Arab Dominat


Arab DominatStereotypes. Everyone’s got them. There are so many out there. Across races, genders, nationalities and religions. In North America, they believe blonde-haired White women are dumb sluts, that Asian girls are submissive, Black men are hyper sexual, Black women are always angry, Hispanic folks are lazy, White guys are perverted and Arabs are dangerous. Wow. What a load of crap. Get to know somebody before judging them. My name is Alia Al-Shariff. I’m a six-foot-tall, curvy and big-bottomed young Arabian woman of African and Iranian descent living in the City of Ottawa, Province of Ontario. And I am a Dominatrix. So much for the stereotype that Arab women are all submissive and meek.I was born in the United Arab Emirates on the first day of January 1987. At the time of this story, I was twenty three years old. I’m currently studying business administration at Carleton University in the City of Ottawa. My family moved to the Confederation of Canada about a decade ago. My father Abraham Al-Shariff is the first Muslim person to become a City Councillor in the City of Ottawa, Ontario. If you ask me, I wonder what took them so long. My father holds a master’s degree in business from Howard University in Washington D.C. He’s half Black and half Arab and has lived in the United Arab Emirates for half his life. He married a gorgeous Iranian woman named Delkash Hamideh and they had me. A proud Arabian woman of mixed African and Iranian descent. My mother, Delkash Hamideh Al-Shariff is a graduate of the University of Ottawa. She has a Ph. D in Psychology. These days, she has a practice in downtown Ottawa. Treating domestic abuse survivors is her focus. See? Women from the Arab world are perfectly capable of being hard-working and highly educated professionals. We’re strong women. We’re smart. We’re resilient. And we’re the backbone of the Arab world. Don’t believe everything CNN and other racially and culturally biased reporters from the western world tell you. There’s a lot more to us than what you see. Do you get it now? Cool.It’s been an interesting journey, navigating my cultural identities. My father is half Black and half Arab. The son of a wealthy Cleric from the United Arab Emirates who married an African-American woman from Washington D.C. My mother is a purebred Iranian woman who simply couldn’t resist my father’s unique charm and good looks, or so she said. I am proud of my heritage. My father wanted me to know much about both African History and Arabic culture growing sarıyer escort up. We would visit Saudi Arabia, Iran and Somalia almost every summer when I was younger. The western world has a negative view of anyone from the Middle East. If they actually got to know a Middle-Eastern guy or gal, they might actually learn something.At Carleton University, I befriended a lot of African and Arabian students. The people who welcomed me the most were the Somalians. There are lots of Somalians at Carleton University. They’re all over the City of Ottawa, in fact. My skin is a very light shade of brown, and depending on who you ask, I look like a mixed-race woman or something else. I happily tell people that my father is half Black and half Persian, and that my mother is Iranian. I’m about as mixed-race as you can get. My features are a blend of Persian and African. I am proud of both halves of my identity. I celebrate both Black History Month and the Ramadan. If my cultural identity set me aside from most of the residents of lily-White Ottawa, my sexual identity and lifestyle also differentiated me.You see, I am bisexual. What is a bisexual? Someone who is sexually and emotionally attracted to both men and women. For those of you who are puzzled that I bother to explain, keep in mind that I live in Ottawa, unofficially known as the Land of the Bigots. There are people here who seem genuinely unaware of the meanings of terms like bisexual, gay, lesbian or queer. They also seem unable to differentiate culturally and individually between African and Arab, Hispanic and Asian, Middle-Eastern and Aboriginal. I guess that’s why they dump all of us who aren’t White under the label of Visible Minorities. Ottawa really sucks, folks. White men and White women living in that City think the world revolves around them. They’re so fake it’s not even funny. That’s why I always reject White guys and White chicks when they ask me out. They’re intrigued by a tall, gorgeous Arab woman who flaunts her sexuality. Well, I’ve got standards and I don’t take racists to my bed.Yes, don’t think I’ve escaped the evils of racism just because I’m the daughter of a City Councillor and live in an upper-middle-class neighbourhood in the suburb of Orleans near Ottawa. Sometimes, I wear the hijab and the looks I get from people when I wear it sometimes chill me to the bone. Canadians are the most racist people on the planet. And somehow, they’ve managed esenyurt escort to convince the entire world that they’re the nicest and most peaceful people in the western hemisphere. That’s quite a sleight of hand, isn’t it? I’m mightily impressed, I