Anything for Chocolate


Jennifer Barnet sat through the long introductory meeting with her new boss, trying not to let her increasing dislike of the younger woman show. Not only younger, but more attractive also, a double insult. That there would always be younger and more attractive women than herself in the world was a simple fact of life, but for them to be successful and powerful too irritated her.

And a lesbian too. Jennifer wouldn’t have minded an attractive young male boss, no indeed. Once or twice over the years she had allowed herself to be seduced into, well, unprofessional behaviour. She had even got a promotion and pay rise by regularly giving Mr Henderson a blowjob with his morning coffee. Sometimes she felt a little guilty about that, but it wasn’t as if she hadn’t enjoyed it.

But the thought of Ms Suchet – that pretentious ‘Ms’, and the foreign accent that the men all thought was sexy, bitch – lusting over her just made her skin crawl. Rumour had it that she was married to some vacuum-brained Barbie doll.

Jennifer kept her true feelings hidden, and smiled and nodded through the seemingly interminable meeting. But it ended at last, and Jennifer’s pad had a long list of duties noted. It was going to be a long day. A long week even. She wondered briefly if she dared to just throw it all in, find some other job, another line of work entirely.

“Have a chocolate,” Ms Suchet said, holding out an expensive-looking box full of posh, individually styled chocolates.

Jennifer was tempted to resist out of spite. She didn’t want to let her boss bribe her like this, but… she had always had a weakness for chocolates, and these did look so very good. “Just the one,” she told herself. “To be polite. It doesn’t mean anything.”

Back at her desk a minute later, she took a moment to enjoy the praline-centred dark chocolate she had selected. It tasted as good as it looked.


It was a long day, and Jennifer was glad to get home. She fed her two cats, black and white twins that she’d named Merry and Pippin. Though she occasionally invited friends over or brought men home, mostly she was happiest curled up in front of the TV with her two boys.

For once though, she was feeling oddly restless. Perhaps it was just the effect of having a younger, more attractive woman for a boss, but she felt drawn to the mirror in her bedroom. She wondered if maybe she should do her hair a different way, or if she should be bolder in her choice of make-up. Maybe it wouldn’t hurt to dress a little more provocatively.

Because she wasn’t really that old, more just worn down by too many failed relationships and an ever receding potential for the happy life she used to dream about.

But why wait for Mr Perfect? Why not look good just for herself?

Jennifer showered, and shaved, and prepared herself as if for a bedroom seduction after a night out on the town. She chose her sexiest black lace underwear and her reddest lipstick, along with mascara of course, and slipped into her highest heels, ones she had only worn once (and not for long).

She’d half expected doing this would make her feel stupid, but in fact the result was very pleasing. As she admired her sexy figure in the mirror, she actually felt young again – and really quite aroused.

Snatching her vibrator from the drawer, she worked her clit with it, all the while gazing at her sexy reflected self. She wished she had fewer wrinkles and bigger breasts, and money to buy sexier underwear and clothes.

She wondered what exactly lesbians did in the bedroom. She wondered what Ms Suchet’s wife was like, if she was really an empty-headed bimbo. She wondered what it would be like to be Ms Suchet’s bimbo wife, on her knees, her face buried between lesbian thighs.

“Oh, fuck!” Jennifer whimpered. Why did the thought of oral sex with her hated new boss canlı bahis turn her on so much? But it did, and it was with this image firmly in her thoughts that she climaxed, a long and intense orgasm that wiped her out.

She collapsed onto her bed and lay there confused but very satisfied.


“I’ve been reviewing your salary.”

Jennifer’s heart sank. No good conversation ever started with those words. It certainly cooled the heat of her flushed cheeks.

Her boss, Ms Suchet, had been away all morning, leaving Jennifer to work through the long list of duties. Despite the resentment she felt towards her boss, Jennifer wanted to make a good impression, and had made good use of the time.

She had also decided to dress a little different for once, choosing a bright pink shirt with her suit jacket, and matching pink lipstick. She also opted for stilettos with three inch heels (and had for a moment been tempted to go higher still) and was pleased with how sexy she felt.

Her friend and occasional rival Deborah had whistled at her. “Someone’s found herself a new man,” she said, winking saucily.

Jennifer had blushed uncomfortably. “No I haven’t, sadly,” she said. “Though maybe this will help me catch one…” Except she hadn’t been thinking about men at all. She’d just wanted to look good.

