Ava’s College Experiment


Ava walked into her dorm room, relieved her roommate was nowhere in sight. Locking the door behind her, she climbed up to her top bunk before closing the curtains of the window by her bed. She removed her black and gray shirt undoing her long brown mane from its messy bun. She slowly unbuttoned and unzipped her Abercrombie jeans as she slid her lace bra off and left it aside.

Her hands met her full D cup breasts as she closed her eyes and an unconscious moan escaped her mouth as she made contact with her aroused nipples. She circled her large breasts with her thumb and index fingers twirling her bare nipples between them.

Leaning down she slowly moved her hand down her athletic torso to the wet lips of her pussy. She stuck her middle finger up her now dripping hole as she slowly pumped her middle and index fingers against her G-spot. Her right hand circled around her clit as she thought about her High School boyfriend fucking her hard, repeatedly.

She grabbed her purple 7 and a half inch dildo from her side dresser and inserted it slowly into her pussy. She pushed the dildo in far enough to remind her of the nights she would stay over at Kyle’s as she continued fucking herself with the dildo. Ava continued these motions speeding up and she felt the a familiar tingle in her pussy. Her thighs began to shake as she pumped harder and rubbing her clit round and round. Finally she went still as she was immersed in waves of pleasure, electricity crackling through her body, riding her orgasm out with no attempt to muffle the unquestionable moans her mouth was unwillingly making.

Suddenly, as if the last minutes had never happened, she slipped on her bra and panties and climbed down her bunk bed heading towards the bathroom. Though she was in a daze, the shinny, electric, red hair of her roommate Addison could not be ignored. As Addison stared up with her hazel eyes Ava muttered, “I’m so sorry,” quickly skirting off to the bathroom, hoping the growing laughter behind her was solely in her head.

While in the bathroom Ava clothed herself with her silk purple robe, a gift from her grandmother. She attempted to prepare an excuse, or at the least something, anything, to say to Addison once she inevitably has to walk out there. But there simply was no logical explanation other than the truth, so she walked out into her dorm room without making eye contact with Addison as she hopped back on her bead. Ava began to read her history textbook, but she could feel Addison’s eyes scanning her like a bird staring down its prey.

She and Addison had never been close, age difference was probably to blame for that. While Ava was a timid Freshman still attempting to adjust to the college lifestyle, Addison was a junior. She had definitely found her place here, and was rarely around on the weekends, if at all. What a cruel joke, rooming bahis firmaları two completely different people together Ava thought. However, secretly she knew her high school self and Addison were extremely similar, and though she could never admit it aloud, her secret glances at Addison’s perky B cup breasts and cute ass were always appreciated.

Ava sat on her bed knowing she’d soon be faced with the consequences of being caught. She soon felt a cold front tap on her shoulder. Though expecting the hand of Addison, she was presented with an ice-cold beer from the arm Addison who was no longer playing the waiting-game.

Instead, without permission, Addison simply lifted herself up on to the bunk of Ava, leaned back, and drank her beer.

“So… Are we going to talk at all?” Addison asked with a sly grin and she slid her hand to touch Ava’s toned, athletic legs. “It’s fine, I mean I understand, sometimes you just- need to.” Addison said winking while slowly inching her hand closed to the cotton fabric under Ava’s robe.

“What are you doing?” Ava shouted almost a bit too loudly jumping back. Though seemingly upset by Addison’s actions, the wet spot began to form on her panties preached a different message about her true thoughts of Addison’s antics.

“I’m so sorry,” Addison said. Not knowing if that was a mimic of her a few minutes ago or a legitimate apology, Ava simply said nothing. “It’s just, I know how you feel. My first year here my high school boyfriend had just broken up with me and I was in such a dry-spell. I’m so sorry, really I just, well seeing you like that got me a little confused but a lot turned on.” Addison said in one breath, staring in to the eyes of the younger, yet gorgeous, woman at her side. Ava looked up stunned by Addison’s revelation, yet she was still unsure of how to respond.

Where do you want this to go? Ava asked herself. She knew where she wanted it to go in her head, but her mouth simply couldn’t form the words. “So what did you do, about it?” Ava quietly asked, staring intently into Addison’s hazel eyes so her eyes would not wonder inches below to her chest.

“Ava, this is kind of embarrassing,” Addison said, “But my older sister told me that the way to help was to get help- from someone who understands you.” Ava’s expression remained blank as she tried to puzzle out the pieces in her head.

Addison knew she was speaking in riddles, but the possibility of one her nighttime fantasies finally having a possibility of coming true sent shivers of waves of nerves crashing against her body. Flashes of her getting off to thinking about Ava’s young athletic body slipped through her mind as she forgot her nerves and bluntly said “You know- someone who knows what a girl really wants. Not someone who wants his dick sucked so he can get off, someone who wants just as much to help kaçak iddaa than to have.”

“Do you mean,” she started to say but brought her voice down to a whisper as if she has been revealing her greatest secret to her best friend, “Being with another woman?”

