right thigh and begin to spread it into my buttcrack and across my anal opening.I took hold of his throbbing tool and lubed it well, then I raised my legs and took hold of my knees. Terrance took hold of his penis and laid down on my stomach guiding his rock hard penis to my butt crack, Terrance slid it up and down till he was sure he was well coated and pushed into my bung hole with patiently haste.I underestimated the size of his penile head, for as it started to enter my tender opening I realized that his head was nearly as ;large as Daniel or bigger. My eyes güvenilir bahis siteleri bucked open and a gasp escaped my lips, taking very short breaths I tried to brace for the anguish of pain that I knew was going to follow.Terrance lowered his lips to mine whispering ‘…shhhh, take it easy I’m not going to hurt you…’ I manage to gasp ‘…you’re too big, you’re too big…’ Terrance whispered ‘…it’ll only hurt a little while, once I get the head in I let you rest…’ Terrance released his grip on his penis and slid his arms under my knees and my shoulders.Holding me firmly in place Terrance pushed strongly into me and his enormously huge head plopped into my anal cavity. I started to cry out, Terrance closed his lips over my lips and sucked my tongue into his mouth as he hunched his mammoth tool into me. I dug my fingers into his back as he hunched and grind his tool deeper and deeper into my bowels.My toes splayed open, my anal sphincter muscle went wild contracting and releasing around the neck of Terrance enormous fuck tool. Before long Terrance had sunk his entire length of his penis into my bung and was sliding it back and forth. The pain was almost more than I could bare, I tried to speak but could only gasp for air as Terrance continued to ride me with out hesitation.Terrance kissed my lips and licked my tears as he enjoyed his self for almost forty minutes we were locked in the throes of sexual bliss. Terrance finally said ‘…David, I’m gonna cum in your ass I’m gonna make you my bitch now…’Terrance started to grind deep into me and pull me tighter to him as his penis erupted filling my bung hole with his seed. Terrance growled sensuously ‘…take my cum babe, take my cum. Shit I’m gonna make your ass pregnant today, yeah you gonna carry my baby when I’m through…’My thighs and hips ached, my bung hole felt as if it was on fire as Terrance hunched into me till he finished shooting his load. My anus and Terrance penis was making obscene slurping sounds as his seed flowed from around his shaft and out of my bung hole.Terrance finally lowered my legs and let me embrace him with them as his penis throbbed and twitched deep in my rectum, Terrance kissed me passionately as we laid together. We slipped off to sleep for when we woke Terrance said to me ‘…you’ve got to go now. I’ve got to clean the house up see you tomorrow…’I dressed and left as I walked home I could feel Terrance seed as it escaped my gap bung hole and flowed down my thighs.

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