Auntie Debbie and Uncle Tony MMF BI


Auntie Debbie and Uncle Tony MMF BIThe year was now 1997, I was loving my relationship with this fantastically kinky and horny couple. We had been friends now for 3 months and had had so many horny times together. I decided to buy myself a mobile phone so we could all message each other. I got my phone and messaged Debbie to let her know I now had a phone. My phone beeped within a minute of my text…”Stevie, Saturday night, come round at 7pm, we want to do some role play. We are thinking Auntie and Uncle, any requests for what I should wear?” Every time she asked me to do something or messaged me, I instantly got hard, she had that much appeal.”That sounds great, its always been a fantasy of mine. Wear a long pleated skirt with a fitted silk blouse, make sure you wear some mule, slip on house slippers, the type with fur at the front and a slight heel”The phone beeped instantly with a single “x”… was on.I had a nice bath and completely shaved myself, not leaving a trace of pubic hair. I got myself ready and packed a bag as it was going to be an overnighter.I knocked on the door and they were both instantly in character….”hi Steve, your mother suggested you come and stay for a night as you have been giving them some problems, she thought a night here would do you good, a change of scenery”…”I didn’t want to come but I’m here now so I may as well make the most of it””Good, uncle Tony will show you to your room so you can unpack your bag before we eat.I unpacked and went downstairs. “Dinner’s bursa escort ready Stevie, you come and sit next to me” she looked every inch the women next door in her pleated skirt and her silk blouse, the mules were the perfect finishing touch. “It will do you good to stay here for a day or two, your mother needs a break from your behaviour” ..”I don’t think I’m that bad auntie, she is overreacting, sending me here” we had a nice meal, auntie was a great cook.”Stevie, can you do me a favour and clear the table, uncle Tony and I have to go upstairs, we have to sort some clothes out for the charity shop, I’m going to drop them off tomorrow morning”…”fine, no problem” I replied. They both went upstairs and I cleared the table and loaded the dishwasher. I was kind of glad they went upstairs as I crept out of the back for a sneaky joint I had pre rolled.I was smoking the joint when I heard muffled yelps and squeals of delight coming from upstairs, I stubbed out the joint and crept upstairs, I couldn’t believe my eyes, the door was slightly open and Auntie was bent over the bed with her skirt up her back. Uncle Tony had his two index fingers deep into her arsehole. He was gaping her hole and then bent down and put his tongue deep inside her…her big, white auntie knickers were down by her ankles. “Stop it Tony, he’ll hear us” whispered Auntie….”he won’t, he’s in the kitchen” said Uncle Tony.I crept back downstairs and two minutes later they re enterd the kitchen. Auntie was looking flustered, escort bursa I asked her if she was OK? “I’m fine Stevie, I think its the menopause” I noticed that Uncle Tony had a massive bulge in his trousers and was trying hard to hide it. We settled down and watched a movie. it got to 10 o clock and Auntie Debbie said, “right, we’re off to bed Stevie, don’t stay up too late” and with that they both went upstairs. I followed 5 minutes later, brushed my teeth and shouted “goodnight” they both replied and i went to bed leaving my door slightly open. I lay flat on my back and was completely naked, I never wore pyjamas and my cock was rock hard thinking about my Uncle Tony with his fingers deep in Aunties arsehole so I began to wank myself off. I noticed that there door was slightly open with a light on, so i crept down to their bedroom and peeked in. What a horny sight that greeted me, Auntie was squatting over Uncle Tonys face and was holding on to the headboard..”yes, put your tongue deep into me, let me imagine its him, thats it, suck on my clit, he had his massive hands on her cheeks and was spreading them wide open, what a glorious sight. She then turned around and was on all fours, Uncle Tony had about 10 inches and he was positioning himself to fuck her arse. He pushed her head into the duvet and lifted and raised her arse so she was in the perfect position. He looked down and spat on her hole, he rubbed it into her and then thrust his massive cock in her. She was whimpering with delight görükle escort as it slowly went in and out. It was then that she looked up and saw me…”Tony stop, Steve’s watching us”…”come in and watch your dirty boy” said Tony, I went In and sat on the bed “Debbie, suck him off, show him what naughty aunties do” she took my cock in her mouth and started sucking me, he was fucking her so hard that she took all my length in her mouth, she was gargling and gasping, her make up was running down her face as the tears filled her eyes from taking my full length. “Stevie, fuck me, fuck your auntie and treat me like a whore” Uncle and I swapped positions. I slid in so easily after his monster had been there. I could feel the walls of her arse as I fucked her. She was now sucking him off and his cock disappeared into her hungry mouth…tears were streaming down her face this was horniest thing ever. “Stevie, fuck your uncle Tony, he loves to be fucked. I positioned myself behind him and auntie straddled him and held him wide open, I slid in so easily, uncle was loving it, my auntie had the look of pure sex on her face, she got on all fours in front of Tony and spread her cunt wide open, uncle Tony then began to lick her arsehole to to the top of her clitoris….”I’m going to come shrieked Auntie and she then squirted all over the sheets, this was too much so I pulled out and let a massive gush spray over my uncles back…we were exhausted but had to finish my uncle of so he lay on his back as me and my auntie sucked his clock and balls until he shot his giant load all over us.This was one of the best nights of my life, but these visits were only the beginning, things were going to be hotting up….to be continued.

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