Becoming a Lesbian at 50 Ch. 2


After my initial lesbian journey at the bar with Beth, It became hard for me to look at a woman without the prospect of sex on my mind. When I talk to a woman, I try to look for hidden messages to see if they have any lesbian inclination. It took me months to get over these feelings and be comfortable again with women.

I went back to the bar frequently to meet Beth, and we continued our escapades in the alley. But after a few months, our relationship ended when Beth’s husband was transferred to Europe. I met other women at the bar, and we rendezvous in the alley. I was developing into a pussy addict. One of my highlights was being in the alley with Lian I never knew I was ambidextrous.

When my daughter came to visit me for a month, I stopped visiting my favorite bar. The time I spent with my daughter made me reflect if my new lifestyle would meet her approval. When she went home to California, I felt embarrassed about my lesbian desires and went back to being a lonesome middle age woman.

A few weeks ago, I went to the laundry room in my building to see if the washing machine is free. It was a hot summer day, and the room felt like a sauna. I was stimulated by the view of a woman in red shorts bending over retrieving her clothes from the dryer. There was a big wet spot on the crotch of her shorts. She jumped when I asked her if she was finished with her loads. When I saw her face, it is Julie from next door. Julie is an attractive blond in her mid-thirties; she lived next door to me about 8 years ago. She moved away when she married but she kept the apartment as rental. We were never close friends because her future husband at the time forbids her to speak to anyone in the building.

Julie casino şirketleri greeted me with a hearty hello. She told me she divorce Ted, and she move back to her apartment. I welcome her back, and uncomfortably express my sympathy about her divorce. Julie said no sympathy is needed, she is just happy to get her life started again. We were getting uncomfortable with our conversation, and we started to talk about the weather. She laugh when she said during this heat we should be wearing less clothes, but she just finished 2 full loads of wash & dry. Julie was packing her clothes into 2 laundry bags. I offer to stay and help her carry one of the bags. As she continued to stuff her bags, she dropped a yellow thong to the floor. We butted our heads as I reached down to help her retrieve it. We laugh as I said that on a day light this, we should be wearing something this brief.

Julie invited me to her apartment for a cup of tea as I dropped of a bag of her laundry at the door of her apartment. She insisted that I accept her offer; it’s the neighborly thing to do. Since I known Julie, she has never been this sweet and friendly. I sat in her kitchen as Julie boiled water for tea. We chatted and I tried to assure her that everything would be fine. Julie confided there are no complications from her divorce because there are no children involved. She is just happy to be free from her asshole ex-husband. There are no financial lingering issues, and she is just looking forward to her new life as a single woman. I jokingly said that all men should be on alert of her. Julie boldly retorts why stop with men, maybe women should be on alert of her too. I blushed at her remark.

Julie turned off the switch casino firmaları for the boiling water. I was startled as she walked toward me. She held my hands and said, “A few month ago, I saw you going to the lesbian bar in the village. You have been my fantasy since I saw you walking in the lesbian bar. I can’t stop thinking about you. I know I am no beauty queen. Please make love to me”. I reached up and caress Julie’s face and told her “you are beautiful. I gazed into her eyes and kissed her passionately. We exchanged wet kisses and warm caresses for what seems to be an eternity. Julie sighed that over a year of sexual tension is about to explode within her.

Julie was panting softly as I removed her t-shirt and shorts. Julie was not wearing any panties as I felt her moisture near her crotch, I can feel the heat at my fingertips. Julie gasped as I massaged her crotch with my left hand. I cradled Julie with my right arm, and I probed Julie’s pussy with my fingers. I inserted one finger, and two fingers, and finally three fingers into her pussies. I changed the tempo to Julie’s satisfaction. I can hear it from the gentle moans of joy from her angelic voice. Julie let out a sudden gasp and I sense she is on the verge of a thundering orgasm. I look into her glassy eyes and continue to thrust my fingers in and out of her wet pussy. I lower my self to the floor and guided Julie to sit on the floor in front of me to prevent her losing her balance. My nimble fingers continue to work her pussy the whole time. Julie let out a cry as the start of an orgasm engulf her, I caress Julie’s face with my face and assure her everything is going to be all right. I continue the caress and slowly release my fingers güvenilir casino from her pussy as she recovers from the effect of her orgasm. I kiss her softly as my hands reached down and massage her delicate feet. She gaze into my and whisper “Thank you, my love”.

I spin Julie around to face me. I rub her feet lightly and lifted them over my shoulders. Julie instinctively leans back as I move to kiss her inner thighs. I work my way down to her pussy. I spread her lips with my tongue and lap her juice. Julie whimpers as I flick my tongue against her clit. I place her clit between my teeth and my tongue guided the engorge bud behind my teeth in my mouth. Julie cries out “please don’t stop”, as I continue to play with her clit with my tongue in my mouth. I lifted her ass and ran my tongue across the crack of her sweaty ass. I tease Julie by asking her “do you wants her asshole lick”. Before she can reply, I spread her ass cheeks and stuck my tongue in her forbidden hole. Julie was panting “lick my pussy, lick my asshole” over and over again. Julie was writhing uncontrollably as I felt a burst of liquid escaping from her pussy. I thought Julie was peeing, but it did not taste like piss. Julie is in an insatiable state as the liquids continue to emit from Julie pussy. It became apparent to me Julie was experiencing female ejaculation. I lean on top of Julie and rub my body against her until her orgasm subsides.

We were on the floor for a while until Julie recovers; I wipe the tears from her face. I asked Julie if she enjoy it, and she nodded innocently. She asked when can she return the favor, I said you already did. My clothes were wet with sweat and her juice. I joked now I have to do my laundry. Julie said we are about the same size, and she has two loads of clean clothes. She said, “I am not wearing anything” maybe you should just take off your clothes and rest your fingers and tongue awhile. She suggested we have our tea and she will show me what she learned.

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