Bi Night at the Bathhouse


I’d been to a couple of bathhouses in the city and, after a particularly stressful day at work, decided I’d try out another.

So I take the short walk, ring the bell and enter. Upon entering the owner tells me it’s ‘bi’ night and that there will be some women turning up later. Not what I’m here for but why not? So I grab a towel and head to get changed. It’s early but it’s reasonably full already, just with guys so far so I head to see what the cocks looking like. Short walk round the video room, visit the camouflage bed area, check out the rooms then to the sauna. Not bad at all, couple of tvs, couple of young guys, couple of handsome older guys and 1 guy hiding in the corner waiting on the women to turn up because he’s no interest in guys.

Before doing anything I decide to relax in the sauna for a bit so I settle down on one of the benches and pour some water on. I lay my head back and it’s only then I notice there’s someone else in the sauna, one of the handsome older guys I’d spotted in the video lounge. He’s sitting on the level above me so my head is resting at the same height at his crotch. I can tell what he has in mind because I glance up to say hello and he already has a hand inside his towel and is biting his bottom lip while looking me up and down.

I love a man who knows what he wants!

“No point in fucking about. Need a hand there, mate?”

I barely had time to finish my sentence before he was kneeling next to my head. He slowly peeled apart his towel to reveal an almost hard cock standing about 7″. One slow stroke from him as he dropped his towel and he was ready. I went to reach out but before I could he was standing over me with one hand on the back of my head and the other hand stuffing his cock into my throat. Not the way I normally do things but I decided he must’ve had a worse day than me so I would let him have his way. I dropped my hands to the side, grabbed his ankles, ran my hands tenderly up his legs before getting to his shapely arse. I gripped his arse cheeks before giving them a firm encouraging slap and gesturing him further forward. He took the hint, stepped all the way against the back of the bench and started slowly pumping.

“Oh yeah, suck my fuckin dick. Mmmm, yes, like that.”

“Come on, I thought you were going to fuck my face.”

Probably the wrong thing to say because he grinned, took a fistful of my hair and held the back of my neck. I’d never tried it before but had seen it in porn so thought I knew what to expect. Did I fuck!

He started hammering away like he was trying to drill a hole in the wall. I sucked as hard as I could but eventually he hit the back and I gagged and spluttered. He sensed I’d talked myself into trouble so backed off and went back to thrusting gently, almost lovingly, rocking his hips.

“Bigger than you’re used to? Don’t worry baby, we can take it slow. Mmmmm, I actually prefer that. Your mouth is so soft.”

We escort ankara got a rhythm going. He made love to my mouth as I timed my sucking to perfection, I could see the sweat glistening on his forehead as our eyes met.

“Oh Christ, that’s great. Mmmmmm, that’s fucking wonderful.”

I couldn’t say anything in reply, I’ve been taught it’s rude to talk with your mouth full. He carried on for a few minutes then we got the telltale signs. Head tilted back, heavier breathing, faster motion.

“Oh fuck, I’m cumming. Oh, I’m cumming. Here it comes. Nnnngggghhhhh, ahhhhhhhh.”

My mouth flooded with cum, lots of it. Lucky I seem to be a natural swallower so I just let it flow down my throat. When he was finished he let his cock fall out and gave it one final squeeze to get the last drop out before dripping it into my mouth. I took his cock, licked the head then gently cleaned it all over. His knees quivered as I continued to suck. When I was satisfied I let it go, he stepped down, gave me a kiss on the forehead and said “Thanks mate.”

I stepped out, showered off and went back to see what was going on. Not much really so I went to one of the private rooms to watch some porn. A guy I noticed following me about earlier came in a couple of minutes later. He wasn’t my usual type, too small, too quiet with a fairly small dick.

I smiled at him and he spoke “I really fancy you. Would you let me suck your cock?”

Ok, maybe slightly more forward than I thought he would be. Fuck it, let’s make the guys night.

“Sure, go for it.”

He dived headfirst for my crotch, I was worried he’d hurt himself. Hmmm, one of those older men desperate for any guy remotely youngish. He hungrily wolfed away at my cock like it was his last meal. He wasn’t very careful and it was a pretty nasty blowjob. I stopped him, pulled him to his feet and stood him against the bed.

“Let’s take care of you.”

I knelt down in front of him, took his cock in my hand and immediately his legs started trembling. Christ, this guys worked up. I can only have been sucking for a couple of minutes when he made a gurgling sound, held his cock and started spunking on my face. He was still shaking when I walked out.

Another quick shower then it was back to it. This time something must be happening, there was nobody to be seen anywhere. All of a sudden I hear commotion coming from the big private room at the end of the bathhouse. I go to check it out and find a scene from Caligula. On the large bed are 2 women, an older woman in a corset and an attractive younger woman with a very tight body, both of them being swarmed on by mostly old guys. On the floor was a tall TV sucking a couple of dicks and a very camp guy looking to get his hands on just about anything. I hadn’t cum yet so decided I would join in.

