Another story about my friend from my very first s


Another story about my friend from my very first sA while ago I posted pics and a story about a girl I knew and fucked. While I took those pics down, I kept the story up. As I said in that one, she was a huge slut and loved sucking dick (which she was amazing at). I’m going to call her J from now on here , and this is the time I had to pick her up from another guys house. This happened a couple of months after we first fucked, she called me one morning and told me she needed a “ride”. I chuckled but then she said that she was serious and she wasn’t too far from my place. Me being the nice guy that I am, said yes and drove to pick her up. When I got there she was waiting outside in super low cut tank top that barely covered her tits and really short short. It was a walk of shame look if I ever saw one.When she got into my car I asked “Have some fun last night ?” jokingly, knowing full well she did by the look of her. “Yes, I did” she replied a bit annoyed, “Would you like to here about?” she added seductively. I looked over to her and she had a wicked smile on, as well as lowering her top showing off more of her breasts. “Yes” I answered as quick as I could. She started “Well, I was at a dorm party having fun and all when I saw this really good looking guy and a couple of really good looking friends. Of canlı bahis corse I went over to them as fast as possible before any one else could. We got to talking, until the party was broken up and we all had to leave. I was about to say bye to him, when he and his friends invited me over to their place. When we got there the party kept going, when one of them spilled a drink on their shirt and took it off showing off perfect abs. I couldn’t help my self and rushed over to start licking them. I knew that they were all horny,they started getting boners as soon as I started talking to them. Like you are now!” I looked down as I was driving and saw my cock pressing against my jeans. J took her hand and started massaging my cock over my pants, continuing her tale. “I was horny as fuck, being surrounded by all those hunks with hard cocks. I wanted to suck them all off. I felt the guy I was on get harder as I was licking his abs, so I started to unbutton his pants and when I pulled down his underwear I saw a nice big thick cock hard as a rock.I told all the guys, you better be as big as him! And I wrapped my lips around Mr. Big cock. It wasn’t long until I was surrounded by his friends and their big hard dicks. It was like a dream come true. I sucked them for a bit until I stripped off my clothes and told them that bahis siteleri I needed a cock in my pussy. They fucked me for hours taking turns fucking all my holes, making me cum so hard I squirted, it was amazing.” By this time my cock was so hard it started to hurt, so J unzipped me and started to stroke it as I was still driving. I asked her if she wanted to go back to my place, she said “Of course, where did you think I wanted to go?” As I changed directions from her place to mine, she continued. “They fucked me all over the house, on the floor where I sucked two dicks while I road one, to the couch where one fucked me from behind I while I sucked another’s dick, where I told them to switch positions every so often. I wanted to feel which dick I liked more, can you blame me? After what felt like forever, being fucked by multiple cocks, they started to cum one by one. I told them to aim for my face, but they cummed so much I was covered in it from my face to my breasts. I was a cum covered slut and they let me stay the night. When I woke up, I sucked them all off as a way to thank them, and thats when I called you” She finished as I was pulling up to my place. “I bet you want to fuck me nice and hard now?” She asked. I said yes, and stuffing my cock back into my pants we went into my place and as soon güvenilir bahis as we got inside I dropped my pants and she started sucked my cock. I was horny as fuck after she told me what happened, and I wanted to fuck her nice and hard. Her pussy was wet and tight and knowing that she fucked several guys the night before made me fuck her even harder than before. I called her a dirty slut and smacked her perfect ass as she begged for more. I fucked her doggy style until she squirted all over my cock soaking it. She turned around and started sucking my cock which was a mind blowing experience. She has perfect dick sucking lips and she knows how to use them. Seriously, she gave the best blowjobs ever. Normally I would start face fucking her, but she was sucking me so well I had to sit back and just enjoy her. She kept asking if I liked that she fucked a bunch of guys and if I liked her being a slut. (I said yes of course) After a while of great head she started to ride me for a bit. Her breasts are site to see, being the perfect size to jiggle up and down during sex. As I was getting close to blowing my load, I told her and she went back to sucking me off till I came all over her face. She licked it off and ask if she could say a while at my place until she could clean her self off. I said yes and she sucked my cock before she left.I did ask if she liked being known as a slut and she said that she loved every cock that fucked her. I have a bunch more stories to tell about her, and I might post her pics up again.

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