Another Night at the Adulst Cinema


Another Night at the Adulst CinemaI’ve always considered myself as being straight. But one day when I was about 60 I got the urge to suck a dick and I did. I also found out that I liked it. So for the last 8 years I have been dividing myself between pussies and cocks. I don’t do it often but when the mood strikes I have to suck a cock and I hunt until I find it.So, this story is about going to the local adult movie theater searching for some cock to suck. When I got there I immediately went to the back where guys tended to hang around hoping to get a blow job or to suck some cock themselves. Anyway I sat on a bench at the very back and this bench was a clear sign to anyone who came back there that the person sitting there wanted to suck some cock.I didn’t take long before a gentleman came back and stood next to the bench I was on. I waited doing nothing. Finally he pulled his cock out and starting jacking off. That was my sign; I reached out my hand to touch his cock and waived him closer. Once there I took hold of his cock and started running my hand up and down his length. I then leaned over and ran my tongue around the mushroom head and along the underside of his glanze. It always feels good when they moan a little as that means I’m doing something right.So, I placed my mouth over his helmet and clamping my lips around the shaft I slowly lowered my head taking more and more of his cock into my throat and didn’t stop till my nose was buried in his pubic hair and my chin rested on his balls. I started bahis firmaları moving my mouth up and down his shaft stopping occasionally to lick his shaft or to suck on his balls. It wasn’t long before I knew he was about to cum as his cock seemed to harden and he began pumping his cock in and out of my mouth. And sure enough I was rewarded with spurt of man juice. I kept moving my head up and down, deep throating him and he gave me two, three, four more spurts. I wasn’t until he was done cumming that I swirled the load of cum around my mouth and swallowed it all down.So, as I’m sitting there waiting for another cock to suck the door to the theater opens and in walks a young woman by herself. She went up and sat in the balcony. My curiosity got the better of me and I went up to the balcony saw her and went and sat down beside her. She was not a bad looking little thing and her skirt was short and by short I mean SHORT. She had her legs pressed together and when I sat down she smiled at me and I returned it back to her.I leaned over and said to her “do you come here often?” “No” she replied. Looking at her shapely legs I again leaned over and whispered to her “are you wearing any panties?” “No” she replied again but the answer came with a big old smile, giving me a flirtatious look with her eyes. So I just had to, I leaned over again “are you going to let me pet your pussy?” “Maybe” she replied. I didn’t wait for an invitation, I reached over and put my hand beneath her skirt and it didn’t have to far kaçak iddaa as I said earlier, her skirt was short. I ran my middle finger up her slit and discovered two things. First she was shaved smooth, a definite turn on, and second she was already wet.“Are going to let me lick your pussy?” “ If you want” she replied. Well of course I did. I moved over till I was in front of her and my hands parted her thighs which caused her skirt to ride even further up. I bent over and ran my tongue up her wet pussy slit. “Oh” escaped her lips. I then began in earnest running my tongue up and down her slit, dipping my tongue into her cunt and nibbling on her clit. It didn’t take long before her ass was squirming around on her bench seat and soft moans were coming from her mouth. I continued and soon her hips were bouncing up and down and her moans became deeper. Then some asshole ruined by saying “hey, how about sharing a little of that?” Well both she and I looked up and there were about 10 guys standing around watching. Some of them had already reached out and were fondling her tits. Then someone reached down and lifted her up by her shoulders bent her over and almost instantly he had buried his cock in her pussy. He pumped away rapidly and I could tell she was enjoying it as she rocked herself back onto his cock.It didn’t take long before his buried his cock deep in her and grunted and he shot his seed up into her pussy. When he withdrew another gentleman took his place and immediately buried his cock in her pussy kaçak bahis till his balls slapped on her skin. Meanwhile other guys and moved around to the front of her and she was sucking on a cock. When he came another took his place. I wasn’t keeping tabs but my recollection is that she sucked 4 or 5 cock and was fucked by another 3 or 4 cocks. Then it was as if everyone had disappeared. There was nobody in line to fuck her and nobody in line to get their cocks sucked. She sat down and reached over and grabbed me by my hair and pulled my face back over to her cunt saying “lick it”. Well, I didn’t need an invitation as my mouth went directly to her cum filled pussy and I buried my tongue as deep into her as I could get it. I licked and sucked and got most of the cum out of her. She finally pushed my head back and said “thank you.” And with that she got up and left. So, I got up and went back to my bench seat at the back of the theater and waiting for another cock to suck. It didn’t take long before a black man sat down next to me.“What do you like?” “ I like to suck” I replied. “Good because I need a blow job”. His zipper was already down and his cock was jutting out and was hard. Immediately I lowered my mouth and engulfed his cock deep into my throat. Now I have to tell, but I’m far from being an expert, black cocks are always smooth like silk and your lips just glide up and down. He kept pushing my head down making the head of his cock rest at the back of my throat and my nose was smelling his balls. When he came I swirled it around my mouth and around his cock. Finally raised my head and swallowed anther delicious mouth full of cum. I then considered my day done, got up and left the theater and went home to my wife.

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