Becoming Emily – Part VI


Becoming Emily – Part VII was awoken the next morning by an annoyingly high pitched beeping sound. My first instinct was to reach over and slap the alarm clock but when I did the beeping tone didn’t cease. After a quick peek out of my window I saw that a moving truck was backing up to the Davis house next door. It had been empty for the last 6 months and I had mixed feelings about the idea of having a new neighbor. In a huff I collapsed back into bed but not 5 minutes passed when my phone rang.“Hello?” my one was a mixture of sleepiness and annoyance.“Emily? Hey It’s Lilly. Did I wake you?” hearing her voice sent little electrical charges through my body that instantly put me in a better mood.“Oh no. I just got up actually.” I moaned as I stretched.“Great. I just wanted to see how you felt about last night. I heard nothing but very good things from the client as well as Gwen.” my mind thought back to the events of the previous night as I felt the effects of it on my young body. I was kind of sore but a good kind of sore.“MMMM it was awesome. I had so much fun.”“Really? So does that mean you might want to do it again?”“Yeah. I think I would love that.” my body reacted both to Lilly’s voice and the images that played through my mind of being showered with attention, and cum, by those men at the Founder’s Club.“That’s is awesome! I’m going to be out of town for a couple of days but when I get back I would love to get together with you. I want to get some pictures of you to add to our catalog.”“Catalog?”“Yeah most times the clients like to pick and choose the girls. This makes it easier.”“Makes sense. Give me a call when you’re back and we’ll hook up.”“Awesome! See you in a few days.”“Can’t wait.” As I hung up the phone I became aware of the dried up funk of countless cum shots on my body. A normal shower wasn’t going to suffice this time. Before that day when I awoke as a female I had never fully understood a woman’s fascination with taking a long bath but as I lay in that hot water, spiked with lavender salts, I felt the myself becoming rejuvenated. The heat from the water both cleaning my skin and easing the soreness I felt in my pussy as well as my ass. I emerged an hour later feeling relaxed and as feminine as ever.My first cup of coffee invigorated me enough to go out and fetch the newspaper. I knew that it would be waiting for me at the end of the drive despite my numerous attempts to get the paper boy to actually get it onto the porch. Maybe he would feel more encouraged if I asked him now. Maybe the little jerk would do for Emily what he wouldn’t do for my Mr. Kane? I could flash little smile while wearing a tight top that accentuated my tits and perhaps I wouldn’t get a paper that was soaked in water on rainy mornings.“G’ Morning!” a female voice chimed into my inner dialog. I turned to find the source.She stood on the other side of the fence waving softly. She looked to be, by my estimation, in her early to mid thirties. Her jet black cascading down onto her large tits. I smiled. She smiled. “I hope the moving trucks didn’t wake you. They weren’t supposed to be here for another 2 hours.” that sweet smile plastered across her pretty face. “Oh no problem. I was already up.” I lied.“Great. I didn’t want to start off on a sour note with a new neighbor. I’m Megan by the way.”“Emily.” my eyes couldn’t help but scan every inch of her curvaceous frame until a moving guy interrupted our conversation.“Well nice to meet you Emily. Hope we can chat again later. I better go supervise these guys or my living room might end up in the attic.” she chuckled and turned giving me a view of her shapely ass.By the time I made back into the house I was already feeling my pussy getting moist. I imagined sucking on those big tits as Megan laid on top of me and ground her cunt against mine. I wanted some pussy.I called Sasha but she was preoccupied with work. Gwen’s phone went straight to voicemail so I ended up back in my bed fantasizing about what Megan might taste like. I was deep in thought, and my fingers were deep in my pussy, but I knew that masturbation just wasn’t going to do it for me. I grabbed the phone and dialed.“MMMM hello Daddy.” I literally moaned.“Morning baby. How’s Daddy’s little girl this morning?”I told him about last night. I told him about how all those men fucked me, about how I had three cocks in me at the same time and about all the cum that was deposited onto my body. By the time I ended the retelling I could tell he was hard.“MMMM Paige, you have any idea how fucking hard that makes your Daddy?”“I have a pretty good idea Daddy. I bet you would have loved to watch me getting gang fucked huh Daddy? All those big hard cocks pounding your sweet little daughter’s holes. Seeing me drenched in their cum.” “You keep this up and I may have to leave work to come fuck my little girl.”