Art Class


I arrived at Miss Summer house around mid-morning on Saturday. I took a breath and nervously knocked at the door.

After a short while I heard the lock turn and Miss Summers opened the door. ‘Hello Michael, do come in.’

She stepped back and I entered her hallway and waited for her to close the door.

‘Come along’ she said as she walked past me. I followed her through into her open plan lounge and dining room. She had moved the furniture aside and set up five easels, all facing a dining chair that was just in front of the patio doors beyond which was her garden.

‘That’s where you’ll be sitting when my friends arrive. Now we have had a live model before but not a life model. Are you embarrassed that you little secret will be exposed to my friends this afternoon?’

‘Yes’ I admitted ‘I’m very nervous, I’m not sure I can really do it.’

‘Nonsense, you’ll do it, you know you will, you are a little beta boy who does as he is told, and I think that secretly you like it. You like to have your tiny penis exposed for people to laugh at. That they know your tiny shame means that they have a hold over you, which I think makes you nervous and excited at the same time.’

She did have a bit of a point there, ever since I had been stripped and ridiculed on the stage a few weeks ago I had thought about little else and I got hard whenever I did.

She got me a glass of water that did help to calm me down a little then the doorbell rang.

‘Oh, let’s go and see who that is shall we.’ She said and with my stomach full of butterflies I followed her to the door.

‘Jill do come in, you’re the first, would you like a glass of wine?’ Miss Summers said and stepped aside to let Jill in.

I stood there shocked. It was Mrs Pearce my A level maths teacher, she was one of the art group!

‘Thank you Ester’ Jill said ‘I’d love a glass. Oh hello Michael are you joining the art group today, I didn’t know you were artistic. Or is it just the thought of seeing a naked person that has made you come along? It could be a man you know, none of us know who Ester has booked today.’

‘No he’s not part of the group are you Michael. Would you like to tell Jill why you are here today?’

Not really I thought, but it wasn’t really a question so I mumbled ‘I’m the model for today.’

‘Oh’ said Jill, ‘I thought this was going to be a life model session. Wasn’t your model available Ester? Shame I was quite looking forward to painting a nude, and I hoped that a hunky guy had been booked for a bit of eye candy.’

‘It is a life model session, Michael has kindly agreed to pose for us today haven’t you.’

‘Err, yes Miss Summers.’ I blushed.

Jill was silent for a second ‘Oh, gosh, so you are going to pose in the buff for us Michael.’ She turned a little red. ‘Well, oh, very good of you I suppose, and brave. Not sure how I will look at you in double maths on Monday once I’ve seen you in your birthday suit though’ and she turned a little more red.

Miss Summers came over with the wine as we moved into the lounge.

No sooner had we done that the doorbell went again.

‘Would you get that Michael, there’s a good boy.’ Said Miss Summers.

I opened the door and standing there Mrs Quimby, one of my old teachers and Mrs Caines, the cleaner for the sixth form area. This was getting worse, I knew all these people and saw them most days and they were going to see me naked and know my embarrassing secret.

‘Oh hello Michael’ said Mrs Quimby ‘are you joining our group today?’

‘Sort of yes’ I replied as I let them in. I was just shutting the door when I saw Mrs Gregory walking down the road, she wasn’t coming as well was she? I was friends with her daughter Helen and I’d die if she was going to see me naked. She turned up the drive and my heart sank ‘Michael, what are you doing here?’

‘Hello, well I’m, erm, part of the group today Mrs Gregory’ I said as I let her in and followed her to the lounge.

In the lounge Mrs Quimby and Mrs Caines had broad grins on their faces as they watched me enter the room. They had been told them I was the model today I guessed.

Mrs Gregory looked around and saw the five easels and said, ‘Won’t you need another one for Michael?’

‘No, you’re not painting anyone today are you Michael?’ said Mrs Caines.

‘No’ I said quietly.

‘Well what are you going to be doing then?’ Mrs Gregory said puzzled ‘oh you aren’t are you?’ as realisation dawned on her face. ‘Are you our life model?’ I nodded slightly ‘Well that’s very brave of you. Oh, I should ring Helen she’d kill me if I get to see you naked and she doesn’t!’

‘No!’ I shouted, ‘Please don’t do that, it’s going to be embarrassing enough for me.’

Mrs Gregory looked disappointed, but she didn’t make a move to phone her daughter.

‘Isn’t it nice that you know all the ladies here Michael, it will be much easier for you now, no strangers getting to see you naked, just a few select people you know and see most days. Much less embarrassing for you I’m sure’ Miss Summers said with güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri a smile.

Oh god I thought, Miss Summers was right when she said more and more people would end up knowing my little secret, what I didn’t know at the time was that it would be her pushing the numbers up.

