And Ghost Makes Three.


And Ghost Makes Three.And Ghost Makes ThreeJo was in the kitchen making coffee.It was the morning after Jo had experienced being made love to by a ghost the night before.It was still a bit weird, impossible to imagine, yet, it was the only possible answer. Jo had aroused the ghost it would seem, of the gardener who was, according to the hidden diary, the vicar’s wife’s secret lover.The information in the diary suggested that fifty two years earlier the vicar’s wife had a sordid affair with their gardener. By all accounts, the vicar never actually found out about his wife’s infidelity and the affair carried on for a number of years until the gardener was tragically hit by a car and died. It seemed unlikely to Jo that the vicar’s wife was still alive herself as she was in her thirties when the affair took place, indeed if she was still alive she would be well into her eighties.Nonetheless, Jo had found the experience of last night, not scary or disturbing, but rather in fact, erotic.Also, the lack of a physical presence from Jo’s ghostly lover helped her deal with the fact that she had just cheated on her husband.‘It’s not like there was anyone actually there,’ Jo thought. ‘It’s no different than me using my dildo and imagination when John’s not around,’ She continued to think.Feeling satisfied that she had justified her actions to herself Jo took two cups of coffee back to the bedroom and snuggled up to her husband.As Jo spooned in behind John she wondered if the ghost would return and Fuck her again sometime or if it was just a one off thing. Her imagination reminded her of the incredible feeling of her ghostly lover’s meaty cock filling her pussy, and it soon became obvious to Jo as she felt herself becoming deliciously moist that she actually wanted it to happen again, and soon.Slipping her hand around John’s body and stroking his morning hardness, Jo decided that now would be a good time to wake her husband.A big grin stretched across his face as John awoke from his sleep realising that his morning hard-on was getting some particularly nice attention. Turning onto his back and opening his legs John enjoyed the feeling of his wife’s hands as they stroked and massaged his shaft.“Mmmmmm, that feels good Hun,” he whispered.Jo reached over and grabbed the lube from the bedside table.“I have something I want to confess to you,” she said as she straddled John’s legs.“What do you want to tell me babe?” John said.Jo knew that her husband had an open mind and would share her fascination with the events that took place in their bedroom while John was in work last night.John felt the slight cool sensation of the lubricating gel being poured over his rampant cock.Jo moved up his body and positioned her smooth pussy over her husband’s lubricated shaft.Bracing her upper body by placing her hands on John’s chest, Jo lowered her pussy down onto his stiffness and began to gently slide back and forth along the length of his cock.“Oh God honey, mmmm, that’s so good,” John sighed as his wife continued to camel slide his hard-on.“I’m sure that a ghost fucked your wife’s ass off last night while you were at work,” Jo confessed with a bold confidence.John opened one eye şişli escort and looked at his wife.“Wha..? Tell me more,” he said.Keeping up a slow steady rhythm as she slid along the top of his shaft Jo explained to John exactly what happened to her after he was called into work.John’s reaction was everything she had hoped for. The cock between her pussy lips was swelling and beginning to throb as she heard him whisper in her ear.“How would you like your ghost lover to come back to Fuck you again?”“Would you mind?” Jo asked.“Hell no!” John said. “In fact, I think it would be awesomely sexy to see you getting fucked by an invisible lover.”Sensing that her husband was aroused and close to orgasm Jo slid forward and reached around to grasp his cock.John felt his well lubricated shaft being guided into position in front of his wife’s asshole.Jo pushed back gently until the head of her husband’s cock disappeared inside her ass.John felt his wife’s tightness relax around his shaft until he was easily able to penetrate her to his full length. Jo frantically rubbed her clit as she bounced up and down her husband’s shaft knowing that her own climax was moments away.“I want to feel you come in my ass. Come in my ass baby,” Jo said through gritted teeth.She didn’t have to wait long. Seconds later Jo watched John’s body tense feeling the shaft inside her ass pulsing as he unloaded inside her.“Oh, Oh God, Fuck yes!” Jo screamed as her own orgasm swiftly followed.John’s head pushed back into his pillow as his orgasm gripped his body. Small throaty gasps of pleasure escaped his mouth as he succumbed to his involuntary spasms.Jo collapsed onto her husband’s chest with her head next to his, she was panting heavily in his ear.“Ooh that was good,” she sighed. “You really wouldn’t mind?” she asked.“Of course not,” John said. “It’s really not much different than you using your imagination while you fuck yourself with your dildo is it?”Jo smiled and kissed John’s ear.That evening while lying on top of their queen size bed wearing a pretty white baby-doll nightie, Jo picked out some of the hottest entries from the diary to read to her husband.John listened to the story of the vicar’s wife’s infidelity, loving the intimate detail of sexual encounters with her gardener. He wasn’t at all surprised that Jo had got turned on as much as she had, as the level of detail described in the pages left nothing to the imagination.As erotic as the stories were, the erection that John was sporting in his boxers was in anticipation of seeing his wife with an invisible lover. The very thought was filling him with a sexual tension that he had never experienced before. He was well aware that the lingerie that Jo had chosen to wear wasn’t for his benefit tonight.As no visitation had occurred by midnight, despite the odd, ‘Is there anybody there?’ from John, they had decided to turn in and hope for the ghost to turn up at another time.“Night honey,” John said turning off his light.“Love you,” Jo said turning off hers.They kissed each other passionately in the dark and snuggled up for the night.John awoke to his wife tapping his leg. The room was bathed in a soft mecidiyeköy escort blue tint from the three quarter full moon outside the window and John noticed that the top sheet was missing.Turning over towards his wife he could see that she was lying on her back with her baby-doll nightie pulled up over her tits. Her legs were splayed apart and she was squirming and quietly moaning.Jo turned her head towards John.