It was late when I came home that day; somewhere around 8 p.m. I heard Michael and another man talking in the other room when I closed the door behind me and took off my jacket. I kicked off my shoes and watched them flying into a corner. And I left them there, too tired to pick them up to put them where they belonged.

When I walked into the living room, I saw Michael and Pete sitting on the floor by the sofa playing cards. They looked up when they saw me come in, and I walked over to Michael to give him a quick kiss on his cheek. ‘Hi,’ I said, and even my voice sounded tired. Michael gave me this intense look of his that showed me how pale I must have been. ‘Pete came by two hours ago to hang out, and he brought Chinese food for all of us. Are you hungry?’ I shook my head before I ran my fingers through Michael’s brown hair and smiled at Pete. ‘I ate at work!’ Then I turned around to walk out of the room. ‘I’m beat! I’ll jump into the shower.’

The hot shower relaxed my muscles and washed away half of the stress of the day. My mind started to wander and as my hands spread soap over my slick wet body, I thought of Michael and how I wished he came in right now to shave my legs and pussy for me. But he did not come and I had to admit that knowing of two men being just in the other room excited me tonight for some reason. Pete was one friend of Michael’s who could turn me on. But before I could start imagining what could possibly happen, I shut off the water and stepped out of the shower.

I dried myself off while I tried to get these thoughts out of my head. After all, I had never had sex with two men at the same time, and I was not even sure I could do it if it came down to it. Not tired but lazy now, I put on a shirt and a pair of sweat shorts, and I walked back into the living room and sat down on the sofa to watch Nick and Pete play cards. After finishing the game, Nick walked behind the sofa until he stood right behind me. I could feel his hands moving my blond hair to one side before he started massaging my neck very gently.

‘Tough day at work?’ I heard him say softly while I closed my eyes to simply enjoy his hands on my back. ‘Hmmm,’ I sighed, relaxing quite a bit under his massaging fingers. ‘Did you know that Pete gives incredible massages? He should be the one standing behind you here.’ I opened my eyes after Michael’s remark and looked at Pete who still sat next to the sofa on the floor. He was looking right at me with these incredible blue eyes, and I smiled at him lazily. ‘Do you have a specialty?’ I asked and wondered what made me become so outright ankara ucuz escortlar inviting. Yes, I wanted to feel his hands on me, but I had never thought it would ever happen. But now, Pete moved closer towards me until he sat right in front of me and lifted my feet up onto his lap.

‘I like to start with your feet,’ he said, starting to rub around my ankle. ‘Let me show you!’ For a while, I watched Pete massaging my feet but then I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling of four hands on my body. It was incredible, and I was sure I had never felt that relaxed before in my life. Pete’s hands were gentle but firm, and he knew what he was doing. Slowly, his hands moved up over my ankles to my knees, and it took a while for me to notice that my feelings changed form being purely relaxed to becoming mildly excited.

Michael had let go of my neck and I leaned back against the sofa until my head and shoulders lay comfortable against the soft material. I felt Michael’s hands brushing my hair away from my face, and then he started planting short kisses all over my face, until his mouth found my lips and his tongue started playing with mine in an intensifying rhythm. I lifted my arms to put them around Michael’s head and pulled his face even closer to mine in order to increase the pressure of his lips. I moaned softly when one of his hands slid down and enveloped my left tit through the thin cotton of my shirt. I had not bothered putting on a bra after the shower, and my nipples reacted to his familiar touch by hardening and becoming very visible through the shirt.

When Michael lifted his head, he smiled at me. ‘You are so beautiful baby!’ Now, both of his hands caressed my tits through my shirt, and my nipples stood very erect. ‘Would you like to show Pete your beautiful tits?’ For a moment I was shocked. I had completely forgotten about Pete sitting by my feet, massaging my legs. Now, I looked down at him and our eyes met when Michael started pulling up my shirt. And when the cotton lifted off my tits and Pete’s eyes broke contact with mine to look at my breast, I knew that I wanted this experience more than anything else right now. When Pete looked me in the eyes again, Michael had pulled the shirt over my head and threw it on the floor, and I felt very sexy when I saw Pete’s passionate expression.

Michael’s hands returned to my tits and he bent over the sofa to take a nipple into his mouth. But before I could actually feel his hot mouth on me, I felt Pete’s hands traveling up my thighs and spreading my legs slowly. Within a few seconds, I could feel ankara üniversiteli escortlar Michael’s mouth sucking on my nipple while Pete kissed his way up my thigh in circular motions. I held my breath when his fingers and mouth reached my shorts. Then, I could feel Nick’s mouth on my other tit, circling the nipple with his warm tongue, teasing me. I moaend. But he lifted his head to look at Pete who still caressed my thighs.

