Bad Woman Cop


This will be a little different from my normal way of thinking but was inspired by a dream. The story is about a bad woman cop.

Jan is a woman in her late thirties, tall at six foot, broad in the shoulders but narrower in the hips from a good workout routine. In her police uniform she actually looks big, hiding her big natural breasts underneath her bulky bulletproof vest. Her dark short cropped hair and chiseled hard face gives her a look that no one, man or woman would mess with. Her fellow cops didn’t know if she was a lesbian or straight and after she took out three teeth of a fellow cop for calling her a dyke no one messed with her. In her years as a cop she did well being promoted to sergeant, a position she liked, being able to command respect and control. Twice she was voted “Police Officer of the Year” and no one suspected her darker side.

Working a beat in an urban district is tough even for a man and harder for a woman but Jan thrived in the environment. She wore her duty Glock 23, .40 caliber, and kept a Ruger Lightweight Compact Pistol backup in a concealed holster under her uniform shirt and a Benchmark switchblade clipped to the inside of her pants pocket. She wasn’t timid about using either to take someone’s life… and she had.

The first time she killed a man was a clean shoot when an armed robbery suspect came out of a liquor store shooting. With a skilled shot, she planted the bullet right between the shooter’s eyes. The second time she killed a suspect was not as clean. She killed the guy during a domestic disturbance where she claimed the husband came at her with a knife. While she was cleared by the department she was the only one who knew she took the man’s life because he pissed her off when he pulled his cock out and told her “Suck this bitch.” Drawing her Glock she shot the man twice, once in the abdomen knowing it would be painful and the second round a few seconds later in the heart. Jan quickly placed a kitchen knife in the man’s hand before her backup arrived. She showed no remorse and actually enjoyed the titillation of adrenalin… her nipples were instantly hard and her clit quivered with excitement. She couldn’t wait to get home to use her favorite rabbit vibrator to release her excitement. However, she knew it would be a few hours while the detectives investigated the shooting.

The dark side of Jan came out after that shooting and nearly three hours of working her clit and wet cunt with the rabbit vibrator, even after the batteries died. She felt spent and took one last shot of vodka before falling into a deep peaceful sleep and dreamed vivd erotic dreams.

Jan found herself seeking out more risky and dark behaviors to get the adrenaline rush. On her days off she would drive to a nearby city and check into a “no tell motel” where they took cash and didn’t ask for ID. Donning a sexy black dress, g-string, fishnet hose, heals and a red wig; she was ready to get laid. Her nipples were hard as she strapped her little LCP pistol to the small of her back under her dress. She knew it would be for a last resort as it was going to be hard to draw the weapon with the dress on. Jan flicked her switch blade open, admiring the weapon and feeling her pussy getting wet with the thought of using it on a man. Folding the knife she strapped it to back of her thigh, her hand smoothed over her pussy and felt her moistness. Glancing in the mirror, she thought… dressed to kill. Little did she know that it might come to that one day. All she wanted was to get fucked and fucked hard, her way.

Jan walked the half a block to a Gentleman’s club. She had done her homework and found this was more than just a strip club it was an up-scale and cleaner place where couples and singles could hookup. Entering the door she was greeted by the bouncer who was full of muscle and dressed in a black tux. He eyed her up and down and told her “We don’t let hookers in here.” Her first instinct was to drive her knee into this assholes balls but had to tame her desire, instead gave the guy a fifty dollar bill.

“I’m not a hooker… I’m here to get laid.” She coolly told the bouncer.

Taking her money he nodded and allowed her to pass.

She ordered a double Stoli and eased into one of the comfortable leather covered sofas. Crossing bahis firmaları her long legs and leaning back she knew it wouldn’t be long before she found her prey. The club wasn’t full but she was the only woman there who didn’t work in the club.

The woman on stage danced an erotic dance to a hard thumping bass song. Jan found herself aroused when the woman slowly stripped out of her skimpy outfit; revealing a small but muscular compact body with small tits, hard nipples and narrowly trimmed pussy. Never had she been drawn to women but see this woman exposing herself somehow arouse her and made her wet pussy. Judging the reactions of the men watching, they were equally aroused. Her key sense of observation noticed most of the men had pronounced bulges. The song ended and the stage lights blinked out, the room suddenly fell dark except for a few black lights and some track lighting. In the dark, a man slide next to her and asked “Do you have a date?” Startled at first and ready to punch the stranger she dropped her guard and told the handsome stranger she was alone.

Jan wasn’t looking for small talk and grabbed the man’s crotch, checking to see if he had enough to please her. She was hoping to find a man with a big cock. The man was now caught off guard but regain his composure quickly. “You like it?” He whispered in her ear in a deep voice.

“I’m not sure… I’m not sure you’re man enough for me.” She said forcefully squeezing his cock though his pants.

“We’ll see about that!” Taking her right tit firmly in his big hand then deeply sucked on her neck.