tell you. Yeah, I don’t trust the average Canadian as far as I can throw him or her. I have dual citizenship. I’m forever a citizen of the United Arab Emirates as well as a citizen of the Confederation of Canada rather than simply ‘Canadian’. And I can’t thank my parents enough for that. Too many immigrants from the Caribbean, Latin America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East fall for the multicultural myth that Canadians peddle to newcomers. Canada doesn’t welcome newcomers with open arms unless they’re of European descent. If they’re not White, they’ll let them in but will never truly accept them.I live in Canada because I must. I want to get my bachelor’s degree in business from Carleton University and my MBA from the University of Ottawa. When I’m done, I’m thinking of moving to the United States of America. Why America? The way I see it, planet Earth is slowly becoming one country and America is gearing up to be its capital. I want to live in the City of Atlanta, Georgia. Why? There are many African-Americans there. In fact, they dominate the City’s racial demographics and politics. I consider myself equally Black and Persian, but lately I’ve been leaning more toward the African side of my heritage. And I express both in my BDSM practices.Just ask any of the subs in my care. My favourite would have to be Tina Monroe, this short, slim and blonde-haired White dyke who’s fascinated by tall Black women. I find White folks in Ottawa to be a really bigoted bunch. Lots of White guys and a few White chicks approach me with lust in their hearts. I always turn them down. I accepted Tina Monroe as a sub because she was willing to acknowledge me as a Dominant Arab Goddess and her superior. How could I say no to that submissive White slut? If she wanted to be completely dominated by a strong Black woman, I’ve got it in me. I’m only twenty five percent Black but hey, who’s counting?Presently, Tina Monroe is completely naked and kneeling at my feet. The White slut looked really good on her knees, sucking my toes like a good bitch should. I made her suck my toes well and when she didn’t do it right, I smacked her hard across the face. Afterwards, I put her on all fours and spanked her flat pale ass while fingering avrupa yakası escort her cunt. Then I whipped out my strap-on dildo and made her suck it. Obediently the White slut sucked my dildo. I smacked her on the head and told her I’d fuck her with it next. And I most definitely kept my word, as she found out mere moments later.Face down and ass up, that’s the way I fucked my White slut. I made Tina Monroe assume the position, and began fucking her. I thrust my dildo deep into her pussy. Tina squealed and told me the dildo was too big for her cunt. I laughed and only fucked her harder. I grabbed hold of her blonde hair and pulled it hard while fucking her. Tina screamed in pain. I fucked her hard, slamming my dildo up her inferior White pussy. That’s right, I said it. White pussy is inferior. You got that? Cool. I had a go with her ass. I made my submissive White slut spread her ass cheeks wide open and expose her asshole. Then I pressed my dildo against Tina’s asshole and pushed it inside. The skinny White slut squealed as I penetrated her. I gripped Tina’s narrow hips tightly as I worked my dildo into her tight White ass. She screamed. She moaned. She begged. She pleaded. I ignored every sound coming out of her mouth and mercilessly spanked her while filling her ass with my dildo.While fucking Tina Monroe up the ass with my strap-on dildo, I constantly berate her. I think by now you probably know that I can’t stand White sluts. These arrogant bitches sincerely believe the world revolves around them. Black women and Persian women were the Mothers of Human Civilization in the Continent of Africa at a time when Europeans were crawling around in caves. Yes, they’re cave dwellers. That’s why they’re so damn pale. I fucked Tina Monroe with a vengeance, wanting to make her and others like her pay for getting on my nerves so damn much. She howled as I ravaged her asshole with my strap-on dildo. I laughed at her screams and fucked her some more. By the time I was done with her, she had tears in her eyes. I licked her tears. They tasted deliciously salty. Afterwards I made her suck my strap-on dildo and clean it with her tongue. I think she liked the taste, for she thanked me after.Tina Monroe left my apartment with an extra bounce in her step. As for me, I was smiling from ear to ear. I always feel great after dominating the hell out of some uppity White bitch who thinks she’s all that because of her skin color. I feel that I did a service to humanity by putting her through my own particular brand of hell. I think she likes it because she sought me out online specifically because she wanted to be dominated by a strong Black woman. I’m always willing to do that which I was created to do. Don’t you know what that is? The strong Black woman was created to kick the collective ass of the Universe. And we take no prisoners.

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