An English GILF in Fort Lauderdale – Part 2


An English GILF in Fort Lauderdale – Part 2An English GILF in Fort LauderdalePart 2: The LimpetAfter finishing work at the mall in Boca Raton I showered and changed and drove over to the condo on South East 2nd Street in Pompano Beach where Wendy, the English woman who I had met for the first time yesterday, was staying while on holiday with her husband. While I waited for the elevator to take me to the 4th floor I replayed in my mind the events of the previous evening. Her husband had used an interracial forum post to advertise that he and his 57 year old white wife, were coming over to attend a wedding and were looking to meet a black guy in Fort Lauderdale who would ‘hit on’ her in a bar if he left her on her own. I was that guy! When we met she told me a sob story about hubby not being able to ‘get it up’ and that she hadn’t had any sexual relations with him for ages now. Apparently he’d told her he wanted her to be chatted up by a black guy because he was sure it would get his dick hard. She wasn’t keen but had reluctantly agreed to go along with it to see if it would finally get his limp white cock stiff enough to be some use to her. I was after more than a cosy chat and within three hours of meeting her I’d sweet talked and bullied her into sucking her first ever black cock. Hubby had sneaked along thinking he was out of sight but blew his cover while his wife was blowing me – Ha! Neither of them knew it yet but I wanted more, namely to fuck that mature married white pussy! I’d gotten the address of their apartment from hubby the previous evening in exchange for giving him back his fancy camera after I’d spotted him (not as daft as it sounds…read part 1). His wife was really pissed off with him for doing that…Ha! So there I was at their door at 6 o’clock, just as I warned them I would be. To be honest I didn’t expect them to be in so I almost laughed when my knock was answered by a hesitant looking hubby. My cheery greeting to Wendy as I brushed past him into the small kitchen/diner area was received by silence. The three of us stood there awkwardly for a moment before I rattled off some shit about how nice their apartment was. Ignoring hubby again I took his wife’s hand and led her into the lounge which also doubled as the bedroom. Sitting on the couch I pulled her down onto my lap. Hubby followed us through like a scolded dog and sat on the only other chair in the room. Putting halkalı escort my arm around her shoulders I asked her straight out if she’d enjoyed her first stiff cock for a long time and her first black cock ‘ever’. She sort of smiled uncomfortably, but after some more prompting from me mumbled that it wasn’t what she’d expected from her first time doing anything like that. Hubby was clearly uncomfortable with what was happening so I decided to add to his embarrassment by stroking her right breast while chatting her up. She was still being unresponsive but didn’t try to push my hand away or get up so I casually started circling the nipple with my middle finger. It gradually started to harden under the attention and began to show through the material of her top, a fact that wasn’t missed by hubby who meekly asked if she was ok. Wendy just scowled at him while I carried on bringing that nipple to rock hardness. While doing so I complemented her on her ability to get my cock hard and joked that she couldn’t have had any practice for a long time. I also quizzed her about how my cock compared to her husband’s. I sensed that she was starting to relax by this point so I used my spare left hand to rub her pussy area through the front of her shorts. I was surprised at that point how dismissive of her husband she started to become, aggressively calling him pathetic for not trying to get any help before things got to this point and for caring more about looking at porn sites than trying to give her any pleasure. She demanded to know when he thought the last time was that he’d groped her like I was doing. He attempted to defend himself by saying that she knew he had erectile dysfunction or some crap like that and how hard he had tried to find a solution. I piled on the scorn by telling him that if he’d tried as hard as his limp white cock was then he couldn’t have made much of an effort. Wendy laughed and mocked him as he hung his head, but I noticed he couldn’t help himself from glancing up occasionally to watch me while I carried on touching up his wife. Then he started droning on again about why he couldn’t get an erection anymore and how sorry he was. Capitalising on Wendy’s anger and lack of sympathy towards him I told him that I’d heard enough of his whining, telling him to shut the fuck up and that I didn’t want to listen to any more nişantaşı escort crap from a limp dicked white boy. I also asked if he wanted to stay and watch while I got his wife ready. I couldn’t believe it but the dumb cuck actually had to ask me what she needed to be ready for? I laughed out loud then sneeringly asked if he thought that the married white pussy that was sat on my lap was going to fuck itself?