Anna from Ukraine Ch. 03


It had been less than three weeks, but it felt like an eternity. Anna had gone home to Ukraine to celebrate Christmas, leaving behind her two best friends. It had been great to see her family again, especially her sister Tanya, but she realised how addicted she had become to Marianne and Mona’s company. Maybe Mona’s in particular.

Many things had happened since their crazy night out in Oslo. Marianne just couldn’t help it, she had a crush on Kathrine, her teacher. The crush was mutual, but at the same time Kathrine was panicking that somebody would find out and clearly felt that the relationship was inappropriate. But who could blame her for not being able to resist Marianne? Anyway, to find a way out of this moral dilemma, Kathrine had started looking for another job, so that she would no longer be Marianne’s teacher. For the time being she was though, so they had to keep their relationship a secret. Mona and Anna tried to be supportive. Neither girl believed very much in the long-term potential of Marianne’s new relationship, but that was for Marianne to find out for herself. All the secrecy surrounding their relationship was an eternal source of amusement for Anna and Mona and they seized every occasion to tease their blonde friend, addressing her as ‘Miss Undercover lover’ and buying her a brimmed hat and dark sunglasses to wear whenever she visited Kathrine’s apartment.

Anna also had a new friend. The weekend she had spent at Julia’s place — one week after they first met — they had hardly left the bed at all. Making love, sleeping, ordering pizza or Thai, making love again. All in the company of books. Julia’s apartment was filled with them. While the 33-year old had been sleeping, Anna had just grabbed one from a shelf and started reading. After the Polish girl woke up, they had been discussing the book for some time, which — as Anna discovered — was actually a very good way to slowly build up her sexual appetite again. Especially when the discussion was carried out in the nude, of course. To watch gorgeous Julia sit there naked and elaborate on art and literature was just so cool. Anna liked hot girls, but she also liked intelligence. As she had once put it herself, in an exchange with Mona and Marianne: How can you fuck someone’s brains out if they don’t have a brain in the first place?

With Anna away for a weekend-long bed-in with Julia, and Marianne engaged in some top-secret, potentially scandalous affair with her teacher, Mona had to be creative. The small town where she lived offered little but the same old faces day in day out. So she decided to contact a relative – some distant cousin — in a neighbouring town to stay there for the weekend. Not because she had any particular desire to spend time with her relative, but because it offered her the opportunities to go out in a new place. When Anna returned from Oslo, Mona proudly announced that her strategy had paid immediate dividends — in the form of a very attractive light blonde girl that she had gone home with. In vivid detail, she described their night together, and then their second night. In the end, Mona’s relative hadn’t seen much of her, felt very offended and would probably never invite her there again. That didn’t seem to bother Mona particularly; if anything, she seemed proud of it.

“I don’t need her anymore,” Mona said proudly. “Now I have somewhere else I can stay whenever I go there.” Ever the tease, she added: “But how shocking it must be for you and Marianne that I am actually having sex with somebody who is not old enough to be my mother!” Kristine was 18.

So, Anna had a lover in Oslo, Mona had one in the neighbouring town. Meaning everything was great, then? In theory yes. But somehow Anna couldn’t help thinking about Mona and the new girl. Especially when Mona went there on her own — she had just got her driver’s licence and her parents let her use their old car — the following Wednesday. Why would she go there in the middle of the week? Unless there was something… She didn’t know, maybe Mona had a crush or something? Maybe she was in love, like Marianne? The redhead vehemently denied having any such feelings, but didn’t action speak louder than words? Anna felt uneasy the whole evening. No, Mona was not her girlfriend as such, but that didn’t mean Anna wanted her to be anybody else’s girlfriend either, with everything that that entailed. She texted her:

“Drop by my place on the way back. Unless you stay for the night.”

They had classes the following morning so she expected Mona to come home. And she did, though it was past 2 a.m. when she finally heard Mona’s car stop outside her small basement apartment.

The redhead was smiling from ear to ear.

“Somebody just had a very rewarding mid-week celebration, I can see.”

“Can’t canlı bahis complain.”

“Want a beer or something?”

“No, I’m driving. But thanks.”

