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Asked to FlashYears ago when i first got married my wife and i had just rented a house. We had been working pretty hard trying to get things put away. One satuday we had gotten up and were in the kitchen relaxing having coffee before we started to work again. We were sitting there talking when the door bell rang. We had to run into the bedroom to grab our robes before answering the door. My wife had found hers and put it on while i searched threw a box looking for mine. The wife went and answered the door while i kept looking for mine. After a bit my wife came in the room and told me cindy one of her girl friends was there and asked what i was doing. I told her i couldn’t find my robe, she helped me look a minute then stopped and said well you could just go out like that. I looked at her and she was standing there smiling. I looked at her and said yeah right then went over to and grabbed grab my sweat pants to put on. The wife came over and grabbed my cock and said your no fun then kissed me and said hurry up. She gave me a kiss then went back out to visit with cindy.After i had my pants on i went back out in the kitchen to visit and have my coffee. The wife and cindy were sitting at the table talking and both of them looked at me as i came in. I sat down with them and looked at my wife and she was sitting there looking at me smiling. I said hi and we started talking when my wife asked if i would get her another cup. I got up and grabbed her cup and went and filled it up for her. They sat there talking and when i came back with it i walked around the table to set it down by my wife. When i set it down my wife reached up and sqeezed my ass and thanked me. I sat back down while we talked and after a bit of talking cindy said why don’t you guys take a break from working today and we’ll go out and do something. I was about to say we needed to get things done when cindy said it was supposed to be super hot today. wedidn’t have A/C yet so suffering in a hot house really didn’t sound much fun. My wife spoke up and said since its supposed to be hot why don’t we go to the beach then looked at me and said we could use a break. I knew we needed to get things done but it did sound nice too so i agree’d. Cindy said great and got up and said let me go home and get ready and i’ll come back over in a bit.My wife walked her to the door and when she came back she walked over and gave me a kiss on the cheek before sitting down. I asked her what that was for and she said for agreeing to go instead of working today. We finished our coffee were about to get up to go in the bedroom to get ready. I got up first and my wife sat there watching me. When i turned around she was sitting there smiling and i asked her what was up. She looked at me and said you should wear those like that more often. I asked her why and she said without any underwear on you stick out real nice. I looked down and saw i was making them stick out real good. The wife said i think cindy was enjoying it as much as i was. She got up and we went in the bedroom to get ready. I was taking off my sweat pants when my wife came over and had me sit down on the bed next to her. I asked her what it was and she sat there a minute before saying i dont want you kaçak casino to get mad but i have a strange request to ask you. I told her i wouldn’t and asked her again what it was. She sat a bit then turned and looked at me and asked if i would let cindy see my cock. I was shocked and before i could say anything she said i know its strange sounding but i have been thinking about it for awhile and it makes me horny as hell thinking of someone getting to see your cock. I was shocked and just sat there looking at her when she said i don’t want to see you with anyone but just the thought of them getting to see you makes me horny. We had only been married eight months so i wasn’t sure if something was wrong or what. I asked her and she said no there wasn’t then said one day when we were out shopping she noticed a girl checking me out and started thinking about how hot it would have been if the girl would have been able to see you and what i got. I was still in shock but said you really want someone else to see me. Almost before i finished asking her she said yes then said if you only knew how much i have thought about it. I wasn’t sure about it and said even if i did i don’t know how i could do it for her to see me. My wife got up and went over to the dresser and grabbed something out and said i have been thinking of different ways to do it. She turned around and threw me a pair of her jogging shorts. Her butt and legs were a bit bigger than mine and i had put them on by mistake one day. She said these should work remember when you had these on and i could see your underwear if you sat with your legs open. I said yeah and she said you can wear these only just wear the shorts don’t put on any underwear. I still wasn’t sure but after a lot of begging i finally gave in.I put the shorts on and my wife told me to open my legs and let her see if anything was visable. I opened my legs and the wife stood there looking and said oh yes you can see everything. She came over and kissed me and said thank you then said you don’t know how much i have dreamed of this. I still wasn’t sure about it but since she seemed to want me to do it so bad i figured i would try. We were still talking when the doorbell rang and since the wife still wasn’t ready i went and answered the door. It was cindy and i let her in and told her the wife would be out shortly she was still getting ready. She sat at the table and i sat at the breakfast bar talking a bit when the wife came in carrying her top and asked me to tie it for her. I think it shocked cindy a little bit seeing her come in like that but she had seen boobs before anyway. Although the one thing about my wife was she had boobs. Her measurments when we got married were 44ddd-28-39 which was a little surprising she wore her bikini since she normally wouldn’t except laying out on our patio in our old place which was on the second floor. My wife turned around and backed up to me making me spread my legs while she stood there having me tie on her top. She asked cindy what it was like out and cindy said it was getting hot as hell out. My wife said in that case we’ll have to bring lots of cold beer. I had finished tieing her top on and she stepped out of the way but kept casino oyna her hand on one of my legs so they were spread open and asked if the case of