Atlanta Ch. 01


Author Note:

This is a totally fictional story inspired by my chatting with a “Hot wife” named Traci. She is full of inspiration.

Also great thanks to Woodthrush55108 for fantastic editing help. Check out her poems.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.

* * * * *

It was an all-day drive to get to Atlanta. Work had me there for a week and booked me into the Holiday Inn Express. As I shook off the effects of the long drive and headed to the lobby, I saw a beautiful woman enter just in front of me. She looked to be in her early 40’s with jet black hair just down to her shoulders. Fit and athletic looking in her black slacks, white button-down blouse, and navy-blue blazer, she walked ahead of me pulling her small overnight-sized suitcase behind her. The slacks hugged her derrière, highlighting her curves nicely.

I could hear her voice as she talked to the reception clerk, and it was deep and smooth. It made we want to melt. She got her key and turned around. We made eye contact. I smiled. She looked me up and down before she gave me a beautiful wide smile and a mischievous wink. She walked toward the elevators with the look of a very confident women. My eyes were glued to her as she walked away. I was in awe and thinking all kinds of naughty things that I was sure would only play into my masturbation fantasies for that night.

My thoughts were interrupted by Megan, the Assistant Manager, who was trying to get my attention to check in. She finally coaxed me out of my fantasy world. I was embarrassed at my obvious lustful obsession with the mystery woman, but as I looked up, Megan was smiling at me like she had seen it all before. She laughed and said, “Ms. Carter has that effect on most people.”

Smiling back, I sheepishly gave her my ID and credit cards. Megan gave me the spiel about the motel amenities, small workout area, pool, continental breakfast starting at 6 a.m. and then something about cleaning policies and security, but my mind was racing back to Ms. Carter. Megan smiled, a smile that spoke volumes of knowing what naughty things were in my head, when she handed me my room key and told me to enjoy my stay. I hurried to the elevator and up to my room.

I quickly changed into shorts and a tee-shirt and went to the gym. A half-hour walking on the treadmill would work out the kinks of a long drive. Just as I got started, in walks Ms. Carter, wearing dark yoga pants that hugged and showed off her ass even more than her dress pants. She also had on tight bright red tee-shirt that highlighted her ample breasts with her nipples prominently on display. Her hair was tied in a ponytail. She gave me another smile (I would do anything for those smiles) and proceeded to start stretching on the mat to my left.

She must have been doing this on purpose because the positions she got into were very suggestive. She was a sexy goddess that I was paying way too much attention to. I almost fell off the treadmill, twice.

After awkwardly catching myself and feeling embarrassed, I kept my head down, and concentrating on my walking for a few minutes. When I looked over again, she was getting on the treadmill eryaman escort bayan next to me.

She said, “I noticed that I may be distracting you. And by the bulge in your shorts maybe you are attracted to me. I really like to make men flustered and hard.”

I blushed for a moment, feeling at a loss for words, but recovered my nerve and thought maybe I had a chance with this goddess after all.

I said, “Yes, you were very pleasantly distracting me, I find you incredibly attractive and your voice makes me melt. I hope you find old guys cute. You have succeeded in making this man flustered but more importantly, extremely hard.”

She reached out her hand for a handshake and said, “My name is Veronica, and I will be staying here for two nights. You are cute. Especially with that bulge.”

Veronica held the handshake firmly and continued, “Do you know what a hot wife is? My husband encourages me to find new and fun sexual situations to explore when I am away from home. Would you and your bulge like to help me with that exploration?”

I stammered that my name was Steve and that I did know what a hot wife was (thanks Traci) and said, YES, YES, I could help her with that exploration.

She said, “I love to get sweaty with a workout here in the gym, but it is always better with a partner. Let’s see what we have to work with.”

At that, she released my hand and reached over to grab my bulge through my shorts. I turned off my treadmill and moved over to hers, and noticed it was never turned on.

I leaned in to kiss her, but she was already dropping to her knees and pulling my shorts down, allowing my very erect penis to be free. It was standing at attention right in front of her face.

Her hands were holding my cock as her lips came to my head. She opened her lips and just kept on slowly sliding her lips down and down my shaft. Her warm wet mouth was heavenly, and her tongue was frantically exploring all the cock that it could reach.

I was moaning in pleasure as she stood up, walked to the window and closed the blinds. She locked the door, then turned to me and pulled her tee shirt over her head. “Do you like?” she asked as she sauntered back to me with her voluptuous breasts on full display.

Nodded vigorously I exclaimed, “Who wouldn’t!” I shuffled over with my shorts at my knees and my cock out bouncing as I walked. I met her at the exercise mat. We embraced and our lips met for our first kiss. Her lips were soft and tasted of cherry lip gloss. Her tongue pushed its way into my mouth, and our tongues lashed together and around each other. Electricity was shooting through my core every time our tips touched. She was an excellent kisser.

I opened my arms and pulled her in close while our tongues took turns exploring each other. My hands slipped down to grab that incredible derrière and squeezed her cheeks through her yoga pants. Her hands were on my back, pulling us closer together, crushing my torso into her breasts. I could feel her hard nipples poking my chest. My incredibly hard erection was sandwiched between us, all while our passionate kissing continued.

We came up for air, and Veronica ankara escort got a sly smirk on her face and asked me, “Would you mind if I called my husband to tease him?” I was in total disbelief this goddess wanted me, so I was game for anything.