“MMMM well that was my plan Daddy. I’m just laying here naked in my bed. Wearing that pretty necklace you gave me and thinking about the first time you fucked me Daddy. Remember that night? Remember how hard you fucked me and how nasty I was Daddy? My young little holes taking every inch of my Daddy’s big, thick cock.”“MMMM I’ll be there in 15 minutes.”“I’ll leave the front door unlocked. Just come on in.”It was more like 30 minutes but when I heard the door close and footsteps nearing my open bedroom door my pussy began to salivate. He stood there, in the doorway, just staring at my young firm body. You could almost smell the sexual need in the room as he massaged his stiffness in his pants.“MMMM hi Daddy. I’m so glad you’re home. Oh, looks like you brought me something.” I ran my hands along my tits as I stared at his bulge. He moved next to my bed, leant down and began to kiss me. I felt his hand slid down my tummy until it found my wet pussy. In turn I reached out and grabbed his dick through his trousers. Finally he broke the kiss and stood up right, my small hand still rubbing his aching groin.“Why don’t you open your present Paige. See what Daddy brought for his little girl.” he smiled. I looked up at him, my eyes locked onto his as I slid the zipper down. My mouth watered as I undid the button on his pants and they fell down to the floor. His cock stood out straight and I wrapped both hands around it and slowly started to jerk him off.“MMMM all for me Daddy?” I asked in my best little girl voice.“Every fucking inch Paige.”I rolled onto my back and scooted so that my head was hanging off the edge of the bed, his cm filled balls on my lips as I licked at them, all the while my hand was jerking on his throbbing cock.“Oh fuck! Damn that feels so fucking good Paige. Such a filthy little fucking slut!” he pulled back so that the head of his cock, dripping with pre-cum, was now where his balls once were. I ran my tongue against the head and his entire body jerked.“Fuck my mouth Daddy! Please! Make your little whore gag on her Daddy’s fat fucking cock!” his length slid easily into my mouth, inch after inch pushing down into my throat. “Oh my god yes Paige! Take your Daddy’s cock! I’d ask were a girl your age learned to do that but I know that my daughter is just a nasty little fucking whore.” his cock began to fuck back and forth, and he was being more aggressive than the last time he fucked me. I would gag a bit and he would pull back then push back in.“That’s it you cock sucking little bitch! Choke on Daddy’s cock!” his hand reached down and rubbed my now dripping wet pussy. When he gave it a little slap my body tensed reminding me of the soreness I felt after last night. He pulled out of my mouth just in time to hear me scream in a mixture of pleasure and pain.“All those horny old men have fun with my little girl’s nasty little cunt? Did they fuck Princess Paige good?”“Yes! Yes Daddy yes! They fucked your Princess hard all night Daddy!” I grabbed his hand and held it tight against my pussy.“Well I hope you saved some for me because Daddy is going to fuck this tight little 14 year old cunt hard you little fucking slut.” he had pulled my head back by the hair as he spoke to me and there was a bit of anger mixed with lust in his tone. It excited me.He positioned me into doggie style with my head being pressed hard into the mattress and my legs opened wide. I hear him moan at the view of my young ass and his hand slapped down hard on each cheek. I yelped as e continued to spank my ass hard.“Oh please Daddy! Please!” I whimpered.“Please what baby? Tell Daddy what you want.”“Fuck me Daddy! Shove that big Daddy cock up my little girl cunt and fucking pound meeeeeee!” the last word came out as a scream because he didn’t hesitate to force his entire cock deep inside me and start to fuck me roughly.“Oh fuck! You’re still so fucking tight Paige!” his body slammed against mine, skin slapping against skin as he drove into me harder than he did the previous time. I could tell that the thought of his daughter being used by a group of men really turned him on.“Oh god yes Daddy! Fucking use me! Fuck your little jailbait whore like all those men did last night Daddy! Punish me for being such a shameless little fuck toy!” he began to babble incoherently.“Ohhhhhh Daddy! Make me scream for your filthy fucking cock! I hope Mommy hears me. I hope she hears her little daughter taking her Daddy’s fat fucking cock! I’ll show her Daddy! I’ll show her how to fuck this big dick!” I began to push myself back onto his cock as he thrust it into me.