“He…Oh God, he’s back,” Jo panted. “I can feel him licking my puss…. mmmm, licking my pussy,” Jo said.John leant over to turn on the light but it didn’t work. He could see that the clock wasn’t working either.‘Damn,’ he thought. ‘Of all times to have a power cut,’He felt his hand being squeezed and turned to see Jo arching her back and moaning into her pillow.Removing his boxers, John knelt on the bed next to Jo and watched her body react to the sexual attention it was receiving from her ghostly lover. Stroking his already rock hard cock, John saw how his wife pulled and pinched her nipples as her head turned from side to side. Her breathing was loud, throaty and very sexy. Looking down between her open thighs John could see Jo thrusting her quim upwards towards her invisible lovers tongue.Surreal as it was, John was reluctant to feel between his wife’s legs for any evidence of any visitor from the afterlife. He decided however to sneak a closer look at her pussy. As beautiful as his wife’s pussy was, he was glad to see that it looked completely normal. Looking at Jo’s face, it was blatantly clear that she was enjoying some sort of sexual stimulation. John felt that it might have freaked him out if he’d seen her pussy lips moving on their own accord. He even thought for a second that his wife could even be experiencing some kind of fantasy hallucinations, but, what the heck? It all looked so erotic that John was happy to participate. “Yes, yes unhhh,” Jo whimpered as her body writhed.John pulled hard on his cock as he watched and listened to his wife surrendering her body to the pleasure of her spiritual Casanova.Jo reached up and cupped John’s balls gently tugging on his sac as her husband stroked his length.“Oh fuck honey!” Jo groaned. “I’m gonna’ come,” She said. “He’s gonna make me come on his tongue.”John could feel his wife’s passion in her grip on his balls.“Fuck yes, yes, I’m coming, Oh God yes!” Jo screamed in the darkness.Jo released her husband’s balls and grabbed his buttocks pulling him towards her face.John fed his stiff length into his wife’s hungry mouth. She sucked air through her nose as she gobbled hungrily on his salty shaft. Her legs thrashed and her hips bucked as she came.As her orgasm subsided Jo felt the presence of the ghostly cunnilingus fading away, at that very same moment John’s bedside lamp came on. Startled by the sudden illumination John withdrew from his wife’s mouth and turned towards his side of the bed.“He appears to have gone,” Jo said with a hint of sadness in her voice.“The power has come back on,” John said noticing the flashing numbers on the clock.“Maybe the darkness has something to do with the visitations?” Jo queried.“Well I think I have an idea,” Said şişli escort bayan John reaching for the lubricating gel.John lay on his back and smothered his still hard cock with the gel. He guided Jo into the reverse cowboy position so that she was squatting over his cock facing his legs. John pushed the tip of his penis into her ass and Jo lowered her body down onto his shaft.“Oh babe, I love the feel of you in my ass,” Jo sighed.She loved this position because John could simultaneously fuck her ass while reaching around to finger fuck her pussy.Jo leant back on her elbows with her legs spread as her husband slowly fucked her tight little hole. John reached over and turned out the bedside lamp plunging the room back into the semi darkness of the moonlight.Moments later Jo felt the sensation of another pair of hands caressing her inner thighs.“It worked honey,” Jo whispered. “I think he’s back to finish what he started,” She said.John’s cock twitched at the exciting thought of their lovemaking becoming a threesome deal.Jo sighed as she felt the hands stroking across her tummy, she felt the searching fingers slide under her nightie and cup her breasts. As ghostly fingers began to twist and pinch her nipples Jo felt a familiar hardness pressing against her pussy lips.“Oh yes, yes!” Jo squealed spreading her thighs wide in anticipation.John felt his wife adjusting her body until she was lying with her back against his chest. His lubricated shaft was easily sliding in and out of her ass.“Is he touching you honey?” John asked, his voice trembling with excitement.“Oh yes,” Jo said. “He’s squeezing my tits and pushing his….” Jo stalled her sentence.John suddenly felt a pressure against the base of his cock, the force moved along the length of his shaft.“Oh god, oh fuck yeah!” Jo squealed as she felt her pussy filling with a huge hard cock. “John, he’s inside me and fucking my pussy,” She sighed.“I know babe, I can feel him too,” John said, now totally convinced of the spiritual presence.Jo gritted her teeth and panted noisily through her nose as her body accommodated the double penetration.Through the thin dividing flesh wall between her ass and pussy John could clearly feel the length and girth of the ghostly cock that was now pounding his wife’s pussy. He thought it was like fucking and being wanked off at the same time, and the feeling was intense.“Oh John,” Jo cried. “I’m going to come again,” She said.The timing was perfection itself.John felt his wife’s body go rigid with orgasmic pleasure as she came. He felt the girthy cock pumping as it erupted in his wife’s pussy, and he felt his own orgasm tearing through his groin as his own cock unloaded into Jo’s ass. “Oh fuck, I can feel you both coming inside me!” Jo squealed.The room filled with moans of pleasure as their three-way climax exploded into being and seemed to last for an eternity.John’s hips were still bucking. His cock was buried deep in Jo’s ass when he felt their ghostly partner slipping out of her body.Jo felt it too, letting out a satisfied sigh as her pussy released the retreating shaft.John reached around and rubbed his wife’s clit, he felt the stream of hot cum oozing from her pussy.Jo slid her ass off her husband’s cock and snuggled in alongside him.“That was fucking intense!” She breathed loudly in John’s ear.John smiled as he saw the look of total sexual satisfaction etched on his wife’s face, and wondered how often their ghostly friend would visit to make sure that it stayed there.

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