When Ms Suchet arrived after lunch and called her in, Jennifer couldn’t help remembering her fantasy from the night before, couldn’t help wondering what she would do if Ms Suchet spread her legs and asked Jennifer to pleasure her.

I’m not a lesbian, Jennifer told herself sternly. Stop it!

“It seems you’ve been passed over unfairly,” Ms Suchet said, her eyes scanning a document.

It was true, but that was the way of the world. There were always other women willing to sell themselves for a promotion. Like Jennifer herself with Mr Henderson.

“Although Mr Henderson certainly spoke fondly of you.”

The heat was back in her cheeks. Could this moment get any worse?

“I’ve bumped your pay grade to where it should be,” Ms Suchet said, putting the document down with a casual shrug. “Backdated to the start of the financial year. I hope that’s satisfactory?”

Jennifer stared at her boss in shock. A raise? Backdated… And this was the last day of the financial year, so that was a whole year’s extra pay. “I, er, ah,” was all she could manage.

Ms Suchet smiled at her. “We girls have to stand firm against the bastards, yes?”

Jennifer could only nod. She was thinking that maybe she had been wrong about her boss being an evil bitch. That maybe she was the best boss ever.

“Have a chocolate,” Ms Suchet said, offering that exquisite box again. “In fact, it’s a Friday. Have three. Just promise me not to eat them all at once…”

“Yes, Ms Suchet,” Jennifer said, and randomly selected three dark chocolate pralines.


Mid afternoon, Jennifer went to the bathroom and removed her bra. It had been uncomfortable all day, increasingly so, to the point it was actively hurting her. Not that there was anything obviously wrong with it.

Her breasts, on the other hand… They seemed bigger than normal. And heavier. And unnaturally perky, as if they belonged to a much younger woman. But they were definitely hers. She caressed them wonderingly, enjoying the teasing passage of her fingertips.

No wonder her bra hurt. She’d gone up a cup size or two. “Am I pregnant?” she whispered, but it seemed unlikely.

Reluctantly, she fixed her clothing, minus the bra, and returned to her work.

What a strange day she was having. First the astonishing pay rise – which she still couldn’t quite believe – and now this inexplicable (but certainly welcome) change to her breasts. “Some women pay a fortune for this,” she mused.

Still, it worried her. There bahis siteleri was something wrong with her, the way her body was changing, and the way she was fantasising about her female boss. Or maybe it was just the onset of menopause, or something.

She scrawled ‘Make doctor’s appointment’ on a Post-It note, and put it out of her mind.


The money was real. It was in her bank account. Jennifer stared at the statement in continuing disbelief.

It was enough for a holiday. For two holidays. A month on a sandy beach somewhere, sipping cocktails and screwing… and screwing… or maybe not. She was bored of men. She’d just had the best sex in months, and it had been with a mirror.

In fact, she could do with a new vibrator. Something more powerful. One of those big wand things maybe that lesbians always used in porn. (She’d watched it with a past boyfriend. Maybe she could find it again.)

She could do with a new bra as well, assuming her breasts didn’t shrink as mysteriously as they’d expanded. For that matter, she could buy a whole new wardrobe. Now, that would be fun. She was tired of always wearing the same boring stuff.

“Life is for living,” she said, and gave a great cry of joy.


She booked herself in for a full beauty treatment on the Saturday morning, hair, nails and everything, and on the Friday night relaxed in the bath, lit by candles, drinking the most expensive wine the supermarket had had.

Her new breasts astonished her. They were beautiful, and incredibly sexy. Her areolae had widened too, and her nipples jutted out prominently, far more than ever before, and so delightfully sensitive that she was able to bring herself eventually to a climax just by teasing and rubbing them. Nipplegasm… was that the word?

Was it so very wrong that she had been imagining Ms Suchet’s lips on her breasts, imagining her murmuring seductively in French in between soft, delicate kisses?

But Saturday was the great beauty and shopping adventure. Jennifer popped Saturday’s chocolate in her mouth as she left the house, her spirits soaring. All her life she’d struggled to get by, and for once she was free to just spend on herself and devil-may-care.

Even the legs-and-bikini wax did nothing to damp her spirits. If anything, she found herself oddly aroused by the process. It felt so good to be doing it for herself, and not for some man who would never truly appreciate it. And afterwards… wow. It was like the years had fallen away, leaving a much younger version of herself. “I should have done this years ago,” she said, grinning at an obviously perplexed beautician.