“Yes Paige! Show halkalı escort her! Oh fuck! You fuck Daddy better than she ever has!”“I’m cumming Daddy! Oh fuck me Daddy I’m cumming! Tell me you love fucking me Daddy! Tell me you love fucking my slutty little pussy!” I collapsed down flat onto the bed and he laid on me, holding his cock deep inside me as my orgasm rushed through me. When he was satisfied that it was over he pulled out of me and rolled me onto my back. My eyes followed his dripping wet cock as he mounted my chest and pushed his cum covered dick into my mouth.“Taste it you little fucking whore. Taste your own cunt juices on Daddy’s cock.” he slowly pumped his meat between my lips and I relished the taste. I was slightly disappointed when he took it away but when I felt his hands forcing my legs open I was OK with it.He was rough as he grabbed my ankles and held me open. I watched as he lined up the head with my sloppy pussy and drove himself into me hard. I screamed as his thickness opened me up again and he plowed into my young cunt with renewed vigor.“Oh fucking shit! Yes! Yes! Yes! Do it Daddy! **** me! **** my willing little cunt Daddy! Use my slutty little 14 year old fuckhole!” this seemed to push all of his buttons as once and he forced my feet back towards my head, essentially bending me in half as he jack hammered into my tight hole.“Paige! Paige! Paige! Oh fuck! You’re going to make Daddy cum you little whore! You’re going to make me cum inside that slutty little unprotected pussy!”“Oh god yes Daddy do it! Do it Daddy! Cum inside me! Cum inside my little pussy! Knock me up Daddy! Breed me! Breed your little fucking whore daughter!” I already knew that he was firing blanks as they say so there was no worry about him actually getting me pregnant but the notion seemed to push us both over the edge. He slammed into me and held his twitching cock in deep as I felt him start to explode. I felt stream after stream of hot jizz being expelled into me. The feeling of it paired with the dirty role play made me cum again.When he was finished he let his flaccid cock fall from my sloppy cunt. I could only watch as his seed spilled from my puffy little mound and pooled onto the bed. I smiled at him and he moaned while I scooped his cum from the sheet and licked it from my hand. He may not have been the biggest cock I had ever had but his cum was the best tasting so far.“I have to get back to the office baby.” “It’s OK Daddy. I got what I wanted.” “MMMM you are a horny little girl aren’t you?” he chuckled as he was gathering up his clothes.“That’s what you love about me Daddy.” After he left I started to drift off to sleep again. I was lost in that area between sleep and conscienceness when the doorbell rang. I ignored it at first but after the second ding I grabbed a robe and headed downstairs in a huff. Can’t a girl get a post-fuck nap in? I flung the door open and my attitude instantly changed for the better.“Hi again. I hate to bother you but I think I got some of your mail. Maybe it’s your father’s? Says Eric Kane?” Megan was standing there looking as delicious as before.“Oh no. That’s the homeowner. I’m house sitting.” I couldn’t help but smile like a silly little teenager….which is what I was at the moment so I guess it was fitting.“Well this was in my box” she explained as she handed me the envelopes.“You want to come in? have a cup of coffee or something?” I was suddenly aware that I was naked save for the pink terry cloth robe and I could feel my pretend Daddy’s cum slowly running down my thigh.“Yeah I’d love some. My pot is still packed away.” she smiled and as she walked past me I could smell a faint hint of lilac.“Great. Let me get dressed real quick and I’ll be right down. Make yourself at home.” in my mind she told me not to bother with clothes and proceeded to strip down herself but in reality she simply smiled and told me to take my time. Twenty minutes later we were sitting on the couch and halfway through a second cup of coffee as we chatted back and forth. I told her about myself when she asked, or at least I told her the made up back story I had concocted when I was faced with living as not as a man but as a teenage girl.“So are you married? k**s?” I pondered.“Nope. I’m recently single and well, I cannot have c***dren.” my heart sank and I regretted asking. Apparently she could see the emotion in my face and smiled.“No. It’s not like that. I can’t have k**s because I’m physically unable. I’m a transsexual.”“No fucking way!”“So you know what that means.” she laughed.“Yeah. It means you have a….a cock?” I was still in shock but also intrigued.“Well there is a bit more to it but basically yes.” again there was that sexy laugh.