Ana saves her ass for a fine BBC


Ana saves her ass for a fine BBCDuring the last months, Ana had allowed me watch her fucking sessions with several lovers, especially with well hung black guys. Sometimes I could not be present; so she saved the cream pie for me…One day she told me that her butthole had been intact for several months; so she wanted to be sodomized. I got happy and told her I could fuck her in the ass and she would enjoy my hard eight inches deep inside.But Ana said she wanted a huge black cock for this task…Next Saturday evening started out like a typical hook up but as my sexy Ana and her date Brad chatted on our back yard, the talk of anal came up. Brad was happy to know he was the chosen one to enjoy this sweet ass.Ana explained him that her ass was normally very tight and she had always some trouble having her butt hole stretched by a black cock. But then Brad insisted that he could be gentle if she accepted and begged him to fuck her in the ass… But then my wife just blew it off and changed the subject… I was there listening their chat and then I decided to join them.I offered Brad to clean his black cock up after he took my wife’s ass. He looked surprised, but he accepted my offer.Anita smiled at me. Then she stood up and pulled her thin cotton sun dress over her head. She tossed it at bahis firmaları me. This left her standing totally naked in front of her date. The black guy whistled softly as he saw my wife wearing just a pair of sexy stilettos…Ana turned her back to him and then bent at the waist, putting her hands on her knees. Brad reached out and took her by the hips, pulling her back so he could start eating her slick shaved pussy and butt hole. I watched the lust expression on her face as this black man took his time working on her both holes. She kept her eyes closed for a long time and bit her lower lip.All of a sudden, she opened her eyes and she stared right at me. She opened her mouth wide and I knew she had an intense orgasm…After she had recovered from her first orgasm she stood up straight and turned to face Brad. He stood and quickly undid his belt and trousers, allowing them to fall to the floor. I could see his hard black dick; it was a good ten inches long and as thick as Anita’s wrist. He reached for my wife, who was now on her knees and the lucky bastard held her on either side of her face, as he fed his cock head to her wet open mouth.Ana tried to get him completely in her mouth but there was no way. A couple of times I heard a gag and she pulled away. When my wife said kaçak iddaa this monster black cock was hard, she turned her back to him and again bent over placing her hands on her knees.Without a single word, Brad just took her again by the hips and started to push his cock into her soft wet cunt. A sigh came from Ana`s red lips as he began invading her body.Once he hit bottom he released his grip on her and Anita stood upright. He moved his hands to her firm boobs and started kissing her neck. Ana rotated her hips as he worked his hard black cock in her. My view from the front was more than I could take and I quickly got my own hard dick out and started jerking it. But Anita opened her eyes and saw me. She told me to stop that, because if I wanted to watch, I had to behave like a good boy. After about fifteen minutes of them fucking like, Ana pulled away from him. She smiled at me and ordered to bring the lube; she was going to try now to make Brad fuck her in this tight asshole. When I returned with the slick stuff, Ana was busy giving him head. As she was bent over his hard cock, I reached out and squirted some lube onto her little tight brown hole. I worked one finger into her, then two ones. I was about to go for three fingers when Ana turned to face me. She bent over and kaçak bahis begged Brad to get his nice black cock in her asshole. I held Ana’s face in my hands and watched her expression as she began getting her very tight ass fucked for this lucky nigger…It took him several tries until he finally worked up patiently his hard rod, so he could pass through Anita’s tight sphincter…She moaned in pain…Once he was fully buried in her anus, he stood dead still allowing Ana to relax her muscles and adjust to his size. I whispered to her if it was hurting and Ana opened her eyes and moved her head up and down…Then Brad started pulling out and this caused Ana’s legs to quiver a little. He pushed it back in slowly causing another pain cry to come from Ana’s parted lips. It took what seemed like forever before he was sawing his cock in and out of her tight grip. My sensual wife had several orgasms from Brad stretching her butt hole. When he said he was coming; Ana begged him to cum right in her ass.The black guy pumped his balls into my wife while he held her tightly. After he pulled out, Ana said they needed to shower. I asked if I could eat her first; but my wife said that I could eat her pussy later. I could hear Ana’s loud pain screams as Brad fucked her ass again under the running warm shower. It was after midnight before I got to eat my delicate wife’s well used and cum filled ass…As I licked her, Anita laughed on me, saying Brad would come back the next evening, so I could enjoy another fresh cream pie…

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