An exhibitionist wife – Teaching Grace.


An exhibitionist wife – Teaching Grace.Another little story from the past that some might like.A couple of years ago while we were taking a short beak in Kefalonia we met a Woman named Grace who was on holiday with her elderly parents. We first got talking to her while we were around the swimming pool where we found out that she was recently divorced and her parents had treated her to the holiday to help her get over the break up. We had already noticed her earlier in the holiday when Mrs O had playfully accused me of eyeing her up so we were both surprised to find out that she was in her late forties as she looked a good ten years younger than she actually was and was a very attractive woman. The more we got know her the more apparent it became that she had led a bit of sheltered life and had only ever slept with her husband who sounded quite a boring type and she was quite shocked at some of the things that Mrs O had told her which amused us no end.One day while we talking around the pool Mrs O suggested that she had a night out with us as she seemed to spend every night with her parents who liked to turn in early and of course she jumped at the chance so we arranged to meet at around 7 and do a little tour of the bars.When we all met up Grace had really made an effort and was wearing a knee length white summer dress while Mrs O had gone for a little red number that barely covered her arse showing off her legs in all istanbul escort their glory. We went to a couple of bars before finally settling on a bar that had a terrace that over looked a narrow street with a clear view of the sea and of the taverna opposite which seemed a bit more crowded than the one we were in. We bought some drinks and went to sit outside on the terrace positioning ourselves right in front of the glass that served as both a windbreak and the terrace edge where we could take in the view.After a couple of drinks Mrs O and Grace had noticed that they were getting a few admiring glances from some guys in the bar across the road even getting a little wave from one guy which seemed to excite Grace who was openly blushing not knowing where to look while Mrs O took it all in her stride while playing up to it all encouraging the guys to become a bit bolder. I then watched as Mrs O put her feet onto the small concrete step in front us and parted her knees ever so slightly giving the guys a teasing glimpse up her skirt which got a clear response from the guys opposite who began to nudge each other and nod in our direction. Mrs O sat like this for while before opening up a little more all the while pretending that she had no idea what was happening when Grace suddenly turned and said “Those cheeky sods are looking up your skirt!” to which i answered “She knows”.Grace looked a little zonguldak escort shocked and asked if i minded so i told her that i didn’t which seemed to shock her even more as she said “My ex would have gone mad by now no way would he let me do that!” Mrs O started laughing and tried to explain that it was only a little game that we played but Grace seemed genuinely shocked especially when Mrs O told her what a turn on it was .Grace admitted that she found the thought of it a turn on but then quickly backed off before saying “It’s alright for you but who’d want to look at me!” Mrs O took a drag on her cigarette before looking Grace in the eye and saying “They would” pointing at the guys across the road.Grace sat there nervously for a minute or two before putting one foot on the step and letting her knee fall side ways never once looking at the guys over the road who were now nudging each other again and were focusing on Grace. Mrs O told her how they had reacted as a blushing Grace held the pose for a while before putting her other foot on the step and parting her knees. She asked Mrs O if they had noticed and Mrs O told her to look for herself so she lifted her head and looked across at the guys who were now grinning from ear to ear. A couple of minutes later both Grace and Mrs O had upped the ante and were sitting with their panties on full view, Grace had even hitched her skirt up escort bayan higher and kept on telling us how exciting it was while wriggling in her seat. I saw her lean closer to Mrs O and heard her whisper “I’m so wet!” to which Mrs O answered “So am I” quickly adding “Watch this” as she let her hand fall between her legs.She let her hand fall and began to stroke the inside of her thigh with her fingertips before gently slipping her finger under the edge of her panties. Grace was open mouthed as she watched Mrs O pull the panties to one side revealing her pussy just for the briefest of glimpses before removing her hand and running her finger over her lips finally putting it into her mouth. Grace looked at Mrs O who smiled back and i heard Grace say “I couldn’t” I saw Mrs O smile back and shrug when Grace suddenly said “Oh sod it! In for a penny” Grace opened her legs a bit more and moved her hand down reaching for the crotch of her panties before taking a deep breath and pulling them to one side showing her pussy to the world much to the delight of the audience over the road. She held it there for a good 30 seconds before covering herself up and telling us it was time to go. The girls were on a high all the way back to the complex especially Grace who kept telling us that she felt so slutty and naughty and that she’d never been so turned on. I had a hopeful punt at getting her back to our apartment but Mrs O quickly put the block on it and we left Grace to her parents who would no doubt disown her if they knew what she’d been up to. The next day it was all that Grace could talk about and she told Mrs O that she’d spent all night masturbating and couldn’t wait to do it again.But that’s another story.

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