“Wow, I never would have imagined. I mean you look so……”“I get that a lot. And thank you, it means all of my hard work has paid off.” I noticed a sly smile as she sipped her coffee. I tried to imagine her very feminine frame with a hard cock jutting from where I once imagined her pussy to be and the thought seemed to make me even more excited. “Oh it’s paid off, you look like a legit female. Is that right to say? I’ve never met a transsexual before.”“It’s fine. I know what you mean. I’m usually not this open about it with new people really. In fact my previous neighbors had no idea and I lived next to them for 5 years.”“So your breasts?”“Bought and paid for.” she arched her back to proudly show them off.“Wow they did a great job. At least as far as I can tell by looking.”“Here. Give them a feel.” she grabbed my hand and placed it on her tit. I fought off the urge to moan not to mention to jump on her, rip her top off and start sucking on her nipples.“They feel great! I mean damn, they feel real. I may have to get that doctor’s number from you.” I laughed even as I continued to pawl at her tits.“Don’t you dare! Your’s seem perfect.” this time it was my turn to accentuate my boobs.“So does that mean that you’re gay?”“Well I’m into men mainly but to be honest I don’t think of myself as male anymore so, in my mind, if I have sex with a man it’s not gay sex. If that makes any sense.”“Yeah, actually it does.” We continued to talk for another 30 minutes and I couldn’t stop imagining what her cock looked like. I was almost obsessing over it but I tried to focus my attention on the conversation. Apparently I didn’t try hard enough.“OK. What is it?” Megan blurted out.“Huh?”“You’re obviously thinking about something. Are you certain that you’re comfy with what I told you?”“Oh yeah. Totally. I just can’t stop imagining…..I mean you’re so girly and….”“And what?”“I don’t know. Can I….see it?”“It?” she giggled. I melted.“Yeah, “it”.” her giggle made me feel a bit more relaxed but I was still nervous hat she would get up and walk out.“You really want to see?”“Yes.”“Well OK. If you think it’ll put things into perspective.” I watched and held my breath as Megan stood up and started to undo her jeans. As they slid down her thighs I caught a hint of her pink thong. I felt my pussy start to moisten when I saw the outline of her cock through the thing material. She stood proud as she displayed it.“See? No pussy. Just dick.” maybe it was wishfull thinking but I could sweat that I saw it start to harden.“Wow. You weren’t joking.” I moaned and instinctively I reached out and touched it, letting one finer slide along the head. This time I was absolutely certain that it moved.“Oh my god Megan I’m so sorry. I guess it’s just my natural reaction to seeing s cock.”“It’s OK Emily but maybe I should put my pants back on.” she seemed a bit uncomfortable but the site of her cock growing within the confines of her thong suppressed all decorum from my mind.“Would you feel for at ease if I took mine off? I mean we’re both women here right?” I flashed what I hoped was a sweet smile with just a hint of slyness.Megan didn’t answer right away and truth be told I didn’t wait for one. Instead I stood up and started to slide my bottoms off. In my haste to be around her I had thrown on a pair of sweats. I made it a point to slowly push the wasitband down my ass and let them drop to the floor and stepped out of them. I stood there letting her get a good view of my ass from behind as I bent over to pick my sweats up from the floor.“Cute panties and you have an amazing ass.” I had started to turn to face her but she motioned me back around to admire my butt. I’m pretty sure that I blushed.“Really? You don’t think it’s too big?”“Hell no! I would kill to have an ass like yours.”“Oh please, you have a great ass.”“Bitch please. I have more than a few years on you and I will warn you now that as you get older that is one of the first things to go.” “Well at least you won’t have to worry about your tits sagging huh?” we both got a laugh out of that and as I sat back down I made it a point to sit right next to Megan. I could feel the warmth from her body and once again I got that faint smell of lilac.“I have to admit that this is a pleasant surprise. When I introduced myself to you this morning I certainly didn’t expect to find myself half naked on your couch.” “Weird how some things work out huh?” I bit my lip as my eyes once again dropped to her lap. I could see that the tip of her cock had started to pop out past the top of her panties. “You keep staring at my cock and you’ll burn a hole in my panties.” she laughed which helped to calm my sudden embarresment.