The younger woman had a guy furiously pounding away in her pussy, it was the same guy who had ankara escortlar been hiding in the corner earlier. She was clearly enjoying herself and was staring at me lustily. That’s probably because I was the only other guy in the room under about 50, I’m ok looking but not enough to stand out so I put it down to the age.

“Come here and let me suck that.” she panted.

Everyone else was busy so it would be daft to refuse. I hopped up on the bed and knelt beside her head, she opened her mouth and let her tongue fall so I slapped my dick off her tongue a few times which she enjoyed. She tilted her head forward and swallowed my dick whole, not that difficult as it’s only about 6 inches but it felt great.


“You like that sweetie?”

“Yes, that feels fantastic.”

She bobbed away expertly, managing to concentrate despite the savaging her pussy was taking. I wasn’t going to cum in that position so I moved myself and lay down with my head dangling over the end.

“Can I watch you suck my husbands dick?” she whispered.

“Of course, which one is he?”

She motioned to a tall good looking guy in the corner to the side of the bed.

“Come have some fun, baby.”

He moved his way through the crowd as I asked the pack of vultures to act like gentlemen and move for the guy. As they did, what I can only describe as Godzillas dick approached me.

“Holy shit!”

“Yeah, it’s beautiful isn’t it?”

“It’s…Em, wow.” was all I could manage. “Let me see how much I can fit it my mouth.”

He laughed as he leant down and kissed me. His wife was still sucking my cock and he placed his hand on the back of her head to guide it down my shaft.

“Go on honey, make him feel good.” he demanded as he stood up and placed his tree trunk over my face. I held it up and admired it for a few seconds before trying my best to take a few inches down my throat. I was struggling so I asked if she could come up and show me how she handles it. She giggled sweetly as she lifted her head off my aching cock.

“Sure sweetie.”

She manoeuvred herself to the bed next to me and cupped his balls and I continued to do my best to satisfy the beast.

“You look like you’re doing a decent job. Try this though.”

She dropped her head backwards off the end of the bed and opened her throat up, he placed his giant member inside her mouth and pushed forward. As he pushed , her throat seemed to bulge and expand allowing her to take more of him. I joined her and he alternated between our 2 mouths before placing it between our 2 faces and we licked and slobbered down the sides of it as best we could. While this was going on the young guy fucking his wife let out a groan and fell forward.

“Go on mate, your turn.” he said to me and lifted me by the shoulder. “No mate, this guys first.” he politely demanded to the guy about to enter his wife’s perfectly shaved ankara kaliteli escortlar pussy.

“Fuckin hell, that’s tighter than I was expecting.” I gasped as his wife’s pussy gripped around my shaft.

“Yeah, I’m a bit big for her so we don’t fuck much. That’s one of the reasons we swing, she has needs you know.”

Too big for her? You’d have trouble finding a cave big enough to take that but never mind.

“Thanks for sharing.” I laughed.

I took his dick in my mouth as I started to grind away on top of his wife. This was much more intimate than I’d ever imagined, she moaned and licked her lips as he stroked her hair and fed me his massive dick. I took a break from sucking him and leant down to kiss her. She put her arms round my neck and gave me a deep and passionate kiss as she bucked her hips against my crotch as I rubbed against her mound.

“She’s going to cum, keep that going.” her husband said gleefully.

I did as I was commanded and kept my pace going. She threw her head back I kissed her neck and groped her firm tits. She came beneath me and fell back exhausted.

I immediately started looking to see where Godzilla was. I didn’t have to look far, he was still next to us stroking his pole.

“Come here and let me thank you properly.”

He turned to let me take him in again. I tried my best but I knew I wouldn’t be able to give him what he deserved so I used a trick I’d learnt.

I looked at his wife and told her to wank him off while I flicked my tongue over the head. She wrapped both her hands round his shaft while I dangled my tongue on top of his bulbous head and we began. It’s probably just as well I didn’t have to do anymore cos I was still fucking her and we know how useless men are at multitasking.

“Ooh, that’s feels good.”

I smiled up at him and caught his eyes. He was finally having some fun for himself.

“Come on big guy, give me your cum.”

“Don’t you fucking worry, you’ll get it soon.”

“I hope so, I’m on the verge here myself.”

“Don’t let me hold you back.”

I picked up the pace as did his wife with her wanking.

“I’m going to cum now. Don’t stop.”

Before he could cum I grunted and pumped my spunk into his wife, well into the condom, and threw my head back in ecstasy. Just as I caught my breath a jet of cum flew into my mouth.

“Oh shit, sorry.”

I didn’t answer as I covered his cock with my mouth and caught the rest of his cum. His wife wrapped her hand around my neck and pulled my mouth to hers. We swapped his river of cum between the 2 of us, swallowing a little as went, spilling the rest out down her chin and rubbing it over her tits.

“Fuck me, that was tremendous.” I said as I stood up and gave him a long kiss, letting him get a good taste of his own cum.

“Hopefully see you both again soon.”

“Hope so sweetie.” “Yeah, hope so too mate.”

With that I grabbed my towel and headed to shower and change. The bi nights were stopped due to licensing laws shortly after so I never got to see them again. My bathhouse visits were regular cocksucking nights from then on, not that that’s a bad thing.

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