‘Well I’ll just top up your glasses ladies then we may as well get down to it.’ Miss Summers said.

My heart was racing now, I knew any moment Miss Summers was going to instruct me to disrobe and then four older women were going to know I was poorly endowed, women that I would see most days for the next few months at least.

‘Ok Michael, if you’d start undressing whilst we get ready over here. Once you are naked we’ll have a think about the pose that would be best.’ Miss Summers said.

The ladies got settled by their easels whilst I took off my shoes and socks. I turned away to take off my trousers and I could overhear their quiet talking.

‘You know I’ve known Michael for several years, since he moved into our street and became friends with Helen, never really thought I’d get to see him like this though. He’s grown up to be quite the handsome young man, tall and lean, I have to say I’m a little bit excited by it all’ whispered Mrs Gregory.

‘Yes’ replied Mrs Pearce ‘I was a little flustered at first but he is eighteen and his own man, if he’s happy to be our life model then I’m happy to paint him. It shows a lot of confidence I think.’

‘Well he’s not very confident around the girls in the sixth form I don’t think. In fact, I think he’s gotten more timid recently. I always wondered if he had a little one, I’m going to find out if I was right now’ said Mrs Caines.

‘Nonsense, I’m sure he’s perfectly fine down there Rachel, don’t you go embarrassing him and making him all self-conscious about his bits.’ Said Mrs Quimby.

‘Hurry up Michael, we haven’t got all day. Well we have really, but we’d like to start soon so off with them!’ said Mrs Summers.

I took my t-shirt off, still facing away from the ladies, I could hear a few Oh’s of appreciation. ‘Well here goes’ I thought, took a deep breath and slipped my undies down and stepped out of them. I cupped by parts and slowly turned to face the ladies.

‘Well there’s no point stopping there is there young man, come on let us see the goods’ said Mrs Caines.

‘Yes, come on don’t be a spoilsport Michael, you can’t tease us with half a show’ Mrs Gregory added.

I looked at them, all the ladies seemed a little excited, teasing but gentle. All apart from Miss Summers who had a broad grin, she was enjoying my exposure and she knew what her friends were about to see. She walked slowly over to me and placed her hands on my wrists. She stretched up on her toes and gentle spoke into my ear ‘Come on now, let’s reveal you to the ladies, I know you want them to know your tiny shame. Come on’ and with that she moved my hands to my sides, stepped away and turned to watch the faces of her friends.

My stomach was in bits and my knees felt as if they were about to give way. I was shaking a little but managed to remain standing and looked at the ladies faces.

Mrs Pearce looked directly at my penis, her eyes wide, a shocked look on her face.

Mrs Gregory put her hand over her mouth, eyes wide like Mrs Pearce.

Mrs Quimby kept looking me up and down, as if she was talking in the whole scene and couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

Mrs Caines broke out in a huge smile ‘I knew it!’ she said.

That broke the ice, ‘Oh gosh, well you certainly are brave indeed showing us that Michael!’ said Mrs Pearce.

‘Well, that’s, well, certainly smaller than I expected, much smaller really, oh you poor thing.’ Mrs Quimby said.

Mrs Gregory tried to stifle a laugh ‘I’m sorry Michael, but that is quite funny, not for you obviously, but for anyone seeing it for the first time, well it does look quite comical. Who knew you had a tiddler!’

‘I’ll tell you who knew, Ester did, didn’t you! Said Mrs Caines, still with her big triumphant smile.

‘I may well have known yes Rachel’ Miss Summers beamed, ‘Michael here loves showing his little thing to people, don’t you?’ She pinched my bum as she said this which brought me out of my little trance ‘I, erm, do yes’ I mumbled. ‘Good boy, I did like watching your reactions ladies though’ she continued.

‘Why would you want to show anyone that small thing Michael?’ Mrs Quimby asked, her face still showing some disbelief.

‘Go on tell the ladies why Michael’ Miss Summers said.

This bit was going to be worse than exposing myself to them I now felt, but Miss Summers had insisted I deliver the lines she had made me memorise. I swallowed and said ‘I like being naked around others, I realise I have a very small penis but the more people who know about it the better as it relieves the pressure on me to be a real man. And maybe, if people want, I can provide some use or amusement, such as now, being a life model.’

‘Ha! Spoken like a true little dicked wimp, I’m sure güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri I can think of some other uses for you and your little todger’ said Mrs Caines.

‘Rachel, really!’ said Mrs Quimby, Mrs Caines just poked her tongue at her.

‘So, erm, how small is he do you know Ester, may as well put some numbers on it so we can just get things clear as to what we are looking at here.’ Mrs Pearce asked.

‘Well you’ve measured it haven’t you Michael, why don’t you tell the ladies? Flaccid first.’ Miss Summers stated.