She moved a few feet away to grab her phone on the treadmill. As she stepped back over to me, I could hear it ringing. I reached out to touch her breasts for the first time and she moaned a little as I pinched her nipples and massaged her tits. I lifted each one and felt the heft. I leaned down to take her right nipple in my mouth, as she said, “Hello Fred.”

She then moaned very loudly into the phone as I attacked her hard nipple with my tongue. I slid down to my knees and started to peel off her Yoga pants and pink thong. I could immediately smell her arousal and I leaned in and took a big inhale.

Veronica was talking and mostly what I heard was “opportunity” and “naked” and “he is about to eat me.” She shuddered as my tongue lapped her labia and I got my first taste. I grabbed her ass, pulled her sex into my mouth, and pushed my tongue between her lips to taste her sweet arousal. My hands were squeezing her ass cheeks as my tongue explored as far inside her that it could reach.

I could hear Veronica’s breath quicken as I moved up just a bit and found her clit. It was very aroused and peeking out from its hood. My tongue ran circles around and over her hard nub as she was narrating the whole thing to her husband. As I explored all around her clit with my tongue, I pushed two fingers inside her pussy. I probed as far I could and then curled those fingers up to try and stimulate her G spot. Never know exactly where it is, but I seemed to find it as she shuddered and loudly said to her husband, “OH Shit, his fingers have found my spot and his tongue on my clit is driving me crazy. I am about to come all over his face!”

And she did. She raised her voice on the phone to a higher pitched “Oh, Yes, that is so great!” and she pulled my head into her pussy with her free hand, her thighs squeezing my head. Her legs slumped a bit as she came. I could feel her pussy tightening down on my fingers and a flood running over my hand. I continued licking her clit until she eventually pushed my head away. I leaned back in to lap up as much of her tasty fluids as I could before she pulled me all the way up for a messy kiss.

I grabbed the phone and said, “Sorry Fred, Veronica needs to hang up now, because I intend to fuck her, and I want her full attention.”

Before I could hang up, I heard “Wait, can you just leave the phone on speaker so I can hear?”

So, I hit the speaker button, turned the volume up, and set the phone down on the mat next to us. We lay down together and Veronica pushed me onto my back and climbed on top. She leaned over for another deep kiss and smashed her breasts into my chest. She was an exceptionally good kisser. The way her tongue played with mine, the way her lips just locked in naturally with me, the way she bit my lower lip, just turned me on.

My cock slid into her ass crack as she moved down my body. I could feel a wet trail as her pussy moved sincan escort bayan down my stomach. Veronica teased me some by pushing her ass back into my cock, letting it come tantalizingly close to slipping into her pussy. She finally lifted her hips up and grabbed my hard member, rubbing the tip on her wet lips. I was so hard that it ached. After a few rubs on her entrance, Veronica just pushed herself down, enveloping my cock in her warm wet pussy. She then shouted to her husband, “His cock fills me so much more than yours does. Oh, my, such a great fit.”

We stayed like that for a while, just enjoying being joined together. It was blissful until we heard Fred say, “Veronica, are you still there? I don’t hear anything. Come on guys, let me in on what is happening.”

I just smiled up at Veronica and she yelled out, “Fred, I am impaled on his magnificent cock. He is much larger than you and can fill me up. Shut up, you are ruining the moment.”

I laughed out loud at the absurdity of the whole thing. But then Veronica started to move up and down on my prick. It felt like a warm wet velvet glove was gripping me and my hands on her hips urged her to continue to move in that way. As she got into a great rhythm, I moved my hands to her magnificent tits and used my thumb and forefinger to pinch and pull at her nipples. This enlisted louder moans, and Veronica was speeding up her bouncing on my cock. I am sure Fred could hear our bodies slapping together.

She leaned down for a kiss, slipping her tongue into my mouth before pulling back and whispering, “I knew you would be a good fuck from the lust in your eyes, the moment I saw you. Please come for me. And make it loud so my husband can hear.”

Veronica was moaning louder and louder as her hips moved faster. Her motions created a loud smack as her ass came down on my thighs with each stroke. I was getting close to losing my battle with holding off my orgasm. In between grunts I said loudly, “Hey, husband does this turn you on?”

We hear from the phone, “Hell yeah, I am about to come all over my car.”

I matched Veronica’s movements with thrusts of my own. Our moans were so loud, I am sure any hotel guests going by the gym could have heard us.

I looked up to her face and could see her eyes closing, and a look come over her as she let out a loud, “Oh God, yes, YESSSS! I am coming so hard. You cock feels so wonderful.” She sat down hard on my prick, and I could feel her go rigid all over and feel her pussy spasm onto my penis.

That was all I could take, and I shot my load while saying loudly,” You have the hottest wife on the planet. Oh, so great!”

And I kissed her deeply and we just both melted into the mat, wonderfully sated, and spent. I opened my eyes and looked to the ceiling, noticing for the first time a security camera with a blinking red light, zooming in on us.

Veronica kissed me once more and then stood up to put on her yoga pants and shirt. She handed me the pink thong and said, “Hold onto these until tomorrow for me. Meet me at the pool after work.” And she turned, picked up her phone and walked out the door.

I shook my head, unsure how I could be so lucky to experience something like that. I looked again at the camera and saw it pan to follow Veronica and then swing back to me. I turned my back to it and scrambled back into my clothes. I waved as I left the fitness room, wondering who was watching.

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