Bi Bi 3 – The party


My bisexual relationship is enhanced when Sue and I go on holiday with Ron and Becky. We have a fine old time but little did I realise the three of them were planning something special for me.

After our holiday things got pretty much back to normal. Having experienced the pleasures of being a top; Ron and I alternated as Sue and Becky also enjoyed us and each other. Sue had even experienced giving my blowjobs although she had restricted them to when she was having her period. Like me, she wasn’t that impressed by the taste. I felt the same way on the occasions when I gave Ron blowjobs. I still laugh at those porn movies with the women making out that cum tastes so good. Obviously getting paid must make it taste better.

Sue came home from work all excited. Apparently there was to be a big party and Ron and Becky had invited us. The fact that they were going indicated to me that it wasn’t the usual crowd. In fact Sue said she knew it was a bi, gay and lesbian party. Who would have guessed…… She was all hot about going and so I agreed. Having never been to one I could only imagine what it would be like. Come the day and Sue said we had to meet at Ron and Becky’s house and we would go with them. Fair enough as we didn’t know where the party was. The fact that we had to meet early afternoon was strange. I assumed they wanted to play before going to the party.

We arrived and Sue seemed very excited as did Becky. They led me up to the bedroom and I wondered what they had in mind. Laid out on the bed was a maid costume. “Only one?” I asked and they laughed. “That is for you” Becky said. I was a bit stunned. “You want me to wear that?” I asked and they said in unison “yes Roger. Tonight you are dressing yenimahalle escort up”. I was very unsure but they were insistent. First they got me to strip. Then they led me into the bathroom and produced a large bottle of hair remover. “We can’t have a hairy maid” Becky said. They smeared it all over me. Well everywhere except my testicles. “You can shave them later” I was told. Ten minutes later they began to scrap off the hair from my body. “Ok, now shave down there and take a shower” came next.

Duly shaved and washed I emerged hairless from the eyebrows down to my toes. They rubbed some oily stuff all over me. I have to admit that I liked the look. Becky produced a wig, which I can only assume Ron had worn at times. They sat me down and did my makeup. Face powder, eye liner and bright red lipstick. Then I put on the maid uniform. “What, no knickers?” I asked. “No darling” said Sue “you won’t need panties”. Becky got a pair of stay-up stockings and a pair of low heals, again probably worn by Ron at some stage. I looked at myself in the mirror. “Come and look at our maid” called out Becky. Ron came in and said I looked hot. The truth? I felt hot. The bulge in the front of the maid uniform proved it.

We headed off in Ron’s car. The whole trip I was praying we didn’t get stop by the police. It would be hard to explain how I was dressed. We got to the party and made our way inside the house. I was immediately at ease as there were other guys there dressed as women. The guy I assumed was the host came up to us. “Oh I love your sissy maid honey” he said and kissed Becky on both cheeks “I am sure the guys will like her”. We mingled and it wasn’t long before I was getting felt eryaman escort up. One guy whispered in my ear “love your outfit babe. Might have to fuck you later”. The night went on, the alcohol flowed and several guys had echoed what the first guy had said. Meanwhile Sue was having a great time with both guys and gals feeling her up.

It was around 9 when a guy came up to me and suggested we go somewhere quiet. I couldn’t see Sue anywhere and, frankly, I was horny. We walked down the hallway and the guy went to kiss me. I hadn’t even kissed Ron. In fact I really wasn’t into that but he reached under my dress and grabbed my cock. Then he kissed me, pushing his tongue into my mouth. “Bend over you sissy slut” he said. Then was a cabinet in the corner of the room and I bend over, bracing myself. Thankfully he had greased his cock and he thrust into me. I squealed and he said “yes squeal you slut. You like it don’t you”. “Yes” I said and began to moan as he buried himself balls deep in my arse. I guess he lasted about five minutes before he shot his load. With a deep groan He withdraw. “That was so good” he said “was it good for you?” I had to admit that I did enjoy it.

I had barely returned to the party when that first guy button holed me. “I said I was going to fuck you” he whispered “and my friend wants a piece of you as well”. Again taken down the hall this time I told to get on all four. “You nasty slut” he said “someone has already fucked you” and with that he drove his cock into my arse and began to pound me. His friend knelt down and pushed his cock into my mouth. “Suck it bitch” he yelled and so with a cock in each end I was spit-roasted. This time I got two doses as they ankara escort both came. “Oh shit man, you are hot” the first guy said “when I get hard again I am going to have you again”. “I will look forward to it” I said.

Again I went back to the main room and still couldn’t see Sue. Two more trips up the hallway followed as I seemed to be flavour of the night. Each guy shooting his wad up my arse. It was quite late when the guy and his mate returned. “I said I would be back sweetheart” he said “on all fours again” and the two off them repeated the dose. Afterwards he slipped me his card. He was actually a lawyer named Alfred Chalmers. “Call me anytime” he whispered as he left. I didn’t have a pocket so I slipped the card in my stocking. Out in the main room again I finally spotted Sue. She and Becky were in the corner cuddling. “Time to go home?” asked Ron, who came up smiling broadly. He had obviously had a good time. I had to agree as my bum was a bit tender. We headed off back to their place and stayed the night. Ron wanted to fuck the maid and the maid was happy to oblige.

Sunday we went home, after I swapped my maid outfit for normal clobber. Sue happily told me how she had had several women at the party and heard a couple of guys talking about the maid they had fucked. We had a good laugh. “Tell me about these women” I said to her. “Well one was a lesbian and she had a strap-on dildo in her bag. I loved that. Two others were bi and we had a wonderful time fingering and licking each other”. I told her about my adventures and she got very excited when I mentioned that I had been DP’d twice by the same guys and that one had even given me his card. “Do you want to see his again?” she asked. I had to admit that I did. “He sounds like fun honey” she said “maybe we can both see him”. I smiled. She may like fingers and tongues but deep down she still loves cock. And that is why I raced her off to bed to give her what she craved.

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