Jan’s body went limp for a second in a mini orgasm with his provocative reaction. The lights flashed on to the second stage and both released there grasp. Jan stood and took the man’s shoulder, much like she would a criminal “Let’s go and see if you are man enough.”

The walk back to her room was in silence though her mind was screaming “I need fucked.” As she opened the door he pushed her though it, grabbing her tit’s from behind and again sucking on the back of her neck. Breaking his grasp she turned and kneed him in the groin, not enough to drop him like a perp but enough to get his attention. She closed and locked the door then poured then both a double vodka. “I hope you got the point… I want fucked but I want fucked my way. Not yours.”

Handing him the plastic cup half filled with vodka, she kissed him deeply sending her tongue deep into his mouth and rubbing her hand over his crotch gently. Pulling away slightly she slide the zipper down on his pants and released his semi hand cock from his boxer shorts. His cock was big and thick! In her hand she stroked and admired its feel. Abruptly she pushed him back to the bed where he sat. “Let’s toast to having a great fuck tonight” Jan said with a gleam in her eye.

“What’s your name?” he asked as he drank down the smooth vodka. His taste buds realized that it was top shelf and she wasn’t just a cheap whore.

“Dose it matter?” She snapped back.

“I guess it doesn’t, mine is James though” He offered still wondering what he got himself into.

“Enough small talk… James. You can call me, uh… Helga, if you must.” She stated matter a-fact-ly. Jan poured him another drink to relax him a little more before she pounced on him like a tigress in heat. “Now James… relax a little and lose the clothes while I do a little strip for you.” She cooed. Jan turned on a bedside radio and found a smooth jazz station. She swayed to the music feeling the slight affects of the alcohol and loosing her inhibitions… which surprised her. James removed his jacket and shirt while transfixed to “Helga’s” erotic slow moves as she kicked off her shoes and teasingly removed her black dress allowing it to drop to the floor. Reaching behind her she opened the clasps of the lacy black bra and leaned forward; close enough for James to touch. Dropping the bra to the floor, she held her breasts together showing a deep cleavage. Her fingers pinched her nipples to their full hardness

“My God… you have a beautiful body.” James commented lowly, letting out a low whistle.

Not saying a word, Helga, the persona that Jan was becoming, pushed each nipple to James’s waiting mouth. Her hands massaging the soft flesh as he sucked greedily. As his hands kaçak iddaa grabbed her ass roughly, her survival instincts kicked in and drew the little LPC pistol from the holster strapped to her back in the waist band of her g-string..

“What the fuck is this! A rip off?”

“NO it’s a rape so shut the fuck up!” she pressed the barrel to his forehead driving home her point. “Lay back and spread eagle, asshole!” She commanded.

“Whatever… just don’t shoot me… I’ve got kids.” Begging for his life in a much weaker voice.

Complying, James laid back on the bed, naked and spread eagle but face up. Not missing a step Jan took two pair of handcuffs from her weekend bag and told James to handcuff his right hand to the headboard. With the gun pointed to his penis… he complied without a word. “Now put your other hand over there.” Pointing to the other side of the headboard where she quickly cuffed him. Turning back to the dresser she placed the gun in her purse and removed the switchblade from her thigh flicking it open, cut away her black lace thong but leaving the g-string and fishnet hose.

“I’m not going to kill you but you’ll beg me to stop as I torture you.” She threatened in a low sexy voice. She knelt on the bed over his body and placed the point of the knife to his throat. “If you scream out for help… I WILL KILL YOU! Do you understand?” She warned in a deep husky but still sexy voice. He nodded his reply with fearful wide eyes.

“Now where do we start?” She growled not expecting an answer. She slid down his body, allowing her nipples to tease his bare chest and firm abdomen. The feeling was more erotic to her; she was sure, seeing his half limp cock. Taking the back side blade of the knife she ran it up, then down his cock and said “This will not do… I can’t rape you with a limp dick.” Taking the knife she held the sharp point to a spot just above his thick pubic hair, then took the tip of his cock in her mouth. As she slowly sucked down the shaft she pressed the point into his flesh, sending both pain and pleasure though the nerve ending to his brain. A little trickle of blood dripped from the edge of the knife from the small puncture, but his cock was now rock hard. As her hot mouth worked hard shaft she slid the knife around his balls being careful not to cut him further but bring erotic fear.

Coming up for air she admired his big hard cock, knowing she never had one so big. Sliding up over his body she straddled his hard cock, rubbing the shaft to her clit but not letting it enter. “I think it’s time to fuck you. Do you want to fuck me? Or do you want to die here bastard?” Leaning forward and whispering in his ear. Before he could answer she kissed his ear and licked the earlobe. Coming up to his lips she kissed him deeply and drove her tongue deep in his mouth. Her body didn’t wait and she felt a powerful orgasm flooding her as she came hard with his shaft grinding to her clit. “Ohhhhhh fuck!… Look at what you made me do.” She screamed in frustration. “You are going to pay for that” She threatened, once again using the point of the blade to draw a trickle of blood, this time from his right nipple. As he was letting out a low scream she covered his mouth again with hers and sucked the breath and scream from his lungs.