“If it gets any harder it looks şişli escort like it might rip a hole in them.” I openly moaned this time followed by a lick of the lips. I looked up to find that she was watching me watch her cock harden. There was a very brief air of uncertainty before I moved in and kissed her lips and to my delight she kissed me back. It was a soft gentle kiss at first. I guess I was just testing the waters but after less than a minute the lust that was building up inside me took control. The room was filled with that breathy sound of two people kissing with both passion and sexual desire. Her tongue slide between my lips and danced with mine. At the same time I felt her hand on my tit. I moaned as she gently squeezed. Myself, I couldn’t make up my mind where I wanted to feel first. Those big tits or that big, juicy cock. Megan decided for me when she took my hand and placed it against her now throbbing dick. I heard her moan into my mouth as my hand closed around it. My hand slide slowly up and down the length of her cock and I was quickly aware that it was bigger than I had previously estimated. I pushed her back against the sofa and straddled her lap, her thick meat pressed against us as I removed my shirt. Her hands moved up my thighs and found their way to my now naked tits. Not a word was said as I ground my little cunt against her raging hard-on while she feasted on the twin flesh of my breasts. I could feel the precum making our skin slick.“Cute necklace.” “Huh? Oh that. Yeah that was little gift….kind of a role play thing that….” I made a mental note, I have got to remember to take that damn thing off.“No explanaitions needed. I’ve had a few Daddies in my time to. Was that the man I saw leaving here earlier?”“Yes.” my mind was focused on the throbbing piece of meat that I was grinding upon.“So did Daddy fuck his little girl today?” her voice took on a breathy tone as I increased the intensity of my impromptu lap dance.“MMMM yes.” the way in which she said the word “fuck” made me moan.“MMMM you’re a naughty little girl huh Emily?”“How about if I show you how naughty I can be?” I didn’t wait for any type of response. Instead I slid from her lap and knelt on the floor. I swear my mouth was salivating at the site of Megan’s panty covered cock. The way the head was sticking out from the top of the waistband made it impossible to resist. I leaned forward and watched her reaction as I swirled my tongue around her swollen cockhead, moaning as I tasted her yummy precum. The look on her face was enough to make me want to inhale every inch of her hard-on but I resisted. I let my wet tongue lap at the ridge of her dick while I slide my hand up her tummy and underneath her shirt and pawed at her tits through her bra. Megan kept her gaze focused on me the entire time.“MMMM how about you take this shirt off. Play with your tits while I suck your hard cock.” I smiled as I lightly kissed her swollen member and she pushed her shirt up over her breasts and then pulled both tits from the cups of her bra. I slid her panties down to reveal her entire cock as I watched her feel herself up. I was happy to see that her entire pubic area was shaved as bald as mine. I let a stream of saliva leak from my lips and onto her dick which made her moan softly. She moaned even louder when I licked down her length and took her shaved balls into my mouth and started to suck and slurp on them. Eventually I gave in to my temptation, I had to have her cock in my mouth. My parted lips slid up her shaft as she watched. I smiled when I got to the head and finally let it slip between my lips and slowly took every inch.“Oh fuck! Suck it Emily! Suck my fucking tranny cock!” she was moaning the words as I started to bob up and down her meat. Sucking. Slurping. Keeping eye contact the entire time.“MMMM you like that Mega? That feel good having a young little slut sucking your fat fucking cock? Come on baby, fuck my throat!”Megan grinned at me as she stood up. I felt the warmth from her cock as she pushed it back into my mouth and nudged the head against my throat. I relaxed and let her slide in ball deep and start to hump her entire length in roughly. I would gag a bit and unlike Daddy did earlier Megan just kept herself burried in my throat. Efore long she had my hair in her hand while she was easily throat fucking me.“MMMM fuck yeah! You horny little slut! Suck my fucking cock!” tears had welled up in my eyes and I felt spit sliding down my face and onto my tits. She was rough, or at least rougher than I ever imagined she would be….but I fucking loved it.“You like that baby? You like sucking on my big she-cock?” I nodded my head while she had half of herself in my cum hungry mouth. To my disappointment she withdrew completely.I gasped when she roughly pulled me from the floor and forced me onto my back on the sofa, her hand almost instantly pushing into my soaked panties. I let out a silent scream when I felt two of her fingers penetrate my eager to be used little cunt.