Annual Doctor Exam


Annual Doctor ExamI live 50 miles from the city where my doctor has his office. Yesterday was to be my annual exam. I always like to be early in the office so arrived there at 8:00 a.m. When I was called by the nurse to follow her to the examination room, I had to silently curse the daily Cialis I had been taking because her ass was so nice. I thought about other things though and was only semi-erect when she asked me to be seated. She asked me about my medications, asking if I still took each one and if I had any over the counter medications I had started since the last exam. I told her I had added fish oil and she marked that down. She then asked about each of the medications and what dosage they were and if I had noticed any side effects. “I see you are taking daily Cialis. Do you take it in the morning or the evening?” I hesitated just a second then said, “I took it about an hour ago.” She asked then if it was effective. I told her I had been very happy with it and started to say more only stopping because what I was about to say seemed inappropriate. “Did you have something to add Mr. Martin?”Looking directly at her I said, “I have been very happy with the strength of my erections.” She smiled briefly then asked, “So the Cialis has been very effective and you are pleased with the strength of your erections.” She looked down as she wrote something on my file. I added, “Very pleased!” She looked up at me and flashed a beautiful smile.”How often do you have sexual relations Mr. Martin?” I knew this wasn’t part of the normal questioning, but I was loving it and decided to see where it would go. “My wife isn’t that fond of fu…uh sex. We did once last week, but usually I like the Cialis because occasionally I meet a local female friend and other times I like it because it makes masturbation very pleasing.” She flushed a bit at my frankness, but flashed that killer smile once again. Looking down at the notes again, she said, “Your wife isn’t that fond of fucking but you have a friend you meet sometimes and you find masturbation to be very enjoyable. Is there anything more. I want to be sure to be complete here.””As you led me down the hall I was fixated on how nice your ass is Miss…uh. I had an immediate erection and had to think about work to get my cock down to a reasonable state. As you can probably see this question and answer period has taken it to the very satisfactory level.”She looked across the room at my crotch, the interest in her look evident she replied, “Yes. You have a nice hard cock under those clothes. I am Miss Walters, but please call me Wendy” She turned away from me and latched the door. “I’m afraid Dr. Stevens has been called away to the hospital to check on a patient. I hope you don’t mind the delay. He should be here within the hour Mr. Martin.””Wendy, please call me Peter. I’m afraid I might burst here halkalı escort unless I let myself out of my pants. I hope that won’t disturb you.” She smiled, moved over to me and said, “Peter, please let me help you.” She knelt on the floor. I saw she had unbuttoned the top two buttons on her white dress. “It’s so nice to see that not everyone wears the smocks most nurses and assistants wear.” I openly stared at the cleavage she displayed while she unbuckled my belt.”You know how old I am Wendy. I am guessing you have to be somewhere near thirty. Why would you be interested in a 65 year old man to the point of wanting to have sex. If you take my cock out of my pants, I won’t be satisfied unless I slam it up inside your cunt.” Her face was flushed, she looked up at me and said, “I am 26 and you remind me of my uncle. I love older men.” When my cock popped out and hit her on the chin she grinned up at me and said, “That’s a very nice cock you have there Peter. I hope you don’t mind if I suck on it for a while before you ‘slam it up inside my cunt.’ “She didn’t let me say another word because her mouth was down over my cock and heading for home. I felt the head against the back of her throat and then I felt it slip farther as she took my entire shaft in her mouth. She mouth-fucked my cock, her throat and voice making a ‘glog glog glog’ sound as she did so. I felt her neck where the head of my cock moved inside it. Finally she pulled away from my prick dramatically, causing her brown hair to fly from her forehead back across her head. She stood up then and lifted the tight white skirt of her professional outfit. Her black panties were soaked. She grabbed the elastic in what seemed almost desperation and pulled them off her legs. I held out my hand to her and said, “I’ll have those. They will give me inspiration the next time I have to fuck my wife.” Wendy giggled and handed them to me as she unbuttoned the rest of the buttons on the top part of the dress. She pulled the material of that part of the dress forward so it freed her tits. Her black bra was charming, and I almost asked her to leave it on, but when I saw her tits, especially her nipples I had to say, “I love your nipples Wendy! Nice and hard and fuck…they really stick out!”She climbed up onto the examination table, leaning forward so her face was turned to look back at me. I lifted her skirt above her ass and paid attention to her glorious cunt. The mound was quite prominent and her lips were the kind I liked. They extended out and you could grab lips like that and pull on them. I did just that. “Tell me what you want Wendy.” She laughed and said, “Oh we don’t need to play any games…but this one. May I call you Uncle Jack?””Not at all Wendy. So did your Uncle Jack like to fuck his niece?” I saw her face beam nişantaşı escort as she looked at me, “Only four times Peter, but you remind me of him very much.””Four times eh?” I pushed the head in between those