Anna took one for herself anyway. They sat down on Anna’s bed. There was no sofa in the sparsely furnished one-room apartment.

“What an exciting life certain people lead,” Anna said, taking a sip.

“Hey!” Mona responded. “Stop hinting at whatever you’re hinting at. You’re the one with the fancy lover in the capital. I on the other hand am forced to roam the countryside to find a sex partner.”

Anna chuckled.

“Farmers, lock up your daughters.”

“They better, ’cause I’m coming for them!”

The Ukrainian looked at her friend. Mona’s freckles never ceased to fascinate her. Tonight, there seemed to be even more of them than usual.

“Is that pussy I smell on your breath?” Anna wondered.

The redhead smiled mischievously. She leaned over to Anna, opened her mouth and a second later Anna felt Mona’s warm breath on her face. It smelt nice, it smelt Mona. She couldn’t really sense any hint of pussy there though.

Anna shook her head.

“I think you’re lying. You’ve probably just been to see your boring distant relative again.”

Mona smiled.

“That wouldn’t even be possible. I think she hates me now. I wrote to her to thank her for letting me stay there, but she didn’t even reply.”

“Or maybe Kristine simply wasn’t wet enough to leave any smell in your mouth?”

“You don’t believe she was wet? Well, then I have no choice but to…”

She held her middle finger up to Anna’s nose. The scent was unmistakable.

“Nah… you’ve just been masturbating.”

“It’s not my smell. Look…”

She grabbed Anna’s hand and put it in her panties. Anna’s finger slid inside the redhead’s tight, slick vagina.

“Now smell it,” the Norwegian girl ordered.

Anna put the finger to her nose.

“See?” Mona said triumphantly. “Different smell, different pussy, different girl.”

“Ok, ok, I give in. So you had some kind of sex with this hillbilly slut. Congrats.”

“I didn’t have ‘some kind of sex’. I had great sex with a very cool and very hot girl.” She paused for a second. “Doesn’t mean I’m not in the mood for more.”

Anna felt like rejecting her. She didn’t want to be taken for granted. At the same time, she felt like she wanted Mona more than she had ever wanted her. Her stunning grey eyes and super-sexy freckles were as hypnotizing as the first time she had seen them. Anna unbuttoned her pants and pulled them off.

“Go down on me then.”

Anna lay back on the bed in her panties. Mona smiled at her and started removing her clothes. The Ukrainian couldn’t help staring. Maybe she should be tired of Mona by now — they had been having sex almost daily for four months — but she was just so gorgeous. So slim and athletic. And… she was Mona. Anna had never met any other person like Mona. So irreverent, carefree, careless even. Many — most, probably — people disliked her, because she was so arrogant and never made any effort to be nice to people if she didn’t find them interesting. You could probably say she was a little bit full of herself, but as far as Anna was concerned, she had every right to be. Once she had told Anna, laughing, but looking like she meant it: “Anna, you know that you’re my only equal in this dump of a small town?”

Mona was naked now. She lay down on top of Anna and inserted her warm, sweet tongue into the Ukrainian’s mouth. Anna felt a skilful finger tickle her clit before slowly sliding inside her soaking wet vagina. Her eyes met Mona’s. Fuck, she was so beautiful! Breathing into Mona’s face, she felt her body start shaking. Mona’s eyes were so fantastic.

“Yeeeeessss, don’t stop, please, Mona!”

All sweaty and with Mona still on top of her, the Ukrainian tried to regain her breath.

“Mmmm, that was nice, Mona.”

“But… wasn’t I supposed to go down on you?”

Anna just smiled.

“I’m happy, you don’t have to do that.”

“I know I don’t have to do anything,” the Norwegian girl replied. “But I haven’t tasted you since Monday. For me, that’s like going two days without water.”

Anna sighed with pleasure as Mona slowly started licking her way down her sweaty body.


They had sex again the following night — their last time together before Anna was leaving for Ukraine. Then, on the way to the airport, Anna stayed over one night at Julia’s place just outside Oslo. The sex was fantastic — how could sex with someone as hot and smart as Julia not be fantastic? After numerous orgasms, the two Slavic girls fell asleep in a sweaty embrace. Anna woke up around 5, she was a very light sleeper. It was nice to wake up with bahis siteleri Julia’s slender body so close to hers, but for some reason she started thinking about Mona. She reached for her phone.

