Best of both


Best of bothThe following story contains scenes of bi sexual interaction, if that’s not your thing, that’s cool. Else enjoy.Scott was driving home to his parents from University for the Easter break, he had hung around uni over the preceding weekend and then stopped at his brothers for a few days on the way back. Arriving at his parents house around 4pm, he let himself into the house. His mother heard the door and stuck her head round the kitchen door to see who it was. Seeing it was her son she excitedly left the kitchen and flung her arms around Scott in a motherly embrace. “Forgive your Dad, he’s at the garden centre, he has a few jobs to do this weekend”. Scott’s mother was around 5’4″ and a plump woman, not too big, but with some extra padding. “Go and make your self comfortable, do you want anything to eat?” She asked. “I’m fine, just going to get my stuff in and get settled, but thanks”. Scott headed upstairs and started to unpack some of his stuff. It always felt slightly strange being back in his old bedroom. About 20 mins later the front door Opened and Scott was called by his father and ask to lend a hand getting stuff in from the car. After the final bits were brought in his father greeted Scott with a handshake and a hug. His father was a stocky man 5’10 with a bit of a gut from to many home cooked meals. Nothing eventful happen, the three spent the next few hours catching up and around 11 Scott tired from the long drive headed up to bed. Around 30 minutes later he heard his parents climb the stairs.Scott was playing around on his iPad and decided to get a drink and take a piss before going to sleep. He left his room and headed downstairs, trying to be quiet. On his way back up the stairs he heard his mothers voice, his parents bedroom door ajar. “Not tonight Brian, I’m tired and Scott’s in the next room, how about I just suck it tonight” . Scott froze on the stairs, did his ears deceive him, he quietly made his way over to his parents door and looked in, the sight that greeted him will forever stay with him. His mother was bent over his father, her plump arse in the air, Scott could see everything as the bedside lamp was on. His mother had a furry pussy, with fairly big lips and her head was bobbing up and down on his fathers cock, the sight of which was blocked by his mothers shoulder and her hair. He was frozen watching this, his own cock rock hard, he reached into his boxers and began to stuck himself imagining that he was stood behind his mother with his cock buried deep in her furry love hole. After a few minutes she lifted her head and he could see her hand wrapped around his fathers 6 inch long shaft and she pumped it faster and faster. His fathers hips lifted off the bed as cum shot from his cock and over his belly, Scott felt his balls tighten and waves of thick cum fell the the carpet. He rubbed it into the carpet with his foot and inadvertently kicked the door a little, swiftly he returned to his room hopeful that his parents hadn’t noticed. The next morning at breakfast both parents seemed oblivious to his presence the night before. His father left for the DIY store to pick up some things that he missed yesterday. Scott was sitting on the sofa watching some cooking program. His mother entered the room and sat in her normal armchair. Scott could tell that something was amiss as she kept looking like she wanted to say something canlı bahis but couldn’t. “Everything ok mum?” She cleared her throat, “I need to talk to you about last night Scott”. “Nothing happened last night mum”. “We both know that that’s not completely true, did you watch me and your dad, you know?” ” I don’t know” he responded “Scott did you see me giving your dad a blow job?”. Scott stumbled for an answer. “we heard a noise and then there was the sticky wet patch on the hallway carpet, we’re not angry just a little embarrassed. It’s been a long time since any of you have lived at home and we forgot to fully close the door” she followed with. “Mum, I wasn’t …..” “It’s ok Honey, look I have a favour to ask and well it’s more embarrassing than what you saw, but you seemed to like what you saw” she interrupted. “What is it?” He enquired. His mother took a deep breath”well ………….. For a long time now…….your dad and me have wanted to ………well………….your dad wants to watch me get fucked by another man……there I said it”. “What I don’t understand is why are you telling me this?” He responded. “We have been speaking about this for years. But need it to be someone we can 100% trust and know that it can’t get out, we can’t trust your dads pub mates and we don’t want some random bloke of the Internet or something……”. Scott sat there shocked, was he hearing correctly “….. So last night after you disappeared sharply from our door we spoke about having you join us, let’s face it you wouldn’t tell anyone that you had a threesome with your mum and dad, it’s almost perfect….” Last night was one thing but was he really considering this seriously. “Please Scott for us, please…….. I can see that bulge in your pants mister!” Scott nodded, and said “ok”. His mother got up and kissed his forehead “thank you son……….just a quick question ……are you bi at all?……..never mind”. Was he bi, what had he gotten himself into. The rest of the day was a blur, had this morning happened, the day continued as if he had dreamed the lot up. Around 11.30. Scott’s father said he was going to bed and winked obviously to all in the room. Scott’s mum stepped over to where he was sitting on the sofa and sat next to him, she placed her hand on his knee. “We thought it would be best to warm up down here first, as we know this is slightly awkward”, she lent forward and tentatively pressed her lips to Scott’s. It felt strange and unnatural to to be kissing his mother this way, her lips parted slightly and her tongue slipped between his lips. Her breath was heavy and nervous, her hands trembling as she placed them on his chest. Deeply and passionate she kissed her son, her hands made their way down his chest and to the bottom of his t-shirt, she lifted the shirt over his head, her lips returned to his body, she kissed his chest, her hand nervously fumbled at his belt. Eventually it unbuckled and he felt the button PPP and the release as the zip slid down, the moment his mothers hand reached for his cock was like a million volts shot through his body. Still trembling her hand wrapped around his shaft and slowly, softly and gently she stroked him. His cock hardened and her fingers grew tighter around his shaft, she looked in his eyes as she positioned herself between his thighs. She maintained eye contact as she took his cock into her wet mouth. Scott bahis siteleri had to admit that his mother knew how to suck cock well, almost to well, this was so wrong on so many