Aunts Stockings


Aunts StockingsThis story is done from memory, as it was over 20 years ago, but is as close to what happened as I can remember.One day when I was about 18 or 19 I decided I would take a drive down to see my Aunt and Uncle who lived about 30 miles away. It was mid-afternoon and so I knew I would get there just after they had finished work so I wouldn’t be disturbing their supper or evening. My Aunt was in her mid to late thirties and my Uncle was in his early forties. They were both very conservative and worked in professional jobs.I arrived just after 1600 and was immediately invited in by my Uncle, explaining that they’d both just arrived from work. My Aunt worked for the local school board as an examiner but also an inspector and my Uncle worked as a manager in one of the factories about 45 minutes away from their house. My Uncle made me a cup of coffee and we both went into the living room to sit down and chat. As soon as I walked into the living room I saw my Aunt sat there in a long grey skirt and white blouse, with off-white nylons and some peep-toe house-shoes on. My Uncle immediately sat down in his chair close to the television and turned on the soccer, on Satellite, so he could see the scores and relax. I went and sat down on the sofa next to my Aunt and was talking to her about how work had been, as well as catching up. I was also trying to catch glimpses of her legs and toes covered in nylon when she ümraniye escort wasn’t looking at me. I was wondering if they were stockings or pantyhose as I’d heard her talking in the past about wearing stockings. It was then that I noticed her skirt was a cross between a normal skirt and a wrap-around with a long hidden slit at the front of it. This intrigued me even more and while I was catching a glimpse of her legs I saw that her skirt had fallen open slightly revealing her long slender legs encased in nylon, with the tell-tale sign of a thigh-high stocking just visible. While I was glancing at the top of her stocking I wasn’t paying too much attention to what was being said to me, but the topic of the conversation had got onto clothes and the fact that my Uncle was throwing out some old clothes.While we were still talking the telephone rang and my Uncle went out of the room to answer it. After about 10 minutes he came back into the room to say that he was having to go back to work as he was duty manager and had some on-call issues to handle. He then said his goodbyes and left saying he would be back in a couple of hours. I immediately started thinking that I would like to handle my Aunt but I didn’t know when I’d find the chance or an opening.After my Uncle had gone my Aunt and I continued talking then when we had finished our drinks she took the cups through into the kitchen. I followed kadıköy escort so that we could continue the conversation, but it also gave me chance to see more of her ankles encased in their nylon prison. When she had put the cups into the dishwasher she asked if I wanted to come upstairs with her to have a look at the clothes my Uncle was throwing out and see if any of them would fit me. I agreed, mainly because it would give me more chance to be with her, and so I followed her upstairs admiring the back of her ankles and heels in their nylon casings.When we got upstairs I sat down on the bed while my Aunt went through my Uncles closet and brought out the clothes that he was getting rid of. In order to give her space on the bed, to put the clothes out, I went and sat down on the floor at her feet. This gave me a great chance to admire her legs more closely while she reached into the closet. One time when she was reaching higher in the closet she had to reach forward and this allowed her skirt to open up fully showing more of her stocking clad leg. I don’t know why but seeing that instant glimpse of stocking made me reach out and start to caress her visible leg, reaching up as far as I could to the top of her stocking and then slowly moving my hand back towards her feet, the feeling was intense and I was quickly carried away in the touch that I didn’t hear her gasp. As I wanted to get more bostancı escort of the feeling I moved closer to her legs and put my second hand under her skirt and started to caress her second leg, making sure I didn’t open her skirt up. The surprise of the sudden touch on her legs caused her to lose balance and start to fall forward. Quickly stopping caressing her legs I moved round to the front of her, still with my hands under her skirt, and directed her towards the bed so she wouldn’t hurt herself. My sudden standing up also shifted her balance so that she fell onto the bed, causing her house-shoes to fall off, with her skirt completely opening up at the front displaying her uncovered nylon-clad legs and feet. Seeing this, and with the feeling of the nylon on my hands, I had started to get an erection and this was now pressing through my trousers and against her nylon covered legs. Seizing the opportunity I unzipped my semi-erect penis fly and took hold of her ankles. Placed both soles, and partially wrapping her nylon-clad toes, against my swollen penis I started to rub her feet up and down my shaft until I could see the pre-cum starting to appear. I then carried on rubbing until I’d ejaculated all over her feet, legs and ankles.Once cumming I released her feet from my grip and slowly moved my hands up to the tops of her stockings and rolled them off her legs, so that I could keep them as a souvenir of my visit. I then left the house, with my newly gained stockings, and drove back home. From time to time I will get the stockings out and it brings back the wonderful memories I have of that visit. My Aunt also was never alone with me again, although nobody knows the reason why.

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