‘I, erm, about an inch flaccid’ Mrs Caines laughed, ‘and nearly four inches erect.’

‘Nearly! Oh my lord, that’s priceless, nearly four inches. So, we’ll say three and a half shall we!’ Mrs Caines exclaimed.

‘How big did you say your husband was Jill? Mis Summers asked.

‘Ester! I told you that in confidence!’ Mrs Pearce said.

‘Oh shush, I’ll brag for you then. Jill’s husband is eight and a half inches!’ Miss Summers said.

‘Wow! Jill well done!’ said Mrs Quimby.

‘Well I thought my husband was big!’ Said Mrs Gregory.

‘Well how big is he?’ enquired Mrs Quimby.

‘Oh I shouldn’t have said anything, he’ll be so angry if he finds out I’ve been talking about, well, his thing.’ Mrs Gregory answered.

‘You can’t just leave it there, how big is Barry?’ Mrs Quimby.

‘He’s, well, just over seven inches’ Mrs Gregory admitted ‘and quite think with it too!’ she added.

‘Very nice’ said Mrs Quimby.

‘OK then as you made me reveal Barry’s size it’s only fair that you all come clean then. Come on Janice how big is Steven?’ Mrs Gregory said.

Janice Quimby looked a little flustered ‘Well I don’t really think I should…’

‘Come on tell us!’ cried Mrs Gregory.

‘Oh alright, he’s six and a half inches, happy now!’

‘That’s an OK size Janice, nothing to be ashamed of there, about the same size as Roger actually’ stated Miss Summers.

All eyes turned to Mrs Caines. She looked back at them.

‘Hmmm, Alan is five inches, OK!?’ said Mrs Caines defiantly.

‘You poor thing you’ said Mrs Gregory.

‘Aww bless him.’ Said Mis Summer.

‘Oh shut up! At least he’s bigger than little Michael here!’ Mrs Caines said as she shot a look at me. Could she be blaming me for having to reveal her husbands’ short comings?

There were a few smirks from the ladies and a short period of silence then Miss Summers said, ‘Well I think we should begin then, if you’d take a seat there Michael, facing slightly towards the wall on your right, legs a little apart, so we can all see your little bits!’

I settled onto the chair and got into position. I heard a snigger coming from Mrs Pearce ‘Sorry!’ she said to the other ladies, ‘But his little man virtually disappears into his balls when he’s sitting, it’s like a button mushroom.’

There was general agreement that it did look a bit comical whilst I sat there trying to remain in pose.

‘Oh, I think it’s heard us and is coming out to see for itself!’ Mrs Gregory remarked.

Looking mortified, I glanced down and she was right, much to my horror my cock was getting hard.

‘See I told you he liked showing his little pee-pee off’ said Miss Summers. ‘Now Michael are you going to control your little pee-pee or are you going to keep it erect throughout the sitting?’

‘I don’t think he can keep it down for the entire sitting, he’s got no control over it at all’ said Mrs Caines ‘I vote he keeps it hard throughout, I can’t have it moving around when I paint it can I?’

‘Ok’ said Miss Summers ‘Concentrate on keeping your little pee-pee hard Michael. If it starts to droop I’ll say “Attention!” and you can have a little while to rub it to get your silly little erection back.’

‘If he starts rubbing it, I think he’ll probably have a little accident’ said Mrs Quimby.

‘Look at the size of his little balls Janice, do you think we’ll notice if he does?’ Mrs Caines said.

‘Oh, well maybe not then, erm, do little ones cum less then, I’ve not much experience with them?’ Mrs Quimby replied.

‘That’s an interesting question, isn’t it Michael’ said Miss Summers ‘how much does your pee-pee produce and how far does it squirt?’

‘Erm, I haven’t really seen an0 one else cum so I’m not totally sure but I think I probably produce about the normal amount’ I muttered as an answer.

‘You don’t’ Miss Summers replied matter-of-factly.

‘Ester! Have you seen him cum?’ Mrs Pearce said shocked.

‘Yes I have, haven’t I Michael?’ I looked at the floor and nodded slowly.

‘He was showing his little pee-pee off then and he got a little over excited and lost control didn’t you Michael’

‘Yes Miss’ I managed to say.

‘Priceless!’ said Mrs Caines ‘He’s not only small but he’s a premature little boy as well. Pathetic!’

Miss Summers took in my humiliation and then said ‘OK, before there is a little accident, I suggest we start painting and give Michael chance to settle down a bit’

With that the ladies started to focus güvenilir bahis şirketleri on their work and within a few minutes I’d relaxed and was enjoying being part of the creative exercise.