levels. He’s sitting in the living room of his parents house, with his mum sucking his cock, knowing full well his father is upstairs waiting for them. “I think we should go upstairs now baby”. Scott stood up and stepped out of his jeans, he removed his boxers, he followed his mother up the stairs and into his parents bedroom, his father was sitting on the stool by his mothers dresser, he was naked and stroking his thick cock, Scott noticed how bigs his fathers balls were, dangling low between his fathers legs. His mother led him over to the bed and he climbed on, sitting upright against the headboard he made full eye contact with his dad. His mother assumed the position he had seen her the previous night, his father could see as his fully clothed mother took every inch of her sons cock into her mouth. “That’s it baby suck him nice and good” his father said. “Let him play with you” he chimed in again. His mothers up and straddled his right thigh, her lips again embraced her sons, Scott’s hands began to explore his mothers body for the first time, his hands gently groping her boobs through her dress and then down her sides, before grabbing her big arse, he began to lift her dress over her head exposing her underwear. “Do you like it?” She asked. “I changed into it as soon as you agreed to join us” she followed. Scott’s hand made its way between her legs, the lacy material was sopping wet, his eyes explored her body, her plump body still looked incredibly sexy in her lacy underwear, he could see the odd hair that was escaping through the holes in the material, he began to rub at his mothers wet mound, he could feel her big lips through the panties. Scott’s fingers move the garment out of the way. Without effort two fingers disappeared inside his mother ridiculously wet pussy. “Suck on her tits boy” he heard called from the other end of the room. His mother freed her tits and guided her big hard nipple towards his mouth, within seconds her body began to clamp up, her pussy squeezed her sons fingers, her knees dug into his thigh as she orgasmed for the first time. “Scott fuck your mother for me, I want to see her ride you” his father ordered. Scott mum straddled him, her big tits pressed up against his face as she guided him in. With no resistance his cock was divulged by her wanton hairy pussy, they scooted down the bed so that Scott could lay flat on his back, his mother ground her hips against Scott, her pussy refusing to let him go. She lent forward so Scott could do the thrusting. He could hear his father sighs of joys as he watched his sons cock defile his wife. Finally “Val are you ready for another hard one”, with that Scott father made his way over to the side of the bed, Scott and his mother scooted round so that they were now laying across the bed. The next thing Scott could see were his fathers big hanging balls a mere inch or two from his face and his mother took his father in her mouth. Scott had never been this close to another naked man, he had never thought about guys, but since the morning when his mother had asked if he was bi, he had been thinking, he had assured himself that he was only interested in girls. But now with his fathers balls just inches from his güvenilir bahis face, he made a bold decision, this situation was so fucked up anyway, who better and safer to experiment with. Scott lifted his head from the bed and greeted his fathers balls with his mouth. He heard his father moan, “that’s my boy”. He withdrew his cock from Scott’s mums mouth and aimed it directly at Scott, without hesitation he took the glistening shaft into his mouth and began to suck on his dad’s cock. His father then took it in turns to alternate between mouths. Going deeper every time. “Lick you mums pussy Scott, bury your face in her wet cunt”. Scott had never heard his dad use the c-word. Val claimed off of Scott and laid on her back. Scott knelt down between her thighs and his tongue began to explore her wet hole, his fingers began to explore her hole again. Scott the got a shock her felt something warm sloppy and wet on his arsehole, he looked round to see his fathers face buried in his arse, his tongue delving seeping inside his sons arse. “You like that boy, you moans say you do!” Scott felt a finger enter and explore his tight hole. “You ever been fucked boy?” “No dad” he responded. “Val you better warm him up”. “What do you mean warm him up.” Scoot replied, “I’ll let you mother break you in, first”Scott mum left the bed and his father climbed on, “suck on daddy’s dick son”. Scott took his fathers cock back into his mouth. He then felt something cold and wet in his arse, his mother was now wearing a small strap on dildo. “Don’t worry son its a trainer” his dad’s proceeded to tell him. He felt the hard plastic push against his arse and slowly enter him. “Relax son, it will only hurt for a minute” his father explained. Scott’s mother began to up the pace as she fucked him deep from behind, causing him to choke on his fathers cock. After a few minutes “I think he’s ready” she proclaimed, his father jumped up like a light and got off the bed, his mother removed the strap on and returned to her position so Scott could resume eating her pussy. He felt another push on his arsehole from behind, this time a thicker presence entered his arse. “He’s so tight Val, I won’t be able to go long in him”. Brian continued to fuck his son, his balls slapping against Scott’s. How had Scott gotten into this and into it this fair. He only came home for Easter, now he’s the filling in a parent sandwich. “I have an idea, Scott enter your mother, Val get on you knees let him fuck your from behind. Scott entered his mother and seconds later he felt his fathers cock renter him. Now scott was in a proper sandwich. “Fuck both of us Scott”. As pounded his mother every out stroke result in his fathers cock being buried ball deep in him. Soon his fathers knees went, he could feel his fathers mass on his back as he tensed up, loudly Brian moaned as he released his orgasm deep into his sons bowels. He carried on thrusting deep stabs as his orgasm waned. His father with Drew his cock and Scott felt the cum run out of his red raw arsehole and over his balls. “Fuck your mother son, she’s close”. Scott began to thrust hard into his mother and her pussy responded by gripping him hard. Her legs clamped round his back locking him in as she came. This sent Scott over the edge and he was able to just about escape her pussy before delivering his loud all over her hairy mound. He rub it into the matted hair, with the head of his cock and all three collapse in exhaustion. This continued all that weekend and I’m into the week. The time was special, but none came close to the excitement of that first timeThe end

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