“MMMM did Daddy cum in this little hole? Did he? Did your Daddy get off inside your tiny little pussy?” “YES! YES! YES! Oh fuck yes!”“MMMM good.” she winked at me and pulled my thong away from my body. She let out a moan at the site of my hairles mound.“Such a beautiful little pussy.” I barely heard her mutter just efore she slid her tongue along my slit.“OHHHHHH FUCK! Eat my fucking cunt Megan! YES! YES!” her tongue was magical. I could only watch her pretty face from between my thighs as she pleasured my pussy. First licking along the clit, then taking it into her mouth and sucking on it like it was a tiny cock. Her teeth gently nibbling as she started to fuck me with two fingers. Needless to say I was shaking and convulsing in sheer pleasure and an intense ogasm was quickly building.“Ohhhhh you’re going to cum aren’t you baby? You’re going to cum for me? Do it Emily. Cum. Fucking cum! I want to eat that sweet girly cream!” her fingers flew faster, harder and deeper into my cunt and when I looked down I could see that she was jerking her cock at the same time. I couldn’t hold back any longer and I forced her head against my spasming little fuckhole as I started to squirt. I couldn’t believe that I actually did it. I mean I had once before but it was so minute. This was different. This was intense. I couldn’t help but scream as my pussy juice erupted from my slit and splashed against Megan’s face. I know that it took me by complete surprise so I can only imagine what was going throug Megan’s mind but she quickly adapted as I drenched her. When if finally stopped I was a panting mess but I have to admit that seeing my juices dripping from her face like that was pretty fucking hot.“Megan I am so sorry. I’ve never done that before.”“MMMM it’s OK. I’m not complaining. MMMM you taste delicious.” she had moved up and was starting to kiss me, allowing me to taste myself in the process. I felt her cock throbbing against me and I wanted it inside me.“Nice to know I can make you cum that hard.” she giggled. I moaned as reached down and massaged her swollen dick, trying in vain to get into my needy cunt.“How about we go to the bedroom?” I asked even as I was standing up to lead her upstairs. My legs were a little weak for the intensity of my orgasm and I collapsed on top of her. “MMMM or maybe we can just stay here on the couch?” I had already started to move in to kiss her again and this time my hands were working feverishly to get at her tits. Her shirt had moved to cover them up again and I was on a mission to get it completely off this time. Megan laid back and allowed me to strip her. First her shirt and then her bra and as soon as it was off I was latched onto them. Takeing my time to kiss and suck each one as I gyrated against her engorged dick. Her hands slide down my back and started to push my thong off of my ass.“I am going to fuck every last drop of cum from this big beautiful cock Megan.” I stood, shakily, and removed my cum soaked panties.“Promises. Promises.” she teased as I straddles her once again but this time I was holding her thick meat in my tiny hand and guiding it to my hungry little kitty. Maybe it was due to the pounding my poor little pussy had taken over the past 24 hours but the head felt a lot thicker than it had looked and I gasped as she entered me.“Oh fuck you are one tight little girl!” she exclaimed as the head of cock penetrated me and I slowly slide down the length. I sat there almost motionless as I let my body get accustomed to her.“Oh fuck you feel so fucing good inside me.”“MMMM yeah? You like that big tranny cock baby?” I could only nod as I started to ride her, slowly and deeply.“That’s it bitch! Fuck me! Fuck my fucking cock!” her hands latched onto my ass and she guided my body as I pushed myself up and then dropped back down, impaling myself on her pole. In no time I was riding her intensly, my tits bouncing wildly as I moved up and down her cock. Her lips found mine again and muffled my moans. I felt another orgasm building but it was at that moment that Megan firmly grabbed my waist and held me down her lap and made small trusts as she ground against me.“Let’s go find that bedroom of yours.” I nodded and reluctantly pulled myself off of her cock and when I did it glistened with my wetness. I couldn’t resist and dropped down to suck it but the empty feeling in my cunt wouldn’t sarıyer escort let me continue for too long. I needed to have her back inside of me. I led her up the stairs, making damn sure that she got a great view of my ass as we went along. I guess my little show ad the desired effect because as soon as we got to the bedroom Megan pulled me to her and her hands instaly went to my ass.