“Anna? What is it? Did anything happen?”

Mona sounded concerned.

“No, no,” Anna calmed her. “Sorry I woke you up, I just… I don’t know, I just woke up and felt like talking to you. Sorry.”

“Don’t be, it’s always nice to hear your voice. Especially now that you’re going away.”

“Are you at Kristine’s place?”


There was a moment of silence.

“Is Julia sleeping?”

“She is.”

“Listen, I had this great idea. Christmas Eve is going to be pretty boring, now that Marianne has suddenly decided to discover monogamy. Know what would be the perfect Christmas present for me? If you could perform a striptease for me on Skype.”

“In my Santa outfit?”


Anna was already looking forward to Christmas Eve.

“Ok. And can I expect a striptease from you in return?”

“I don’t know,” Mona teased her. “Not sure I have a suitable Santa outfit actually.”

“Then get one. Maybe your distant relative has one that you can steal.”

She heard Mona’s laughter on the other end of the line.

They talked a little more, before Anna crept back under the sheets and snuggled up to Julia’s warm body. The Polish girl purred in her sleep and threw her arm around her.


That felt like ages ago now, as Anna struggled to get her heavy suitcase off the train. The return journey to Norway from Ukraine had been quite an ordeal. It started with the long train ride from her hometown to Kiev, followed by delays and more delays at the airport. In the end, her flight was postponed until the following morning, so she had to spend a largely sleepless night on a bench in the departure hall. When she finally made it to Norway, there were more trains and more delays, first to Oslo and then three more hours to the small town where she lived. She felt completely worn out and couldn’t wait to jump under the shower and then get into a clean change of clothes.


The sight of Mona’s smiling face and waving hands on the platform made her forget her misery. It had been tough, much tougher than she thought, being away from Mona and Marianne. Marianne was absent, but was excused — she had an important exam tomorrow morning. But Mona had kept her promise, even though it was past 1 a.m., and had come to the railway station to welcome her. Anna had been fearing that maybe she would be at Kristine’s place or something. It was a freezing January night and hot cuddling between the sheets with Kristine was probably preferable to waiting in the cold for a train from Oslo.

“I’ve been missing you so much,” the redhead proclaimed, throwing her arms around Anna and giving her a wet kiss on the lips. “Can’t believe you’re finally back.” She helped the Ukrainian with her suitcase. “I got my car parked just here. And we’re going to my place — no discussion.”

It felt so nice to be with Mona again. Although they had been in touch almost daily — with the Christmas Eve virtual striptease the high point — she had been worried things somehow would be different when she came back. Good things never last and all that. Maybe Mona would be distant, changed. After all, hadn’t she been hanging out with Kristine a lot, to the point where she even spent New Year’s Eve partying with her?

But Mona wasn’t distant. On the contrary, there was a warmth about her that she’d never really seen before. It actually looked like she had been genuinely missing her. Anna was confused.

“So, how are things with Kristine?”


“Is it serious?”

“Is that a question? She’s my girl-toy. A pretty entertaining one, I admit.”

“So just like me then?” Mona would often refer to Anna jokingly as her “Ukrainian girl-toy.”

“Anna, don’t be silly. I…” She obviously had something she wanted to say, but something held her back.


“No, eh… nothing,” she replied, leaving Anna even more confused.

The car climbed the final hill up to the farm where Mona lived with her parents. It was funny to think that Mona was actually a farm girl. It was not easy to imagine her milking cows or feeding the pigs. Mona had very little interest in the goings-on on the farm; fortunately for everybody, especially for the future well-being of the farm, she had an older brother who would take over after their parents. Nevertheless, for the time being at least, Mona was living on a farm, so she was technically a farm girl. That, of course, was a fact Anna and Marianne never stopped teasing her about, pestering her with questions about the number bahis şirketleri of eggs and the size of udders, not to mention screaming “Mad-cow disease outbreak!” every time Mona had a hint of a cold.

“Finally,” Anna said with relief as they were inside. “A shower has never been more overdue.”

Her friend had a different idea.

