Big Arab Dick one!


Big Arab Dick one!I went to an adult video book store for the first time. It was exiting. My dick was stirring and getting hard in my pants. I was enjoying viewing the porn playing in the video machines. I had never sucked cock before, but watching a voluptuous naked girl sucking a black guy’s huge penis was a real turn on. I have to admit the black guy’s enormous daddy dick looked inviting to suck on.My own penis was rock hard. I had unzipped my fly and was jacking off when I hadn’t noticed the glory hole in the wall from the next booth. I thought I was imagining things when this large brown object was sticking out of the hole! It looked to be as large as the guy in the video. It was only semi hard hanging down through the hole.I couldn’t help myself. I wrapped my hand around it. Damn it felt so good in my grasp. It throbbed and moved as I stroked it. If by magic it grew harder and slowly rose until it looked enormous about 9.5” long and nearly twice as thick as my own! I heard the guy in a foreign accent maybe Middle Eastern telling me to suck him! His command was overpowering to me. I knew that I was to obey his every wish. This big dicked master controlled me now!I knelt down and worshipped his huge Muslim dong! It was difficult because of how thick and huge he was. I stretched my mouth muscles to güvenilir bahis the fullest and was able to take his large cut mushroom head into my mouth only a few inches. I began sucking and he moaned so loud everyone in the place could hear him. He began encouraging me telling me to suck all of his stiff rod. I slowly began to get the hang of it and took more and more of his throbbing cock into my mouth ad down my throat.I gagged he was so large 3-4 inches thick and as big as a large banana. I sucked and sucked his big tool oozed precum and at first I thought he had had an orgasm. I overcame the gagging sensation and I bobbed furiously back and forth on him. He moaned and moaned. Then he stopped and he pulled his dick back through the hole. I thought maybe he doesn’t want to cum and just wanted to edge close. I hear his door open and he knocks on my door and I quickly spring to my feet and unlock the door and he pushes his way in. We are both about the same size with him being younger in his twenties and me in my forties.He is much stronger and more muscled up and he tells me to take off my pants and that he wants to fuck my white ass! He is wearing no under wear and is a Middle Eastern man from Jordan. His dick is rock hard between 9-10 inches of throbbing muscle and he wants to fuck my virgin bottom. türkçe bahis I was afraid that it was going to hurt really bad and I protest that he is too big and he manhandles me untying my belt and making me remove both my pants and underwear. He forces me down until I am in a tight ball with my naked ass sticking up in the air and my head pushed to the cold concrete floor.I feel his finger poking into my tight opening and then he squirts something slippery onto his fingers and he starts massaging and inserting his fingers in and out of my hole! I am surprised at how good it feels and my own dick becomes rock hard as he preps my anus. After a few minutes of this he stops and tells me “here it comes!” I feel the massive penis helmet poking into my pucker several inches. It is much wider than his finger and fingers and it burns. I cry out and he tells me to hush and be quiet!He shoves more and more of his massive pole into my rectum. I whimper and cry out, but with a powerful thrust of his hips his cock is buried all of the way in me. It burns something fierce as I can’t stop him and he slowly begins fucking my man pussy faster and harder. I an feel his huge balls slapping against my soft pale bottom. He soon is slamming into me like a madman. His huge penis is causing a large gape of my pucker. My ass güvenilir bahis siteleri lips and walls clinging to his stiff bulging shaft.Aman that is his name pounds and stretches my rear to where it expands to three times its original size! He pounds me so hard that it actually bruises my bottom. Aman fucks me for 30 minutes when I finally feel his rod stiffen and throb and he unloads in me. He squirts load after load of warm sticky semen in me. He shoots and jerks 5, 6, 7 times and lets out a loud a****listic sigh and groan!Aman doesn’t stop and pull his spent rod out at first he just lays there for 4-5 minutes with his dick still shoved all of the way in me. He begins kissing me on the back of the neck. Now he is being gentile and loving! He withdraws his manhood and it looks enormous dangling down about 10” covered in cum and my fluids. He is acting like a victorious soldier and I am his vanquished foe! I feel very submissive in his presence. I am ashamed while at the same time I am surprised at how good that it began to feel to me. He has converted me into to his cocksucking ass slut! My rear throbs a little sore, but empty and vacant. I am feeling a new and different feeling that I want his big daddy dick in my bottom back in me. I can’t believe the new feelings I am having. He is spent and his dick limp now he can’t fuck me anymore. He puts his pants back on and smiles at me telling me how good my tight ass felt to him.I thought that would be the last time that I would see him. What I did not know that was only the beginning.

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