… adding that his useless limp dick obviously wasn’t up to the job. Getting no answer I asked him again loudly. Dropping his head he mumbled something. To the further amusement of his wife I made him admit that it wasn’t. To increase his embarrassment I also made him explain exactly what he meant, getting him to repeat after me “I can’t get my little white dicklet hard even when a hung black man is feeling up my wife in front of me”. Wendy smiled broadly when I told him that I was going to call him ‘limpet’ from now on because he was sticking to her even though he’d accepted that he couldn’t satisfy her.Wendy was clearly a bit taken aback when I told him that if he didn’t like the idea of me fucking her ‘bareback’ he’d better get me a rubber. ‘No, you can’t do that’ he mumbled, saying that they hadn’t wanted it to go that far and that anyway he didn’t have any ‘condoms’. He appealed to his wife for her agreement but she scowled at him and said nothing. I sarcastically suggested that as he didn’t have any rubbers he’d better go out to buy some asap … telling him helpfully that there was a Walgreen pharmacy and a Publix supermarket nearby so if he ran to one of them he might get back before his wife’s cunt was ready to take on my cock. Hubby grabbed his wallet and dashed out of the apartment. I called to him as he was leaving that I would be going in ‘balls deep’, rubber or no rubber if he wasn’t back in 10 minutes. He came back about 15 minutes later with a 3 pack of Trojan ENZ rubbers, red faced and sweating, apologising that the bridge over the river on East Atlantic Boulevard had been raised to let a boat through. I snorted with supressed laughter, whispering into Wendy’s ear that Walgreens was only 2 minutes’ walk away so he must have hoped that by going all the way to the Publix he’d be late back and I’d have started fucking her bareback by then. She wasn’t impressed! As it was I’d enjoyed the wait, using the time to şişli escort get her down to her bra and panties and to get that mature pussy nicely warmed up. When he handed the packet to me I asked him loudly what the fuck he was thinking because three rubbers wouldn’t be nearly enough for me to give his wife’s cunt the exercise it needed to make up for his neglect! Averting his gaze he mumbled sorry and said that he’d go out for some more. Telling him to do it later I suggested that he got his expensive camera out first to take some photos of me getting his wife ready to fuck her first big black cock. As the Limpet snapped away I got her stripped, played with those big saggy white tits and then pushed her down onto her knees in front of me. Her lipstick coated lips closed around the tip of my cock without any prompting – result! Once she’d used that cock sucker mouth to get it hard I thought that I would humiliate hubby a bit more by getting him to roll one of the rubbers he’d just bought onto my shaft, after all it was him who wanted me to wear one! Waiting for him to pick up his camera again I put Wendy into doggy position on the bed and guided my now sheathed cock between those swollen pink cunt lips. They were almost pulsing with the anticipation of what was to come. I told Limpet to make sure that he got plenty of good pictures from different angles. As I said before I can last a good while but I took my time, swapping positions to ‘missionary’ after cooling down my cock in her now eager mouth. With her chubby legs up and apart I drove my black dick into her with increasingly aggressive hard thrusts. Changing back to ‘doggy’ style I pulled her onto my shaft and leant forward, grabbing the pendulous tits as they hung down invitingly. I’ve got big hands but my fingers couldn’t get all the way round them. I slammed all 8 inches of best USA cock meat into the depths of that married cunt again, my balls slapping on her white ass as I bottomed out again and again. Limpet moved around the room all the while, the multiple flashes from his camera testament to his eagerness to record the action.Eventually I couldn’t last any longer and shot my load. Taking the camera from him I looked at some of the pictures. They were ok and I told him that there would be more opportunities for him to practice because I would be back again tomorrow. Wendy had rolled onto her back by now and told me in a bit of a panic that they had to go to the wedding they had come all this way to attend. I said that was ok because actually I had the whole day off work the day after that so I’d bring a buddy with me. After removing the SD card from the camera I told hubby to get some more memory cards and rubbers because I planned on it being a long day.

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