lips I was tugging on and felt it cushioned in her slippery center. “Did he get to take your cherry Wendy?” She giggled as I slid my prick all the way up into her sumptuous cunt and said, “Yes he did. It was so amazing every time, but that first time…I think of that time every time I find an older guy who is willing to fuck me.””So I look like him? Is that how I remind you of him…do I look like him?” She said, “Not at all, but he acted like you do and his cock was nice and big like yours. Have you ever taken a cherry Peter?” I had to confess that I hadn’t ever fucked a virgin, but then said, “Your cunt is so tight Wendy. I haven’t fucked someone as young as you are since I was as young as you are. I can almost see Uncle Jack sliding into your virgin hole. Did you bleed?””The first time he fucked me I was two days older than 18. He had missed my birthday and said I could ask for whatever I wanted for my birthday. I asked him if he really meant that and he told me he hoped it wasn’t too expensive a car.” “So what did you ask for Wendy.” My cock slammed back into her and she had to regain her breath to say, “I told him that I had often thought about how he flirted with me. I told him I thought of him most of the time. He wasn’t surprised at that and laughed. He stopped laughing when I said that I thought of him most when I masturbated. He was quiet for a moment and then asked quietly, “So what is your birthday wish my princess?”My cock was sliding slowly in and out of her delicious cunt as she continued the story. “I told him I was a virgin and was now legally a woman. I told him I didn’t feel like a woman because no one had fucked me yet. Then I told him I had many opportunities, but saved myself for Uncle Jack. I told him my wish was for him to fuck me…to take my cherry.””The first time you had his cock inside of you, what position were you in Wendy””Well, it started just like this, but then I wanted to see his face, so I asked him if I could lie on my dresser and have him fuck me while I looked at him. The dresser was just as high as this table.”I pulled out and asked how much more time we had. “I have no fucking idea Peter, uh… Uncle Jack, but the door is locked and no one knows we are in here. This is not the exam room he normally uses.”I grabbed her thighs and flipped her onto her back. “Put your feet over my shoulders Wendy and let Uncle Jack fuck your virgin cunt.” She shrieked with happiness, spread her legs and put her ankles on my shoulders. “Did he say anything just before he slid his cock into you?”She smiled and said, “Yes. He said “Now I will şişli escort make you a woman Wendy. I am honored to be the first of what I hope is many wonderful lovers you have. Remember that older men always think of their first when they have the chance to fuck a young woman.” I smiled and said, “So you honor him by taking my cock into you. I am indeed honored that you have taken his words to heart.” Wendy reached down to her prominent lips and pulled then wide apart. “I did this for Uncle Jack that first time. Take my cherry please Uncle!”My cock was beyond diamond hard. I pushed the purple head inside her red slit, moving slowly so I would press against her hymen or pretend to do so. When I was about at that level I leaned forward and said, “When I push now, I will do it hard and fast. You know you are going to bleed Wendy, but I will try to keep the pain to a minimum. I held her thighs then and pulled back on them as I slammed my cock all the way down this delicious woman’s cunt. She yelped, “Oh Uncle Jack!! Fuck me. Fuck this woman!” She moved her hands to her nipples, twisting and pulling on them as I fucked her. My balls slammed against her ass as she looked down at where we connected. She was murmuring ‘fuck me uncle jack’…’now I’m a woman’…’fuck me harder’…’shoot your seed inside of me uncle jack’.I was pistoning into her now and my old man seed was ready to coat her cervix. I puffed out, “Oh fuck Wendy. You have such a glorious cunt! With that I plastered her cervix with jets of semen. At that moment there was a light rap on the door. A female voice said, “Wendy, Dr. Stevens just called and he will be here in about 15 minutes. Since the door is locked I am guessing you have some luck with your latest Uncle Jack?” Wendy laughed and said, “I did have great success with Uncle Jack. His cock is still inside of me…but we are through. Just need to clean up a bit and he’ll be ready for Dr. Stevens.” The female voice outside said, “Oops!” then giggled a bit. “I’ll want to hear all about it later. Lucky you!”I pulled out of Wendy, not really surprised that, with her fantasy, she worked for a doctor that got a large number of older men. “So, I’m not your first Uncle Jack,Wendy?”, I asked with a big smile. She smiled sweetly while she wiped her cunt with a wet cloth that had mysteriously appeared. “No, you’re not the first man to be Uncle Jack for me…but you are the most enthusiastic one! I only go for the guys who are on some kind of erection medication and who aren’t too shy to talk about it. In my six months here you are only the third.”I took some paper towel, dampened them and wiped the smell of cunt and semen from my groin. “You know Dr. Stevens is going to do the annual male exam don’t you?” She giggled and said Dr. Stevens always likes how much I enjoy being in the room for that exam. I hope you will be one of the men who allow a non-doctor female person to be in the room with you.””Does he know about Uncle Jack?” She nodded her head and said, “He was my first Uncle Jack after the original one. You didn’t really need to clean your cock, because he was late for this meeting. He had recommended you to me as a perfect Uncle Jack…and you are!!!”

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