“You have such an amazing ass. Tell me baby, has anyone fucked that ass?” I gased as her finger softly teased my tight hole.“MMMM not today.” I giggled but also remembered the frequency in which my ass had been pounded the night before. I still felt some soreness but in my current sexual frenzy I had already decided that if Megan wanted to fuck my ass then I would give it up. I moved in and kissed her again but this time I let my hands slide down her sides and push her now soaked panties to the floor. I had squated down to get them off completely and when I looked up I saw that Megan was watching me watch her. I smiled as seductively as I slide my tongue out and let it move against her balls. They tasted like me and I had this intense desire to eat her ass but that woud have to wait. She gabbed me and pulled me up to her. The lust in her eyes matched only by my own and I was pushed onto my back on the bed. Megan pounced. I felt her weight on me and my legs being pushed open. I complied and was rewarded with the feeling of her thick meat being pushed against my slit. I gasped when it roughly penetrated and she started to fuck me hard and deep. The feeling of having her pounding into me and the site of her big tits bouncing as she did was bringing my unfulfilled orgasm back with a renewed ferver.“YES! Give it to me baby! Fuck me you sexy fucking bitch! Fuck my tight little pussy! Use my fucking cunt!” Megan bore down and hammered into me in rapid fire bursts. The sound of her smooth, shaved balls slapping against me and that of her cock loudly squishing into my pussy filled the air.“Damn you’re a hot little fuck Emily. Take it! Take my fucking tranny cock!” her paced quickened and her tits bounced more and more as I was brought to the edge of orgasm and violently shoved over.“You going to cum little girl? You going to fucking cum on my fucking cock?”“Yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” her hands rested on my tits as she pumped me harder. My body was ravaged by an intense orgasm as I locked my legs around Megan to keep her from moving.“You feel so fucking good Emily. I’m not sure how much longer I can hold out baby. I need to cum.” I wanted it. I wanted her cum so fucking bad but I also wanted to feel her girth up my tight ass.“My Ass! I want you to bend me over and shove this fat fucking cock up my tight little asshole!“ she smiled and kissed me tenderly. “MMMM you are a dirty little slut aren’t you?” I was rolled onto my tummy and I proceeded to offer my round butt to her. I heard moan in admiration then felt her hands opening my cheeks and then the head of her wet cock was being pushed against the tight opening. I feared that the effects of last night would prevent it but I guess with all the endorphines rushing through my body squelched any pain as Megan fed her throbbing cock into my ass.“Oh fuck yeah! Give me that cock baby! Fuck my ass!” she had begun slowly at first and I swear I could feel every vein on every inch as she stretched my hole. It wasn’t long though before she was greedily slamming into me, her cum filled balls slapping against my tender slit.“Oh Emily! I can’t….I have to…FUCK I’M GOING TO CUM!”“Cum on my face Megan. Dump your fucking load all over my face!” Even as she was pulling out I was already getting into position on the floor. Megan stood before me and quickly stroked herself off. “MMMMM oh yeah that’s it baby, jerk that big fucking off for me. Give me that hot sticky load all over my face. Cum for me Megan, I want it. I want your tranny cum….” my words trailed off because it was at that moment that she began to unload. The first spurt landed squarely on my lips and when I opened my mouth the next hit the back of my throat and I swallowed. I knealt there as she pumped stream after stream of hot cream all over my face and when I was convinced that the majority of it was over I clamped my lips around her deflating cock and tasted my own ass from her flesh as I felt her cum dripping down my face.I had seen tranny porn in the past and I was aware that while some could only coax a slight trickle of fluid others could really blow a load. It seemed like the more feminine the girl the less likely she was to have much in the way of actual semen. Megan was the obvious exception to this because while she looks completely female (other than the cock and balls between her legs) she deposited an unexpected amount….not that I was complaining.“Damn, I guess I didn’t realize just how long it had been since I came. Sorry baby.” she giggled and laid down on my bed. I snuggled up next to her.“Don’t appologize. I fucking loved it and you taste so good.” she scooped a large pool of cum from my cheek and sucked it from her finger then we kissed again.