His cock ached for an orgasm, she sensed it in time, pushing the knife point into his hard abdomen, it didn’t draw blood but hurt enough to make him feel like it did. With thoughts of his orgasm on hold, Jan got up from the bed, taking another sip of vodka and serving one to her captive. She lowered each nipple to his mouth and commanded James to suck them. “Harder!” She rubbed her clit as he sucked deeply as she commanded. Glancing down she noticed that his cock was throbbing with so much precum she thought at first he came. Pulling away Jan went to her weekend bag and withdrew a length of narrow silk cord.

“What are you going to do, you bitch?” James demanded.

Jan grabbed his balls hard and looking in his eyes and simple said “Fuck you!”

Taking his hard cock, she wrapped the cord around the base of his cock and tied it tight with a quick release slip knot on the end. “Now, that will make it hard for you to cum” She cooed seeing his cock getting harder and her knot strangle the blood veins and kaçak bahis the tube that would spurt the hot cum that he was dying to shoot.

“Now shut the fuck up or I’ll fucking gag you!” She demanded, once again kissed him deeply, suck his angry words from him. The thought immediately sent waves of passion through her; she needed that big cock in her. She wanted him to stab the cock in her and fuck her brains. She swung her leg over him and deftly lowered her hot wet walls over his big hard cock. Going down she knew it was going to hurt; it had been too long since she had a real cock and she loved the pain. Her body quivered as his cock was nearly all the way, impaling her. As the cock reached the full depth of her body he released a deep orgasm without a drop of cum. She longed for the hot flood of cum but knew he would stay hard longer with his cock bound. She put his orgasm in the back of her mind and focused on fucking herself with his hard cock. She rode him, up and down hard for what she estimated was more than a half hour. The pain in his face told her he was in sweet agony and his cock ached in her, it was time to cum. Grinding her clit to his pubic bone and with his bound cock buried deep inside, Jan released a powerful orgasm. Surprising herself, she ejaculated during the deep orgasm sending spurts of cream pushing out the walls of her cunt past James’s shaft. Her body ached with pain and pleasure. James had suffered enough; reaching around her ass, she lifted her body of his shaft enough to pull the slip knot that held the cord tight around his hard cock. As it loosened he felt his own powerful orgasm shooting a big hot load as he thrust upward sending his cock deep. The spastic load felt hot in her body and comforted her well worn cunt walls.

Lost in the moment and feeling bewildered, James couldn’t move. He had cum without release several times before he was unbound. His final orgasm was intense, like nothing he had ever felt with any woman. He brought his head up and kissed Helga’s lips softly. To his surprise she lifted off him and slapped his face brutally. He was more confused than ever. “What the fuck was that for?” He shouted at her.

“You aren’t done… and neither am I you bastard” Angry, she wanted more and she was going to take it from him. Her pussy ached but in a good ache and her clit needed to be sucked off. She took another drink of vodka and returned to the bed. This time instead of straddling James’s now limp cock, she straddled his head, pinning his shoulders to the bed. “Lick it and do a good job … or die” Jan demanded. He did as he was told with her hands taking his hair and guiding him to her favorite spot just to the side of her clit.

Their cum was draining from her cunt; coating his chin and running down his neck. “He is good” thinking to herself… “What a tongue!” She knew it wouldn’t take long, he was motivated. He sucked her clit lips into her mouth, savoring the flavor of spent passion, swirling his tongue around them and between them, flicking her clit. Once he found a rhythm he felt her impending orgasm, he changed his tactic and drew her clit between his teeth. His tongue never missed a beat to her special hot spot. She held his head tight to her pussy. With the sensation of her clit being held and his tongue driving her crazy… she was there! “Ohhhhhhhh Fuuuuccckkkkk Me! She moaned is a deep howl as she released another powerful orgasm in a long wave of passion. Once complete, she pushed his head down forcefully to the bed. “I think I’ll let you live…maybe.”

Leaving the bed she swallowed the last of her vodka and poured another drink for him. Out of his view she slipped a roofie into his drink and swirled it around. “Here, drink up and I’ll release you after I take a shower.”

Complying and dying of thirst, he downed the vodka, never tasting the drug she placed in the drink. A thousand questions came to his mind and as he tried to speak, she kissed him tenderly. He wanted to see her again but somehow knew it would never happen. His mind filled with clouds and soon he was fast asleep.

True to her word, she showered and released her captive from his handcuffs. In silence and darkness she dressed, collected her things. She knew she would never return… not from the path she had chosen. He would wake, find his money and driver license missing from his wallet but wouldn’t call the cops, too embarrassed to report the crime. It was a perfect crime of passion and one she’d repeat again with another victim in a different city.

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