Though she could afford to dine in style, her hunger warred with an impatience to shop. She devoured a large meal of burger, chips and salad, washed down with coke and followed up with ice cream, and went in search of lipsticks and eyeliners and just everything really. Unable to choose between Bobbi Brown’s Fire Engine Red and Yves Saint Laurent’s Le Fuchsia, she went two-tone with fiery red above and hottest pink below, and made it her mission for the day to find clothes to match.

By the time Jennifer returned home, her arms were aching from carrying so many bags, and her clit was throbbing with a desperate need for attention. She fed her cats hurriedly, and raced upstairs with her brand new vibrator, stripped naked in record time, and positioned herself by the mirror.

She was a woman transformed, slender with huge breasts, scarcely a wrinkle, hair expertly styled and lips so perfectly seductive she simply had to kiss her reflection as she touched the humming vibrator between her thighs and teased ever higher towards the urgent centre of her need.

She climaxed almost immediately, releasing the tension that had built for hours. The vibrations were almost too much to bear, but she maintained bahis şirketleri the pressure, driving herself to another intense orgasm, and another, her first ever multiple orgasm. Who needed men when just shopping could lead to such inexplicable pleasure…

Until it really was too much for her, and she crawled into bed and sank into oblivion.


On Sunday Jennifer slept in until Merry and Pippin insisted she get out of bed and feed them. After a quick shower and breakfast, she unpacked her shopping, and spent a while trying out different ensembles, and testing her new make-up, and trying out different ways of doing her hair.

She was startled to see it was getting dark. Somehow the whole day had passed without her noticing. There were various important things she had needed to do, though none so urgent they couldn’t wait. Some people, she knew, for she herself would once have been one, would consider her shallow for wasting so much time on such things. Certainly, she had never thought she could ever find fulfillment in the simple joy of clothing and beauty, but then again she had never really thought of herself as beautiful before.

That was the real waste of time. All the years of not seeing the beauty in the mirror. Of hiding herself in tired clothing and throwing herself at men. The memory of all those intimate encounters made her shiver now with disgust. She wanted nothing more to do with men.

Wanting to be fresh and early at work, she retired early to bed, her faithful companions joining her there. Dressed in her pink silk nightgown, she nibbled contentedly at Sunday’s chocolate and wondered what Ms Suchet would think of her rejuvenated and supremely sexy assistant.


She strode into the building unashamedly wearing pink. A pink T-shirt with a pink jacket, and a pink cotton lace bra beneath that fit her new E-cups snugly. A pink skirt that was daringly short, and pink platform-stilettos. Her lipstick, naturally, was pink. She loved that everyone was looking at her.

“What the fuck, Jen?” Deborah said. “You lose a bet?”

Jennifer smiled back cheerily. “Nope. This is the new me.”

“How much was the surgery?”

She thought about denying that there had been any, but it was strange that she had changed so much without any obvious reason. The Post-It note was still on her desk, reminding her to see the doctor, but she wasn’t in any hurry to change back to the old her. She was happier now than she had been in years, perhaps ever. “Worth every penny,” she said, winking.

There was plenty of work to be doing, and Jennifer liked that she was doing it for Ms Suchet. She couldn’t imagine ever working for anyone else, and wanted to be the best assistant ever.

Ms Suchet called her in at eleven o’clock, and Jennifer’s heart bounced happily as she swirled in her seat and strode into her boss’s office. “You seem to be in a good mood today, Jennifer.”

“Yes, Ms Suchet.”

“I must say those clothes suit you far better.”

“Thank you, Ms Suchet. I did hope you’d like them.”

“I do. They’re such a cheerful colour it makes me want to smile.” She smiled to prove it. “Tell me, Jennifer. I’ve been thinking about Mr Henderson.”

Jennifer’s blissful happiness shattered. “Um.”

“Did you suck his cock?”

Jennifer could feel her cheeks burning. “Yes,” she whispered, appalled as much that she had ever touched a man’s cock as that she was having to confess to it.

“Would you be willing to give me the same pleasure?”

Relief washed through Jennifer as she realised she wasn’t in trouble for past mistakes, and yet she hesitated to reply. Not, it surprised her, that she was averse in any way to surrendering to her own true and too long suppressed lesbian nature, but she wasn’t sure if this was supposed to be in return for the pay rise. “I don’t want to do it for money,” she said uncertainly.

But Ms Suchet just grinned. “Will you do it for chocolate?”

Jennifer laughed, sharing the joy of the moment. “Yes, Ms Suchet. Anything for chocolate…”

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