“That can wait,” Mona said and pushed the brunette against the wall. The intensity in the way she kissed her made it clear she was very impatient. So was Anna; it had been almost three weeks after all. But there was no way she would let Mona anywhere near her naked body before she had a shower.

“Mona, I have gone two days without a shower, ok? I am not fresh.”

“What part of “I can’t wait to taste you again” do you not understand?” Mona demanded, referring to the message she had sent Anna while she was on the train.

“Just five minutes, ok? I am really not fresh. I am not,” — the Ukrainian girl was searching for a good word — “I am not lickable.”

“To me, you are always lickable.”


“Just shut up and lie down,” Mona ordered, pulling a weakened Anna over to the bed. “My tongue will make you clean.” The brunette was too tired to put up any resistance. If Mona really wanted her like this, who was she to deny her the pleasure?

Anna lay down on the bed, with Mona undressing her. Despite her feeble state, the situation felt strangely arousing. Mona started kissing her breasts.

“I’ve missed your smell, Anna.”

Mona took her time, letting her tongue circle Anna’s nipples. The Ukrainian moaned softly, burying her fingers in the Norwegian girl’s gorgeous strawberry blonde hair. Mona’s tongue ventured to less commonly frequented places, licking Anna’s shoulders and armpits before sliding down to her cute belly-button, leaving a trail of saliva. The Ukrainian spread her legs in anticipation. She knew that the smell coming from her pussy would be stronger than usual, but she had stopped caring. In fact, it was a special turn-on knowing that Mona would smell her even when she was in a state like this. She felt Mona’s breath on her cunt.

“Mona,” she purred. “Yeeeeeeeeeeeeessss, Mona.”

The redhead was in no hurry, taking time to kiss and lick the insides of Anna’s thighs. The Ukrainian was squirming. It had been almost three weeks since she’d felt a tongue there and now she was here with her favourite lover. It felt so right when Mona’s tongue finally touched her pussy. Anna spread her legs even wider, gasping with delight, her friend’s wet tongue running up and down the length of her vagina.


She was on the verge of coming when Mona’s tongue suddenly stopped licking.

“No, don’t…”

Mona pushed the Ukrainian’s knees back. Anna knew what the redhead had in mind. She could sense how her anus was exposed. Mona was probably staring at it, she thought. In Anna’s current state it was not advisable for anybody to lick that part of her anatomy. She knew that wasn’t going to stop Mona though. And she didn’t want her to stop either. She pulled her knees back against her chest, making her asshole even more accessible for Mona’s tongue.

“I’ve missed that part of your body, Anna,” she could hear Mona mutter.

The sensation of Mona’s tongue touching her anus sent sudden waves of pleasure through Anna’s slender body. She moaned some inexplicable Ukrainian words, tried to push her ass against Mona’s face, she wanted the Norwegian girl’s tongue as far as possible inside her.


The redhead knew exactly what her lover wanted, forcing the tip of her tongue inside her anus. Anna couldn’t take it anymore, she brought her fingers down to her clit. It took only a few caresses before she came. Quivering wildly, she screamed her lover’s name.


Anna exhaled deeply. Her body was sticky with sweat and her mind fuzzy with sleeplessness. She suddenly noticed that Mona was lying next to her. Anna’s vision was blurred; at first, she only registered Mona’s grey eyes and strawberry blonde hair. Then, gradually, her gorgeous freckles became visible.

“Julia can never fuck you like I can, Anna.”

Anna just kept staring at her lover.

“Admit it,” Mona insisted.

“No, she cannot,” Anna replied. “Nobody can.”

Mona’s face lit up, wisps of hair clinging to her sweaty face.

“You really mean that?”

“You know I do, Mona.”

“Sex with you is the best, Anna.”

Anna was almost too exhausted to produce a smile. But she felt happy. And she longed for Mona’s taste.

Mona read her mind. She shook her head, smiling.

“Baby, you’re half-dead. You’d probably pass out with your tongue somewhere inside me.”

That was a shame. She really wanted to taste Mona, but the Norwegian girl was right.

“She has never called me ‘baby’ before,” was the last thing Anna thought before weariness caught up with her and she fell asleep in Mona’s arms.


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