Anniversary Surprise Ch. 01


Chapter 1: Celebrating Their Tenth Anniversary in Vegas

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My wife, Pamela Smithe, and I, Daniel Smithe, had always been fairly open about our sexual fantasies. But I thought she was holding back on me a bit. There was nothing I could specifically point to, just a feeling I had whenever I watched her when we discussed our fantasies.

Our tenth anniversary was coming up, and one night as we were laying in bed after making love, Pam asked, “Do you trust me to plan something special for us to celebrate our tenth anniversary? I really want to surprise you!”.

“Sure,” I said, running my fingers around her still erect nipples, “Vegas would be fun. I leave it in your capable hands.”

Pam didn’t say another word about our anniversary celebration. About a week later, I was curious and asked, “How is the planning going?”

“Just fine,” she replied, not giving me any hints or saying anything else about it.

I tried again to get her to give me some of the details, but she just changed the subject. The only thing she said was, “Make sure you take off the Friday and Monday of our anniversary weekend, I think we will need that time!” and then winked at me as she walked away. She was such a tease at times! But I loved her, so I requested that Friday and Monday off from work and was ready for our trip.

Friday before our anniversary we took a mid-morning flight out to Vegas. We found our hotel and settled into our room. I was happy to see it was a nice-sized suite. I reached out for Pam after we walked into the room, thinking that we really should start celebrating a bit. She just slapped my hand and told me, “There will be plenty of time for that! Now, let’s unpack and then walk around and see what’s here. Maybe we can find a show to see tonight.”

“A show tonight?” I thought as I finished unpacking my things. “The only show I want to see tonight stars her and me and will be x-rated. I certainly hope she doesn’t blow me off again when it comes to sex.”

Done unpacking, we kissed and walked down to the elevators, taking them down to the lobby. Getting out, Pam surveyed the chaos and pulled me behind her making her way towards the street exit. Once out on the street, she said, “I just want to walk down the strip a bit and see what is going on. We can stop in at Caesar’s and the Bellagio to see what acts they have playing too.”

As a love-struck husband, I followed her lead down the strip. We passed all sorts of folks letting loose and enjoying themselves. We stopped at the Bellagio, but they didn’t have anything playing that she wanted to see. At Caesar’s, she found a singer that she liked and we were able to get tickets for the 9 pm show.

We kept walking the strip Friday afternoon. We’d stop at a casino and play a little, but then would soon continue down the strip. Around 5:15 pm, we both were getting a bit hungry, so we started looking for a place to have dinner. We settled on a restaurant in one of the hotels. They had decent food and really good drinks. We had a few too many and decided to take a cab back to the Bellagio — it was about 8:30 pm. We played a little at the casino then made our way to the show. It was a good show — it had all the over-the-top theatrics you would expect from a top show in Vegas. Afterward, we stopped at a little bar and had a few more drinks on the way back to our hotel. We stumbled into our room around midnight. We were both tired so decided to call it a night. I hoped we might be able to enjoy all things sexy when we get into bed. But, even though we both slept naked, Pam passed out as soon as her head hit the pillow. I was then beginning to develop a major case of blue balls. ‘Oh well,’ I thought to myself as I drifted off to sleep, ‘I’m sure we can have some fun tomorrow before breakfast.’

However, Saturday, our anniversary, she was long gone when I awoke. After looking in the bathroom, I found a note she left me. First, she said that she had picked out an outfit that she wanted me to wear to dinner and left it in the bathroom. Finally, she said she was going to be at the hotel spa all day to get ready, but that I should enjoy myself—go golfing or play some poker. Now, I was getting a bit pissed. We were supposed to be celebrating our tenth anniversary, and to me, that meant reenacting our honeymoon. Well, maybe not all of it, but I thought we would at least have had sex a couple of times by our anniversary breakfast.

Knowing how Pam gets, I knew that calling her would not change a thing. She would be at the spa until dinner just as she said. So, I was stuck in Vegas effectively by myself on my anniversary! ‘Just awesome!’ I thought as I jumped into the shower. After a quick shower, I changed into some casual wear and headed downstairs to find breakfast. While it was only a fleeting thought, I did think about catching a flight home if Pam was going to act this way on our anniversary trip. I was feeling very neglected and quite sexually frustrated. I hoped things changed significantly this evening. Otherwise I was going to catch a bahis firmaları flight home tomorrow. I found a breakfast bar and indulged—they had waffles and crepes and great coffee. I just wished I could have shared all of it with Pam.