beer in the garage fridge was cold. I told her yeah and she asked if i would go fill up a cooler. I said sure and then turned and looked over toward cindy and she was sitting there with her mouth and eyes wide open. Im not sure if the wife noticed or not but i knew cindy had gotten a look and knowing she had was a little scary but at the same time was exciting too. I got up and went out to the garage to get the beer. When i was about threw my wife came out and asked how it was going. I told her just about done when she walked up behind me and reached up the leg of the shorts and grabbed my cock. She leaned over and said thank you then said i told you those would work good. Aparently she had noticed that cindy had seen too. I asked where she was and she said she went to the bathroom before we take off.I finished putting in the last of the beer and ice in when cindy came out. Since our car was in the garage my wife said why don’t we take our car since its right here. I put the beer in the trunk and my wife went in to lock up the house. When she came out we got in the car and took off. We got in the front and cindy sat in the back. As we drove along my wife turned around to talk to her and would reach over and slide her hand up my leg till she had her fingers up the leg of my shorts teasing my cock. I had to keep stopping her because with her teasing i started getting a little hard. We finally got to the beach and parked and it wasn’t soon enough for me since i was half hard by the time we got there. I didn’t want to get out right awy but they both got out and said lets go. I finally got out and went around back to open the trunk. They were both standing waiting and as i walked around the back of the car i saw them both looking down at my crotch. When i opened the trunk the girls grabbed the towels and blanket and i grabbed the cooler and we went down and set thing out. I was glad i had the cooler because i could hold it in front of me to hide my hard on.When everything was set out they said lets go get cooled off. I told them to go ahead and cindy took off her cover and i didn’t realize until then how nice of a body she had except for being a little bit on the small side on top. They took off and ran down to the water and i grabbed a beer and sat back to relax and watch. I sat there watching them play around and letting things settle down on me. After a liitle while my wife came running up to the blanket and sat down and asked if i was going to come in. I told her yeah in a bit then said before you go back you better fix your top. She looked down and then back at me and said what don’t you like my boobs anymore. I told her yeah as she was reaching up pulling it back down to cover her nipple. She looked over at me and said are you going to be nice to me and let cindy get a good look at you. I asked if she was sure she really wanted me too again and she said baby you don’t know how much then leaned over and kissed me. We sat there talking a bit when cindy came up and sat down and said that feels great then asked for a beer. I gave her a beer canlı casino siteleri and she asked if i was going in or just going to sit up here and drink all day. I told her i was going to go in but just wanted to relax awhile. We sat there talking and relaxing and i noticed my wife kept looking over at me giving me a funny look. I finally realized what she was looking at me for and turned a bit so i was facing more toward cindy and started opening my legs. Cindy noticed right away and the wife noticed her checking me out.Knowing she was sitting there looking at me was getting me excited and i had to get up and go in the water to let things settle down. We spent most of the day with me showing off for cindy, drinking and going in the water to settle down. A little while before we left my wife looked at me and asked if i was ok to drive. I was but after showing off for cindy all day i was enjoying it more than i thought i would and had come up with a plan to give her a good show. I told the wife she should drive home to be on the safe side, they were ready to go and said lets get things up to the car then. I acted like i was too wasted to do anything so they got thing to the car then came back and helped me. When we got to the car they opened the back door and i got in and sat in the back behind my wife. We took off and as we drove along cindy and my wife sat up front talking. I sat leaning against the door with my crotch facing toward cindy. I spread my legs wide open and when they weren’t looking i shifted around pulled the leg of the shorts up so my cock and balls were completely out for her to see. I layed there like i was really out of it and heard the wife ask how i was doing. When she did cindy turned around to look and i had my eyes half closed but saw her look down and see me. She looked back at my wife and said i think he’s passed out then i saw her turn in the seat to face my wife but she kept looking back checking me out. She spent more time sitting there looking at me than she did when she was talking to my wife and knowing she was enjoying the show was enough for me. Having her sitting there checking me out got to me and i felt my cock start growing and just layed there and let her look till i was hard as a rock. She glanced back when i was fully hard and i heard her gasp. My wife looked at her and asked what was wrong and she said i think you better pull over. My wife asked her why and she said he came out of his shorts and he’s hard as a rock. I saw my wife glance over her shoulder and look then yelled back at me. I acted like i was passed out and just layed there. The wife yelled back again but i just layed there then she said well were almost to the house i guess it will have to wait. Cindy stayed turned like she was and every chance she got she would look back checking me out. When we got to the house my wife got out to open the garage and cindy sat there checking me out the whole time she was out of the car. My wife pulled the car in the garage then they got out and my wife opened the door to get me. When she did i about fell out and she had to catch me to keep me from falling. She was standing there holding me and called cindy and asked if she could give her a hand. Cindy came over to help and when they got me out they carried me in and layed me on the bed. My wife stuck me back in my shorts and i heard her tell cindy as they walked out i hope it doesn’t bother you too much but i know you have seen cocks before.

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