beer can butt


beer can buttBack in April of 2013 I decided to go to Palm Springs, Ca. to visit my slut girlfriend Julie whom I had not seen for a few months. Julie and I had been friends with benefits at that point for a few years. I knew that she was fucking everyone she could get her paws on, but it didn’t matter to me, afterall I was “in lust” with her. Julie was 42, pretty blonde with a hot body, stands 5’6″ and great tits! She knows that she is very attractive, and flirts with everyone even females in my presence. She’s divorced, seems that her ex caught her being ass fucked in their bed by a black man that she was working with. At the time he didn’t know that she was fucking others let alone a “black” man.She picked me up at the airport and she was blowing me before we could get out of the parking lot. We went to her house where she was living güvenilir bahis with her friend Marion. The two of them would happily fuck at the drop of a hat. Marion was working so Julie and I had the house to ourselves and made good use of that because we both knew that later all hell would probably break loose when Marion came home. We fucked in the pool for awhile then moved to the chaise lounges where we fucked till the heat became unbearable so it was back into the pool. About that time Ryan, Marion’s on again and off again boyfriend showed up and quickly jumped in the pool with us to Julie’s excitement. She loves being used by many and so she was more than willing to play some water sports too. Ryan also fucks Julie from time to time as well so nothing crazy there. The gals share him on a regular basis in 3 ways etc and more. türkçe bahis After we were pretty much fucked out Julie was still in a high state of sexual arousal nothing new! We managed to get out of the pool and went into the kitchen for some beers at that point Marion came in from work and saw us all naked as Jay birds in her kitchen and it wasn’t long before she had stripped down and was going down on Julie. Great viewing I had to admit! After she got got Julie off Julie grabbed a new can of beer and told me to follow her to her bedroom. Now is when it gets interesting.Julie was using the can to tease me by putting the damn thing in her ass hole when Ryan came into the room and pushed the can completely into her ass all the way inside! Holy cow! Then she tried to get it out of her butt but it wouldn’t come back out. The rim of the can güvenilir bahis siteleri was stuck inside of her SPHINCTER! It wouldn’t move. I thought that if I were to pop the top on the beer can it would release the pressure and the beer could flow out. Well…that didn’t work at all, the can was still lodged in her good and tight. We tried about everything we could think of, including a pair of pliers all to no avail. So after about an hour of that we decided to take her to an emergency care place. She had to put on a pair of pants and had a hard time doing that. While driving to the emergency place she had to stand in the back of the car. This had turned into a real laughing matter. Not to her though, as can be imagined. Well…so the Dr. that saw her was very professional, he gave her a bunch of “Colchicine” to make her pass the can including a strong sedative. Even at that it still took her 3 hours to finally pass the can! Yep it finally popped out. Her embarrasment was beyond belief! Needless to say the fucking took a swan dive for the rest of that weekend!

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