Because I Said So


Because I Said SoI woke up again with dry cum on my tummy and tits. My pussy started throbbing agin. I seen a note on the nightstand next to me. It reads:YOU WILL DISPLAY YOURSELF TO THE NEIGHBOR. TEASE HER, SEDUCE HER, BUT DO NOT TAKE HER YET. I HAVE EVERYTHING SET UP. THE VIDEO CAMERA IS SET UP IN THE DEN. IT GIVES PERFECT VIEW TO HER HERB GARDEN. SHE IS USUALLY OUT IN IT AROUND 11am. YOU ARE ALLOWED TO TOUCH YOURSELF TODAY ONLY. DO A GOOD JOB, OR ELSE. POPPAI got excited and confused. Why would he want me to wait? What is he planning? I went and puton my short jean shorts. They were so tight you could see outlune of my kitty right through. It grinded against pussy teasing me in itself. I then grabbed a cut off tshirt that damn near showed the bottom of my plump healthy firm D’s. It was almost 11am now so i opened the blinds to my sliding door and began the nudie fluck in the dvd player. kaynarca escort 2 women tribbing, perfect. I once again grabbed the vccum and using the hose began to reach high for those nasty dust bunnies that ike to gather on my vaulted ceiling. The cute blonde neighbor was already working in her garden in a lil summer dress. I could see her cotton panties and she bend over. I loved the way her firm little titties always so perky. I wanted to taste them feel them on my body.My own tits barely covered as i reached as high as i could. Giving the neighbor quite a view. I looked over coyly, yes she had seen me. She acted as if she did not but i could tell byher abrupt movement she did. I turned to video camera and licked the length of myfinger and began to tease my nipples. I looked at neighbor she was looking. Then i bend over so you could see my pussy lips spilling out the bottom of orhanlı escort my shorts. I was already wet from gringing against my shorts. My pussy throbbed yearning to have my clit nibbled on. I looked at the tv a man had joined and was getting sucked off. So mychsexual tension around me i was going crazy. I looked back out to the yard. I could see those cotton panties had a wet stain oh how sexy. I took off my shorts and put the vaccum hose up to my cunt. The neighbor saw this and her eyes got big.Yes yes you sexy fuck watch me perform for you. Watch what i am goung to make you want. Those were my thought and i fucked myself for her. She reached under her skirt and squeezed her pussy. Yes she was to be mine. I pressed my tits up tothe glass, i was going to cum furiously rubbing my clit mouthing fuck me over and over. All of a sudden zi squirted on the glass.The neighbor looked tepeören escort like she was going to pass out. Still squeezing her pussy. It was too out in the open to do anything. She was soaking her panties as she watched this woman perform axrated movie right in frint of her. She never seen anything like it. Then outof nowhere this woman squirts all over hersliding glass door and abruptly shuts the blinds and disappears. What was she supposed to do. She never seen anything like that. Quickly went back in her house she neefed to fuck.Meanwhille:I turned off camera and then proceeded to grab my dildo and fuck myself proper. I imagined how pleased you would be. How i would have thatwoman do whatever i want for you. You own this pussy this pleasure. Again mhorgasm was building thinking of her tongues sucking at my cunt licking the juices spilling on her face while i cradle you balls in my mouth. I couldnt wait for you to come home. After i came again i fell asleep. Hours later i was awaken to sound of keys. Instantly popped up. Yayi get pleasure. You walk in. I am wet instantly at thethought ofhow hard you are going to get.More to cum…

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