ARGUING WITH MOMIt had been a particularly stormy argument. My mother had accused me of stealing from her purse and I was getting pretty pissed about having to defend myself on no evidence whatsoever. I couldn’t believe it. I’d never stolen anything from her in my life and now she comes to me with these bullshit accusations because she’s a few bucks short.”I had over $50 in my wallet before I went jogging, Micheal!” she screamed at me. “It couldn’t have just vanished by itself!”I was furious. Ever since Dad had left her for another woman five years ago, it had seemed as though men were to blame for everything bad that happened in my mother’s life, big or small. Even if I was the only man around, I still got shit on.”For the last fucking time, I have no idea what happened to the money! Now let’s actually looks for it instead of shouting like fucking c***dren.” I hissed at her. She didn’t answer and turned to storm out of the room. Then something occurred to me that shocked me out of my wits.I was extremely turned on. The look in my mother’s eyes, her lips trembling, her cheeks flustered. She looked like she was in heat. My hand wandered down below my waistline to find a crushing hard-on. It almost hurt I was so hard. Then Mom walked back in.”Listen, you know what? I won’t get upset if you just tell me where…” Her voice trailed off as her eyes locked on my crotch. She just kind of stopped dead in her tracks and stared at my hand, trying desperately to conceal the obvious. Mom looked up at me with a blank look and walked out of the room canlı bahis again.”Fuck!” I thought to myself. She’s REALLY pissed now. I went up to my room and sat on the bed, feeling like a total asshole. My cock was finally going soft when I heard a knock on the door. I sighed, and looked up.”Micheal?” I heard Mom say softly through the door.”What?!” I rasped back, still embarrassed at the thought of getting turned on by my mother. I had to admit, Mom was pretty hot for her age. A tight ass and big tits that jiggled when she wasn’t wearing a bra. But it was pointless to think about that. Or so I thought.The door creaked open and I saw my mom’s face, still flustered, poke through the door. Next I saw a wad of cash in her hand. She opened the door fully and walked inside.”Found it in my other jacket. Oh, Mike! I’m so sorry!” she started to well up as she sat on the bed next to me.”I’ve been such a bitch to you. I can’t believe what’s happening to me. A shitty job, a fucking asshole husband who leaves me for his secretary.” she started to sob. I put my arm around her and tried to console her.”No Micheal. I mean, you’re the only one who supports me and I crap on you too as soon as something goes wrong.” She was crying now. “I’m depressed, broke, I haven’t been fucked in 5 years and I’m going out of my mind!” she said into her hands. My eyebrows went up at that last part.”Aww mom, it’s OK.” I replied.”Is there anything I can do to make it up to you?” she said looking deep into my eyes. My cock jumped at the look she was giving me. I wasn’t bahis siteleri sure how to answer that. Then I felt a hand slide across my leg to my crotch. the hand wasn’t mine. I looked down to see Mom’s hand gliding over the outline of my cock under my jeans. I looked up to her face again.”I saw the reaction you had to me, Micheal” she whispered into my ear. ” I haven’t had a reaction like that since I was a college freshman.”Her grip on my cock tightened and my eyes closed at the waves of pleasure running down my spine. I was overcome. I didn’t know what to do.”You want to make it up to me?” I squeaked. She nodded her head. Then something came over me that I don’t think either of us expected.”Fine.” I said, standing up. I turned and opened my belt buckle and fly. My cock sprung forward like a striking cobra. Mom’s mouth dropped open as she looked at it. I grabbed Mom’s brown hair and pulled her head towards my throbbing hard on. Her lips wrapped around my cock like a wet silky sleeve as she sucked me. I watched her head bob back and forth on my knob while her hands wrapped around my ass, pulling my groin forward. I groaned as my mom tongued my shaft and balls. She looked up at me and smiled as her hands worked my shaft. “I can’t stand it when you bitch at me like that.” I said, looking into her eyes while her tongue dragged across my cock.”I’m sorry. I don’t mean to be such a bitch.” she replied after my cock had made it’s way down her throat. Man, she was giving me a killer blowob. I reached down and grabbed her by the hair. güvenilir bahis I held her head still while I thrust into her lips. She took it all as I fucked her face.She stood straight up in front of me and we kissed. Our tongues lashed against one another. My hands slid under the waistband of the shorts she was wearing and I ripped them down to her ankles. She stepped out of one of the legs. I pushed her onto the bed, landing on top of her.Before she could say a word my cock was sliding past her swollen, wet folds up into her pussy. Mom’s face was contorted in a mix of pleasure and pain.”Ooooh, easy honey, it’s been a while.” she cooed as her legs wrapped around my ass. I stopped for five seconds or so as I felt her pussy open up to my invasion.”Oh my god! Oh fuck me Micheal!” I heard mom yell into the air as I locked my lips on her neck and drilled her pussy with every bit of strength I could summon. Then I heard a voice, my own start to say things.”Yell at me, will you?” I grumbled into her ear as my cock pistoned in and out of her wet hole.”Oh, god never again” she yelled. I pulled out of my mother and grabbed her leg. She turned her hips and flipped onto her stomach. My hands pulled her hips up as I watched my cock disappear again into her hungry pussy. I slapped her ass.”Oh fuck, I’m so sorry Micheal!” she screamed. I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock as she came. My own mother coming with me up her pussy.”You think I’d steal from you?” I slapped her again.”Oh, fuck NOOOOOOO!” she wailed. My own orgasm was approaching quickly. I pulled her hair thrust three more times violently into her quim. My cock burst like a bomb inside her. We collapsed, both exhausted. I rolled off her. Mom looked at me and grinned.”I can’t wait to lose another argument.”

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