‘Go ahead and take those shorts off of her,’ Michael said and his voice was deep with excitement. ‘Do you want to show Pete your gorgeous pussy, baby?’ he asked, looking at me briefly before he resumed teasing my nipples. He closed his lips around a nipple and sucked it deep into his mouth . I moaend loudly, not knowing what else to do. I was swept away by the excitement that was building inside of me. While Michael suckd on my nipples, I felt Pete’s hands sliding my shorts down my legs and off my feet. Then his hands were back on my thighs, spreading my legs wide. I whimpered when I felt his fingers in my trimmed pussy hair and then on my newly shaved pussy lips. Michael suckd my nipple hard into his mouth , obviously watching his friend exploring my pussy.

While my nipples were sucked on and my legs were spread wider to give both Pete and Michael an excellent view of my already wet pussy, I did not know how to deal with the intense emotions that swept over me. I was hornier than I had ever been and for the first time I was close to losing total control of my actions. I could hear myself moan loudly when Pete’s fingers spread my pussy lips and exposed my swollen clit. ‘Oh baby, you are gorgeous!’ I heard Pete say, and then I could feel Michael’s fingers on my clit, taking the swollen knob between one finger and his thumb and rubbing it between them. I opened my eyes and lifted my head to watch both men’s fingers getting soaked with my cream while they pleasured me. I watched Pet move closer until his lips closed around one of my pussy lips and started to suck it gently into his mouth.

I was losing it. I grabbed Michael’s head with both hands, not knowing whether I wanted to make him stop or not. He looked at me then, stopping his movements on my clit and planting a hot kiss on my mouth. Between kisses he said ‘Are you ready to be eaten out?’ And: ‘Are you ready to be fucked by two cocks tonight?’ I could not say anything at all, I just stared at him, being scared of my intense feelings. Bt I was more horny than scared, and when I watched Pete’s tongue on my wet pussy, circling my clit and then diving into my hot cunt, ankara vip escortlar I let out a scream and bucked my hips involuntarily, trying to get closer to his crazy-making tongue. Michael stood next to the sofa, taking his clothes off, and when he sat back down on the sofa next to me, he took my hand and put it around his throbbing rock hard cock before his fingers collected pussy juice from my hot entrance, smeared it on my clit, and gave my clit a few hard tugs while Pete’s tongue dove deep into my cunt.

And I came and came and came. Pete’s tongue fucking me furiously, Nick’s cock in my hand, and his mouth on my nipple, I forgot to breathe, to think, to react. I just moaned uncontrollably, and Pete had trouble keeping his tongue buried inside of me to lick up all the cream that I gave him.

The first thing I saw after coming down from this intense orgasm were two hard cocks a few inches from my face. Without thinking I grabbed one with each hand and slid towards the front of the sofa until I could touch both heads with my tongue. Oh god, it felt incredibly erotic to lick two cockheads at the same time and to taste their pre-cum. To not favor one over the other, I jerked both off with my hands and alternated sucking the heads into my mouth. I didn’t even have to look down my flat belly. I knew the sofa was getting soaked with my cream.

‘Kneel on the floor, baby!’ came Michael’s voice after a few minutes. ‘Let Pete have some of that horny pussy!’ Kneeling on hands and knees, Pete’s cock was thick but did not have a problem making his way inside my wet cunt. I pushed back against him and moaned as he rubbed against my g-spot on his way in. I could only imagine what it would feel like if he fucked me hard.

Michael laid down on his back underneath me until his head came to rest between Pete’s and my thighs. Moaning, I took his throbbing cock into my mouth just as he nibbled on my clit with his teeth. I gasped, feeling Pete moving in and out of me slowly. Then I heard Pete moaning wildly. As I looked back between my swaying tits, I saw Michael’s tongue trailing over Pete’s hanging balls before he took one into his hot mouth.

Like that we moved, Pete fucking me with steady long strokes, my mouth sucking Michael’s cock, and Michael who alternated his assault on my clit and Pete’s balls. I came just as Michael’s finger made its way up Pete’s ass to linger around his hole teasingly and Pete grabbed my hips harder to slam his cock deep inside my spasming cunt. ‘Oh my fucking God!’ Pete yelled, and came deep inside of me, and as soon as he slipped out of me, Michael turned me around onto my back to fuck me furiously. It took him only a few strokes to unload his cum and he collapsed on top of me.

Later, I refused to believe that Michael and Pete had not planned this night in advance, no matter how they insisted on their innocence.

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