“You’ve never thought about it?” Addison asked, knowing there was a very strong possibility she was coming on too strong, yet she knew there was no turning back now.

“I mean. Yes- but. I just don’t know what other girl would want to try anything with me, that I’d be, I don’t know,” Ava said her voice trailing off

“That you’d feel safe?” Addison finished.


“Does this feel safe?” Addison asked as she put her hand back on Ava’s thigh.” Ava simply nodded. “And what about this?” She asked sliding her finger up further so she was now touching the outline of Ava’s dripping pussy. “What about this?” She asked, sucking a deep breath and pulling her younger roommate in for a passionate kiss. She breathed in the taste of the beautiful girl sitting with her, as their tongues danced in her mouth and Addison reached in to put her hand on Ava’s model-like brown hair.

Pulling out, Ava said “Yes… I think this is safe…” before indulging herself back into Addison’s mouth. Soon Addison began to line Ava’s neck with kisses, as she slowly became more aggressive with her mouth, using her teeth and tongue to help.

She finally reached down to the string of Ava’s robe and tugged in it, “Is this safe?” Addison whispered into Ava’s ear while softly biting the side of her ear.

Addison’s hot breath against Ava’s skin numbed her mouth from speaking, so instead she simply let out a moan, speaking a thousand words. Addison tugged on her robe’s string until it opened, unclasped Ava’s bra with her teeth, throwing off her own shirt in the process, and then lustfully attacked her roommates full breasts. Paying attention to every nook of her large breasts, Addison used her hands to twirl Ava’s nipples between her fingers, but soon lay on top of her, whispering in Ava’s ear “take my pants off,” as Ava fumbled to unbuckle her roommates jeans, “please,” Addison whispered as Ava threw the jeans of the bunk along with her robe, bra and Addison’s shirt.

Addison laid Ava down on the bed and began swirling her nipples between her tongue. When Addison bit down on her aroused nipples, Ava screamed in pleasure, feeling Addison’s own breasts push against her own.

Addison left a trail of kisses going down Ava’s athletic and long torso as she finally reached her mound and tore off her own, as well as Ava’s panties, throwing both items along with her own bra into the growing pile of clothes laying on the floor.

Addison began licking Ava’s clit as Ava bucked her hips in pleasure, now unable to control her own body. Pleasure shot through her veins as Addison kaçak bahis stuck three fingers up her dripping hole, understanding how horny she was by the juices gathering, While still licking her clit and finding her g-spot with ease. Addison continued pumping Ava’s g-spot and licking her clit as Ava tweaked her own nipples, the tingling in her pussy becoming stronger and her breath becoming shorter.

“I’m close,” she managed to squeak out.

“Come for me Ava. Please baby, please,” Addison whispered her breath hot against Ava’s ragging pussy sending her over the edge. Ava’s hips bucked off the bed and she completely lost control of her body, waves of pleasure consuming her.

Addison continued to finger fuck and lick Ava’s pussy while she climaxed, licking the juice from Ava’s pussy as she reached down and felt her own dripping with juices. Addison slowly began rubbing her own clit, craving release. Once Ava realized what Addison was trying to do, she asked her shyness erased by the adrenaline rush, “Addison,” she called.

“Mhmm,” Addison responded rubbing her clit harder and tweaking her nipples.

“Can I, can I taste you?” Ava said.

“I thought you’d never ask,” Addison said, as she laid Ava down and gave her tongue full access to her pussy by riding her face. Ava slowly reached Addison’s dripping pussy with her mouth, kissing her clit, and finally sticking her tongue up her dripping hole. She circled her tongue around the inner circle of Addison’s hole.

“Mmmmm. Yesssss, please baby, please,” Addison moaned absorbed in the pleasure ragging in her pussy. Ava continued to lick the older girls clit, wrapping her hands around her hips and pulling her towards her. Addison’s already aching pussy was exploding with pleasure as she moaned. Her heartbeat quickened as Ava stuck two fingers up her hole.

“More,” Addison moaned as Ava stuck one more finger up Addison’s drenched pussy, pumping her g-spot, making circles with her fingers pushing against her walls. “More,” Addison begged bucking her hips as Ava inserted another finger. “Fist me,” Addison begged as Ava slid her whole hand up Addison’s ravenous, wet pussy. Suddenly Addisons muscles tightened and she squirted all over Ava’s hand.

Ava was preoccupied with beauty of Addison, she barley realized how wet her own pussy was when Addison pushed her back down. It was only minutes after Addison started licking her clit that she came.

Addison then put one foot to the bed, giving her leverage. She pressed their drenched pussies together and began to fuck Ava hard. Ava had never felt anything so good So fucking wet! Back and forth they went, coming and coming. Ava could feel how wet the bed was getting, but only laughed about There was no way she going to stop.

Ava pushed Addison up kissing her, pressing their bodies together.

“Was that safe?” Addison asked her. Ava laid down, her head lying in the breast of the older woman as Addison played with her hair. Slowly turning around and kissing her, knowing she wanted what had just to happen every night.

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