Better The Devil You Don’t Know


My head feels a little vague, buzzing almost from the alcohol swimming in my bloodstream. A slightly vacant smile lingers on my face as I stare up at the ceiling as I recall a very pleasant evening. Fine meal, fine wine and the finest female company.

I finally managed to get Chloe out on a date, you see. She is painfully shy but deliciously attractive. Attractive to me, anyway. I never went for the skinny cover girl types – I prefer a woman with plenty of full curves. And Chloe has the most sensuous curves I have ever laid eyes on.

I can hear her making noises in the bathroom. I’m not sure what she is up to so I lie in my merry haze. Chloe isn’t the outgoing type at all but when you get to know her and she takes you into her confidence you start to see a mischievous spark within her.

So here I find myself lying on her bed, a rather grand bed with wrought iron ends. I am wearing nothing but a (somewhat lopsided) smile. I feel a pulsing in my groin at the anticipation of her entry into the bedroom. The predatory male inside me waits for its prey.

“Okay honey, close your eyes”. Her voice drifts into the room. I lift my head to look at the doorway. Her head peeks around it – damn, I can’t she what she is (or isn’t) wearing. I’m hoping for something silky so that I can run my hands over her ample curves. I’m greedy güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri to fondle them. “No peeking” she chides me “or you won’t get your present”.

Well, faced with this I have no choice but to obey and close my eyes. To be honest, I like her being firm with me. I don’t know whether I want to take it further than that … maybe when we know each other a bit better.

Footsteps approach and I resist the urge to take a look. Then I feel her mount the bed and kneel alongside me. Her hands take hold of my wrists and lift my arms above my head. I feel her breathing above my face and I lift my lips in readiness for the anticipated kiss. I am not expecting what happens next.

Click click. My eyes open. Cold metal around my wrists. “What the fuck?!?!”. Chloe’s once angelic face is twisted with mischief. The little bitch has cuffed my hands around one of the iron bars!

“Be good or you won’t get your present” she taunts. Part of me wants to demand to be set free. But my heart races a little with … excitement? Yes, excitement. I become a little calmer and take the opportunity to study her.

Her body is trussed in black leather. It contrasts vividly with her pale skin. Her hair is tied up and I can see all of her beautiful round face. She gets up and sits herself on my chest and I notice güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri that she is not wearing panties. Her shaved pussy fills my field of vision. I lift my head up and extend my tongue towards it but it is beyond reach. “uh-huh” she mocks “you still need to be good”.

Almost magically a large pink vibe appears in her hand. Click buzzzzzzzz … I watch, helpless, as its tip arrows its way between her cunny lips. The tone of the vibe changes as it rubs into the folds and over her clit. Deep moans bubble up thru her as she plays with herself. And all I can do is watch. I console myself that I have the best seat in the house …

She rubs herself up and down until juices glistens around her hole. Then in one well-practised movement the vibe is swallowed up into her cunt. I strain at the cuffs, madly jealous of the intimacy that it has with her. In and out the vibe goes again and again. And then she pulls it out completely, switches it off and points it at my face.

“Suck it clean”. Chloe’s face shows none of the impish innocence that she is known for. I hesitate. The vibe is soaking wet with her but … well, it is a cock, isn’t it? “SUCK IT!” she commands.

I close my eyes and open my mouth. She slides it in and I taste her. But it feels weird. The vibe is “lifelike” – I güvenilir bahis şirketleri feel ridges – veins? – on it. It fills my mouth. I feel hugely confused but she tastes so good.

She pulls it from me and switches it back on. It disappears up inside her again. Am I imagining it or has she become a lot wetter? Her fist pumps between her legs as she rolls with pleasure on my chest. And she stops once more and presents the dildo to me again.

This time there is no hesitation – I suck, lick, eat it, savoring every drop of her. The taste spreads inside my mouth – she is everywhere inside me. We repeat this procedure until she finally comes. She is no longer the quiet, retiring Chloe. She is screaming, writhing banshee bouncing up and down on my chest.

With chest heaving, Chloe leans forward and uncuffs me. “Now for your reward, my little cocksucker” she breathes into my ear. She slides down my body to my raging erection and pops its head into her mouth. I am so aroused at this point that I can feel myself cumming already. She sucks on me, tongue licking up and down my shaft.

I’ve never been so aroused and I lose what little self-control I have left. My cock explodes in her mouth, one hard spasm following another. It feels like I am cumming forever … spunk erupts from me in a hot torrent. My orgasm is so intense I am on the verge of passing out. I slip back and forth into consciousness as my body rocks in ecstasy.

When I open my eyes Chloe has uncuffed me and snuggled up to me. “Did you like your reward?” she asks. I can only smile as I squeeze her tight. Tonight the hunter became the hunted. I underestimated my prey.

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