An Angel Intriged by Darkness… Chapter 2

An Angel Intriged by Darkness… Chapter 2It is late and Serene is in her dorm.She sits by her window and tries to study, but her mind is pre-occupied with other things. She sits by the window and hears the rain and can’t help but feel trapped even tho she is allowed to go at any time.She always wanted to go to an actual college but her parents wanted her to go to this all girl christian academy to study languages. They were always very protective of her and knew other colleges could corrupt their otherwise sweet angel. It saddens her to know that her 19th birthday was last month yet the only thing she got was a gift in the mail, a hand made necklace from Africa where her parents are missionaries at. The college doesn’t force her to be confined inside but her aunt who is also a teacher their keeps an extremely close eye on her. Her room is very small with one window, she is happy and has many friends but sometimes she wonders if she’ll ever be truly free.Maybe her parents are right, it is in fact a world full of sin out their and she is better off here. Serene deciding she can’t study decides to go to bed. She closes her eyes and the sound of the rain brings images of the man she saw. She didn’t understand why she was attracted to him if he also scares her? She remembers his sad painful green eyes, his dark long hair, he seemed to come from a kırıkkale escort world with absolute freedom…a world that’s obviously hurting him. She feels embarrassed but the thought of this man arouses her, an intense feeling of wanting to caress him makes her happy. She touches her lips and imagines what a kiss from him is like. She imagines it sweet then rough, she then lowers her hand to rub her clit over her underwear…her clit feels swollen and as she rubs she gets wet…she desperately tries to relive this feeling and slides her hand beneath her underwear. Moaning thoughts race through her head she wants to finger herself! to know what it feels like to have something inside her!She has been told never to do this because she would loose her virginity. The frustration makes her head spin! Turning over she squeezes her hand while rubbing her clit and though she tries to keep quiet she moans loudly…Her breathing gets heavy and louder…then finally she begins to reach her first organism. She imagines him pounding her making her his and releasing himself inside as rings of pleasure fill her body…Her breathing slows down…She feels relived and amazed at the feeling.Then regret and guilt set in.~~~~~~~~~Tristan is at a goth club with his buddies they are sitting and surrounded by beautiful women and drinking to their hearts kırıkkale escort bayan content. A girl by the name of Raven is sitting next to him stroking his cock over his jeans. She is beautiful wearing tall black boots an extremely short red skirt and stockings. Her black shirt is nearly see through and her nipples extremely hard and evident through the thin layers. She starts to kiss him but all he can think about is that girl he saw a few days ago…SereneSerene wasn’t sexy or experienced yet he couldn’t stop thinking of her. The music is loud and his friends want to go back to his place to do some d**gs. Once at his place and high…all his buddies and the girls are in his living room, another women starts taking off her shirt and unbuckling his buddies pants with everyone watching they don’t waste time and she hops on top of him and starts fucking. Raven starts kissing Tristan’s neck and positions herself in front of him and proceeds to remove her underwear leaving on her stockings, skirt and shoes. She slides onto his cock and he lifts up her shirt exposing her soft round tits and proceeds to sucks on her nipples….”filthy bitch” he thinks to himself, he doesn’t care to pleasure this a women…he’s done it too many times before, she uses him for his thick cock.. so he bites her nipples…”tristan stop…stop!” but escort kırıkkale he continues to bite and pull…she forcefully moves his face away which only angers him and he turns her over “you want this?! is this what you want you filthy whore?”Tristan was famous for being an excellent lover but something has him frustrated…Raven has been wanting his lover making skills for over a month now…with her hands on the coffee table and bent over she gets excited and spreads her legs wide allowing Tristan to slide in his huge cock inside her pussy and roughly thrusts her, just as she starts moaning and screaming his name he pulls out and jams his cock into her ass…”Trist you can’t…Trist..””No you wanted it now you take every inch of me!”she tries to turn but just as she does he jams all 10 inches of cock inside her causing her to scream! He holds onto her tightly and for some reason he imagined it was Serene and forcing himself into her tight virgin pussy…”ow! omg Trist!…” imagining Serene saying that and her sweet innocent face, delicate body begging him to stop! ripping her innocence… she has to be his and only his! suddenly his breathing gets louder and ignoring Ravens screams he stretches her ass to it’s max and he cums bursting a load inside her tight nearly virgin ass…Surprised he opens his eyes still inside Raven and realizes where he is. He pulls out of raven and tells her to “Get the fuck out of here!” she turns around and looks at him in disbelief gathering her things “I said now!!” he grabs her by the arm and breasts still exposed pushes her out the door. (To be continued in Chapter 3)

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