An Unexpected Delivery – Part 1


An Unexpected Delivery – Part 1My son Jake doesn’t like getting up in the morning. In fact, he’d stay in bed most of the day if he could. When he’s back from university he spends a lot of time in his room and stays up until the early hours, glued to his computer screen. I’m not sure what he’s doing, playing online games, chatting to friends and no doubt watching porn. he keeps his door shut and doesn’t really appreciate interruptions.Although he’s in his early 20’s when he’s home he behaves more like a teenager. I have to clear up after him, do his washing, cook his meals…God knows how he survives when he’s away.The other day I needed him to be awake earlier than usual as I was going out at 10 am and an important parcel was being delivered. I decided to wake him up with a cup of tea, so around 9.30 knocked on his door. No response so I knocked again more loudly. Silence. I decided it was safe to let myself in. He was fast asleep, so I placed the mug of tea on his bedside table, leant across and gave him a gentle nudge. He groaned disapprovingly…but didn’t wake up. “Time to get up”. I told him, reminding him he’d promised bahis firmaları to get up to take in the delivery. However, he just grunted and pulled the covers up over his head. “Wakey, wakey!” I chirped and yanked the duvet off of the bed.He was furious…and more than a little embarrassed…I couldn’t miss the massive bulge stretching the tight fabric of his boxer shorts. “Ooops!” I said, finding it difficult not to stare at the contours of his semi-hard cock, which was considerably bigger than the last time I’d seen it. He turned on his side clearly mortified. Don’t be silly Jake, it’s perfectly natural and I’ve seen it all before”. I assured him. Though the fact is, I hadn’t seen it that big and that hard. I realised my heart was beating a little faster and there was a distinct tingling between my legs.”Sorry love, I didn’t mean to embarrass you,” I said. “but I really do need you to get up. The delivery…remember?”Reluctantly he turned to face me, still slightly red faced. As I bent down and handed him his tea, I noticed he was staring at my chest. I glanced down. “Ooops!” I said for the second time. My dressing kaçak iddaa gown was gaping, and my left breast was partially uncovered, revealing my nipple, which I realised was quite hard. My gown must have slipped happened when I yanked the covers off the bed. It was his turn to stare.”Mmmm, Nice tits Mum!” he declared.”I’m sorry! what did you say?” I explained, shocked…but if truth be told excited by his words. “You heard.” he laughed sitting up. “Seriously you really do have amazing tits for someone your age”. My turn to blush. “Thank you… I think”. I replied.I was frozen to the spot, not sure what to say. The bulge in his boxers seemed even bigger. “This may sound like a strange thing to ask…” He added tentatively. “But can I see them properly?” He asked.”See them properly?” I repeated, taken aback by his question.”Yes.””My breasts?””Yes, I want to see them properly, both of them.” He smiled.”But, but I’m your mum…””So?””Well, I, I err…I don’t know, It’s just wrong.” I stuttered.”Says who?” He asked, his eyes fixed lustily on my exposed nipple.I covered up. He looked crest fallen, that same doe eyed expression kaçak bahis he’d used since he was a small boy, whenever he was desperate to get his way. It was hard to resist. “Oh, come on Mum. Please, I really want to see your tits”. He begged. “Why is it’s wrong…Who’s it going to hurt. Don’t you want to make me happy?”I didn’t know how to respond. The truth is I did think it was wrong, but at the same time I desperately wanted to expose, myself to him and see his reaction. My pussy ached, I could feel my juices beginning to flow. No, this was wrong, I was his mother. I turned to leave…”But Mum. You’re so hot, I can’t help it…I’ve wanted to see your tits for so long. Pleases, just let me see them once. I’ll never ask again… promise.” The tone of his voice was irresistible. Despite myself I was flattered, exhilarated not to mention wet. I took a deep breath, trying to compose myself and hide my excitement. “Just once…and you promise never to ask again?” My voice was shaky my mouth dry, unlike my vagina which was anything but! “Promise”. He smiled, eyes twinkling with anticipation.I smiled nervously. Ok…if you promise. He licked his lips expectantly as I slide my fingers inside my gown and slowly pulled it open, revealing my tits to my son. My nipples were like bullets. I’m not sure if he could see my heart pounding in my chest.

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