BATAVIA BAR BOOK #2BATAVIA BAR BOOK #2 is the start of one of series I wrote for Sasha and her sexy s!sters plus Ashtyn babysitterBATAVIA BAR BOOK #2 is the start of several of short stories I wrote for fine female friends from sexy SwedenBATAVIA BAR BOOK #2 is the start of several of short stories I wrote from the tantalising teasing tasty talks then.BATAVIA BAR BOOK #2 is the start of several of severall sexy short series with them as my maiden muses!Sancta Sara is a Sanctuary in the hills of Upper Sexonia. The nunnery is supervised by sexy Sasha.Sasha is Superior Mother to the few nuns and novices. She looks very impressive with her heighth.She has on top of that massive big breasts and towers an inch over elder Confessor Professor Peter Poet.Sancta Sara has specific rituals for Consecration and for initiation of the novices to become naughty nuns.Sasha is a young mother in her late twenties of a dear doddie of only a few years.She lived before in Sweden, home country of her mother, but she grew up in Russia.Sasha discovered ancient sacred secret rituals for women to celebrate s!sterhood.She has a fascination for power over people and for very sharp blades for rituals.Sasha is the first protagonist in this new series edirne escort written by Professor Poet Peter.She has a younger s!ster, equally a young mother with a baby of only a few years.She shall be the titlebearer for the second part in this sexy series for friends.Sasha selected a local lass, daughter of a former lover of her, to be babysitter.Sasha is a domme. Her first two subs are her s!ster and the blonde beauty babys!tter.She is still a teen and was a virgin till she met her Mother Superior in this nice nunnery.She shall be the main character in the third installment of this seductive sweet series.She knows Professor Peter has a weak spot for her with her shy smile and tiny titties.Sasha consults her Confessor on every important decision as she is in awe for his wisdom.She listens to his plead to accept Alessandra from Brabistan as a novice in the nunnery.She shall get her own erotic episode, just like another blond beauty of only twentytwo teens.Sasha also seriously considers the application of u]Jennifer from a Canadian Consecration.Sasha gets blushes and visibly aroused from reading through my secret files about them.She is most interested in Jenny’s dirty dreams of sexy submission ağrı escort and severe spanking.She tells me she will be back after all others went to bed for a long lusty Confession at me.Sasha loves and longs for painful penitention by Professor Peter and his penile penetration.Sasha loves his spiritual style in love as his holy hot Bishop’s staff touches her soft soul.She prefers on a daily basis to use one of her nuns or both of them together to orgasm.She needs at least once in a week some serious penetration by erotic experienced Priest.Sasha often comes for penitention at her night of ovulation, for fruitful future of her nunnery.Sasha loves to do research into Spriritual Sexuology and works a while every day in the library.She never studies longer than an hour or so as she always gets so hot she needs immediate relief.She is happy her hot nuns and novices are so nice and submissive to do their prayers to her cunt.Sasha longs the truth about her nunnery to be public and attract more attractive naughty novices.Sasha is usually secretly present when nuns or novices come to Professor Poet Peter for Confession.She sees everything what happens at those weeky visits to his sober cell ardahan escort in the large garden of Eden.She gives him feedback in case a nun or novice does not dare to tell me full truth of their sinful sex life.Sasha is very demanding of her nuns and novices and on elder respected Professor Peter as well.Sasha knows he has lectured world wide on ancient wisdom of spiritual sex and at Holy Sea, Vatican.She intends to use her experience and the research in her nunnery to write her doctoral theology thesis.She often sits in the library of her nunnery where Professor Peter stored his private decolté colection.Sasha seldomly studies for longer than an hour of so, as she always gets hot and wants a naughty nun.Sasha knows where Professor Peter has hidden the cameras in every cell and also in library.She knows as only other one where he has stored those footings at the server of her hot nunnery.She sometimes uses it to confront a novice with her forbidden masturbation in bed after curfew.Sasha often uses it to re-enact the baring bl00dy weekly rituals with her sexy slave nice naughty nuns.Sasha often orders a novice to kneel and pray between her wide apread legs while she watches.She prefers being licked to fingering her sexy wet twat herself and enjoys their subtle submission.She requests Professor Poet Peter to write a serious series of articles about her hot nunnery.Sasha longs of course to seduce more tasty tight teens to live and come at her horny nunnery!To be continued very soonCopyright by Poet PETER

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