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BALL BREAKERHer name was Felicity “Fliss” for short surname I,ll say Jones though not her real surname. Sarah and I met Fliss and hubby Rex at our local pub when we lived in Ponders End, North London, our k**s both attending the same primary school. To raise funds for the school Sarah and Fliss volunteered to sing Simon and Garfunkel,s “Bridge Over Troubled Water” Fliss playing guitar and my wife harmonising. Though they,d not dueted before their voices blended nicely and the audience loved it, but both claimed they were terrified and wouldn’t, do it again, though they did relent and a few months later sang “Cavatina” together at the “Tarts and Vicars Ball”. I decided to use my security uniform as a vicar,s uniform, but Rex and Fliss had gone as far as hiring costumes. Not long after we married I bought Sarah sexy lingerie including fishnet tights which sadly she Didn,t wear often enough as far as I was concerned, but she wore it now under a very tarty mini dress she could still get into from the 1960s (this was about 1984. I was delighted to see that my security uniform was very similar to the costume Rex had hired, but Fliss was a real treat in her revealing low cut dress which almost revealed her nipples. Sarah Did reveal her nipples whenever she leaned over so had to be careful not to. Thank Goodness it Wasn,t a church school or they may have been told off! Mind you they were conservative compared to others. One of the prettiest sexiest wives who never bothered with a bra as her perfect titties Didn t really need one was dressed in a peasant blouse illegal bahis so transparent her brown nipples were quite visible so she may as well have been topless. I don,t think I was the only Male affected by her generous display either. Six months previous I,d bought my wife a quite sexy dress she wouldn’t, dare wear in public, but occasionally for me when she wanted to fuck my brains out, but here was Fliss in a dress almost exactly like Sarah’s and despite the fact this dress was not transparent it seemed to mould every curve of her exquisite body without being too tight and though not as short in the hem as Sarah,s mini dress Wasn,t much higher. I always envied Rex his sexy wife despite being married to a sex vixen myself and Rex and Fliss must have fucked a lot as they had three c***dren under eleven in their twelve year marriage. We sadly had to stop at two because of my wife,s health problems so now I fired blanks so there was no way I,d ever “knock up” a woman again barring a medical miracle and a few of our female friends had taken advantage of the fact though I tried to keep it to just my wife and I. This was a great relief when later I had relations with daughter Christina who knew I was infertile and faintly recently my eighteen year old grand daughter Lindy who Didn,t know. I never planned to seduce either of them, but i****t has followed me throughout my sex life and after all I Am Human! I,m not proud of it, but don,t regret it happening either. Before the night was out we,d all had a fair bit of booze and were feeling mellow. illegal bahis siteleri Fliss who loved to flirt with me remarked as we danced together “My Goodness. Vicar. Is that ALL you?” She was referring to my stiff cock which was prodding her as we slow danced. “Yep, every inch of me!” I replied. “I,ll Measure you a bit later.” she “accidentally” ran her fingers over my trouser encased Male meat as she made the promise. It was Rex who invited us to their house for more drinks and as both houses were within easy walking distance it Didn,t take long to reach their house. We were the only ones there as the c***dren were being looked after by Flisses, parents so once settled in Rex asked if we wanted to watch one of their “home made videos”. To humour them we reluctantly agreed expecting to see holiday footage, but found it was Fliss and Rex in their “born in” suits sucking and fucking with nothing left to imagination. “Making these videos turns us on, but watching them afterwards gets us even hornier.” Fliss explained. “I,d like to do it, but we can,t afford the camera to record it on.” I confessed. “I can set the equipment up now if you,d like to make a video of us together?” Rex suggested. “Hmm. I don,t mind having sex with other people, but not so sure of recording it.” Sarah hedged. “Only we Four will ever see it. I promise and being a solicitor I stand by my word!” “Okay by me!” I agreed and Sarah accepted though still not so sure, but I think she felt as excited as me when Rex set the equipment up. “All set. Fresh drinks Fliss canlı bahis siteleri and then let,s get our kit off?” Rex chuckled. We drained our fresh booze and then began to strip off. Rex worked out a bit and being a keen golfer was physically fit at thirty nine with a six pack to be proud of and no excess flab any where, his penis long though not as thick as mine and uncircumcised, presuming oozing from it. poserful legs to support his six feet height. Fliss At thirty four was five eight also no excess flesh, her tits perfectly formed with the pouty dark nipples I love to suck on, flat tummy and thick pubic hair not quite as black as the hair on her head, long dancer,s legs and curvy bum. Sarah has eyes slightly bluer than Fliss, her hair worn a bit longer than usual, her large 40 cup titties with the large aureolea over her not quite so trim hips, thick black pubic curls in complete contrast with her naturally blonde hair, long shapely legs with feet almost too small. I had dark brown hair, grey eyes, my six pack just starting to get softer along with my waist, powerful legs, my rock hard eight plus inches of prick standing proud and ready for action. Rex and Fliss started the action with Fliss on her back on their bed as Rex licked and sucked her pussy. Encouraged Sarah had me lay back on the other half and began her lovely lip service for my dick, all the action captured on the tripod mounted video camcorder. I don,t know if Rex,s tongue was doing a job or if Fliss was moaning for the video, but her moans were pushing me close to climax and then I exploded my groans of pleasure blending with Flisses. I now decided to reward Sarah by eating her juicy fanny as Rex slipped his length deep in Fliss making her groan even louder as he quickly shafted her. We were in for a long sexy night. TBC

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