Glumly, I set about finding a poker game. I wanted one that wasn’t too high stakes. I finally found one like that and bought in. Sitting down, I picked up my cards and settled in to play. I lost a couple and won a couple. I likely had come out about even, so I excused myself from the table around noon and went looking for lunch. I found a Japanese restaurant and decided to give it a try. While the meal was good, I was still suffering from some self-pity by being abandoned by Pam.

Thinking about what to do, I decided that I was on my own today and Pam apparently didn’t want to spend the day with me. So, I made my mind up and walked out the hotel lobby and back onto the strip. Before walking too far, I spotted what I was looking for — a strip club. I paid the $20 cover charge and the $20 minimum drink order and went in. I was not expecting Saturday afternoon to be too busy nor for the women performing to be the top performers, but I was very pleasantly surprised. There was a woman dancing and several more taking orders. The dancer had the wholesome, next-door-neighbor type of look to her. She was a beautiful blond that knew how to move her body. I watched her for a bit and worked on my beer that a waitress had brought.

I reached in my pocket and grabbed a couple of singles. I motioned to the dancer, and she made her way over to where I was sitting at the bar and smiled at me. She moved her leg with her garter belt closer to me, and I tucked the singles away. She then got back up and danced a bit more. Her set ended, and a curvaceous brunette came out on stage. She looked fantastic and had my full attention as she danced on stage. I again gave her a tip once her set was winding down. The guy behind the bar announced that there would be an intermission and then things would start again.

I looked around and spotted the brunette walking towards me from behind the stage.

“Hi, gorgeous!” I said, offering her the seat next to me, “what are you drinking?”

“Sorry honey, I can’t drink while on duty, and I will be dancing the next set.” She said sitting down.

“Sprite.” She said to the barman.

Turning to me she said, “Let me guess, in Vegas, your friends abandoned you, and you decided to stop in here?”

“No, but close,” I replied. “My wife and I are here to celebrate our anniversary. She decided she needed a spa day today, so I’m on my own.”

“Hmm. That wasn’t very smart of her then,” the brunette responded, winking at me.

“Um…why not?” I asked, getting a bit tongue-tied around her.

“Because silly, any woman around here looking for a quality guy will spot you a mile away.”

“So?” I asked

“Well, if a woman were looking for a quality guy and spotted you, she would be on you as quick as can be.” She replied smiling at me.

“You mean, like you?” I laughed in response.

“Hmmm. Perhaps. My name is Cindy by the way.” She answered looking me up and down.

“Nice to meet you, Cindy. I’m Danny.” I replied, and continued, “While I am flattered, I am married and will not cheat on my wife.”

“I admire your loyalty and ethics,” Cindy responded. “But, if your circumstances change and you’d like to enjoy my company sometime, just let me know. Here is my card.” Cindy said handing Danny her business card as she stood up and made her way back towards the backstage entrance.

I couldn’t believe what had just happened. That gorgeous woman just hit on me, and I turned her down!

‘Damn! Pam better make it up to me tonight. Otherwise, I really will need to catch a flight home tomorrow — far too much temptation here in Vegas.’ I thought as I finished my beer and settled in to watch the next set.

When the next set was just about over, my phone buzzed. Looking down I noticed it was a text from Pam. All it said was, “Be sure you clean your ass out really good before dinner honey. I want that for my dessert!”

Just reading that caused my cock to stiffen in my shorts. Looking at my watch, I decided it was time to head back to the room and get ready, especially if I was going to follow my wife’s instructions.

I waved good-bye to the barman and the waitress that had been helping me out, leaving her a nice tip. I made my way back to my hotel room and decided another shower was in order. Before that though, I broke out my enema kit and used it to clean out my ass thoroughly before my shower. I dressed in the outfit Pam had laid out for me. Funny, she had not left any underwear, so I followed her instructions to the letter and did not put any on. At the very least, I can use that to embarrass her a bit.

Just as I was finishing up, Pam swept into our suite.

“Hi honey, I’m back!” she called out as she made her way to her dresser and began pulling out her clothes for dinner.

“Oh, hi. Nice to see you finally on our anniversary!” I snarkily replied kaçak iddaa as I finished drying my hair.