There were a few shouts of ‘Attention!’ from Miss Summers when my cock started to flag, and a few laughs and ‘Aw cute’ or ‘Oh bless, he can only get thumb and forefinger on it’, but the ladies seemed genuinely immersed in their paintings for the rest of the afternoon, and I was starting to feel that despite the humiliating talk at the start they were actually appreciative of me for posing for them.

Then Helen, Mrs Gregory’s daughter turned up.

I’d sort of drifted off into a calm and relaxed state, with the ladies concentrating on the painting I was thinking maybe I could make a bit of money to help myself through Uni doing some life modelling, after all if I could be naked in front of people I knew, strangers shouldn’t be a problem.

I was awoken from those thoughts by a voice ‘Mum, Miss Summers, the door was unlocked so I thought I’d just come in’

Oh god! That was Helen’s voice, whilst still sitting I cupped my hands around my bits and turned my head away to look out of the patio doors, hoping that Miss Summers would tell her to wait outside.

No such luck. ‘Oh, sorry I forgot you had a life model today’ Helen said as she came into the room. ‘And I didn’t know it was a man you had, I assumed it would be a woman. I’ll just wait outside’

Thank god, she hadn’t recognised me, and she’d wait till I could get dressed.

‘Nonsense come in Helen’ Miss Summers said.

‘But won’t the model want some privacy?’

‘Why don’t you ask him? Turn your head around and say hello to Helen’ Miss Summers instructed me.

I can’t imagine how red my face was as it slowly turned around ‘Hello Helen’ I said in a low voice.

‘Michael!’ Helen exclaimed. ‘What are you doing here!? And Mother you didn’t tell me Michael was your model today, I’d have joined the class if I’d have known I’d get to see him naked!’

‘I didn’t know dear’ Mrs Gregory said, ‘But now you are here I don’t think you should embarrass your friend like this.’

‘But he’s naked and what other chance am I going to have to see his willy!’

‘Look He’s covered himself up now, it doesn’t seem fair that you’ve all seen it and I haven’t!’ Helen continued.

‘Helen has a good point don’t you think Michael, it doesn’t seem fair that we have all seen your willy, as she puts it, and she hasn’t. So, come on take your hands away and let Helen see it, there’s a good boy’

I looked at Miss Summers who just stared back with an amused look. I resigned myself to it and dropped my hands.

‘Michael! It’s tiny!’ Helen exclaimed ‘That’s hilarious, I have to tell all our friends, they’ll find it so funny!’ she started to laugh ‘Hang on, is that a boner you have, that’s as big as it gets! Mother you should have rung me, to think I nearly missed out on this!’

I felt my dick stiffen even more, was this my future, getting aroused from being laughed at, surely that’s not normal?

‘Helen!’ Mrs Gregory said.

‘Oh please mother! Are you telling me you didn’t laugh as well?’

‘I certainly did not, Michael was brave enough to pose for us and he deserves our respect.’

‘I seem to remember you calling it comical, and a tiddler, Karen. In a very respectful way of course!’ said Mrs Quimby.

Helen started to laugh again, and her mother joined her in a small giggle.

‘How big, or small I suppose, do you think little Michael is Helen?’ asked Mrs Pearce

‘Oh, erm, well I’m not sure’ Helen said, peering at my penis, can’t be more than five inches I guess?’

‘Ha! Five inches my arse!’ said Mrs Caines ‘He claims it’s four, but I think it’s more like three and a half!’

‘Why don’t you measure it Helen?’ suggested Miss Summers.

‘No! She can’t do that, please!’ I pleaded.

‘Do be quiet Michael, little boys should be seen and not heard.’ Miss Summers replied. I shut up.

Helen’s eyes lit up ‘I think I would very much like to do that Miss Summers, thank you. Michael can you fetch that tape measure from Mis Summers sewing basket over there?’

Oh god, she was going to make me get her the tape that would doom me to be a little loser in her eyes forever. I slowly went over and got the tape for Helen, could it get any worse?

‘Thank you, Michael, now why have you brought me this?’ Helen said.

‘Pardon? You asked me to fetch it for you?’ I answered, puzzled.

‘Come on Michael, tell the ladies what you want me to do with the tape measure?’

Oh god, she wants me to ask her to measure me!

‘Would you please measure me?’ I mumbled.

‘Measure what Michael? And do speak up so everyone can hear.’

‘Would you please measure my penis please Helen?’

I heard giggles from the ladies and a quiet ‘Helen!’ from Mrs Gregory.

‘Well you are a little pervert aren’t you Michael? But as you asked so nicely, I will measure your little willy for you, put your hands on your head.’ She instructed.

She reached down and her finger tips gently stroked across my balls, causing my penis to jump a little. Her other hand put the end of the tape on the base of my penis. She looked me straight in the eyes, after a few seconds I had to look away, defeated and deflated.

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