Backwoods fuck

Backwoods fuckDuring the last year I had been down on my luck, I found myself staying in this rural run down trailer park in south Alabama. I was the only African American living in this trailer park, but that did not stop me from making friends. Everyone who lived around me was facing the same type of problems of trying to find a good paying job. On Friday my buddy Jimmy was throwing a get together at his place. The park was full of loud music, pot smoking and drinking; the atmosphere was a wild one. There was one chick I wanted to feed my big black dick to. Sarah Mae was a hot backwoods white female she had on some homemade daisy dukes, halter top, and sandals. At 5’6 135 she would turn heads no matter where she went, her C cup sized tits and long natural red hair made her look like a goddess. To top it off her old man was always in and out of jail for some dumb bullshit, this was one of those weekends that he had checked into the local county jail. After a few round of beer pong, I decided that I would make a move on Sarah she was dancing in the middle of the floor by herself. I walked up and asked if I could have this dance, she replied sure honey. After a few songs we grabbed a beer each and walked outside to catch some fresh air. The night was a nice one, the porch steps were still kind of wet from the small storm kıbrıs escort that had passed thru earlier in the day. To my surprise Sarah asked me if she could sit in my lap. I told her to take a seat, my fat black dick jumped rock hard the moment she sat down. I could tell that she felt the hard on in my pants because of the look she gave me. We chatted each other each about small stuff, while we were talking Sarah kept on moving her tight little ass on my dick, this was driving me crazy and she knew it. I put one of my hands of her lap and began to rub her legs, when she did not protest I began to rub closer to her pussy. She put one of her arms around my neck and laid her head next to mine. She told me that she had been horny as hell the past few days and she needed someone to fuck her real good and hard. The spot that we were sitting in was so dark that no one could see us. Sarah put her hand in my shorts and began to rub the black monster that I was hiding. She told me that she wanted to be fucked right here on the porch, she pulled her shorts to the side and sat down in my lap. Her pussy was so damn tight and wet, it took a few seconds to get used to the size of my black monster. The whole time I had one of her perfect natural tits in my mouth sucking like a new born baby. As she slowly rode my dick, I whispered escort kıbrıs in her ear to ride this black monster hard. Sarah rapped both of her arms around my neck and began to fuck me like a pure white slut; I could feel her pussy juices running down my hairy black balls. I started back sucking on her tits biting the nipple lightly, this pushed my new whore over the edge she began to have a body shaking orgasm, and I kept the pace up by bouncing her in my lap. As Sarah came back down to Earth my balls began to swell up my load was close filling up her wet pussy. I told her that I could not hold back anymore, my new slut said that she wanted me to fill her pussy up with my cum. I gave her a huge load that took the life out of me. We got dressed and walked back into the party like nothing had happened. We stayed away from each other because we didn’t want people to think anything. We kept on looking at each other my dick had gotten hard again and I gave Sarah a sign that I wanted some more of that tight white pussy. Sarah walked by and placed a note in my back pocket it read “come to over to my place in the next ten minutes, the back door will be unlocked please don’t let anyone see you. The next ten minutes seemed to drag by at a snail’s pace, I told Jimmy that I was tired and that I was heading to the kıbrıs escort bayan house. I left and walked towards my house then I dipped behind the empty trailer next to mines, when I got to Sarah’s place I walked right into the house. She was lying in the bedroom fingering herself she told me to hurry up and get naked. I joined her in my birthday suit, all I could think about was eating that pretty pussy, but she wanted to taste my black monster. At the same time we both said let’s do the 69, I sucked on that tight pussy while she was choking on my monster dick. I couldn’t take it anymore I told her to get up and get on her back I placed her legs in the pit of my arms and I pounded her hot white pussy while sucking on her tits. That horny slut was having a orgasm in the first two minutes of fucking, the more I gave it to her the harder she came, my black monster was covered in her cum the sight of it made her turn to the true slut that she was Sarah sucked and cleaned my black monster with her mouth. I told my new slut to get into the doggy position; she had to let me know that this is her favorite way to be fucked. I got behind her and began to feed her my hard black dick, I was rubbing her clit while fucking her she had an orgasm so hard that her cum was pushing me out of her, I fucked her hard as I could until she was done. Once I made sure that she was happy I began to work on my nut, this slut kept telling me to cum inside of her right now, this made me blow a huge load deep inside of her tight white pussy. Afterwards we both fell asleep. King Hut

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