“Now, don’t be like that. I told you we’d have dinner tonight and I needed to look my best, so a spa day was in order,” She replied walking into the bathroom with her outfit.

“Well, it’s a little hard not to be upset when your wife abandons you on your anniversary in Vegas, and you haven’t made love to her since you arrived!” I hotly responded.

“I know honey,” she said, “We will have plenty of time tonight. Don’t worry about it. I am going to rock your world. You are going to get to experience something you have never had before, and I know you are going to love it!”

“Well, it better be good. Because right now I am considering catching a flight home tomorrow. Your idea of an anniversary trip to Vegas is not at all like mine. So far it has left out all celebrations, and there has been no sex. If I wanted that I would have come to Vegas with my friends!”

To her credit, Pam didn’t say another word. She walked up to me, grabbed my head in her hands and planted a toe-curling kiss on me that involved a significant amount of tongue. I felt myself melting at her touch. She reached down and rubbed my cock through my dress pants and said, “Just wait. After dinner, you are going to be very satisfied. We both will be. But I need you at your horniest to strengthen the impact. Okay, honey? You know how much I love sucking your cock. If it weren’t for the surprise, I would have been down on my knees when we first got here and sucked you off. Also, I knew I couldn’t trust myself around you today, so I had to go to the spa. Don’t worry, tonight will be so worth it!” she said while she continued to plant kisses on my lips and cheeks.

“Okay. I’ll trust that you have a major surprise that will blow my socks off tonight. However, if it doesn’t and if we don’t have sex, then I am leaving on the first flight tomorrow. You have no idea how much temptation is around in Vegas, and I want to remain faithful.” I replied looking her square in the eye.

“Okay, that works for me. Now get out of the bathroom so I can get ready for dinner.” She said pushing me out the bathroom door.

Almost an hour later, Pam emerged from our bathroom. She was a vision! She was wearing her little black dress, the pearls I had bought her for last Christmas, stockings, and black high heels! Her naturally blonde hair was set off magnificently by the dress’ color. It was a simple, but oh so very sexy combination that she used to lethal effect with me. Seeing how beautiful she looked stepping out of the bathroom, all my anger vanished, and I started thinking about getting to unwrap her when we got back from dinner.

“Okay, let me grab my purse, and we can head down. I want to have a drink before dinner.” Pam said walking over to the dresser and picking up her clutch.

“You look amazing!” I replied walking to the door to hold it open for her.

“Thank you, Sir!” she said as she walked into the hallway.

All the way down to the lobby, I kept stealing glances of my gorgeous wife in her phenomenal outfit. I caught her slightly smiling a couple of times. I guess she could tell the effect she was having on me. All I will say is that I had to adjust my pants before we got off the elevator.

We walked across the lobby and down to where there was a quiet bar near the restaurant she had selected. A waiter approached, and Pam quickly said, “I’ll have white wine and bring my husband a gin and tonic.”

We sat there watching each other as we enjoyed our drinks and the piano playing in the bar. After about a half hour, we had both finished two drinks, and Pam said, “Well, let’s not be late!” and stood up.

I followed suit, and we walked arm in arm down to the restaurant. They sat us quickly in a darkened booth at the back. The restaurant was an Italian trattoria, and we soon were enjoying some fabulous Italian cuisine.

After we finished our main course, the waiter brought out the dessert menu. I looked at my wife, and she said, looking at the waiter, “I think we can find something better,” as she gave me a wink. My cock stirred a bit in anticipation.

Arm in arm we walked back through the lobby and took the elevator up to our room.

Once inside, Pam suggested, “Why don’t you lie down on the bed?”

I did, thinking we’d soon both be naked and enjoying one another. She walked over to the bed and started kissing me deeply. Slowly her hands pulled something from behind her back and started putting in on my head. The next thing I knew, she had slipped a hood over my head. The hood did not have any cutouts for my eyes but did have cutouts for my mouth and nose.

“Hey, what are you doing?” I asked starting to stand up and reaching for the hood.

Pam pushed me back down on the bed, grabbing my hands, and said, “Relax. You are going to love this! Now, whatever happens, just go with it. I love you and think we will both enjoy this.” Then she took my hands and cuffed them to the headboard.