“I have to admit, when I first saw you this morning I never would have thought that you would be so….”“Slutty?” “Well I wasn’t going to use that term but yeah.” she laughed.“I actually don’t mind that word at all. And since we are being honest, after I met you this morning, and before I knew that you have a dick, I laid right here in this bed and fantasized about eating your pussy.”“So are you disappointed?”“Fuck no. You have a beautiful cock and you really know how to use it.” I had already started to fondle her flaccid tool.“To be fair I haven’t been with a girl in several years and I’m more of a bottom when I’m with a guy.” I cold tell that the blood was starting to flow again.“So you’re used to being the one getting fucked?”“Yeah.” she was watching my hand work on her member and I could help but think about how ironic the situation was. Megan was used to being the one getting fucked and before waking up to find myself in a female body I was used to being the one doing the fucking. I decided to keep that little observation to myself but I did have an idea.“Well maybe there is something we can do about that. I think it’s your turn.” a wicked smile crept across my lips and Megan stared at me in confusion when I went to the nightstand. She watched intently as I withdrew the strap-on that Sasha had left and I slipped it on. I turned to face her with te long, thick fake cock sticking straight out.“MMMM Emily, what a big cock you have.” she moaned as she touched it.“You like that hard dick baby?” Megan moved closer and began to lick at the head. I bite my lip as I watched her slowly sucking it into her mouth. This was the first time since I became Emily that I was completely reminded of being Eric and I let that experience take control.“MMMM yeah that’s a good little slut. Suck that fucking cock. Get it ready for your tight little hole.” Megan moaned as she took more and more of the fake dick into he mouth and I started to slide between her lips.“Fuck you look so hot with a cock in your mouth.“ As Megan worked her magic on the strap-on I began to feel on those big beautiful tits once again and before I knew it I was roughly fucking her throat muc like she had recenty done to me.“Fuck me! Please Emily, I want you inside me….”she pleaded as she spit the silicone dick from her lips. I spread her legs and spit onto her asshole before gently pushing the toy in. It was so fucking hot to watch the dildo disappear up her ass while she worked her real cock in her hand. As I slowly pumped her ass I could feel the toy grinding against my clit which was making me moan in unison with Megan and before long I was fucking her tight hole deep and hard. Earlier I was mesmerized by the feel of her cock inside me while watching her tits and now I was equally enthralled as those same tits bounce wildly as her cock slapped back and forth between us.“You like this fucking cock you sexy tranny slut?”“Oh fuck yes! Yes! Yes! Give it to me Emily! Harder! Fuck me harder!” her legs were as wide as I could get them and I slammed into her roughly over and over and the dildo continued to push against my clit just right to the point that I was actually starting to cum again. I slowed my pace to a crawl as I laid down ontop of her and sucked on her tits. Apparently this wasn’t going to be good enough for Megan as she forced me onto my ack and straddles the strap-on, gasping as she guided ack into her waiting asshole and this time the pressure exerted onto my clit was intensified.“Yeah ride that fucking cock Megan! Show me what a fucking whore you can be!” she was riding fast and hard as she held her cock in her hand and stroked it. “Emily! I’m going to cum! I’m going to fucking cum!”“Cum Megan cum! Give it to me! I want it! I want your fucking cum!”She pulled herself off of the strap-on and I thought that she was going to push her dick into my mouth but instead she ended up on her back next to me as she jerked off. I watched with a slight disappointement that that turned to curiosity as she contorted herself ninto a position where she was almost bent in half with her feet up near her head. She was moaning and groaning and still stroking her cock. As the first spurt of hot cum erupted from her dick and loanded onto her own face it became clear and I swear I fucking came as I watched her give herself a facial.“Oh that is so fucking hot.” she looked at me and smiled, her own cum dripping from her lips and I couldn’t help but lick them.We laid there for a bit and eventually drifted off to sleep. When I awoke about 2 hours later Megan gone but she left a note with her number and that she “wold love to do this again”.

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