I heard her moving about in the room. It sounded kaçak bahis like she was on her phone. A bit later I heard the door to our suite open. Someone else was now in our room! Neither my wife nor this new person said a word. Then I heard the stereo turn on with some nice jazz, and I couldn’t hear what they were doing. Suddenly I felt hands on my waist working at undoing my pants. My belt got unbuckled, then my pants were undone, and someone was tugging them down under my ass and down my legs. They unbuttoned my dress shirt and let it hang to my sides. My chest was completely bare and exposed. I heard my wife’s excited breath as I felt another hand grab and pull on my hardening cock.

It was wild laying there in complete darkness not able to see who was undressing me nor what my wife was doing. I kept imagining that she had paid a call girl to meet up with us so that we could enjoy a threesome. ‘That would be awesome!’ I thought.

I felt someone climb on the end of the bed and slowly inch up between my legs. They licked my legs up to my belly button and then down the sides of my thighs. My cock grew even harder just anticipating where their tongue would go next. The first tongue kept licking up and down my thighs. I felt another tongue then start at my belly and lick down to my balls. Slowly the mouth attached to that tongue opened and engulfed one of my balls. The person sucked on it for a bit, then let it go and moved to my other ball. My cock grew even harder. Then the other tongue started licking the slit of my cock, just licked right into it and if I weren’t cuffed to the bed I would have jumped.

One of the people then moved across me, and I felt soft womanly flesh. The next thing I felt was a pussy being lowered to my lips. I reached out with my tongue and started to lick and suck it, being rewarded with moans and gasps that I recognized belonged to my wife. The other person continued to focus on my cock and balls. Suddenly, the other person swallowed my entire cock and used their tongue to lick my balls. I just about erupted from that but caught myself and refocused my efforts on my wife’s pussy. Slowly, the other mouth let go of my cock and my wife lowered her mouth down onto my cock. The other person shifted a bit, and I next felt a pillow being pushed towards my ass. My wife took her mouth off my cock long enough to say, “Raise your hips off the bed honey.”

I did as she wished, and the pillow was placed under my butt.

The other person shifted again on the bed, and the next thing I felt was my balls being licked and sucked while my wife continued to suck my cock. The person licking my balls slowly edged downward, probing the folds of my ass. Soon, the tongue was swirling around my asshole, and they were rimming me! The attention continued, and the tongue even started probing into my asshole, just a bit at first, but soon it was almost like the person was fucking me with their tongue. Pam must have appreciated the sight because she started sucking my cock furiously. It was all too much, and I couldn’t hold it together. I cried out that I was going to cum and Pam clamped down on my cock. At that moment my cock erupted and spewed cum into her mouth. She continued to suck until I was spent.

The attack on my ass stopped, and I suddenly heard kissing sounds. From the sounds of it, this was a very wet and sloppy kiss. Pam was moaning, and I heard the other person moaning as well.

Pam said, “I’m sharing your cum with the other person here with us. They think it tastes fabulous! Now, just relax.”

I heard them stop making out. Pam got up off the bed and was gone for a bit. When she got back, she grabbed my cock and then started probing my ass with her fingers which were wet. She was lubing my ass!

“There, there honey, this will not hurt too much. It might be a little uncomfortable, but you’ll get used to it. You’ve had me peg you many times at home. So, now, breath in.” Pam said as she continued to prepare my ass.

As she said this last part I suddenly felt an object pressed at the entrance to my asshole. She pushed harder, and suddenly it was past my ring and sliding deeper into me.

“Honey, this is just a nice butt plug I got for you,” Pam said as she backed away from the bed. “Now, I want you to get ready for a 69. Just remember, go with it.”

I felt the other person move closer to me; their legs were up by my head. Then they were swinging into position and starting to suck my cock. I started trying to reach for her pussy. Instead, I got the shock of my life. A hard cock greeted my searching tongue. I recalled that Pam had said to just go with it. So, I figured ‘what the hell’ and started to lick the cock that was near my face.

“Mmmmmmm. That’s it, mister, lick that cock!” Pam commanded. “Now suck it. I want to see you suck that whole cock into your mouth!”

I reached forward a bit more and managed to get my whole mouth around the cock. It was a bit spongy but felt good in my mouth. I was doing a good job, because the guy began to thrust his cock into my mouth, slowly fucking my mouth. I just clamped down on his cock and sucked it for all I was worth, also twirling my tongue around the head while I did so. Before too long, I heard the guy beginning to gasp and moan. I knew what was coming next.

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